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Arhi FF Dream Meets Reality Thd 2 (Page 13)

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Sorry friends for making you wait for long.. and here you go for another mega update from three of us..



The phone conversation that Khushi had with her Lawyer surely made her and Arnav confused over the entire situation. Arnav knew a bit more than her currently.. He knew that her father was interested in making him his son in law. May be she wasn't aware of this yet. And he himself wasn't comfortable to let her know that. 

Khushi: "WHy would Paapa keep our 50%shares on your name? I mean he never told me this.. "

Arnav( Still confused on the whole matter): "Yeah.. Me to thinking the same.. We met  only once Khushi and he never told me anything on this. "

Khushi: "I think we should go and find this in detail with Mr Johnson ( Lawyer)".

Khushi tried getting up and Arnav stopped her..

Arnav: " No Khushi.. You aren't well still.I don't want you to stress yourself on all these matters now.. Get some rest and then we will go. May be tomorrow.. Fine?"

Khushi was not Ok with this..She was not in a mood where she can rest easily keeping all this matters aside.. 

Khushi: "Arnav..Please.. I don't know about you, but all this is really important to me. I just cannot think of resting keeping the matters unresolved.. I have to go now and get all the details on this..You come or dont , its upto you.."

Saying this she got up from the Bed to walk to her closet when she felt little dizzy again. SHe was about to fall down when she felt his hands sliding on her waist and supporting her from collapsing.. Their front collided by that action from his end and this surely managed to create some sparks of possession from both the ends.. He looked in her eyes. He was angry with the Tone she talked in to him. But seeing her state of mind he ignored that .. 

Arnav: "First try to balance yourself Khushi and then think of solving your business matters. "

That one sentence was enough for her to understand that he cared for her.. Now she wasn't alone.. He was always there for her.. Her accidental friend was here to make her life easy by helping her in all her matters.. 

Arnav: "Get dressed.. We are leaving for Mr Johnson on half an hour.."

Saying this he walked outside her room.

Khushi and Arnav drove to Mr Johnson's office.. They seated before him and then Khushi introduced Arnav to Mr Johnson. After a formal "Hello"
Mr Johnson then managed to start the main topic as he could see Khushi wouldnt be willing to waste her time now..


Lawyer: "So Miss Gupta... These are the legal papers which states that Mr Shashi Gupta have transferred 50% shares of your company to Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada."


He handed the papers to Khushi and she and Arnav both started reading it. Her tears were surely not under her control. She wasn't believing how could her dad make such a decision of handing his 50% shares to someone whom he just met twice ... Arnav could see her tear drops falling on those legal papers and he held her hand and pressed it lightly..

 Arnav: "Khushi.. Please"... ( He gave his kerchief to her and she wiped her tears )

Khushi( To the Lawyer) : "So Mr Johnson.. Do you have any idea why he took this decision? I mean he must have signed these papers before you.. So he should have told you something about it.."

Lawyer:  "No Miss Gupta.. He didn't.. Actually I tried asking him and he only told me he would let Mr Raizada know about this.. So I stopped questioning him then."

Arnav and Khushi just looked at each other and then he could see her face asking him in-numerous questions and doubts that he might be hiding something from her..

Arnav: "Khushi.. Do you think there is more to this that I know about.."

Khushi:" I am not saying that Arnav.. Its just that there has to be something with someone who can tell me what is going on ... I am so much confused with all this..."

Saying this she tried to control herself and her tears and he couldn't hide anything more from her..

He held her hand and made her turn to face him..

Arnav: "There was something more in that mail Khushi.. Which I didnt tell you.. Not that I wanted to keep you in dark . Its juts that I couldn't understand what you would feel after knowing this.."

Khushi: "What? What is it?"

Arnav: "Khushi.. He wanted me to.. I mean he thought.. I can be his.."

Khushi just kept looking at him with confused eyes..

Khushi: "His What Arnav?"

The lawyer was completely blank hearing this conversation..

Arnav: "He wanted me to be his Son In Law.."

Saying this he looked down.. He didnt feel like meeting her eyes.. He didnt wanted to see that look on her face.. He just gulped and looked down.. His hand still holding hers..

Khushi couldn't believe her ears.. Her dad wished Arnav to marry her? How could he even think something like that?

Lawyer: "And I see that's one of the possibility you can think for getting out of this situation Miss Gupta. Let me remind you the new deal that is important for your company for saving it from Mr Eddie , you would need these 50% shares which currently Mr Arnav holds of your company.. Without his signatures and with yours together it would be impossible for you to save your company..."

