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Arhi FF Dream Meets Reality Thd 2 (Page 105)

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waiting eagerlyTongue

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waitingDay Dreaming

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im going crazy.. such an cliff hunger and no updates.. waiting

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Day DreamingDay Dreaming

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Arnav's eyes looked onto the eyes of his lady who was supposed to get a formal and a warm welcome into his house. Her confusions and nervousness on what might happen next reflecting from her eyes was easily detected by his eyes. Anjali was waken up by spilling water on her face and Shyam took her in his arms to their room where Payal could treat her. The relatives who were present dispersed as the situation didn't seem to be apt to stay back. All the family members along with Shraddha's family followed Anjali and  Shyam to their room. Arnav couldn't leave the place even couldn't break the eye lock with his "legally wedded wife" whose eyes were about to release a lone tear, depicting her loneliness being welcomed back to her life. His eyes apologizing to her for this unexpected situation. Her eyes understanding his helpless situation but losing control over her emotions who had high expectations entering into her sasural for the first time. Akash understanding his bhai and bhabhi went to call her inside the house. She followed him by placing her right foot stepping in as the mark of entering her future house for the first time but the future house is still under a question mark as there has not been any assurance for the longevity of their marriage.

Payal checked Anjali. Anjali had low BP right from her delivery which may have caused the giddiness and the stress was unbearable for her. She prescribed some medicines to Shyam and all left her room to let Anjali rest for sometime.

Payal reaching the hallway saw Khushi who was standing with the brothers not knowing what will come up next. She took Khushi near Nani and rest of her family with the Kapoors.

PAyal :"Nani. Don't worry about di. She is alright. You can see her fresh and active tomorrow morning. Actually I wanted a help from you. But in the midst of this tension, I couldn't ask you."

Nani :"Payal bitiya.. why are you in for an obligation?You are the bahu of this house. Akash might not have married you formally but we consider you as the daughter  from the day we fixed your marriage."

Khushi felt a sort of unknown happiness creeping in. Payal was given so much love before marrying Akash.Now will they accept her and shower the same kind of love towards her as well? Nani was oblivious to the fact that she is talking about this to a future bahu with the present bahu of the house who was yearning for her love.

Payal : "Nani. She is my distant cousin Khushi. She is from London. Actually her father passed away last month and she has no one called relatives except my family. She wanted to find a proper place to stay. I cant let her into my hostel as I stay in my college hostel. I could seek help from you only.She has some urgent project in Delhi after it gets over she would return back. I didn't want her to stay anywhere outside and then thought of our house. Can you let her stay here for a few weeks? I will arrange an accommodation as soon as possible."

NAni :"Payal bitiya what are you saying?She is your cousin, our family. How can we let her stay anywhere else?She will stay here only with all of us.DOnt worry we all would look after her like how we would treat you in this house. She is not a guest but a member of this family from now on."

Khushi's eyes swelled up in happiness. She bowed down to take Nani's blessings and Nani was so touched by her gesture.

Nani :"Don't worry bitiya. Don't think you don't have anyone in life. From today onwards we are your family. I am your Nani and I have the right to pamper you as my granddaughter."

Khushi couldn't control more. She broke into a tight hug with Nani and cried on her shoulders. The tears which she spent thinking on her solitude seems to be heard by Devimayya who gave her Arnav and his family as a blessing which she must have acquired before.

Khushi : "Thanks Nani. I thought I wont have any one in this world other than Payal. I am very greatful to you for this"

Mamiji "Bitiya.. we are very generous you know. Okay what are you doing? Where is your house ?"

Akash interrupted and shut his mom : "Amma. Just take her inside. She must be tired after the journey. Payal, you also accompany her and make her settled in the guest room"

Nani agreed to which PAyal nodded and they took her things and other stuff to the guest room .While retiring to the guest room her eyes urged to look back to the owner of chocolaty brown eyes -her husband who must have had a big relief in himself to make her comfortable in his house. His face stretched out a small smile confirming that he is happy with the way how Nani and others accepted her in the house. Her each step through the stairs made a slow and secret look at her husband. He could only look at his brother and signal him a thanks for his and his fiance's help.He moved to his room to get fresh.

