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Arhi FF Dream Meets Reality Thd 2 (Page 80)

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Hey Friends

Myself (Harhem) and trivedishraddha have decided to continue this FF only for the readers as we also share the same disappointment caused by  end of  the show with you all guys and we didnt want to disappoint you more.
Though we miss the vital part of our writing and we lacked  interest  in updating,we would maximum try to make you entertain in the best possible way and end this FF on a proper note.

KINDLY refrain from sending pms or scraps to us on asking explanations and reasons as we are also not aware of anything other than the scrap which was received by everyone.Its a person's freedom to continue and  We dont intend to discuss this further too.All we can say is all our Arhi FFs is dedicated to our friend who is the reason why we started writing and our inspiration.  Hope you understand and hope everything fall in its place soon.

Harhem & trivedishraddha.

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verisimilitude IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 10

Khushi :"Arnav can you sleep here tonight . I am very scared. Please..:"

Arnav couldn't help but he sat near her in the bed. He started caressing her cheeks and forehead. She felt so relieved and she couldn't think about anything- not this legal marriage; not this contract ;but the feeling of attachment -the feeling that made her close to him. She had not been so close to anyone except her father. The way he takes care made her fall for him. Not an attraction not lust but pure love which has no boundaries. The mind may think about the legal contract terms but the selfless heart which beats without any instructions or orders passed by the mind driven by the love and affection  is ready to make her submit her life to him. These thoughts and his caressing made her close her eyes to fall into a peaceful sleep without even having a small degree of fear that she is going to sleep beside a stranger today. The sedative which she had used for getting sleep after her father's death proved no use when compared with his magical touch. Arnav on the other hand haven't made anyone sleep except his Pari who would be behind him for making her sleep in his bed. He felt nice seeing his angel sleep in peace with her face under his palms. He hadn't had a much possessed feeling towards anyone even for his di but what was that making him attract towards her changing the lion in him to a lamb was such a mystery. He slowly found her enter into deep sleep as a lovable husband he couldn't make himself give a kiss on her forehead. The first kiss to his wife. He wanted to cherish this moment forever. But it would have been more impactful if she had been awake and reciprocate his feelings.His wish of wanting his wife with him made more and more intense that he started thinking about how to win her heart and agree for the real marriage. Arnav slowly moved away from her and placed himself on the other side of the bed. The eternal bliss as they call, by holding her hand he too experienced that bliss in his sleep.

Next day Arnav and Khushi were heading for some shopping as Arnav had to buy some things for his family and most importantly his mami's instructions on the purchase of latest edition of branded perfumens and make up sets. He could seek only Khushi's help on this. Khushi also wanted to buy some things before travelling. They had done their shopping and were driving back home :

Arnav: "So Khushi , are you excited to travel?"

Khushi : "Yea. What excitement. It's even more than that. I'm in cloud Nine! I am going to step in to India for the first time in my life. More over I'm going to stay with your family at your house.You know Arnav I haven't had an opportunity even to meet any family members or relatives. I do feel scared as  I don't know how to behave infront of them particularly with Nani and mamiji. They must be really conservative and traditional people.Hope I don't mess up there."

Arnav:" Hey chill dear. They are not the ones as you think .They are very friendly. Actually the whole family is scared of my anger.. And don't expect me to behave so cool towards you at my house."

Khushi : "Oh really?  So do u mean you would not  show your anger only to  your lovely beautiful wife? How mean Mr.Raizada? Waise why are you showing such a cool and calm attitude only towards me? Any special consideration or just a soft corner as I am an orphan?"

The car made an abrupt halt releasing  a screeching sound and an angry faced ASR.

Arnav: "Khushi Don't u dare use that word again! You are not an orphan. You are my legally wedded wife. Don't make me regret for my own action if I hear that word from your mouth henceforth"

Arnav didn't know why he got so angry towards her. Somehow he felt bad on hearing the word "orphan".It was a spontaneous word from his mouth but he said what was in his heart. Khushi jerked by his anger and got little shivered seeing this unfrequented visit of this ASR avatar in him towards her. She just closed her eyes and they both just let a small breath in and breath out.

Arnav: "Sorry Khushi' I couldn't bear that word. I am sorry. But please don't use that word. The reason for me being soft and calm towards you is not because of that reason. I don't know why I cant show my angry face to you. I feel some sort of guilt even if I think of getting angry towards you. You can call it soft corner, affection or love. I don't know."

His words made her happy inside. Khushi was thinking-. "Was he confessing his love? Or am I taking a different meaning to those words? Love can be towards a friend also. Or is he really reciprocating the same feeling I have for him.." She came back to her senses from her uncontrollable stare on those chocolate brown eyes.

