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'DANGEROUS TEMPTATION" kr SS- sequel chp 5 pg 78 (Page 42)

Nirju99 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 8:15pm | IP Logged

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anniemathiaskr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 2:06am | IP Logged
awesome update

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-PyaariBhootni- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 5:54am | IP Logged
Amazing update Smile

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..Satarupa.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 8:36am | IP Logged
Awesome update... Clap
Plz continue soon...
Cant wait for the next update...
And thanks for the pm... Smile

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HR-DMG4life IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 4:57am | IP Logged
Awesome update and thanks for the pm :D and OMG Kriya's families alive, can't wait to read the next update

Nikki <3

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--devilish-- Senior Member

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 4:57am | IP Logged


                      I was just standing there staring at them in family was in front of me...they were smiling and yet there was something evil about it...they weren't dead??? should i cry or smile?? should i go and attack them with a hug?? rey didnt kill them?? were they really wolfs?? did they kill aunt Carol?? I had flood of numerous thoughts running in my throat was dry...i wanted to say something but my words didn't come out...

"i guess the words you are searching for is O-M-G...aren't ya??" nia said with a smirk

"your not dead???i am so gla- " i was cut off

"oh stop it!!!!!!!!" mother shot..."we know that you know who we are..."

" easy...she our princess remember...??" said her father..


"and mom who we were...not are...we arent the same..." replied nia glancing towards mom " i will be back..." she replied and was gone withing a blink...

"what does she mean...what are you??" i stammered...

"blood sucking creatures...what do call them , vampires..." my dad grimaced...

" were can you be vampires??" my voice trailed off...

"here" mom hurled a book towards me "pg 351...third paragraph...and  read it out loud..."

I did as i was told..."The old theories have been proven a wolf dosen't require some magic portion...just death. " i stopped at the word death and then continued..."They just have to  buried and that is all...they will be RESURRECTED as vampires...nobody knows or there still no theaory about destroying them completely..."

What??? seriously...??? cant be...i was a actually  wasnt really glad seeing them...i hated them...because they were anyway gonna kill me...If rey wasnt there that night then i would have been dead by now...I realised that rey was actually right...i was just dumbstruck...gaping at them...


"now you have to come with us..." dad said...and both of them turned to leave the room..when something struck my mind..

"wait...if your were wolfs then why i was a human...then...??" i asked staring them as they turned towards me...

"later we some other business to do..come with NOW!!" dad said harshly...I had never seen him do so...

"I am not moving an inch until you tell me why i was a human then...otherwise you may do watever you want..." i replied shooting invisible arrows...

"fine..we arnt ur parents okay?? ...thats it...end of story..." mom said...

"then who were my actual parents??? " i asked managing to give a slight smile that i wasnt a daughter of of such parents who wanted to kill thier own child...

"your mom and i were bestfriends..." mom said and before she could continue i started laughing...

"you are asking me to believe this shit...??" i said which she gave a death glare..

"your mom and dad both were vampires...and the fact dat i loved him(kriya's actual father)  didnt get into her mind...she stole him from me..and then they got married and i was left alone with no one to support...then  finally your dad died in a fight with a wolf but your mom wasnt aware of it...she was busy with prepartions of baby the church and was waiting for him to come...but he never turned up...Then when the ceremony began i was with her helping her feinging that i still cared about her...werewolfs were in a fit of a rage put the church in fire...the ceiling fell over your mother's leg and she wasnt able to move...she asked me  to take you from the cradle and get away from there...and before her breath stopped she said.."SHE IS KRIYA" " mom explained the whole thing as if she was actually seeing it happen now in front of us..

"and then i met him...and there goes your lillte sister nia.." said mom...

I didnt know what to say...i was rooted...i  imagined my birth you would have looked beautiful...and my dad would have been the most handsome hunk...

"thats y u wanted to kill me...?? then why didnt you do it when i was like five or i was too young to understand such stuff.." i said

"killing a child was a something was protecting had vampire blood in your system...but still you were a complete human.." dad said.."theories say that you can become a vampire only when you are 16 n have vampire blood in ur system.."