Shraddha who wasn't giving it much importance was gaining herself strength to look back at the pair of eyes which was staring at her from long time. Dhruv wanted to ask her apologies and make her clear his stand. She wasn't giving a damn to his feelings. Her inner mind conflicts her thoughts as her parents had made her forced for this engagement were making her head spin. Now since the engagement is not likely to happen in the near future unless Arnav is interested she got a breath of relief for some time to decide on her life.

Nani :"Saritaji. Sorry for such a inconvenience and we made you also face an embarrassing situation."

Sarita :"Oh naniji. Its ok. We need to give Arnav sometime. He got shocked by this sudden arrangement which made him angry. But I am sure he would agree for this marriage soon. Don't worry we will wait till he agrees."

Nani : "How can I thank you? You are so humble. I wish to see your daughter as the bahu of this house soon."

Sarita and family happily agreed. Shraddha who was forcing a smile on her face glanced at Dhruv. Nani's words can come true even if she marries him also - Dhruv thought.. She couldn't stand for a longer time as his stare looked like she was made to  stand in a lime light infront of  public. To cover her embarrassment she took the blessings from Nani and moved out with her family without even giving a look to Dhruv.


Anjali was feeling better by the evening. Pari was near her dad who looked after her mom. ANjali consoled her that she is alright and made her feel comfortable. SHyam told her to take more rest which she denied as she felt ok to walk normally. She got freshened up and came down to meet everyone. Arnav who was waiting to see his di met her at the lobby and stopped her. His biggest and toughest task was to convince his di. He wasn't sure that she would agree because he hasn't spoken loudly to her before.

Arnav :"Di please.. Please listen to me."

He was blocking her way not to let her on the other side. She tried to move away from him not listening to his pleading. He went on further pleading and she answered as she couldn't bear to see him like this.

Anjali- " no chote,Please leave me alone. You are on  the wrong side here. This kind of behavior is just not acceptable.."

Arnav- "what di?! My behavior?! And what about urs? DO you expect me to get married  to a girl whom I don't know anytime and you arrange for the engagement the day I am returning home as if getting me trapped into this.  I mean I have not spoken to her properly and had no relationship with her. How can you expect me to agree for this? Don't I have my own choices ?"

Anjali-"The girl is good chote, and its just engagement..u can know her well in-between in time.."

Arnav- "The problem is you don't understand me. Okay fine! this is my decision -  I am JUST NOT INTERESTED right now  di.. plz, I dnt want to ruin our talks because of this silly reason, I just returned from London after missing you all for two weeks...Please lets not make the situation worse.."

Anjali-"Its already worse chote, plz move away from me... I am in no mood to keep calm at present, u have hurt me chote.."

Arnav ( gritting his teeth)- "No hard feelings di. Am sorry.. but u knw am already not ready for all this, and ur surprise turned a shock for me.. Plz di, dnt force me now, am not ready..I cant help it if you are not in a mood to understand my point of view. I will wait till you reach that stage. Bye."

Arnav moved out with an angry face which was strange to Anjali.Before he used to fight with his di and finally gave up as he cant tolerate without talking to her. Now the reason must be too intense or strong for him to chose it over his di. She couldn't make  out what was running in his mind. She saw his retreating figure from the lobby to make her confusions multiplying with more questions in her mind.

Khushi was hearing all these from the side door and felt a tug in her heart that Arnav's behavior might be caused by her intrusion in his life. She wanted to clear off the air between the siblings. She went behind Anjali and introduced herself.Anjali was surprised to hear about her from Nani, MAmi and mamaji as she wasn't aware that Payal had a cousin before. She hadn't heard it from Payal's parents as well. Khushi could easily mingle with her  and they spent the evening with her chatting and discussing about many things.

Dinner was a very peaceful  affair as Anjali was feeling much better with Khushi around but she couldn't see her chotte coming down for dinner. She was informed that he had taken up his dinner at his room. Khushi felt a bit sad but decided to change this scorn attitude soon. After dinner Khushi went in the kitchen to fetch some water to quench her thirst..she saw HP cleaning the kitchen and herself made her way to get some cold water from the fridge,when she heard nani..

Nani- "Anjali bitiya, I have a terrible headache…"

Anjali-"Nani,u take these medicines, payal suggested those when she came here last time.."

Nani- "Oh no .. I am fed up of these Anjali.. I don't want medicines."

