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Arhi FF Dream Meets Reality Thd 2 (Page 53)

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Hey update soon.

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The music was in sync with  the romantic mood of the couples. They might not be in a ball room but the music and the moves swayed away our newly wed couple to the dance floor with her hands slid into his arms.Arnav looked at Khushi to see her lost in the lively atmosphere..His serious face turned in a smile as he saw her calm face,yes..she was smiling,she was happy seeing such nice and soothing atmosphere after long.Arnav couldnt take his eyes off his queen who was in glee and he was praising from head to toe in his mind but as it happens that  when u are lost in something words from heart pop out showing its true colours.

Arnav-"Beautiful... "words left his mouth to make Khushi aware,that she heard something.

Khushi-"did u say  something?"

Arnav-"um..umm..I- -think we need to dance. "

Khushi blushed and smiled as she understood her husband was secretly praising her beauty.The other couples were at awe looking at the most beautiful couple in the dance floor. A moment of self pride peeped in both as if they are the most hottest couple on the earth.He was thinking how to proceed for the dance.

As usual (ASR interrupted..."wow how are you supposed to dance now? Do you know u shuld keep ur hands on her waist?" ) (Arnav: "SO what she is my wife dammit! I can manage!")

Khushi was watching Arnav's deep thoughts on something. 

Khushi-"Arnav!?are you okay?ANything bothering you.."

Arnav-"ugh- Actually nothing. (and said in a low voice) Khushi -I... I  don't know to dance .I mean I have never danced in my life ,and now this is couple dance? I just wanted to cheer up your mood but didnt think abt the fact that I need to really dance rather than standing here as a spectator."

Khushi loved his innocence. SHe couldnt control her giggle..

Khushi :"Come on Arnav. Its just a silly dance?The great business tycoon ASR should never ever think low of himself even for a dance when his beautiful wife who is a good dancer  would surely offer him to teach the basic steps. "

Saying this,she took his hands and kept on her waist..The fingers brushing her soft skin sent ripples inside him and he was on the verge of losing his so damn self control.Khushi could feel herself breathing hard when his touch on her waist became tight. Arnav had just kicked off the ASR in him and was uncontrollable in passing intense glances on her eyes which just caught its counterpart in a fraction of a second. Her eyes too lost in his.Without shutting the eye lid not even for a second,she held his free hand with hers and entangled their fingers and started moving with him to meet the music beats..the dim lights around added to the passionate movements which was a new sensation to both of them..It was like someone had enchanted him.Both were enjoying the music suddenly  she came to her senses asked him with a smile..

Khushi-"see,You can dance. .."

He smiled.."yea..."

The spot light came on them and he left her waist to make her twirl on his finger..he made some distance from her holding her hand and pulled her so she rolled in his arms and he held her waist again..*Rabbave* A moment before she was the one teaching him,but seeing his free moves,he felt like his student,a lucky student..she felt everything else was going blank..they both got lost in the dance not breaking the eye-lock..their moves complimenting each other and they definitely failed to show themselves 'Just friends' as the chemistry between them was noticed by all present there..the music stopped and so did their legs..but their hold on each other was still so poSsessive,as if never to let go of each other.. their eyes searching something in each other..their feelings so new, yet so known..the spot light went OFF and the hall was lighted with full lights again..cheers and howls from the crowd brought them back to reality..they let go of each others hold and their eye-lock also went OFF..they started moving back to their friends but here,he led her,she was coming behind him slowly..lost in thoughts..she dint ever knew why she always went dizzy in a sweet way when those eyes met hers..but she dint care to buzz off those thoughts,she somehow liked to ponder about those dreamy eyes and whenever she used to think bout it,her heart went on a race..

Rohan who was a shocked spectator felt like that he had a 1000 V current passing through his body and his hair were spiked out of this shock making him feel dark of himself. Arnav had to shake him to bring back to earth. Rohan gulped three shots at a time to check himself that he is back to earth.

Arnav: "What happened to you Rohan?"

Khushi :"Rohan, how was our dance?"

Rohan: "Dance who danced? Did you.."

