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SS:The Challenge Final PartA/B pg79/82 18/03 (Page 11)

princesshelen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Lol...feel pity on arjun...plz Pm me when u continue...

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Pumpkinn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Hey ...
Sorry for late late rply ...
The part was awesome ...
Loved it ...
Cant wait to read more ...
Cont. soon ...

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Mimi2609 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 November 2012 at 5:03am | IP Logged
a big thanks for all those who have commented and liked my chapter 2:

a big hug to everyoneHug
so here's chapter 3 now

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Mimi2609 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 July 2012
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Posted: 28 November 2012 at 5:05am | IP Logged
here's the chapter 3, hope i managed to do justice to the story and you all will like itEmbarrassed

Chapter 3

Riya was very happy that finally she managed to get Arjun to a temple, and even if he didnt pray, she managed to make him bend down to seek the blessings of the priest.  Till now everything was going well. She held lightly onto Arjun's shoulders while she enjoyed the view and the feel of the wind on her face, while they returned back to her home on Arjun's bike.

When they reached her home, she got down and asked him to come inside.  He refused completely, but then Riya reminded him that he can only say yes, and so he has no other choice but to accept to come inside.  She opened her front door, and both entered. She asked him if he had any breakfast, to which he replied not yet. She smiled secretly, and turned to go back to her room, and midway she turned and said, "I'm so hungry.  I'll have toast, scrambled eggs and orange juice.  The kitchen is on the second door down this corridor.  I'll change and come back. Till then I hope my breakfast would be ready," to a shocked Arjun and went away, but not before adding, "and yep don't forget the smile."

Riya hurriedly went in her room, but she knew that if looks could kill, then she'd already be dead she chuckled.

And she wasn't wrong, Arjun really wanted to do something to her, for one small second, he wanted to forget he was a honest cop, and wanted to kill her.

"So the lady wants breakfast huh? I'll prepare such a breakfast that in her whole life, she'd never ask any other person to make her breakfast!" he thought to himself. He couldn't say no, but no one said that he couldn't have a little revenge on her.  He went to the kitchen, and took out everything he needed to make her breakfast.  He looked for some fresh oranges, squeezed them to make the juice, he looked for some salt, and added it to her juice. He did her scrambled eggs too, but not without adding some chilli powder to it.  And finally her toast, unfortunately he couldn't add anything to it, but he burnt it a bit.  Finally, the lady's breakfast was ready he thought with a smile.  He was going to enjoy watching her eat her breakfast a lot.

At the same time, Riya was murmuring her favourite tune, she was so happy she had managed to bring Arjun with her in a temple, and her happiness had no bounds when the priest mistook them for a couple and gave them his blessings.  She thought about Arjun preparing her breakfast, she knew she could trust Arjun, but her six sense told her not to eat the breakfast, anyway she had always wanted to feed him with her own hands, this would  be the perfect chance to do it.  She changed into a blue jeans and pink top, and went outside in her kitchen.

When she entered the kitchen, she saw that Arjun had a little mischievous smile on his face.  Finally he smiled, even if not for me or with me, she thought.  She cleared her throat to announce that she was here.  Arjun turned to look at her, he looked a bit guilty for only a few seconds, which quickly disappeared.  He pulled out a chair for Riya to sit, and then brought her breakfast plate and put it in front of her.  He went to sit in a far corner and waited for Riya to start eating.  However Riya wasn't eating at all, she looked at her plate for some time, and then looked back at him.

"You also haven't had your breakfast, right?" Riya asked.

"Not yet," Arjun replied.

"Come and sit next to me," Riya said.

Arjun obeyed her, and came to sit on a chair next to her.  Nevertheless he was not prepared for what was going to happen to him at all.  Riya took a little of the scrambled eggs with a spoon, and put it in front of Arjun's mouth and asked him to taste it first.

"Why? I won't eat it. I hate eggs," Arjun said.

"Since when? Just last week during one case, i saw you ordering scrambled eggs!" Riya replied back.

"I'm not hungry. Besides why do you want me to eat? I prepared it especially for you!" Arjun said.

"Sir maybe you are forgetting that i am an ETF officer, and as such i shouldn't trust anyone, and in this particular case, you are the last person i should trust," Riya said by winking at him.

"Sir, please take a first bite, only then i'd eat! Unless you are refusing to eat because you planned something nasty for me," Riya said by raising an eyebrow.

"You are doubting me? I never do nasty things to people, when except criminals of course!" Arjun shouted.

"Calm down Sir, so according to you, there's nothing in it right? Then prove it and taste it first. Very simple!" Riya replied.