Khushi ( smiling) : "Its ok Arnav. I m really very lucky.. Thank you so much for the concern. I know you wont  like me saying thanks. I wont repeat this again. Now shall we move? We need to finish a hell lot of work before traveling! I don't want you to hurry me up at the last minute like the usual husbands do.I want you to help me with my packing stuff too."

Arnav just smiled at her .She could only change his mood from serious to normal and he loved the way she makes him bow to her orders. He resumed his driving.

Arnav: "Khushi.. don't you have any relatives from your father's side or mother'side? I mean even some news about where they stay? as I remember your father is from Lucknow. So you may know their location in Lucknow or something?"

Khushi:"Actually Arnav father's native was Lucknow. He has an elder brother and an elder sister. My father just stepped out of the house as he wasn't accepted by his family for marrying my mother without their knowledge. They didn't accept him till the last minute and he came to London after working in India for some years. It seems he didn't have any contact after he came out of India and even didn't intend to call them. But he loved them very much. Everyday he used to think about them and cherish all those nostalgic moments from his childhood and teenage. Wish I had known about their whereabouts. Now I m not sure where to search about them.."

Arnav:"Hey don't worry. Lets hope for the best. You don't worry about the family. "My family" nope...  "our family" will take care of you. .".

Khushi felt contended hearing the word "our family". They reached home to finish some office work which they wanted to finish before they left.


Next day :

They were at the air-port checking in and he was leading her..She was a bit lost in thinking what will happen after they reach India.Its been long since she travelled..She was in all these thoughts and moving forward with the baggage trolley in her hand,when she hit it on some person's legs and came back to present..

Arnav: "'what the-'"

Khushi-"am sorry Arnav,i was just lost in- -"

Arnav-"uh,that's okay,come,we have to get in the flight .."

She smiled and followed him as he led her way again..They got in the flight after boarding their luggage and now she was walking in front of him..They were scanning the area inside the plane to locate their seats.

She went to the nearby seat and blocked his way by stopping as she had to put some bag in the over board shelf and tried hard stuffing her purse there but was unsuccessful..Arnav who was patiently  waiting to help her broke into laughter after some time as her facial expressions were showing how irritated she was not able to do a simple thing..

Arnav-"let me help you.."

Khushi-[looking straight into his eyes]" I can do it myself Arnav."

Arnav ( smirking) -"Khushi, your blocking mine as well as others way,just let me help you.."

Khushi-"why?why do you think i need your help?"

Arnav-"coz I am your Legal husband, and I am here for you,now move and let me help.."

He dint knew why he said this,but she was surely lost in those words..'Crazy Husband'.,She smiled and moved away to sit near the window seat and Arnav pushed her bag in the above shelf and placed Himself besides her..

Their journey started.He picked up the magazine and looked at her once to see her looking happy..She was looking down,at the scenario of earth looking from up..He felt good at heart seeing her smile..

Air hostess: "Ex-cuse me sir,what would you like to have?sir?sir!?"

Khushi looked back to see her husband staring at her with a dumb smile on his Face..She looked back at the air-hostess and replied..

Khushi-"one orange juice for my husband,sugar free..anything else Arnav?oh ya,a toast too.."

Arnav came back to senses and looked at the air hostess and said..

Arnav-"one black coffee for my wife.."

Airhostess -"Anything else?"

Arnav-"no,that will be fine..thanks.."

The lady left to place their order and Arnav looked at Khushi with embarrassed eyes and both let out a chuckle for teasing each other.

After having breakfast,she dozed off with the magazine on  her lap..She was feeling cold and her hand was entangled in her husbands cozy arms...her head lay unconsciously on his shoulders..


The blower above was caressing her hair-strands,and he lost in his wife's beauty moved his hand to her face..she tightened her grip on his arms and moaned a bit..he smiled at her innocence and took that magazine from her lap and placed it in the front rack ..He closed his eyes holding her hands and recollected all his precious moments with his wife:

Her falling in the kitchen, his catching..
His helping her tie her dori..
His dance with her in that party and those moments he spent here with his 'wife' ..

He dozed off tilting his head and hers..The air-hostess who was admiring this "newly wed adorable couple" from the start,had a smile on her face and went near them to cover them with a single quilt to protect them from the cold .. She left them blushing to herself as she could notice the love between this couple..


Akash came down in the morning to witness a busy house hold with nice decorations and got surprised when he bumped on to his mother.

