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FF:YouAreMyDestiny(ManishChaichil)Part10uptd-AdPt2 (Page 32)

AmYraaA IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cherry.parul0

it was not at ol bad..
it is vry vry vry vry nyc..
i lvd it..
esp that teasing part...

thnku cherry or parul.../????i mean wij evr ur name is

it was sweet of u to give me such a luvly cumnt!!!!!!!

m rily glad u liked it!!!!!!!!!!

Manish_Shetty IF-Dazzler

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Part 9: Pyar Ki Definition...I Love Suvreen
Hey guys..!! This is the part 9 of the FF...It is a very long I am not sure if u guys will like it or not...and also for the first time I have included a promo to for the next part...!! It is sad or Happy u decide...Also you may feel that the update is a lot heavy...though the update ust focuses on one day...or to be precise just one has a lot of events that revolve around Yuvreen...a twist and a turn will take place...Why have I hurried in this way?? Dont worry there is a surprise yet to await for u guys...!! That is the reason I and Chaitanya are focusing so much on this FF...
Sorry Kim di, Moni di, Sahas, Mia, Akku bro, and all of u guys...Becoz I am not spending a lot of time chatting with u all...but then the reason again is this FF...I am working a lot on this..I too dont know why but then this FF has become very close to my heart...!!! Sorry once again...Hope you guys will like it..!!

The actual Update:

Aditya Chuhan..yes it was the same aditya who was driving Yuvi mad'!!! Even before meeting him the cheetah had decided to murder him'!! Suvi just got down from the bus and ran towards Adi..!! She went directly into aditya's arms and hugged each other'All were shocked'Annie, Naro were busy drooling on him while Raathie and Mannu were feeling sympathetic for Yuvi'while Yuvi was fuming in anger'!!

Aditya: Hey suvi..!! Finally hum mil gaye..!! U don't know how much I was missing you'!!

Suvi : same here'

Aditya: Arey Suvi chalo hum log ghar chalte hein'

Suvi: Lekin'Mein tho yaha apne college ke saath aayi hoon

Adi: Tho kya hua?? Aaj ghar chalon aur kal subah mein thumhe hotel mein drop kar dunga'

These was enough'Yuvi could not take it anymore'!!! He just went into the bus'while Mannu, Raathie, Annie and Naro went towards Suvi and Adi'

Annie: Arey Suvi thum humein nahi milaogi adi se?

Naro: Haan suvi hum bhi jaane ki yeh handsome hein kaun? (completely drooling on him)

Mannu however did not like this comment was still eager to know who aditya was'!!

Raathie: Haan aakir yeh Adi yeh kaun??

Suvi: Uff oh'Rukho baba'shaanthi rakho mein bathathi hoon'(all excited) Aditya mera cousin bro hein'!!! Actually yeh mujhse umar mein 3 saal bada hein lekin he never likes me to call him bhai or bro'so I call him Aditya'!!! And Aditya this is Annie, Raathie, Mannu, Naro and'(suddenly realizes that Yuvi was missing'but she was again lost in the excitement of meeting aditya)

Yuvraj was now staring through the bus'he could not hear anything but could only see how happy suvi was meeting Aditya'how happy she was'how she had a glint of joy ever since she saw him'He could not take this proximity'he peeped out from the window and abruptly called out'

Yuvi: Arey'jaldi karon'hum yaha college trip mein aaye hein'kissi ki reunion mein nahi'Jaldi karoon? (annoyed and rudely)

Hearing this suvi could not take it'She felt as though a thorn pricked her'First of all Yuvi did not bother to meet Aditya'and now he was giving out such rude comments'surely there was something wrong with him'but what??

Suvi sat in Aditya's bike with her bags that Raathie and Mannu had got out from the bus'They left to Aditya's place'Yuvi could just feel that emptiness'Raathie, Mannu, Naro and Annie returned all excited to resume their journey to the hotel.

They reached the hotel and all got down from the bus. Yuvi saw Mannu and Naro'He suddenly realized that he had to bring them together. He rushed towards his room'It was 3 in room'and Raathie, Mannu and Yuvi were staying in one room and adjacent to their room was Suvi, Naro and Annie. Currently Annie and Naro stayed alone in the room until Suvi would join them next day morning.

In boys' room:

Mannu: Arey chalo na'I am hungry lets go down and get our hands some dinner'even Annie and Naro ji will join us there

Rathie: Tikh hein Naro ji bakath hum chalet hein'Chalo bhai'

Yuvi who was lost in his thoughts came out of his trance and'

Yuvi: Nahi thum log jao'Mujhe kuch kaam hein'mein baad mein kaa lunga'

Mannu: Lekin bhai'

Yuvi: mein ne kaha na kit hum log jao'

Hearing this Mannu and Rathie left. They both joined Annie and Naro downstairs.