Arjun found himself in a big dilemma, he knew that the scrambled eggs were too hot and spicy with lots of chillies, and how could he eat it now? How will he get out of this one now? "Try using your super brain" he said to himself.  He was stuck, and had no other choice, so he opened his mouth and ate the eggs.  As soon as he ate the eggs, his mouth started to burn, and his eyes filled with tears, he looked for something to drink.  Riya was having lots of fun seeing Arjun like this, she took the orange juice and gave it to him.  His mouth was burning so much, that without thinking twice he took the orange juice and started to drink it. He had barely gulped down the juice, when he had to vomit it, since there was salt in it.  He got up from the chair, and rushed to the nearest washroom.

As soon as he went away, Riya exploded with laughter.  She took some scrambled eggs and smelled it, she could smell the strong chilli in it. She took the orange juice and used her tongue just to taste it, and was surprised to find salt in it.

"So he had really intended to make me pay?" Riya said silently.  She wasn't angry, in fact she was happy to see that Arjun could play pranks on people.  However she also thanked god for her six sense which made her persist to make Arjun taste everything first.  She got up from her chair, and went to prepare something to eat for both of them.  She squeezed some oranges for juice, and did some toasts again.  No scrambled eggs for today for both of them, she thought smilingly, she doubted Arjun would ever eat scrambled eggs ever, at least not so soon.

She had barely set the table for two, when Arjun returned back.  He looked better, but his eyes were still watery a bit.  Riya went towards him, took his hand and brought him to the table and made him sit down. 

"Eat your breakfast," Riya said while buttering a toast for him.

Arjun looked at her suspiciously and her toast.

"Dont worry, there is nothing in it," Riya reassured him.  She took a bite of the toast, and drank some orange juice from his glass to prove it.

Finally when Arjun had no doubts, he started his breakfast.  They both ate in complete silence, and after eating Riya took both their plates and went to wash them.  After drying them with a cloth, she turned to look at him and asked him if he was fine. Arjun replied "yes" softly.  He was a bit ashamed of himself for what had happened, but he was also a bit surprised that Riya was not angry at all with him.  "Why would she be angry, after all she can take her revenge leisurely.  She still has 22hours left," he thought to himself.  He asked her, "What's next?"

"Hmmm, next shopping!" Riya said dreamingly.

"No way, i'm going for shopping with you! Samjhe ya samjhaoun!" Arjun said angrily.

"Aha, you dont have the power to refuse Sir, and whats with this Samjhe ya samjhaoun? I hate it when you use it on me!" Riya said and went away to her room.  After a few minutes she came back with a notebook and a pen.  Arjun looked at the notebook and pen enquiringly.

"Write down on this paper 100 times, "I wont ever take this dialogue "Samjhe ya samjhaoun" with Riya ever again"," Riya said with a mischievous smile, "And please write it with a smile! And when you finish, we'll go for shopping."

Arjun has started to want to kill Riya even more since these few hours, but he kept his silence and the part of his bargain and wrote that line 100 times.



Arjun and Riya went for shopping.

Riya was walking when she came in front of a bridal clothes' shop.  She was looking at a beautiful red bridal saree throught the glass.

And Arjun was looking at her face and the happiness in her eyes while she looked at that dress.  For a small instance Arjun wanted to see Riya clad in that red saree, she make a beautiful bride he thought.



That's all for today.  Sorry for any mistakes i may have madeEmbarrassed

hope everyone likes it, and please dont forget to hit the like button and to commentEmbarrassed


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Mimi2609 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 July 2012
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Posted: 28 November 2012 at 5:06am | IP Logged
and yep this part is dedicated to Shyamala Aunty for her ideas about the breakfast and the dialogueWink part

Edited by haruhi26 - 28 November 2012 at 5:05am

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Sneha113 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 November 2012 at 5:11am | IP Logged
mindblowing update!!!
arjun now with breakfastLOL
scrambled eggs,orange juice and toastEmbarrassed..
mujhe bas orange wala chahieTongue
Arjun can playyy pranksROFL
he thought he can get away with it..Tongue
extra chilli on eggs,salt in juice and burnt
but he vomit on drinking juiceROFLROFL
lene k dene situation for arjun..
riya's analytical skills on hardworkLOL
she was sweet on feeding a frightened arjunWink
shopping!!!...want to see arjun shopping for riya..that red saree for instantWink
update soon..

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 28 November 2012 at 5:18am | IP Logged
Great update..
Continue soon

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shrutisweety IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 November 2012 at 5:19am | IP Logged

arjun eat his spoiled food that
was to funny

precap is intersting
continue soon

Edited by shrutisweety - 28 November 2012 at 1:34pm

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