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Arhi FF Dream Meets Reality Thd 2 (Page 142)

tanurocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 5:59am | IP Logged

 he kissed her
she slapped him
somebody watched that...


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Shivika23 Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 6:04am | IP Logged
Pls continue soon

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soapfreak13 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 6:05am | IP Logged
Amazing chapter!!! update soon!!!!

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hemakalai IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 6:08am | IP Logged
might be anjali is the witness

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PadduBarunHolic Senior Member

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Whoa whoa *SLAP* un expected Shocked
nice update ... Happy Moments At the same time SAD Moments
Whose the other person watching all these...????
eagerly waiting for next...wat Arnav wil do now...Day Dreaming

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ranjanatripathi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 6:23am | IP Logged
Arnav is getting possessive and territorial...maybe jealous too...

Originally posted by harhem

Sorry for the network said Bye bye instead of hello hi Cry

Part 12

Arnav and Akash opened the door and was shocked to see their house. Once Raizada mansion used to be so silent like a grave yard with limited sounds and chatters turned out to be a  musical arena today. Arnav with his "what the" expression followed by Akash with "How the" expression moved towards the hallway to find his family playing with the new arrival guest who is supposed to be the eldest bahu of the house. Arnav's eyes gazed through the hallway from his little brother Dhruv running behind Pari who is chasing Khushi and the rest of the family encouraging the trio for the chasing game. He saw Anjali also having a big smile in giving directions to her daughter on how to catch Khushi with proper strategies as if she was directing her on how to take off a plane. Nani and the other 2 elders laughing at the childishness of these grown up kids.  Shyam who was enjoying the scene happened to see his two brother in laws entering into the hall. To prevent another disastrous outburst of his BIL he signaled everyone to stop. All of them stopped at their tracks as if they saw Hitler or Mussolini entering their camp without invitation. Arnav's eyes were on his newly wedded wife who was happily playing around though the others had already halted their actions. Khushi didn't see him standing and continued her giggling and chasing till she could hit the very familiar hard form with a lightening speed. Her fall as usual prevented by him but the presence of his family made him conscious and made her stand up properly without any further investigation by his eyes on her. All of them expected an volcano burst as he disliked noise in the house and moreover Khushi's un expected banging on him. Khushi could not react much as she didn't know how to react to such situation infront of his family. If he were alone, she would have shown her  "self" there.

Nani " arre chotte.. Akash bitwa.. when did u both come?"

Arnav  admiring his wife with his one eye on making his family happy for a while and seeing her brightened face failed to hear what his nani had asked him..

Akash answered for his bhai : "Dadi.. we just arrived.. by the by whats happening here?"

Mamiji: "Nothing bitwa, children were playing and we were watching their small antics."

Pari running through her mamu's legs got herself placed on his arms kissing him creating a small smile on his face. The one eye stare towards his lady wasn't shaken even then'

Pari : "Mamu ' you know I played with Khushi aunty now. She plays very  well. Better than Dhruv and Akash mamu."

Dhruv : "Oh now you don't want us ah? See Akash and me are not going to play with you anymore"

PAri :"Its ok. I have my mamu and Khushi aunty. I will play with them  Haina mamu?

Anjali :"Okay .. Pari its time,you go and sleep with papa.. Its late already "

Pari after getting her bribed chocolates left to her room with her dad and others also left the place.Khushi slowly moved to the kitchen leaving behind Anjali and Arnav. Khushi's stealing glances on Arnav tempted him more to see her. Anjali came near him .

Anjali :"Chote.. I wanna talk to you for sometime "

Arnav was very happy to hear his di talking to him after that issue. He noded and took her near the dining hall and made her comfortable to talk in a way he didn't miss his wife's presence too.He could understand his di cant live without talking to him nor he can. He wanted to resolve things but his di was adamant on her wish. Now he started to stoop for her love and affection as per Khushi's order.

Arnav-"Di,am-am sorry..I should not have raised my voice on you.."

He held her hands and said looking down..

Anjali-"no chotte,(cupping his face now),don't you be sorry.. Actually I was at major fault.. I should have calmed my excitement a bit.. Am sorry that I- - am sorry to get that over excited and plan all this to turn your a surprise for you in a shock, am really am.. I realised my mistake after Khushiji explained it to me"..

Arnav knew that this patch up was organized by his beloved wife and he liked the way she has started resolving issues at his house. Now the major issue of how the family would accept her and how she would accept him was of major concern for him..

Arnav-"Its all okay Di,just forget it.."

