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'DANGEROUS TEMPTATION" kr SS- sequel chp 5 pg 78 (Page 30)

-PyaariBhootni- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
awesome updateSmile
loved itSmile

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Pumpkinn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 1:05am | IP Logged
Awesome update ...
Loved it ...
It was soo interesting ...
Waiting for next ...
Update soon ...

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chand91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 9:25am | IP Logged
awsm updat
plz pm me whn u updat

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Roxxy47 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 25 June 2012
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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Superb part Big smile...
Kriyansh surey had a gala time , getting wet Wink...
Rey Kria keliye 'Blood' lene gaya , kitna different lagta hai LOL...
Ending kis scene par kardi Ermm...
Continue soon...
N thanks for the pm Smile.

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shaffy_arsha IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 October 2011
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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 10:50am | IP Logged
i toh loved it yaar

wah!! lake mai romance

ab kaun h villian yaha

bechare kriyaansh yaar

jaldi update kro nxt

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--devilish-- Senior Member

Joined: 26 February 2012
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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 12:52am | IP Logged

                                 I opened my eyes in a somnolent manner...where was i?? i questioned myself...i saw two people busy whispering if they have achieved something after so many years...or they have achieved something really big..i tried getting up but i was chained tightly..."ow" i mummbled...i tried pulling the chains but the more i moved the more it pained..someone poisoned me or gave me garlic or something ...because my head was literally spinning...i had burns all over my feet and it ached to move...

"who the hell are u?!!???" i asked angrily..

"shes up" said the guy

"i can see its time for plan B" replied the girl..

"u deaf??!!?? i asked u who the hell are you??????" i yelled...

"keep your voice down sweetheart..." she replied and hurled a dart pin dipped in garlic juice which pierced through my arm and i winced in pain..

"stop!!! arghh!!...u dont know who you are dealing u...even know who am i??" i replied giving them death glares..

"we know you are a vampire...a monster indeed...who kills people sorry sucks blood from mortals to survive...right miss?" the guy replied..and brought garlic infront of me...i tried escaping but it was power was down...garglic was vampire's weakness and the question is how did they know i was a vampire??

"let go of me!!" i replied with warm tears forming...rey where are you??

"not so easily tell me how do you walk in the sun...?" replied the girl...i kept quiet...and didnt answer a thing just stared at my braclet which swayam gave me ealier and they seemed to understand as they quickly removed my bracelt as i was burning yelling screaming underneath the hot sun

"god!! stopp!!!! stopp!!! please!! " i cried as my whole body turned red and my pale skin was peeling off...All of a sudden the girl in front of me fell flat on her face with a twisted neck and standing behind was my hero..rey...

"one down one more to go" rey replied giving the look that i had never seen before..

The guy threw a stake which rey caught and aimed at the guy which passed right through his heart...he died...rey quickly grabbed the braclet and made me wear it and before i could thank him i fell unconcious..I felt someone's hand caress my forehead..i knew it was him...

"thank you rey" i said opening my eyes to meet his..

"u dont have could i see you suffer??" he replied worridly..and i coudlnt help just give a smile..

"who were they??" i asked..getting up..realising that my burns we healing..

"vampire hunters" he replied showing the weapons...the garlic and stuff like that..."you can take your revenge by feeding on them u know..?" he asked..

"its getting late rey...we got to go...otherwise.." i paused thinking how dreadful it would be if swayam died because of me...

"we will save him..." rey replied placing my palm on his chest..."u hear that?...i will try every means to save him..."

"i love you.." i replied happily yet in a worried tone..

"i love you too...hey now smile please...a little frown on your face breaks my heart.." rey replied...and i just chuckled thinking how can someone be so cute..
I tried walking but my feet were still healing...and plus i lost my sneakers...i dont know how am i going to make up till swayam's place..i [;aced my left foot and then i fell right in rey's arms...the situation wasn't perfect or more properly to say romantic...i had burns...they were two dead people in front of us and swayam was waiting for us to get the elixir but i didnt mind taking a look into his oh so sexy eyes...
"want a ride on my back??" he asked..i had no choice cause i had problem with i just nodded a yes..
I got on his back with my legs wrapped around his waist and my hands wrapped aroung his neck...our faces were just few centimeters away and i was getting lost in his bold yet beautiful is such a strong made me made me made me more thought me how to created live wires inside me and i had unprecedented feelings...i kept staring at him as he started walking...time passed and we finally reached our destination...We were standing in front of a huge...really creepy house...i got off rey's back and he rang the door bell..
The door creaked open and we expected some creepy person at the door...but inturn she was a beautiful...pretty...gorguous...girl standing giving her ingenuous look...
"yes?? how can i help you?" i girl asked...

"we are swayam's friends...we actually need your help..." i blurted seeing rey drooling over her...

"okay come on in,.." the girl replied...and she went inside...i quickly snapped rey out of his dreamland and shooted invisible arrows at him and we inside...
" by the way I'm me kim..." she replied smiling...

"swayam's btten by a werewolf...and we am..."cough"...need your help..." rey replied looking at me as i was giving  him death glares...