Akash : "Mom what is happening here? Any special occasion today?"

Manorama ( searching for words):  "Nothing ...bitwa.. we are... going to have a pooja here. By the by where are you going?"

Akash: "I am going to pick up bhai from the airport. But this much decorations and preparations for a pooja"

Mamaji ( coming from behind) : "Yes bitwa.. this is some special pooja for Arnav bitwa as Anjali bitiya has arranged for his good health and prosperity."

Akash still not satisfied but didn't give much importance to it. "Okay I am leaving to the airport".

He left the house when Mamiji who was stumbling for words gave a sigh of relief. Mamaji advices her not to reveal the secret to her sons as they are more cunning  than the FBI when it comes to any investigation regarding their bhai's  issues. Dhruv who was hearing something could not find out the exact happenings in the house. But he kept his antenna active as he was like his brothers who wont believe in his crazy family as they could plan anything without their knowledge.


It was some 10 hours when the announcement of arrival woke the hugging couple out of their sleep..both the souls opened their eyes at once to see their partners so close to their face..her eyes shinning and his breathe blowing on her cheeks making them hot ..

Embarrassing figures parted and adjusted themselves..

Khushi-"um..we..we got to get down.."

Arnav-"ya,let me get your bag out.."

He stood up to take her bag which he had kept on the rack and she moved the quilt which she shared with has husband and got up making her posture straight..She ran her fingers through her hair and made herself look a bit presentable to move down.They were moving out when the air-hostess came from back and halted them..

"'Excuse me madam,I have something for both were looking so adorable,I wish you both stay like this for ever..I have something for you.."

Confused eyes of Arnav and Khushi met each other before Khushi walked forward and collected an envelop from the lady's hand..

"Hope you had a happy journey.."Exchanging smiles,Arnav and Khushi checked out to go home..

Payal & Aakash were down,waiting for ASR and his newly wedded wife..Payal was here to receive Khushi to take her so that she can introduce her as her cousin by taking Khushi to RM.Aakash's face lit up when he saw his bhai coming out of the airport,and behind him was a beautiful lady,probably his legal wife,Khushi,he thought..

Arnav smiled at Aakash and saw behind to see Khushi walking behind him, he gestured Khushi he this was Aakash and with him was his fiance Payal..Khushi nodded and they both walked towards his family, now,their family..

Aakash-"hey have you been?"

He asked as they hugged..

Arnav-"yeah,really long.."

Arnav-"um,Aakash,this is Khushi,and Khushi- -"

Khushi-"he is my devar,hello Aakash,you can call me Khushi.."

Payal-"but he has to call you bhabhi..after all,your his brother's wife! Oh,I am sorry, I am Payal.."

Khushi smiled as she felt good getting more relations due to Arnav,she was not only a wife (legal one) but also a bhabhi now..

Khushi-(smiling) "ya,and your my soon to be devrani,haina! I am Khushi.."

They both had a handshake with a happy smile on their face..

Arnav-Aakash shared a common look saying how do women get along so easily!

Aakash-"yes bhabhi,she is Payal,my fiance .."

Payal looked at Aakash and both blushed..

Payal-"so,Khush bhabhi,the journey must be very tiring na?"

Khushi-(smiles) "not much,a bit.."

Aakash-"bhai,all set there? I mean- -"

Arnav-"Aakash,we will talk all that once we reach,i guess we should get going.."

Arnav moved to Khushi..

Arnav-"Khushi,for now you have to go with Payal,she will bring you at RM soon,I hope you understand, I am - -"

Khushi held his hand and blinked her eyes.

Khushi-"I know,you don't need to explain.."

Arnav-"we will meet soon.."

The eyes couldn't leave each other as their hands. The surroundings were oblivious to them only the sorrow of parting for one hour made them numb. Payal-Aakash moved from there taking the luggage and leaving ARSHI to separate..She dint knew why,she dint want to let go of his hand she held..he on the other hand was feeling so desperate... It seemed for ages they dint move ..he sighed before gulping the lump in his throat..they both had closed their eyes for a while to feel each others presence,besides them,with them..He opened his eyes to see her closed ones..

Arnav-"Khushi.(His husky voice made her come back to reality) need to go.."

She looked deep in his eyes to find to meaning of those words which she knew had to come,but she was just wishing for time to go on hold for a while..


She let go of his hand in a slow motion feeling like she is leaving something big behind..her hand loosing grip from his hand gave him a  look  with an urge to hold her back and pull her into a hug never to leg go,but they had to part..She walked to Payal looking behind in his eyes and he just stared at her.She sat with Payal in the car and vanished..