Arnav knew that Rohan couldnt get his senses back because of his dance and need some time to recover.

Rohan's friend Vishal came with his wife Neha and got introduced to them. All of them were happily laughing at some joke to which Rohan also had a laugh.

They had a good chat with the couple and Khushi so wished to see herself  and Arnav like the lovely couple infront with her full rights as a wife.

Next day morning Arnav was indulged in his office work. He got a call from his manager that Eddie was planning something big to break Khushi's project and the husband in him made him furious to get back to his ASR mode to protect his wife. He instructed his manager to make the necessary plans to get Eddie arrested by collecting the witness. But it was not an easy job more than that he had to return back to India as his work was held up for a long time for his approvals. He was in sheer confusion on how to manage. He was sure that he wont leave her alone.He couldn't get any idea of how to take her to Delhi and what would be the family's reaction to this. His mind stopped working when he thought about Nani denying this relationship and if they consider this relationship as unacceptable. He was pulling out his hair out of confusion.

Like a blessing in disguise Akash called him in his mobile..Akash explained his situation that he cant manage his important clients anymore as they are looking out for Arnav Singh Raizada and more than his clients he cant handle his di.He asked Arnav to reach India the next day itself. Arnav was irritated at these talks now but suddenly felt that he should share his marriage matter to his trusted friend cum brother Akash.

Akash: "What?? Bhai ?? Are you Drunk?? You thinking of getting Khushi Bhabhi here in India?? Do you even realise what would happen in our house?"
Arnav: " Akash.. Relax.. Why are you so much over reacting?? Didnt I say I cannot let Khushi stay here alone in UK. I need to get her there.. "

Akash (Blushed): "Well Bhai.. I agree its impossible to leave Bhabhi there specially when you guys are newly married.. I totally agree with it.. But I would still suggest.. You come here alone.. Let the Family know about this marriage.. Convince them a bit and then when things settle down, go back to UK and get her with full respect. That would help us to solve the matters here easily.. If you get here along with you , there would be a total mess in the house.. No one would accept the fact that their CHOTTE for whom they tried searching a Bride day and night is finally married when he was in UK.. Come on Bhai.!! You must think on this..!!"

Arnav: "Akash.. I have called you to find some solution.. Not to point out what the Problem is in getting my wife there..!!"

Khsuhi had entered the room with his Medicines some 2 minutes back and she understood what conversation was going around between him and his Brother.. But then was he so sure of taking her with him? If so then she wont deny.. After all even she was his wife now.. Though it was only On Papers.. But she still considered herself to be his wife in all terms and it was her duty to agree to her husband's requirements. And staying together under one roof was the basic requirement of any marriage... 

Arnav heard something from Aakash and then he heard Khushi clearing her throat.. He turned to see her and then he replied back to Akash..

Arnav: "Ok Akash.. I will think on what you said. Let me discuss this with Khsuhi too.. If she is Ok then we will follow it.. "

Akash: "Ok Bhai.. Well is Bhabhi around?"

Arnav: "Umm.. Yeah... "

Akash: "Can I talk to her?"

Arnav: "What The!!! For what Akash?"

Akash: "Bhai.. I have all rights to talk to her.. She is my Bhabhi now.. I dont even know how she looks like.. I can atleast hear her voice.. Please.."

Arnav looked at Khushi and she placed the water and his medicines on the Table before him. She was about to leave when Arnav held her hand and she turned behind..

Arnav: (Holding his hand on the receiver): "MY Younger Cousin Akash.. I told him about our legal wedding.. He wishes to talk to you.. If you Ok.. Or else.."

Khsuhi (SMiled and gestured him to pass the receiver): "I will"..

Arnav gave her the reciever and then moved aside so that she could sit beside him on the couch and talk. She  undoubtedly sat beside him and then said a Warm  "HELLO"

Akash : "HEy Khushi Bhabi.. I am Akash.. Bhai's Younger Cousin.."

Khushi: "Hi Akash.. How are you?"

Akash: "Good.. I mean.. Very good.. Specially after knowing Bhai got married.. I am the first person to be so happy.."