Arnav looked in his Di's eyes as two three lame tears escaped them.. Her face now smiling,as  concerned for his chotte.. Finally it was clear to her sister that he was not yet ready for this marriage stuff,all thanks to Khushi..He thanked her mentally and just then he hugged his Di and found Khushi near the Kitchen cabinet leaning on her shoulders  in tears of happiness to see the siblings patching up back.. Words were scarce as the tears started communicating between the pair.

Anjali  without breaking the hug.. Anjali-" Chotte, can I have the privilege to become a nanad to your wife and a bua to your kid  in this janam? I mean are you planning to enjoy bachelorhood till the end?"

She giggled and he smiled..Khushi still at Anjali's back and this fact still not known to Anjali..but he saw in his wife's eyes and replied..

Arnav- "Di.. I promise I wont let you down. You don't need to worry about the selection process in finding my right partner, just wait for the right and the perfect time,Things would turn good for you  soon to become a nanand. Just a matter of few days "

His words pointing towards kHushi looking at her face making her smile. She also felt a sudden excitement hearing those words as she had a optimistic thought that it was indicating her.  The promise of getting together in life was not too far. The rituals, vows and promises  of a formal traditional marriage would further stabilize their relationship she thought. But Anjali mentally went high guessing that he is talking bout Shraddha..Least she knew he was pointing out the girl behind her who was her chotte's legally wedded wife..

Anjali felt  a deep relief hearing this and decided to give some time for her chotte to settle the issue by himself.She left the hall saying a good night to both of them. That was the right time Mr.Arnav could get hold of his wife to spend some time with her to compensate for the rest of the hours which they missed from the morning. Khushi was smiling at him as he proceded his steps towards her. But utter disappointment awaiting him in the form of his nani came inside the kitchen..

Nani :"Khushi bitiya, what are you doing here.. Come lets sleep. I told you to sleep with me from tonight. Chotte, she is scared of dark it seems, I didn't want her to be alone in our guest room so thought of making her sleep beside me.. She is also like our Payal haina? "

Arnav' s temper raising above its saturation level hearing this. He couldn't control beyond a point when she started leaving the place towards nani's room looking at his eyes she knew something big was awaiting her for this from the mighty ASR.



Shraddha was trying to cross the road with handful of bags on a busy crowded area. She couldn't move a bit and the weight of her bags took her whole concentration from crossing the road process. Suddenly a pair of hands lending her help one holding the bags and other on her elbows swiftly dragged her by helping her cross the road with in a second. She lifted her face to look at him and thank him but the face she saw made her face go red out of anger. Dhruv it was, the person who made her fall for him, the same person who was flirting and kissing her one of the Girlfriend on the day she was about to confess,the person whose brother was going to get engaged soon. It was the one individual who was stalking her life for the past 3 years. His mannerisms,his talks , his warmth and  his actions haunting her day and night. How can she live in his house that too with his brother? She felt so cheap of herself for not having the guts to stop the marriage by telling her parents that she is not interested in Arnav. She knew her attempts would be futile so decided to get along what is written on her fate. But here the same person infront of her reminding her the guilt and make her loose her senses.

Shraddha : "what is it Dhruv? Why do you just follow me? Don't you have any decency ? I m going to be your brother's wife and you still ' Che.. so cheap of you.."

Dhruv:  "Wait Shraddha.. You are going beyond limits. What did I do now ? I didn't even open my mouth.."

Shraddha : "Oh thanks for that ,Now you may please move .I have to go home"

Dhruv : "Not before I clarify some thing to you."

Shraddha :"Clarify? What to clarify? That you were flirting and kissing your one of the latest girlfriends and I accidentally happened to witness that lovely scene. I should forget it as a passing fancy of my life? Right?  Prejudice indeed.'"

Dhruv " Now if you have finished,  let me speak for sometime and listen to it carefully. Don't jump into conclusions before hearing out the full matter?"

Sharaddha. "Oh how long did you take to develop this story? Are you the only one involved or there are many girls who are associated with you too involved in this?"

Dhruv : "Enough Now hear my words properly and then decide whether I m wrong or right "

Dhruv drags her to the near by shaded place started explaining how his friends had spiked him during the last day of their college. He was not in his senses when his old Girl friend had approached him. She was trying to seduce him and he was getting trapped. His half conscious mind could see Shraddha witnessing it and running away from there. He tried to stop her and tell her that he was not  at fault. Though he was a play boy at the start he had changed for Shraddha's love.

All these made Shraddha move into tears. Her life was at stake between her parents and Dhruv. She had mistaken him but couldn't really give her up totally. She needed time to clear her mind and decide properly. Dhruv wanted to clarify it to her and he thought his job is done now. Its her decision to accept the truth or leave him. He knew the sudden shock would have left her baffled. He decided to give her ample time before he could proceed to ask another word.His eyes looking at her face who was looking at the other end of the road crying to herself as a way of correcting her mistakes. Time Is the best healer he thought. Dhruv left her without even asking   word after that.