Yuvi to himself: Topper ko uss Aditya ke saath jaane ki kya zaroorth thi?? Lekin mein ithna uske bare mein kyun soch raha hoon'? Mujhe kya fark padtha hein agar wo kissi ke saath bhi jaae tho? Nahi aise kaise jaa skathi hein wo'? Arey mein tho uska dost hoon na? tho fir mujhe kush hona chaiye ki wo aditya ke kush hein'lekin mein tho gussa kar raha hoon'Lekin aisa kyun?? Mein kyun nahi dekh paa raha usse kisiaur ke saath kush? Kyun?? Kahi mein usse se Pyar..Nahi'yeh thu kya soch raha hein Yuvi'Mein tho iss liye naraz hoon ki wo mujhe Maro ko ekh karne mein madad karne wali thi aura ab chali gayi'Haan bas yahi tho baath hein..aur kuch nahi hein'Lekin mein ab akele karoon tho kya karoon? Haan mein abhi topper ko phone kar deta hoon'wo zaroor bata degi'

(It was a kind of luxurious hotel. There was a swimming pool and around that there was dinner going on. There werr many games, music and a party like environment created for the picnic students'Something like the party that Suvreen and Annie attended in Delhi for the first time and where Suvi met Yuvi for the first time in Delhi)

Here, downstairs too someone was lost'It was none other than Annie. She was all lost and was thinking over something. Ever since she had met Aditya she was lost'but why?

Naro (chirpily): Arey wah yeh tho mera favorite gana play ho raha hein'Chalo na Annie hum dance karte hein'(Disco Deewane was played in the BG)

Annie: (not interested) Nahi Naro'Mera mood nahi hein'Thum dance karo

Naro: (disappointed) Yeh kya baath hui??

Mannu: Arey koi na Naro ji'.Annie dance nahi karna chathi thi kya hua? Mein hoon na'App chahe tho mein aapke saath dance kar saktha hoon'

Naro: (all excited) Sach mein'tho chalo na'(and Maro walked off to the dance platform to join other students dancing there, leaving behind Annie and Rathie alone in the table)

Raathie: Annie, thumhe achanak kya hua? Mein tab se dekh raha hoon jab se thum aditya se mili ho'Thum bahuth lost dikh rahi ho?

Annie: Thu mujhe observe kar rahe ho?? Kyun??

Ratthie: (slightly blushing) wo'wo'wo sab chodo aur thu mujhe bata ki baath kya hein?

Annie: Kuch nahi wo meine ne dekha hein ki Yuvraj jab se Aditya ko dekha hein kuch tho alag behave kar raha hein'Lekin pata nahi kyun'

Rathie: Haan yeh baath tho hein'(they both start thinking'and then suddenly both jump together as though they have got the answer to their question)

Here, Yuvraj dials Suvreen's number'After a long time the call was picked.

Yuvi: Arey topper kithna time laga diya thumne call uthane mein?? Jaldi cal pick nahi kar sakthi thi kya??

Adi: Excuse me?? Bro shayad thumne wrong number try kiya hein'Yeh kissi Topper ka number nahi hein'(and he was about disconnect the call)

Yuvi: Wo nahi'mera mathlab hein Suvreen'Suvreen hein kya?

Adi: Wo acha..aise kaho na?..Wo Suvi actually was room mein hein'Thum kuch time ke baad call kardo'and thumara naam kya hein'?? Mein use bata dunga

Yuvi fuming in anger just cuts the call'

Adi: Arey ajeeb admi hein'

Suddenly Suvreen walks from the washroom'

Suvi: Adi kya hua? Kaun tha??Kaun Ajeeb hein??

Adi: Pata nahi Suvi'kissi ne thumhe call kiya tha'thum hi baath kar lo'(and he gives the phone to suvi)

Here, on the other hand Maro are busy swaying to the music'Now it is the valentine mash-up being played'.Annie and Rathie are in the table

Annie: Haan so iska matlab hein ki Yuvi ko J feeling ho raha hein'(excited)

Rathie: J?? Yeh J kya hein??

Annie: Arey budhu'J means Jealousy'

Rathie: Oh okay'So ab hum kya kare?...Mein kaam kartha hoon'abhi mein jaake bhai ko bata deta hoon ki Adi Suvreen ka bhai hein aur kuch nahi'

Annie: Arey nahi budhu'.Yeh thum kya karne jaa rahe ho'Ab yahi Jealousy Yuvi aur Suvi ko ekh karega'

Rathie: Mein kuch samja nahi

Annie: Thum boys ki yahi tho problem hein ki thum log movies uthna nahi dekthe'Humaesha iss jealousy ke vajah se kahi logon ne apne pyar ka isshaar kiya hein'aura b yahi jealousy Yuvreen ko ekh karega'Ab humein ekh kaam karna hoga'Humein kaise bhi karke Yuvi ko jealous feel karana hoga'Samje?