Khushi gave a sarcastic look to Arnav and then replied to Akash..

Khushi: "Any specific reason for that?"

Akash: Ofcourse.."Finally my Line is Clear now.. Atleast my family will think of getting me married to Payal.. (He said blushing all the time and she started laughing..)"

Arnav wanted to know what did Akash just said which made his wife laugh so much..

Khushi: :"Then in that case .. You should Thank us for clearing your path for getting married.. "

Akash: " Ohh yes.. I indeed do Thank you both.. And well Nice talking to you
Bhabhi.. Please take care of yourself and dont worry about the Family..Me and Bhai would handle it all."

Khushi: "Thanks Akash.. And give my regards to Payal as well."

Akash: "Yeah sure.. Bye Then.. "

Khushi: "Bye.. "

Saying that she cut the call and then looked at her husband who was waiting to tell her what the Plan is.. 

Khushi: "He is a decent Guy.. "

Arnav: "You got to know that just by talking to him?"

Khushi noded a Yes..

Arnav: "And what kind of guy am I, Khushi?? I mean you know me more than Akash atleast.. By any chance am I better than him?? "

Khushi almost blushed.. She liked her husband asking these things to her.. It showed how much he was eager to know from her what she thought of him.. She just handed him the medicines and then gave him the water.. He knew she wont answer this to him so soon. He took his medicines and then started sharing the talks he just had with Akash..

Arnav: "Okaay.. So we have a small story for taking you in my House in Delhi.. You would be introduced to my Family as Payal's cousin sister from UK. Since you are searching for an apartment to stay in Delhi, and since Payal cannot let you stay with her in her Hostel, she would ask us to help you out.. My family is very generous in these matters.. They would let you stay in RM as long as you wish.. You can continue working from my home and that would make us stay together under one roof.. I can have a watch on my wife and I would be relieved till you are staying with me atleast till things gets settled here..??"

Khushi liked the idea.. She knew Arnav was trying to keep her with him till the problem was sorted out and their relationship cant be explained to his family and its not convincing enough to become husband and wife for a legal bond. Though they are good friends she had to know whether he would like to proceed in their marriage after this tenure.She thought to staying in his house to win their hearts and understand Arnav's feelings for her as well. Moreover as a wife she had to stay with him.But she was little scared. Never ever she had stayed with such a big joint family.. She was always alone with her Dad and she had no idea what a Joint family's love and affection is.. She was curious to stay with him and at the same time little afraid too.. But it was decided.. She would join him to India and they would adapt the Plan as suggested by Akash ..


Anjali talking with Nani, Mami and Mamaji when Shyam enters the hall and is surprised to see the unexpected meet of the senior citizens with his wife. Shyam takes Pari in his arms and tries to get his ears into the secret meeting agenda. Anjali who notice him asks him

Anjali:"Shyam ji why are you trying to overhear what we talk?"

Mami:"Haan daamadji bery shecret that you should close your ears while we are talking. "

Shyam gave a "What the " look of his saale saahib.

Nani: "Oh Anjali Bitiya. Daamadji should also know about this. Its nothing Daamadji we are planning something very secret.."

Shyam:"What secret? Are you trying to fool the best lawyer in town?"

Anjali: " Enough Self boasting Shyamji. We know who is the best lawyer! Ok I will tell you the secret but make  a promise to me that you wont even open your mouth to discuss this any time from now. this should be a secret within you.."

Shyam ::"Wow what an intelligent wife I have. Rani saheba if more than one person knows this how can this be a secret?  I wish my Pari should not be like you,. My daughter should be like me."

Anjali hit him on his elbow and explained him the secret. Shyam's expressions changes from curiosity to "is it possible" to "I m dead meat" look. Anjali then tells him

Anjali : "This plan should not be leaked out to anyone especially my lovely brothers. THose three musketeers are very loyal to each other. If any thing gets leaked then Shyamji you are a dead meat!"

Shyam just gave an "O" expression and ran to his room with Pari in his arms as he couldn't even think about the aftermaths of this dhamakedar plan being executed. He plans to zip his mouth for the full whole week at home and would make sure that he would open his mouth only to eat!