Payal had come into the house for the weekend. She saw Khushi getting along with whole family, running around the house, doing the work, playing with Pari and Joining Anjali in her pooja too. Payal was happy to see her quite comfortable at their sasural. She came near Khushi who was settling herself with her office work at her room.

Payal: " Khushi ''. what about one outing and a dinner outside tonight? Just both of us?"

Khushi: "Hey.. That's nice.  Why don't we call di also?"

Payal : "No its just me and you. I haven't got proper time to spend with you as you are fully equipped with them the whole day.. Its just one evening.. we can be back soon don't worry."

Khushi :"Okay we can ask them and leave.. Wait till I finish this important mails to be sent as they need urgent approvals from my side "

Payal and Khushi took nani's permission and left in a cab. They got down in a mall and had some shopping. Payal had to purchase somethings for her friends in the hostel and Khushi helped her in purchases. Khushi too bought somethings for her. Payal and Khushi shared much talks about both of them , their likes , dislikes and their  partners. They easily bonded together as if they were born siters.

Khushi's  eyes were scanning the whole garment store when it fell on a nice white plain shirt. She imagined Arnav on this shirt as her first present to her legally wedded husband and also a way to convince him. She bought the shirt and left with Payal.Outside the mall Arnav's SUV was waiting.Payal asked   her to get into  the front seat of the car forcefully  and that's when she saw Arnav sitting on the driver seat and Akash at the back seat. Arnav drove on a high speed. Her stealing glances at him while he was looking at the road with full concentration. She knew his irritation for not giving him attention all these days. She couldn't start a conversation as it would heat up the car and didn't want to disturb the love birds who were enjoying behind her seat.

They reached a restaurant at the outskirts. A lonely place with a serene atmosphere close to nature. The Raizada brothers were so leniant and cautious that they booked the whole restaurant for their sweethearts. Akash moved with Payal on one side as they had decided to have a separate private place for both to spend time with their future wives.

Arnav took her to the table which was near a fountain and the  illuminations with decorations made her awe which made her hold his arms and walk with him. The touch the warmth cooled down his anger as a BP apparatus showing a sudden drop. His face got calm and relieved. She understood the magic of her touch and moved in to his arms more tighter to make him smile at her. They got seated near by.

Khushi : "So Mr.ASR are you still angry with me?? Look at the face khadoos Laad Governer!"

Arnav: "What the? Khushi., don't call me by such names.. You have changed a lot after you came to India"

Khushi : "What change? "

Arnav :"Do you even have a small concern for me? You seemed to be more attached to my family avoiding me totally "

Khushi :"Oh my baby is so jealous of his own family "

Arnav ( gritting his teeth)  : "I am not jealous' why should I be?"

Khushi :"Ok .. now sorry..I promise my legally wedded husband Henceforth I would make sure that I will spend more time with you secretly..OK?"

"Legally wedded"? the word left some tug in their hearts. What does it require to extend the validity of this word through out the life. Confession that they like each other? They know they like each other. Confession that they love each other? They know they love each other? Confession that they would like to proceed this relation till the end of their life?Both were stuck there. They partly know that both of them wanted this . Do they need words to express this? The hearts could speak out their language.. Her dream came true, his idea of marrying someone whom he likes after  understanding her.. All points are satisfied..But whats stopping them ?????

Waiter came in with the ordered food and the enjoyed their dinner with chats about the office work, general discussions, about the family. After the dinner, Arnav felt himself light hearted. He took her hand and kept close to his heart.. His heart beating faster. Khushi could know what he was conveying through actions. But another interruption in the form of Akash and Payal.

Akash :"Bhai.. are you done? Shall we make a move? We have to drop Payal at the hostel. Its getting late."

Arnav' s irritation knew no bounds. Khushi smiled seeing her khadoos husband's face. She gestured a nod to Akash and Payal, held his arms to get up and leave. They left the place with a wonderful memory of their  first unfinished date.


A lazy Sunday morning, members of the house were getting bored, planning to kill time they gathered together in the hall for a chit chat' Payal also joined them while Akash could spend his valuable time talking with his fianc. Arnav was the only person missing in the lot as he was in his room attending a conference call. Khushi wanted to sneak into his room and spend time with him but hesitated and decided to spend that productively with the family.

Dhruv " Hey its so boring talking and chatting .. why cant we play something? "

Nani : " Haan ' correct. "

Mamiji :" Bitwas but what will we play?"