Rathie: Yeh tikh rahega'

Suvreen wonders why Yuvraj had called her and then suddenly realizes that they had to plan something for Maro'but what should she plan?? She gets and immediate idea'she decides to talk to Adi about it and also take his suggestion'After all he was regarded as the Love guru.

But, here the way Maro were dancing it certainly did not seem as though they needed any more help from anyone'What more?? Even Raathie and Annie had too joined them as the song "tera'hone laga hoon" continued to be played'!!!

Yuvi was now all distressed and he threw his mobile on the bed and made his exit downstairs'He decided that he would no more pay heed to Suvreen'After all it was too much Suvreen the whole day'and he certainly needed some break'

Here Suvreen got the perfect plan from Adi. That was to arrange for a date for the two of them. She dialed Yuvi's number but then the call went un answered'It was just ringing and ringing but no one bothered to answer'Suvi felt something was miserably wrong'

Adi: Kya hua Suvi?? Thum kuch tension mein lag rahi ho?

Suvi: Nahi adi kuch nahi'wo bas Yuvraj phone pick nahi kar raha hein'Pata nahi kaha chala gaya?

Adi: Bas ithni si baath'wo yaha picnic ke liye aaya hein tho apna phone kahi rakh ke bhool gaya hoga'aur kuch nahi'thum ekh kaam karo'thum date ki sari arrangements kar dena baad mein bata dena use'

Suvi: (still not convinced but yet takes in what adi said) tikh hein'thum meri help kar do planning mein'

Adi: So date planning here we go'

On the other hand there was some other planning going on'and that was Mission J Yuvraj. Yuvraj came downstairs and seeing this Annie and Rathie begin with their plan'They walk towards Yuvi and act as though they have not seen him'Annie pretends to be talking on phone and cuts the call'

Rathie: Kaun tha Annie???

Annie: Arey Suvi thi aur kaun?

Rathie: Suvi?? Kya kaha usne??

Annie: Arey Suvi tho bahuth hi kush hein'atey kyun na hogi'wo Aditya ke saath jo hein'Adi uss se bauth pyar karta hein'aur Suvreen bhi tho use ithna pyar karthi hein'Arey Yuvi thum aa gaye?

Yuvi tries to give a smile'

Yuvi: Lekin aanie topper aise hi kisi se pyar kaise kar sakthi hein?

Annie: Aise hi kaise? Arey Suvreen tho Aditya ko bachpan se jaanthi hein'Aur aditya kithna acha ladka hein'dikhne bhi wo kisi Bollywood hero se kam nahi hein'bahuth hi acha ladka hein Adi

Rathie: Haan bhai'wo aap uss se mile nahi na isiliye aapko nahi pata'lekin bande mein baath tho hein'solid attitude bhi hein'!!!

The work was done'Now it was time to leave Yuvi reciprocate'

Rathie: Chal Annie hum dance karte hein'.(Now beedi jalaile playing in the BG and all dancing crazily)

Yuvi was feeling a inner guilt'He did not why he was feeling this way'He had many questions that could not find its answers'!!! Why was he feeling jealous if Suvreen was Happy with some other guy'As true friend he had feel happy about it'but then He was not happy with it'Why was he feeling this intolerance'.Is he right?? Why?? Why?? Why??

Here, both Suvreen and Adi were ready with their Date Planning. A full fledged plan was drafted'and it now it was time to inform Yuvi about it'But wait'Yuvi is still not answering the call'But why??

Suvi: Yuvi aisa kabhi nahi karta'pata nahi aaj usse ho kya gaya hein?

Aditya: Jo bhi ho'Mujhe tho aaj bahuth hi maza aaya doll'Wo kya hein na College se graduate hone ke baad meine kabhi aise Date planning nahi ki'

Suvreen still tensed what to do?

Adi: Kya hua?? Thum kaha koi hui ho?

Suvi: Kuch nahi'Ab yeh Yuvi Phone nahi utta raha'mein kya karon?

Adi: Bas ithni si baath?? Ekh kaam karo kisi aur ko phone laga dena'Keep it simple silly'

Suvi dials Rathie's number'

Rathie: Hello'Haan bol suvreen (Annie is alerted)

Suvi: Yuvraj kaha hein?