Anjali calls up Mrs.Sarita Kapoor.

Anjali :"Hello Mrs. Kapoor. Anjali here. Everything is planned as we discussed. Nani and mami have made arrangements. We just have to wait for Chotte to arrive. Have you informed Shraddha about this?"

Mrs.Kapoor : "No Anjali. will inform her.SHe would obviously listen to me and dont worry everything will take place smoothly. "

Anjali :"I am waiting to see Shraddha  enter this house as my bhabhi. "

Dhruv was entering the house when he heard Shraddha's name.Anjali saw him coming and cut the call.

Anjali faking a smile tells him that she was just talking to SHradhha. Dhruv got suspicious but left it like that since it was something related to the ladies. Anjali sighed in relief with Nani and others.

Mrs.Kapoor : "Shradha be ready for the engagement on Sunday. Arnav is reaching on Sunday. We will be going to his house. As soon as he says yes we will have the engagement then and there. "

Shraddha: "What is this mom? You are informing me for the sake of informing. You didnt  take my consent on this.Why did you agree like that? Didnt you feel I should be asked a word about this?"

Mrs.Kapoor :"Shraddha.. there is no time for argument. The whole family likes you. You also like them now its only Arnav's one word of "OK". I m sure he cant say no.You are extremely talented, beautiful and equal in status as him. So this engagement will happen as planned. Don't think of changing your mind. "

Shraddha tried to convince her mom but her mom didnt even hear her words. THey wanted her to marry him as it would be a raise in their status  and they wouldn't let go off that opportunity. Shraddha on the other hand was not much interested in this proposal. Though she liked Anjali and her family, she couldnt forget Dhruv wholeheartedly. His presence in that house always irked her. SHe couldnt even think about the fact that she will be marrying Dhruv's brother and she would have to live under the same roof  as his bhabhi. Shraddha was forced by her parents to agree to this marriage who were very cunning to make ASR as their Son In Law. She couldn't just deny them and agreed for whatever comes on her way now.

She hates Dhruv but those priceless moments spent with Dhruv was hovering her mind through out.


Khushi finished her dinner with Arnav and was looking after some files in her room.She had a lot to finish before leaving to India. Arnav was in the living room with his laptop. Suddenly the power went off and Khushi got scared. She started to shout as she couldnt survive the darkness right from the childhood. The darkness which makes her think about her horror stories and after her fathers death the solitude and the darkness ushering into her life.

All the scary thoughts made her shout more which was heard by Arnav who came running into her room with his mobile torch. He opened the door and shouted :
"Khushi Khushi.. where are you ?"

Khushi saw him coming into her room with the dim light in his hand and at the next moment she ran to his arms hugging him tight as if there was no tomorrow.

Arnav got shocked at her fear. He caressed her hair and back and consoled her. She started crying badly on his shoulder. He held her nape and said :
"Ssh.. Khushi I am here, Dont cry. You are not alone. "

KHushi (crying) : "Arnav, I ...I am very scared of dark. I cant stay for even one minute in dark. It gives me scary thoughts from childhood. Please Arnav. Dont go ..Please dont leave me alone.."

Arnav could understand her fear and hugged her tight to console her. After sometime he broke the hug and suddenly the power came. He wiped her tears and made her lie in the bed .Khushi held his hand and asked him

Khushi :"Arnav can you sleep here tonight . I am very scared. Please..:"


To be continued

No precap for this..

Writers comments:

trivedishraddha : damn this power. why did it come back?Angry

Madhu : La la... someone's Gutter land experience power cut now..ROFL

She always like the  DARK!
Dont worry it is always on HIGH VOLTAGE mode especially after reading your dark FFs.Wink


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Day Dreaming

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Hy amazing update love love the arsho moment awesome ending cant wait for more
Plz update soon n plz pm me nxt tine u update love this ff

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Great update

I am concerned about Anjali Planning the engagement party...

Hw will Khushi and NK react??

I hope he say no

Please please update sooon

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Brilliant part! Cant wait to read more!

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