Aakash-"bhai,shall we go?"

His thoughts came on hold and he nodded,they both left for RM with Arnav's mind lost in his legal wife..


Dhruv saw Shraddha and her family entering  RM but she was passing through him without even looking at him when he stood right in the hall,some two steps from her.They were heartily welcomed by his family and he thought they had come to attend the pooja. He felt so bad and hollow at the same time that he took the stairs and moved up..His legs stopped jumping the stairs,when he heard some laugh from the room opposite to his..He went near to listen what was going on when his brain started sensing something fishy..

Shyam-:"But mamaji,are you sure  saale sahab agree to this thing so easily?I  mean he just landed in Delhi,"

Mamaji-"arey damaadji,you think Anjali will let go of her chotte so easily this time?nope.."

Shyam-"ya,your right,but its all going so fast"

Mama-"If it was in Anjali's hands,then she would have made Shraddha and Arnav married today itself,she would not even have waited for the engagement we secretly planned today.."

Shyam-"ya, Arnav will get a shock today.."

Mama-"oh ya,a big one i bet.."

Both Shyam and mamaji ended up laughing at the situation comic to them,unknown to the fact that the one who over-heard their convo was shattered by each passing second..Dhruv led himself to his room as his heart was sinking and his legs were going lifeless..he reached his room and collapsed on the bed.

"Shraddha's engagement with bhai today?"

His eyes left some tears.He was going blank..he looked down to see nothing in particular,as his eyes left some more aqua..After sometime he composed himself and wiped his tears..he took out his phone and dialed a number..He waited for Aakash to attend the call,but all in loss,he waited,but no reply.He tried calling Arnav who was also busy with talking to his manager in London. He banged the phone on the bed getting frustrated and made his way down.

Arnav entered to find his house decorated nicely  welcoming him with his smiling di at the entrance of the house. He had been informed by Akash about the pooja. He felt it was the apt time that Khushi "his wife" could enter to his house for the first time. They might have missed the rituals but the time was auspicious  and as his mother had wished he should be  taking his soulmate on the right time inside the house.

Pari came running to find her mamu and gave him  loads of  kisses which he happily received as he missed those all these days.He took her in his arms and Anjali gave a bear hug to her choteay. He felt her tears on his shoulders and broke the hug. The whole family welcomed him when he saw a family with some relatives were waiting on the living hall as if waiting for his arrival. Akash got stunned seeing Shraddha and her family and just then Dhruv entered running behind him telling him the plan.Akash went near his bhai and pressed his hand as if indicating the disaster coming up.

Anjali: "Chotte.this is Mr.Kapoor and his family. This is Shraddha. Their daughter whom I was talking about that day. Now have your time and give us a positive reply for this marriage. We have already made arrangements for your engagement today I just need your yes on this. If you are interested in talking to Shraddha you can very well have a private conversation we wont disturb you guys. "Anjali blushed saying this.

Shraddha felt something awkward when she saw Arnav and that too Dhruv who was starting beside him  with  scorching hot rays emitting from his eyes. Akash also felt anger inside. But the person in the limelight was infuriating.

Frustration, irritation, sadness, anticipation on how Khushi would react now seeing this drama and more than that the feeling of being almost forced to this crap leading to a guilt that he left behind his love in lurch. He looked like a boiler about to burst out of high temperature and it was noticed by all the members of the family when Mamaji, Mamiji and Shyam slowly moved out of his proximity.Pari was still  holding his hands.

Arnav ( roared): "What the hell is this di? I told  you to give me some time to think and you said not before I come from London. But how did you arrange this on the day of my arrival:? Dont you feel I should be informed about this before?"

The audience present in the house got trembled at the lion roaring .Pari just left her mamu' hands and ran besides Shyam to hide her from his anger. Anjali and Nani got shocked by his reaction.They did expect a negative response but didn't expect his outburst like this.

Anjali :"Chote. I am your di. I have that right to search a bride for you and arrange your engagement!"

Arnav ( enraged) :"Yes you have but provided you should have asked my consent! You did this on your own without even considering what must be going through my mind!"

Nani: "CHote, What is it so worse that she did you are accusing your di? She did this only for your good and she always wanted to see your life settled. Is this the way to behave to the guests  who have come to our house? And is this the way to show your love to your di by humiliating her infront of the public?"