Sin??? really?? wow...just because i was a child or else i would have been their food...dead meat...i thought...

"now enough of this...or else nia will end up killing them..." mom said..

"killing who??" i asked skeptically...

"your love of life...that girly bimbo...and of course your life guard.." dad said...

"Rey...Sharon...and Swayam.." i breathed those words..almost choking.."you better not touch them...the problem is between you and me okay?? stop dragging innocent people..." i yelled as anger raised in me..


"innocent?? please...Rey altough a wolf...he killed us...That stupid vampire could have you left to die...and last but not the least...The hybrid...maybe she can be a slave for us.." replied mom..

"in your dreams.." i replied and was about to get out of the room when they blocked it..

"you better come with us...or they die.." dad groaned..

Great!! I had no body heart was pounding...not knowing wat to do..i sweaing bad words to myself..

"okay fine.." i hissed..gritting my teeth..

We got into a car as big as a limo and reached an isolated area with a creepy house..As soon as i got in i heard screams...
swayam?? i thought...what were they doing to them...god please keep them safe..I ran following the sound...i was about to  peep in through a small window when dad held my arm and shoved me away from the door..gulping i followed them inside another room where Nia was siiting on a couch with her legs streched..

"what was taking you so much time.." nia complained..

"Long story...did you get them??" asked mom..

"yep..locked up..oh god there screams are really ear drum braking.." replied nia..

I jerked from dad's grip and yelled at her.."you are with them??? how cud you ?? i thought...i..." i said as tears started flowing...and Nia just gave a smirk..

"now you have to choose among them..." mom said...

"the one you choose lives.." dad said..

"the other two die.." nia said..

I was just staring at could someone be like this...???? i wanted to rip their heart of...strangle them to death...burn them off in fire...but i was could i choose among my friends...?? Rey...i cant imagine my life without him...Swayam he saved my life...brought me and rey closer...Sharon...she was ther when i had no one to talk to..I cant imagine how i am gonna get through this...please help me...someone...when i had a plan...

"be quick!! we dont have the whole day.." mom hissed..

"i just need some time alone..." i said wiping my tears...

They led me into a room which was probabily Nia's . From there i could here rey moaning in heart ached...then i thought i better hurry up...i called her up..

"kim!! i need your help..." i cried..and explained everything..and i heard her sigh when i mentioned swayam was also in danger..

"okay i will get there as soon as possible...i guess i know how we can destroy them.." kim replied and cut the phone..

I sat on the  bed thinking about my birth life in life as a vampire...and my life without any two of them...when suddenly my phone beeped a was from Kim...she reached here?? so soon?? and then i noticed that i was sitting for 5 hours thinking...It was probabily..around 8 or something..To my luck Nia's bedroom wasnt on the top floor i quickly..jumped from there and saw kim inside her car..i quickly got in..

"whats the plan..??" i asked..and she explained everything..

"thank you so dont know how to thank you.." i replied..

"the only way u cud thank me is by saving them.." kim replied and i hugged her..

It was getting darker than usual...incating darkness in my life...if any two of them werent there..i quickly cleared my mind...metanlly thought about Kim's plan...and hoped that it will work out..I got out of the room and luckily...those three were at the top floor...partying i guess..

"i have made my choice.." i replied...and three of them got up smiling..

"what is it??" dad asked feeling the most happiest..


