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'DANGEROUS TEMPTATION" kr SS- sequel chp 5 pg 78 (Page 11)

Keisha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 4:31am | IP Logged
AMazing tha... KRIa's part was too awesome...
UPdate sooon cant wait...

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ProngsPadsMoony IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
superb update
gunnu1 Goldie

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 8:24am | IP Logged
awesome ff! 
I mean both d updates! splendid job!! 
Really liked dem!! 
Nd yep sorry for being late! 
--devilish-- Senior Member

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Posted: 21 November 2012 at 6:48am | IP Logged



                                        It was time..we landed off...and a monster has entered California and don't know how many people shes going to kill..i wondered..i was so tired and wanted to jump on the bed and go to sleep like a sleeping beauty...but my enemy won't let me do so..she directly sent me to the school and now I'm standing in front of the principle's office holding the cold knob..not knowing what should i say when i get in.."u can do it silly" my inner voice i took a deep deep breath and opened the door.."yes?" an old women about 50 years said raising her eyebrows said and i could see her wrinkles.."I' Ghai..Carol asked me to meet you...she sa-" i was cut off "oh yes! kriya...please sit down...make yourself at home." she said with a welcoming smile..she handed me a paper and explained me the schedule..rules and stuff like that.
                                  .After getting out i shoved my books in my locker and took out the once which were required..and as soon as i turned i bumped into someone..and all the papers and books got  scattered on the floor..i was about to bend down when..he quickly collected everything and handed me..and my eyes met with those beautiful goldenish eyes..and i couldn't help getting lost in them and i got a weird vibe..he said something to which i didn't pay attention..come on what will you do if a hot guy is standing in front of u?? :p "sorry what?" i a questioned.."i said i am sorry.."he said.."ah nevermind it was my fault too..and thanks anyways.." i said giving a smile..and went away from there..and to my luck i again bumped into someone..gosh..somethig's wrong today..and the person this time was familiar..
"swayam??"i said..
 "kriya what are you doing here??" he said giving those lover boy next door thingy smile..
"i aunt u see..n u??" i said giving as many as possible swear words i can in my mind
"oh..thats great then..i live here.."he said...shrugging..
"how nice i thought i was gonna die for company here.."
"by the way i heard about the news..two people were killed and the ambulance truck was was u wasn't it?" he said..
I nodded in diappointment.."i didn't mean to kill them..i just ah..couldn't controll my urge.."
He started to laugh and i could see his cute vampire fangs bearly noticeable by any human.."it happens..don't worry i will teach you how to control your urge.."
"thank you so much!!" i said breathign a sigh of relief..and the bell rang...and he went away saying that he had a class..I too went to my class..and as i entered all those people seated in their seats turned towards me giving me a "who the hell is she look" "uh-oh.." i said to myself...i smell something bad in the air...i noticed that there was only one seat left at the back..beside a i quietly went there..while passing through few hoots and whistles..
"who are you??!! This is my place and wht the hell are you doing her!!?" she said rudely..
"I'm kriya..well you don't own this whole class..i can sit where ever i want and what the hell is your problem..??" i shot back..
She suddenly started laughing..."believe me!!...seriuly i am not one of them..i was just testing.." she said winking..
"huh excuse me?" i said knitting my eyebrows..
"I'm not that bit***who picks fight with each and every girl and always has two tails following her" she said..
"well who is she..?" i said chuckling..
"there" she said pointing to a blondie sitting 4 rows ahead of us..she was beautiful..but yeah she was right she looked like one of those mean girls.."I'm sharon by the way..kriya right?" she said grinning widely..
"preety name.." i said..Then the professor entered the class..and started something about histroy...and believe me i literally wanted to doze off..his teaching was perfect but the jet lag and first period that too was the worst combination benchmate also started yawning...
The rest of the day went normally and i had made new friends...who where pretty sweet to me..It was lunch and i was sitting beside sharon bearly touching my food..obviously because i wanted blood..but somehow i eat it..and then swayam came and sat next to sharon.."hey beautiful.." he said...and i could see sharon blushing like hell..
"hie swayam.." i heard her say..
"so u finally met her??.." he said lookning towards me..
"u know her??" i said..
"well..shes my girlfriend.." he said winkning at sharon..
"how do you know each other??" sharon asked..and i explained how i bumped into him..Then i saw someone shift sit beside me and i got the same vibe i got earlier..
"we meet again.." he said..
"yeah.." i said and he was the same guy with goldenish eyes..
"reyansh singhania.." he said forwarding his hand..
"kriya ghai.." i said shaking them..
"so you guys going for the masquerade??" he asked to three of use to which all nodded except me..
"i um..dont have date..I'm new and i dont think i will be coming.." i said looking into his eyes..
"will you go with me..?
I couldn't help but say yes.."OMG the school's hottest guy asked me for the prom!!!" i said in my mind
The prom was on Friday...and me and rey decided to hang out to get to know eachother better..we went to the beach and were having and awesome time..we were having ice cream and i asked him to hold it for sometime i i was getting a call from godzilla!! ;P and i had to take it..and when i returned my ice cream got vanished..he ate my ice cream..