Khushi came into the hall with the jug of water in her hand and kept it on the table.. she went near nani 

Khushi-"Nani, if u dnt mind can I suggest something?"

Anjali and Nani shared a look and then Nani nodded..

Khushi-"Naniji, I have heard that by massaging hair through this oil, ur  pain will vanish just like that."

Nani smiled as Khushi took her permit before moving on.. Anjali just admired khushi and her
kind nature …Khushi oiled nani's head and Nani fell asleep on the couch itself..

Anjali-"Khushiji,ur hands are truly  magical.."

Khushi-"Even my papa  used to saythat.. Anjaliji, I hope ur ok with me staying here, it is just a matter of sometime till- -"

Anjali-"Khushiji, its our pleasure that ur staying with us.. and don't forget you should call me di from now on. PAyal calls me di as well."

Khushi felt nice hearing it and agreed. Both of them parted their ways to their respective rooms.


Khushi' first day at her sasural was not so bad she thought. Though her entry was at the wrong time she could win all their hearts within few hours right from Pari to Nani. She was thinking about all these and entered her room. She  had to be sharing the room with Arnav as this is her first night in  her husband's house. She got into the room thanking her Devimayyaa for everything suddenly she heard a knock at the door.

Khushi opened the door as she heard the knock but no one was visible.. she flinced her face in dis-belief and moved in..she locked the door from inside and went to sleep on her bed when she felt a pull on her wrist and she hit a rocked form.. she knew that touch..same feelings her heart started beating faster  sensing this touch after more than 10 hours.

Khushi- "Arnav. . how come you are here at this  time?"

Arnav-"are u okay?"

Khushi-"what? Am I okay? Yea …  why?"

She gulped her emotions though she wanted to hug him for the pain she had to go through for some time entering this house.

Arnav- "then look into my eyes and speak.."

Khushi ( trying to divert his attention) -"I know ur eyes are chocolately brown.. I dnt need to see in them now and leave me.."

Arnav- "Oh really? Anyways, r u okay? Am sorry u had to see all this, trust me I had no idea di will.."

Khushi-"ur my husband ... I trust u arnav.. and its not ur fault.. but the way u talked with di, it was not her fault too.. she just loves u so  much that- -"

Arnav-"Khushi,I know she loves me and all that,infact I love her more than she does,but now its getting heights u know, I dint expect what all happended today and- -"

Khushi ( cupping his face) -"I understand you dear ,but still, she Is ur di.. u should apologise to he for the way u talked.."

Arnav- "okay my wifey .. I can see,that my wife has started ignoring her husband for her nanand…"

 Khushi-"what the?"

Arnav-"just kidding Khushi. "

He said pulling her by her waist as she kept her hands on his shoulders drowning in his arms.. She got shocked and bewildered realizing  how close they were..

Khushi-"Ar-nav.. I think we  should sleep…"

Arnav- "okay,come.."

Khushi- "what? Here?"

Arnav-"ya, after marriage couple shares a bed right?"

Khushi-"Arnav,stop it, I mean, ….. Don't say a word ….u leave me now.."

Arnav( smirking) - … "I was just teasing you and I love to see that blush on your face when I talk like this. Okay, I will leave u."

That sentence punched her heart and her hurt was clearly visible to him..

Arnav-"Khushi, I meant I should go now.. am sorry I.."

Khushi-"Its ok Arnav, anyways I have to be alone sooner or later.."

Arnav ( angrily) -"Shut up .. am sorry for  what I just said.. my meaning was not that.. I wont leave u khushi.."


Arnav- "ever.."

She hugged him as she gulped the lump in her throaght and he hugged her keeping her close to her heart..He kissed her forehead and she didn't resist too. Both of them gave way to their feelings than their thoughts. A true couple relationship was forseen but they themselves are not sure about it. Leaving besides all the thoughts he broke the hug but she was in his arms.

Arnav-"u should sleep now..we will talk in the morning.."

Khushi-"and u talk to di first…okay?"

He smiled and nodded.. he moved out not before staring last time at her angelic face..She locked the door and went to bed to get some sleep, will she get some without her husband beside her at his house?