Arnav and Khushi looked at Mr Johnson and they couldn't believe they would have to even hear something like this..

Lawyer: "Well.. I will think on some other possibilities too. Just give me a day.. May be we could come up with something more easy than this one.."

Arnav noded and then got up from the chair to leave. He tried holding Khushi helping her to get up but she didnt take his help. She felt little awkward now.. She was truly feeling different beside him... 

Delhi - Raizada Mansion:

Payal had come to visit the whole family under the claim of checking her would be Dadiji's health.She spent her day with the Raizadas and more importantly her chotu  friend Pari who loved her cute would be mami.She got time to secretly enter into Akash's room for some privacy and he caught her on her waist to hit their upper bodies and glances passing like cupid's arrows hitting their hearts. Payal tries to struggle from his arms but our "soon to be Dulheraja" enjoys his fiance's soft skin under his arms. Payal flushed in crimson red retrieves herself and gives him a dabba of laddoo she had made in her friend's house specially for her lover.

Payal-"This is for you Akash. made it my self.."

Said  with a blushing smile..Aakash felt contented and looked in Payal's sparking eyes ..and thanked her.He tried to kiss her hand which was in his other hand.With in spur of a moment Dhruv snatched the dabba and Akash looked at him irritated..

Aakash-"what is this Dhruv?"

Dhruv-"Bhai,I just heard in nani's room,that anjali di said u have cold and u should not be having I thought maybe.."

Aakash-"Don't u dare put that in ur mouth..Payal has made it just for me..Payal tell him.."

Payal was tongue tied and blushing too..Dhruv started running in the room teasing Akash and Payal just laughed seeing her to-be- husband and devar running in the room like tom and jerry..

Aakash-"Dhruv,give me those ladoos,Dhr-Dhruv wait..those are from Payal for me,wait Dhruv.."
He was running after Dhruv ..

Dhruv saw his elder brother coming behind him and turned his head to tease him more but then-

Dhruv-"catch me if you can - -"


Dhruv steadied himself as he recognized the girl with whom he just dashed..

Dhruv-"am-am sorry Shraddha.."

He saw her rubbing her elbow and without giving him any look,she moved to the drawing room where mami,Nani and Anjali were settled..

Akash caught Dhruv and snatched the ladoo box from his hand.But Dhruv was lost in his world thinking abt his past.

Matthew college
1st day of 2006 batch.

It was the first day of his college after vacation..Dhruv was checking out new girls coming in from the main-gate of the college,sitting with his friends Rahul and Rocky on his funky bike.. They used to check out freshers and a bet was on at present that Dhruv will go and propose the first girl who enters the college..
Dhruv was just praying that the girl coming should not be any desi or normal types,as it was the question of his reputation in front of his friends and the whole college..
Dhruv had shut his eyes tight and was waiting for Rocky or Rahul to speak up so he can open his eyes and see who was going to be lucky enough to be ragged by him today..he opened his eyes when he heard..

Rahul-"woah!this one seems new..May be she is a fresher.."

Rocky-"fresher or not,one thing is caught,that boss,she is hot..ah!"

Dhruv opened his eyes to see a girl wearing a knee length jeans skirt and a loose while full sleeve silk shirt.. Her brown hair loose,complementing her white,glowing skin.. Her glares on her head and a big grey leather purse hung on her right shoulder..

Girl-"excuse me,am new here,can you guide me to the principles office plz?"

His mind failed to register what he heard..he just saw those red lips moving to forms some words taking his breath.

Girl-"excuse me?did you hear me?"

Dhruv came back to His senses and tried to take out some voice from his tongue tied mouth..
Dhruv-"aah- - ah- - are you a - fresher?"

She smiled at him took her books in the other hand and moved her one hand forward to make a handshake..

Girl-"hi,am Shraddha.."

Dhruv-"hey,am Dhruv .."

Rahul and Rocky were staring at the scene with their mouths hanging to the ground and saw each-other exchanging looks on their friend's so different side..They always knew that Dhruv who used to flirt with any latest beauty of the college without getting much involved in her beauty..

Shraddha-"nice to meet you,ah,actually i asked some people,but i dint get my answer..can you tell me where can i find the principles office?"

Dhruv-oh ya,that way,go straight from here and- -

Before he could complete his sentence,2 bikes came rushing towards them and Rocky and Rahul screamed from back to warn Dhruv of that and he looked back and pulled Shraddha on him by her wrist and she hit him on his chest and the papers from her hands flew in the air...Rahul and Rocky grinned at each other exchanging smirks at the eye-lock these two figures were sharing shamelessly in the middle of the college..
(Dream Girl song as the BGM for Dhruv!)