"it is that you are gonna burn into ashes..." i replied


         and without thinking i threw a lit match stick at the entrance of the room and as the curtain were made of caught fire easily...and ran downstaries and the fire was spreading and dad got buried under the fallen chuck of cement but Nia somehow got how and looked angrier than ever...i quickly knocked her down and she went rolling down the stairs...Without thinking i kicked open the door of the room in which rey swayam and sharon where locked..For a second my heart stopped looking at them in such a state...theyhad briuses...cuts...and burns..I quickly removed swayam's chained and lifted him to get him outside because the room was on fire and there wasnt engough time to wake them up...Then i again got back to get rey...and on my way back to the room i saw that Nia wasnt there near the stairs...i panicked but shoved the thot awaym...Sharon was in soon as i entered the room i was hit hard on the head and knocked to the was nia...Sharon slowly opened her eyes and was shcoked seeing all this in front of her eyes...i saw faer in her eyes as the room was geeting filled up with smoke and the roof was on the stage of falling..there was stake lying beside the floor..i quickly grabbed it and hurled it over her which passed right through her heart...and she fell down..


"rot in hell." i screamed kicking her head...


I quickly broke the chain and helped her with her feet..Kim was waiting there looking at swayam's innocent face...after all she was his bestie...I made sharon sit beside swayam who was still heart ched seeeing them...sepically rey...
I placed my hand on his forehead and with a jerk he came back to his senses..

"kriya.." he said weakly and with that swayam also woke up...Kim without wasting time was  casting some spell on the house so that the fire wud stop..

"are you okay...??"  rey said as he sat up struggling..

Without thinking i kissed him...i felt happy that..i didnt have to choose now...he retured the kiis and we pulled back smiling..i also caught swayam and sharon kissing and they looked happy as ever..

"i'm so sorry...rey..." i said as he wiped a pach of ash on cheek..

"aww!" i heard kim say..."now can we get back to our plan.." she  said grining..and i gave her a smile..

She places the ashes of started chating some spell...she motion me to give my blood..I quickly saw a piece of glass on the ground...i grabbed and was about to cut my wrist when..

"hey what are doing.." swayam asked..

"i will tell you later.."

I cut it off and let it drip on the red flame which formed when Kim stopped chating her speel over the ashes..It wasnt paining..i was actually happy that they will be gone forever..

"there done.." kim replied stopping the red plame..."we win.." she said..

We just sat there for a while and i told them everything...including my birth parents and carol's death...Rey was lost in his thoughts...thining something deeply...i guess he was in shock...and wanted to tell me something but wasnt finind the correct words to express it...Kim left and i thanked her whole heartedly...honestly...SWaron were also lost in there own world...Finally we got back to swayam's place and got cleaned up..Me and rey were sitting at the porch when suddenly he got up making up his mind for something..

"where are you going..??" i asked..

"home.." he replied without making i contact..

"but this is also home right..why dont you stay here.." i replied smiling..

I was going to stay at swayam's he thought that i will put myself in danger if i lived alone...i was surprised that rey agreed to it with a sign of jealously...what happened to him...he was silent since i told him about the tragedy of this day..

"no i am going to my home.." he replied still in the same position..

"okay then we will meet tomorrow...okay?? "i said smiling and got up to kiss him but he jerked back..

"whats wrong??" i asked..

"we cant be like this...i cant live with the fact that you were in danger because of me...i cant put you in anymore danger becaue of me...thing are not going to work between us..." he said..

I was shocked...after all this happened...he is breaking up with me...?? "but it is working rey...and we arent in any danger.." i replied almost near to crying..

"no its not..i just cant see you like this...when i opened my eyes...i saw hurt and pain in your eyes...i cant see that...i have to go kriya...we cant be together...accept it..." rey said...

"" i was falling short of words.."but you are my temptation..." i replied..tears were flowing

"but its dangerous for u..." he replied.."its a dangerous temptation..." he said and within a blink he was gone...out of sight..i stood there like a statue recollecting what he had said.."dangerous temptation.."

So guys here ends my ss...i am seriously gonna miss it...Cry i know i know ending proper nahi hai...but i didnt know how to go about it...if i get some idea then...maybe iska sequel hoga! Dead see ya! bye bye!

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glmorous_diva IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 5:04am | IP Logged
fabulous yr...

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--devilish-- Senior Member

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 5:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by angel_luvkreya

fabulous yr...
Thank you! Smile

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