Next morning Arnav got up early to move to the office. He wanted to have a glimpse of his wife's face as it has become an habit for him to look at her face through out the day. He went on to search the whole house and finally found her with his di who was arranging the pooja thaal in the temple. He saw her in a traditional salwar with bindi and her natural beauty revealing her humbleness in her face. He wanted to talk to her before leaving for the work but couldn't.. Pari reconciled herself with her mamu for which he had to bribe her with more snickers and mars chocolates. He just smiled at Anjali and Khushi  and left to his office with the hope of meeting her soon as he comes back from the office.


The day passed by with Khushi doing the house hold chores playing with Pari, chatting  with Nani and simultaneously working on her official work in her  laptop.  Nani was pleased to see her doing everything and her activeness attracted her more. Mamiji could get more tips from her on the latest type of make up and hair style which the models in UK prefer most.She became more friendly with Dhruv who was more like a friend to her than a devar. She felt blessed for obtaining such a caring and loving family.

Anjali was sitting alone in the evening after the tea. Khushi came near her and sat on the couch. Anjali had some discussions on her studies and the business she handles..

Anjali-" am sorry for yesterday.. actually chotte- -

Khushi-"If u dont mind can I say something?"

Anjali noded

Khushi-"di, plz dnt think I m interfering between u two.. but I guess u should give your brother  sometime.."

Anjali thought for a while and smiled..

Anjali- "I too thought for a while yesterday night, maybe I am too hasty and I guess chote should be given time..thanks.. "

Khushi-"Its ok.. Sorry If I had offended you or poked myself into your family matters."

Anjali: "No ..not at all You are our family now.No more such talks please."

Both ladies smiled and dispersed to their own room..


Arnav who usually takes time to retreat back to home started early from office. Akash couldn't help but smile at him while they were driving back home. He knew his brother was eager to  to meet his wife.

Akash :"Bhai what about going to our private  club today. I will ask Dhruv to join us there."

Arnav : "No Akash , If you wanna go ,  I will drop you there. I am not coming there today."

Akash :"Oh I understand now. Are you scared of Bhabhi?Dont worry I will convince her. After all she was also born and brought up in UK she will understand you better."

Arnav :"Akash there is no need for such understanding. She knows me better than myself now I believe."

Akash :"Bhai are you serious in moving forward in this relationship ?"

Arnav (became serious)" I want it  to last till the end of my life Akash, I just cant stay away from her. Wonder how I m going to present  my feeling s towards her and her reactions to it."

Akash was very happy seeing his brother getting emotional and serious about relationships. He used to hate girls and the aversion had many after effects in his professional and personal life. But he has been totally bowled over by his bhabhi. He wished to see his bhai getting married infront of everyone before his marriage.


TO be continued



Khushi : "What happened Arnav ?Why are you pulling me? Its paining….."

Arnav pinned her in between his arms to the near by wall.

Arnav "What the hell are you doing Khushi? You are my wife dammit. How can you talk to Dhruv like that?"


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Wow very well written...esp the line where he says " I want it  to last till the end of my life Akash, I just cant stay away from her. Wonder how I m going to present  my feeling s towards her and her reactions to it." . Can't wait to see the possessive nature of Arnav.

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Res-Vl unres 2mrw.. cn't control my sleep nw !!
Made it on the 1st page .. !)
Raat k 3 baje tak jagkar .. i finally res'd my place .. =)
Pata ni, aaj meri eyes khuli rahengi bhi ki ni classes mein =D !!
Bt still, Stalking ds pay-off =)
Ok, so moving to the update ..
Poor khushi,.. her 1st entry in her sasural wz too bad ..
She has to c her *Legally Wedded* Husband being forcd to gt married on his sister's wish :(
Bt umm glad dt, at the end of the dae she won evry1's heart .. nd dt shez staying in her husband's home !)
Arnav, on the othr hand, iz sch a sweet-heart here .. :*:*
He finally said, dt he wnts khushi fr his whole lifetime .. <3 !!
AwWwSummM Kudiyo =)
Continue SoOn PILLEJJ !)

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Awesome update man !

I really Hate Anjali for interferin in Arnav's life ! How come she hav a rights to take decisions in Arnav's life ! I think the Raizadas will try to get Dhruv and Khushi together ! Soo Arnav is fallen in love wid Khushi ! Wowww the Precap is clearly amazing ! Possessive Arnav esp a possessive husband Arnav is treat to watch ! Want to c possessive Khushi esp a possessive wife Khushi also ! 

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