Anjali ( excited ):"what about dumbsharads"

Shyam :" haan vaise bhi I would excel in that I practice daily before my lovely wife"

Everyone laughed except Anjali who was staring at him for releasing a pathetic joke infront of everyone..

Dhruv : " ok why cant we play like enacting a scene from  a movie.. "

Khushi :"wow.. I am ready"

Dhruv:" I will join with you.. , jeeju with di and Payal ..hmm forget it.. they are screening their own movie there.. so leave them in peace. "

Anjali and Shyam performed a scene from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.. They both were applauded for their wonderful performance.. Next turn was Dhruv and Khushi.They thought of enacting the wonderful scene from Kuch Kuch hota hain. The scene where they played dumbsharads where she finds the movie name "I love you" and their hesitation was enacted. Arnav came in into the scene hearing the last phrase which made his blood to boil. Though they were acting,his possessiveness increased two fold when he heard that three word from his wife's mouth to his own brother. What the HELL?

Nani and Anjali winked as they saw another couple getting ready for marriage at the house. Anjali's matchmaking senses flickered to arrange for three marriages in one go. They went back to their rooms .Khushi was walking towards her room when she felt her wrist being pulled by her "back to khadoos mode" husband.

Khushi : "What happened Arnav ?Why are you pulling me? Its paining'.."

Arnav pinned her in between his arms to the near by wall.

Arnav "What the hell are you doing Khushi? You are my wife dammit. How can you talk to Dhruv like that?"

Khushi  understood the reason being jealousy overpowering possessiveness on him. She liked to play with his anger . She thought ---"Mr.Raizada if you love to see that blush of me, I would like to see that anger in you ' You said you cant get angry only to me  na? Lets see what will you do now?"

Khushi :"Whats wrong Arnav ? Its just a movie dialogue and I don't find anything wrong in that. "

Arnav: "How can you say that to anyone else dammit "

Khushi ( smiling inside) "What the?.. why does it affect you?"

Arnav :" You are my wife' "

Khushi "Only till the contract ending date. By the way are you trying to show your male chauvinistic attitude towards me? I m not the one who would be a slave to men!"

Arnav :"Don't assume things and be stupid. I asked you why did you say that?Thats all. "

Khushi : "yea' but you seem to be trying to  fight with me all the time. ( shrugging )After all I don't have anyone to speak for me.. You take the advantage of taking up my responsibility. But mind you Mr.Raizada dont think that I am your slave to listen to your orders and taunts. I have my own life."

These words were used by her to provoke the maximum anger in him and to understand how serious is he in the relationship?

The ASR in him combined with the possessive husband with a tinge of ego couldn't bear those words. The result of which his lips landed in hers forcefully .His lips captured her strawberry gloss coated ones in a sudden arrogant kiss.. It was too much for her to take on all of a sudden,and adding more to her worry was,that it was a sudden and a harsh one.. He was not soft but wild,his rage was coming out as her forced his lips on hers biting them for entering his tounge inside her with full dominance.. She was not ready to give in.. She  resisted his torture not giving in and fisted her small hands on his hard rocked chest which had a negligible effect on him.. Her pleading moans to get a rescue were finally hitting his head and he left her pink lips now swollen.. His hand still holding her nape and his eyes saw her disgusted look for him..

Arnav- "Don't you dare flirt or talk in a way  which could make anyone attract you,. You are  only mine,remember that.. Your my wife,and I own you,no one has any right to claim you but me..Yes I am a bloody Male chauvinist when it comes to you'  I don't care what you think about me.. I don't want to hear  this bullshit stuff from you anymore.."

The beast in him came out making the confession but her eyes teared up as she didn't expect the confession like this.. didnt expect a forced first kiss. Though she was provoking his anger didn't expect it to burst out this way. He left her hand  trying to calm himself and apologize as he couldn't bear the tears..

Not to wait more for her reaction. She closed her eyes to digest what happened  and the next instant after realizing the beast in him ruling his head, her reaction to the beast came from her

SLAP' tight on his right cheek turning his face to the other side.

SHe left him tongue tied and shocked ..

But someone else had witnessed the whole scene..

To be continued..

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rashika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 6:24am | IP Logged
I knew Anjali would be planning Dhruv and Khushi's wedding. Why can't she stop her matchmaking plans before everyone gets hurt.
As for Arnav his jealousy knows no bounds.
Shock! Horror! Khushi slapped him. Oh no.
Someone has seen them nbut whom.
This story is getting more and more intriguing.

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Wow such a long update.Who witnessed their confession scene?Is it dhruv

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