Arnav ( calming himself) :"Nani.,.but . You should have asked me that s what I am trying to tell you'"

Anjali who was in tears couldn't bear this humiliation and was about to move but she felt dizzy and was about to fall down when Arnav and Akash held her from the back. Akash was about to call Payal but he stopped when he heard the voice "di"

All the eyes were looking at the entrance and that's when Arnav saw Payal calling out for his di while she was fainting. Payal came running to check ANjali's condition but Arnav couldn't resist his eye s when it forced itself to look at the door when he saw his LEGAL WIFE standing alone helpless, curious and nervous and tensed to enter her sasural for the first time. He couldn't move his eyes from the dovey eyes which were urging him to come and hug her and take her inside his house as his wife. Moments ago he was thinking about the time being auspicious for his wife to enter his house but '.. Destiny laughs at us!


To be continued.


No comments from now on. 

Characters belong to the serial IPKKND..

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Guys,i know you all have many questions,and trust me,i too have..

but plz,try to understand,k if someone is taking such a big step,it would have some much big reason behind it..

have some decency and stop bothering HER if you respect her and her personal life..

I hope you all understand her,and wish the best for her..not much to say,i myself am going silent from now..

I won't miss her,coz i won't Forget her,she is still here.. <3<3<3

p.s.-All the updates from now are for her,who was always there to listen to me,and support me and Harhem-di when we asked her support,love you didi.. always.. <3<3<3

Hope we are able to satisfy you readers..

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arnav s sitting beside n making her relax

*khushi's selfless heart is ready to make her submit her life to him.
*Arnav hadn't had a much possessed
feeling towards anyone even for
his di

thats d purity of luv..she felt safe in d arms of an stranger who s now no more a stranger...HER EVERYTHING
nd he felt contended holdng her in his arms taking away her pain, her fear

he started thinking about how to win her heart and agree for the real marriage.
omg arnav n ready for marriage??
(ye kya ho raha hai bhai
ye kya ho raha hai hai
kuch nahi kuch nahi
arnav ko pyaar ho raha hai)Embarrassed

khushi s excited yet nervous to meet d family... m sure she wll be gud wth evryne
i guess pari specialy(lets see)

arnav= And don't expect me to behave so cool towards you at my house."
parde me rehne do,
parda na uthao
parda jo uth gaya to
ASR jaag jaayega...

n jiska dar tha vahi hua

khush- just a soft corner for me as I am an orphan?"
there it goes
car at halt
n ASR parde ke bahar
ye tha asr ka live telecast khush k saamne

arnav said don't u dare use that word
i don't know why my behaviour s soft wth u.
You can call it soft corner, affection orlove. I don't know."

khushi- "Was he confessing his love? Or am I taking a different meaning to
those words?

are yaar he loves u... plz. go n say to him...plz.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

n then they coming to India finally... fligt scenes r just awesum
Khushi-"one orange juice for my husband,sugar free..oh ya,a toast too.." nd
Arnav-"one black coffee for my

ths was just shows how well they know eah other n how much they care for d otherDay DreamingDay Dreaming

n finally they dozed off lyk a perfect couple( jodiyaan to upar vaala hh banata hai)

khushi as known became frndly wth aakash n payal both in her frst meet
n then camearshi's sepration came

both had closed their eyes for a while to feel each others presence,besides them,with them.

ths was really emotional, finaly they seprated but to meet again in a while

in rm dhruv came to know d plan of their family regarng arnav's engadgement to shraddha n told arnav

n finally d family faced d ASR
after al how can he marry someone leaving behind his luvto whom he s already married

eagerly waiting for d next part

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rocking meenuverisimilitudekuts

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thanks for the note.. it means really a lot for us. thanks for continuing and keeping our ArHi  alive in this ff.

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Hey Harhem, Thanks for the note. Not sure exactly wat happened with Madhu but hope she is fine. And I appreciate you continuing this FF, really means a lot.

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beautiful. IF-Sizzlerz

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Reswa Evil Smile

>> Edited <<

Wohoo... superb update both diis...

I read all the parts in a go... and all r superb! Thumbs Up n well written Clap but from this last update on... will miss Madhu dii badly Cry but happy that u both are continuing this>! Embarrassed

n OMG... Arnav is gonna marry our Shraddha didu? ROFL

Waiting eagerly for the next part ... Day Dreaming

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Its brilliant update. Arnav indirectly/directly confessed his love to khushi. Arnav wants to marry her in real and he thinking of winning his heart. Funny part is he doesn't he already got a place in Khushi's heart. Khushi also in love with Arnav. Flight journey description awesome.
Khushi and payal already bonded. sweet.
Wow!! ASR is back. Atleast his family got some sense. Khushi's entry at the wrong time. what next??  
Once again thanks for continuing this ff

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