His hands held her waist and hers were on his shoulders..her hair messed up and he tucked her hair behind her ears..They both left each other and started looking here and there getting embarrassed..

Dhruv-"so Shraddha,you finding principle office right?"


She gave a small smile showing she was still un comfortable..

She got up and Dhruv handed her the papers he helped her to collect from the ground..he handed her those papers and ..


Dhruv-"let me show you the way.."
Shraddha and Dhruv started spending time together and became good friends for 2 long years..she was quite intelligent and hence helped Dhruv a lot to cope up with his exams at the last moment as he was always a happy-go-lucky person,unlike her,who believed in hardwork..least they both knew that their attraction for each other is love from both the ends..

It was the farewell party for the 3rd year students and Shraddha was going to propose to Dhruv from her hand and so she was here to find him..after some inquiry with the waiters she came to know that he was in a semi-private lobby and she followed the directions given by the waiter to locate him, and what she saw was heartbreaking.

She saw Dhruv kissing some random chick with a drink in his hand..his hands was in hers and she could notice he was drunk..She ran from there without inquiring or questioning what actually was happening and Dhruv just saw her running from there..

He pushed the girl aside and realized that they were standing in a compromising position and got it k Shraddha must have Misunderstood him..


He called her but has phone was day he came to know from one of her friends that she had left from hostel and there was no way to contact her..
He regretted lot when her friend told him how she had planned to propose her love to him and what she saw that night..if he knew she too loved him,he would have confessed his love long back!

*flashback ends*
Fresh tears rolled down his eyes as he saw how she was ignoring him and trying to show her best,or say fake her best of how happy she is today!



A perfect pin drop silence between the Accidental Friends who are trying to meditate and overcome the series of shock they have been receiving from the morning. Arnav takes his place in the couch and thinks about  his life. Khushi  who was just recovering from the trauma found it hard to digest the so to be called true  events happening in her life. A thin layer of opaqueness from the truth on  why Sashi had put forth such a condition haunts them both in the same frequency.

Arnav's thoughts :

"Strange. A person like Mr.Gupta had met me in a party randomly. My conversation with him was purely professional. I just mentioned abt my family in a vague manner. True that I couldn't erase his image from myself as he seemed to be more like a father to me. But I haven't been in touch with him on any personal issue. Bewildering fact that he has entrusted me with his company shares and the apple of his eye, his daughter who was his Artery of his life. And why did that happen that Mr.Gupta sending a mail just 2 days before his demise as if he had a premonition of death. Why did it happen that I had to skip reading that . Why did I meet Khushi- his daughter in an accident? Why does it appear to me that my di's words prove right when I see Khushi? Wait.. am I delusional? ( ASR :No .. ASR can never be delusional!) On the top of this the condition to save Khushi's company . "Marriage"  a word that gives my family happiness and me irritation. What will happen If I don't marry her? I can help her. Yes I am ASR. I can help her and save her from this mess without marriage. But Arnav wants to marry her. (ASR:No !don't fall for girls Arnav). What will happen If I marry her. That too without my family's permission. I cant bear to see the breakdown of Nani and Di. Will they accept her? I might get that happiness if they did.. (ASR :Oh stop it ARnav).This problem has two options either we should get married and I should transfer shares  to Khushi or I can acquire  the company with my power and money. But never ever I will leave her alone. Come what may. She is mine and mine only. (Go To Hell ASR! Arnav will always be there for her). "

Khushi's thoughts:

"Hey Devimayya.. what am I into now? First my papa who has left me alone in this world which is a big blow to me. Now papa has made such a condition which shocks me terribly. Why did he chose Arnav to be his future SIL? If he had something in his mind he would have told me. He has entrusted half of his shares to Arnav who is no less than a stranger? More than shares the condition which he has put forth for the transfer appalls me. And what shall I tell u Devimayya. The same person whose face appears daily in my dreams is similar to Arnav. How can I see him in dream when I have not seen him any time in my life? Now he is brought into my life and our life is tied up into a confusing and unpredictable knot.What shall I do now? Accept the condition and marry him ? Will he agree for this? ( Wait Khushi.. You are talking abt marriage? Are u ready to marry him?) Devimayya, what am I thinking. Just by mere acquaintance can one become a life partner? OMG my head is going on for another roller coaster ride".

Arnav comes to Khushi and sits beside her in the couch.ASR has never felt so hesitant or embarrassing to talk to anyone in life.But fate has made this ASR bend himself to the level of a lovey dovey friend Arnav which he doesn't complain as well..