Rathie: wo Bhai ya'(Annie suddenly snatches the phone from him)

Annie: Hello Suvi Annie keh raha tha ki yuvi yaha nahi hein (all in one go)

Suvi: Kya?? Fir who phone kyun nahi utta raha??

Annie: Ab mujhe kya pata?? (Rathie confused)

Then Suvreen decides to tell the plan about Maro's date to Annie'which in turn was explained to Yuvi'

Later that evening Mannu and Yuvi in the room'But yuvi does not notice his phone'

Mannu: Arey bhai'aaj mein bahuth hi kush hoon (and hugs Yuvi)

Yuvi: Acha?? Kyun??

Mannu: Kyunki aaj Naro ji bahuth kush thi mere saath dance karke'Bhai I am in Love bhai'Love

Yuvi: Ekh baath poonchu??...Wo'Wo'Thumhe kaise pata kit hum Naro se Love Karta hein??

Mannu: Arey ithni si baath'? Bhai'jab aap kisi se pyar karte hein na tab aap ko sab kuch mein sirf wahi dikhayi deti hein'Aap uss se kithna bhi naraz ho aap fir bhi uss se door nahi reh pate'Pyar ekh feeling hoti hein'Bas pehli nazar mein hi usse dekh kar aapko lagtha hein ki wo sirf aapke liye hi bani hein'Aap usse kisi aur ke saath nahi dekh sakthe'Aap uske bina jee nahi paa sakthe'Aapke zindagi mein sirf ekh hi moto reh jaathi hein aur wo hein uske saath rehna'Usko kush dekhna'Usko Kush rakhna'Sirf pyar hi wo ekh swarth hein jise koi bura nahi keh saktha'Wo swarth jo do alag jaan ko ekh bana deta hein'Aap chahane lagthe hein ki wo bhi sirf aapki kushi mein kush ho'aur aap bhi uske kushi mein kush ho'!!!

All this while Yuvraj could remember just one person'He could just see one image..Only One face'The face was all happy'It was none other than Suvi'He could feel that she is with him'always'he felt that he wanted her to be with him by his side for ever'he wanted to live with her'Yes he was in love with his Topper'His Suvreen and Only His Suvreen'!!!

  I Love Suvreen'Yes I Love Suvreen'!!!

Right then Rathie came there'and disclosed about the plan'but before that slowly grabbed yuvi's mobile as Annie had asked him'He also stressed on the part that Aditya was the one who has planned this date'!! He could feel that Yuvi was feeling hurt'He did not want to see him this way'But then if Annie's calculation was right this was the only way Yuvi could realize his Love for Suvreen'!!!

Precap: Mannu and Naro in the date on a romantic dinning table'Lost in each other'Yuvi all dressed up with a rose in his hand looks at Suvreen who was standing in the other side with Aditya'Yuvi all ready to propose Suvi'Tell his feelings for Suvi'He stares at Aditya and Suvreen who were now exchanging Hi-5s'Yuvi fuming in anger'Rathie and Annie too dressed up on the other hand looking forward for Yuvi and Suvi'and also gives a smile'of victory'as though their Mission Yuvreen accomplished'But'.

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Monika_S Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 6:39am | IP Logged
Yaar inki story mein itne BUTs kyun hote hain...

When is the next update now??

not to forget ... Great Update !!! Thumbs Up

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Manish_Shetty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 6:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Monika_S

Yaar inki story mein itne BUTs kyun hote hain...

When is the next update now??

not to forget ... Great Update !!! Thumbs Up

next update bahuth hi jaldi hogi di...thanx a lot for the comment..!!! and ya di aap log mujhe naraz tho nahi ho mein holidays hote hue bhi kabhi chat ke liye nahi aata?? Confused...Mujhe dar lag raha hein ki aap log mujse naraz ho gaye ho???  aur haan next update chachil...!!!

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Monika_S Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 6:54am | IP Logged
no no not naaraz bhai...we understand Smile
Manish_Shetty IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Monika_S

no no not naaraz bhai...we understand Smile

pakka na?? aaku bro, mia and kim di bhi na??/ becoz I am getting a feeling that u all r angry with me and also I am feeling guilty for tat Cry
Monika_S Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 7:01am | IP Logged
Abe Sorry ask them yourself only..
Ofcourse gussa aata hai...coz we miss talking to you bhai...but we understand as well...hopefully you'll be back soon...Smile
Manish_Shetty IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Monika_S

Abe Sorry ask them yourself only..
Ofcourse gussa aata hai...coz we miss talking to you bhai...but we understand as well...hopefully you'll be back soon...Smile

haan di..yahi pata nahi ki kab mein wapas aa saktha hoon...baath karne...!!! yahi tho bahuth badi problem hein...I myself don't know when what is going to come in my life...!!!

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