"how dare you!!" i said running behind him..
"it was melting !!" he said
I quickly knocked down with my vampire pace when no one was looking and we both fell on the warm sand..he shifted his weight above me..
"i know that you are a vampire.." he whispered in my ear..i got shocked..i pinned him down on the sand and i shifted myself on his bare chest.."how?" i asked as my eye colour changed to red..
"swayam.." he said smiling and i noticed a moon shaoed birth mark on his neck..
"he sucks at keeping secrets.." i said getting off him and sat down..he got up and streched his arm.
"don't worry i wont tell anyone.." he his miliion dollar smile..
"lovely birth mark" i said looking at it..and he just gave a smile when his eye colour changed to deep orange...and suddenly got...up
"i have to go kriya..i just remembered somethig i have to go sorry" he said and within a blink i he was gone..
It was friday and the masquerade was here..i reached there with my date wearing my maskand he was looking hot as usual.."y did run away fron the beach..that day?" i asked him as he culred his arms aroung my waist and made me dance.."shh..don't ruin the moment.." he a romantic melody was being played..i closed my eyes and was enjoying the moment when i felt his lips on me..and i kissed him back and it soon turned into a passionate one.."i love you " he whispered..i sighed in confusion..i don't even know him properly...and why did i allowed him to kiss me..?
 "who are you?? " i a perplexed tone..
"you really want to know..?? " he which i nodded and he grabbed my arm...and to me to his car..
He drove and we reached a house..i definately knew he wasn't a human..because of the vibe i got and definately not a vampire...and i also read that moon shaped birth marks are found in animals...but hes a complete person wit ha pair of hands and legs...and of course a beautiful face..i entered his room and saw how neat and tidy it was...better than mine..and i noticed him stare at me as i took interest in his every collection of things..and something caught my attention..i was a picture of me somewhere..and i got shocked where did he get this pic of mine..?? its has just been two days since we have met..and i don't remember him taking any photos of mine..
"what is this...what is going on??" i blurted out..
"look i need you to calm down..i will explain everything to you.." he said..he asked me to drink was sour in taste..and i saw something in my vision..
I was laying on my bed in my house..i was home my actual home in Canada..listening to music and studying for my exams..after having a heavy dinner..i wasn't feeling like studying so..i decided to have a few hours of sleep..i shoved my books aside and dozed off..
12:45 am..i woke up with a startle due to some noise..but everything went quiet and thick sound of the wall clock was going tick tock tick tock..
1:30 am i again woke due to some voice..i decided to study thinking that i was getting nightmares about me failing in the exams..
2:30 am this time it was loud thud and a scream...quickly i went out of my room and raced towards my sister's room..and i saw my sister on the bed laying lifelessly.."i was him..hes here.." was all she utterted before closing her eyes for ever..
                        I quickly went near her..."nia nia...?? listen to me...plese dont joke around...hey...hey listen to me...oh please dont scare me...nia?? " i cried and cried but she didnt respond..i ran towards my parents bedroom and before i could open the door i heard...them scream and thier bones break one by one..and blood flowed fron the room..i got fear...what is going on..?? i ran to the phone to call the police when i saw someone standning in front of me
                      he caught hold of me...please let me gooo!!!! pleaseee i yelled..but he took me some wear in holding me ina bridal style...i was cinstantly hitting him...but he didnt seem to respond..I was in a house isolated fron the others...he made me sit on the bed..i backed in fear.."why did you kill my parents??? why why?????!!!! i cried in pain..but he...he was just giving a smirk..he was controlling me..he made lay on my back and shifted his body upon me..and his metalled dog tags were hanging fron his neck touching slighty my cheeks..he quielty kiised underneath my right i trembled in fear.."i did it fot your own good.." was all he said...
 I was fuming with anger and pain...he killed my parents and is standing so cooliy infornt of a vampire.."how did u make me forget??" i said cleching my teeth..
"i gave you make humans forget about what happend before they drank it..."
"what else did you do???" i said harshly..
"i kissed you.." he said slightly stucking out his tongue...
"remind how u kissed me...??" i said seductively...
He came forward and was about to kiss me when i took a stake fron my bag and stabbed him..and he winced in pain falling on the ground...and i ran away into the woods..knowing that it woulf take more than  a stake or wooden bullets to kill a werewolf...
So guys hope you all like it.. Embarrassed

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glmorous_diva IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2012 at 6:58am | IP Logged first Dancing
loved it 
thnks 4 pm

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DilBoleRikara IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 November 2012 at 6:58am | IP Logged
Fate.Intervined IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 November 2012 at 7:13am | IP Logged
dam interesting...
loved it...
thnx for pm...

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Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2012 at 7:28am | IP Logged
woah!!!!!! amazing girl...awesome...

is hell intresting!!!!!!

update soon.

sorry like is not working

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