Arnav: "Khushi...hmm...I understand the dilemma which you are going through. Its not easy to digest the facts which we would not have never expected or thought about in our life. We have to face the reality Khushi! The perplexing question arising in my mind is why uncle had put forth such a condition,. "

Khushi :"Arnav. You think I am still in my senses after hearing such shocking and your so called "reality, facts".Arnav, you know I feel like I better give up my life rather than living in this deceiving world."

Arnav ( yelled ): "Stop it Khushi..DOnt u dare say that again.. "

Khushi startled by his tone has not really witnessed this ASR face of his.

Arnav: "What do you think you are saying.. You prefer to die that doesn't mean I will let you do so. You are here to live and not give up.DOnt you feel ashamed of saying such words.. You think giving up your life will sort all the issue?"

Khushi ( sobbing) "Sorry Arnav.. I didnt mean that way. I am determined and strong in my way but the problems which I am facing in my company and on the top of it papa's will all these make me feel so. I am helpless Arnav. "

Arnav:"Khushi,You are not helpless. You have that strength and power in you. You just need a support. I am with you.. now don't think abt this stupid decision again.
As far as the company is concerned we have two options: First option is I can acquire your company and you can continue to be the owner. We can sort this issue and sign the project which will save the company. I have enough power and money to manipulate the so called middle people."

Khushi :"No Arnav. Sorry to say. First I dont want to be independant on my company. The acquisition will affect the goodwill of the company and moreover there is hardly any time for that. "

Arnav getting irritated : " Or else . the other and the only option would be we should get ... marr..ied legally. I mean we can get married as per the court and its just in papers which you and me only would know. As soon as we get the shares transferred and other problems are solved you can terminate the marriage. Its all ur decision I wont be of any trouble or ..."

Khushi cut him short..She stood up facing him:

Arnav, "are you kidding me? Marriage -do u think it is a childish play after all? Its a union of two souls and their families. Don't u have any feelings or emotions? Are you numb on these feelings . You explained abt the feelings while I talked abt suicide? How ironical? Or are you trying to use me for your personal pleasure?"

Arnav got up angrily and pinned her to the wall near by 

Arnav ( gritting his teeth) : "Enough! I was just suggesting a way thats all. Theres nothing to be so emotional and DON'T YOU ever think the other way that  I will use you for my personal pleasure like everyone does.You are my friend and I have certain responsibility towards your father as he was the one who believed in me. I dont give a DAMN to your company if it is sinking. I care abt you and I want you to be safe and secured."

Saying that he left the hall and went outside. Khushi was crying hardly and she sat herself infront of her devimayya. She closed her eyes. Her thoughts swirled around as if providing an answer to her confusions. She has to sign the project which is her company's main success and she cant take up the help from Arnav. She should either trust Arnav and marry him legally by transferring the shares or leave her company to be taken over by the cheater Eddie. She has to think abt the customers, the employees and other investors whose life is also at stake if she let it go off. One question on her mind. Shall I trust and marry Arnav? He seems to be nice and if papa has so much trust why shouldnt I ? Is it correct to marry someone legally and then decide to whether terminate the marriage later? Am I deceiving myself? What if Arnav accepts me and I can marry him wholeheartedly? I dont have time to think abt this ..
Late at night she saw Arnav entering the house and she went near him

He was still angry but didnt show her.

Khushi : "Arnav.. Im sorry for talking to you like that. I have decided on something. I need to talk to you on that"

Arnav was waiting to hear the decision with a raising eyebrow.

to be continued


Mrs.Arnav Singh Raizada - CUT IT!

Writers' comments:

trivedishraddha: OMG my Khushi s looking pretty like a doll.. I mean like me..Blushing

The other two shocked!ShockedShocked

harhem :Sorry Madhu.. I cant handle this anymore. Im tired and I m going for a longish break ...SleepySleepy

Madhu : arre yaar  kahan phas gaye main Ouch "Inn dono ko mein kya naam doon"?

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waiting for an update

OMG!!!!!! i dint knew i will be first.
sabar ka pal mita hotaey Dancing 

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am loving it!Big smile

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crizal- Tongue
ab bol. .

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kiddo di,i m was waiting fr it since 8pm.
gandi kiddo diCry
chalo i m 2nd...yipeee

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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my arnav 2 get married soon..kiddo di ka kya hoga??LOL

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Originally posted by Madhu123


sab pata nahi kaha se oatke aa  jate hai.LOL

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