"we need your elixir portion..." i replied

"i dont have it.." she replied

"what?!!!" i and rey yelled togther...

"oh no oh no oh no no...this is not happening...please tell me its a joke...rey swayam's gonna no no..." i chanted walking helter skelter..

"hey chillax...did i say i had to prepare it..." the girl which me and rey breathed a sigh of relief...

"it can take sometime...i haven't used my powers since ages..." kim replied...

"powerss??" rey asked...

"oh he didnt tell you??" kim asked whispering...

"tell what??" i replied knitting my eyebrows..

"I'm a witch" she replied smiling and went inside to do her job...

Me and rey sat there mouth wide opened...whatelse does he had to tell us...a witch??? seriously...i was okay with vampire and wolfs but witch? it was hard to digest...She finally came with a green liquid bottled in a glass flask...

"here take this...please save him...he had helped me a lot in 1892.." she replied giving a sheepish smile...

"whaaa??" rey and i said together...

"yep hes a 120 year old vamp " kim replied...

We were on set to go back to California...i thanked god that swayam, was not going to die...we hired a cab and finally got back to swayam's place...I was happy i was jumping...i ran into the house with the elixir in my hand and rey was following me giggling at my madness...i banged opened the door and i got the shock of my life...rey's happiness too vanished as we both saw swayam and sharon making out...

"what the hell is going on??" i asked to which both of them moved apart blushing like hell...

"swayam whats is all this..?" rey yelled...

"look rey we can explain..." sharon replied...

"wait a sec...u were bitten by a should be on bed...instead you are making out...??" i asked with anger raising...

"kriya calm down...yes i should have been on bed...but i got cured.." he replied stucking out his tongue..

"howw??" rey hissed...

"i just needed a hybrid's blood..." swayam replied...

"who the hell are hybrids??" rey asked...

"vampires and werewolfs...they are both..." sharon popped up...

"who is the hybrid now...?" i asked,,,

"me...i am the one..." sharon replied...

"why didnt you tell us...???why the hell did you send us to ravenmore falls??? so that i could get killed by vampire hunters...ha??" i shouted...

"i wanted to and no i swear it wasn't our plan...we just wanted you spend sometime together...coz u both had such dep feelings..." sharon replied...and swayam nodded agreeing...

"shollie kriyansh" swayam and sharon replied cutely...and we coudnt help but just forgive them...(group hug)

"alll is well that ends well" i replied..
We chatted...had fun...laughed like retards...teasing eachother...i finally felt as if this life is better than my previous life...i felt as if Canada was running away from me...the school over old crush...whom now i dont even call a crush...everything was gone and new people have entered my life...its started to take a new turn...maybe it was destined that my parents had to die and i had to meet swayam rey sharon and everyone else...the fact is i am loving it here...there is not a second i feel lonely or was giving me another chance to live...yet i as dead...I thought as i reached home getting tired like hell...
"hey Carol?? u there?? I'm back from the school camp..." i lied or else she will think  i am some idiot...

"helloo??" i asked and my voiced echoed as banged oped her door to see her covered with blood...and was sitting as still as a stone...
"oh my gosh..." i ran towards her "what happened??"..."Carol answer me...??" i cried and shaked to see whether she was in her senses or not...and to my surprise her neck fell of her neck amd her body parts detached fell scared me..."who the hell did this??...omg...?" i fell on my kness crying bitterly...
"did u miss me dear...?" i heard a familiar voice and i turned around to see something that hit me hard...i was this all a dream??
"mom?? dad??...nia??" i blurted as my throat chapped...
Here ends the 7th chappy...kriya's mom dad and sis wapas kaise a gaye?? yehi soch rahe ho nah?? :P suspense hai! ;)

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-Vaish- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 January 2010
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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 12:58am | IP Logged
i love u...

thanks for update


haan toh coming to the update...

vampire hunters bhi aa gaye...

witches bhi aa gayi...

main tujhe list dungi ... dheere - 2 sabko le aana... LOL

jokes apart...

loved the update...

sabkuch KR ko saath laane ke liye huya...

bechare swaron kinne embarrassing moment huya tha..

KR toh saath-2 hain...

ab mummy-daddy villain aa agye!!!!!!!!!

rey dhang se maar hi nhi paaya...

koi nhi ..

ab KR thikane laga denge...

pehli baar aisa hoga in-laws aise thikane lagenge... ROFL 

Edited by kriyansh24 - 24 December 2012 at 1:10am

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-Ocean.eyes- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 1:00am | IP Logged

Brilliant part dear...awesomee awesomeee awesomee

hehe heroine ko bachane hero aagaya...yaaay

vamps wolf's and nw witches...
Wat more like? Aur kaun kaun hai aapki story me

swayam is that old...omggg

hehe here kriyansh bechare potion dhund rahe the n waha swaron were making out...

huh? Her family is back...kaise

cont asap plz...
Thanx 4 the pm

Edited by --Kinjal-- - 24 December 2012 at 1:48am

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