Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

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Credit: Saher! Hug

Nautanki Times Office was getting ready to glow and shimmer during Diwali. Candles, Diyas, Kandeel, Lights adorning the entrance!

Entering the Editor's Office... there was a big chocolate cake with "Congratulations NT for 20 Editions"

Shivu and Dimple, clad in Party attire...decorating the place for the Official Nautanki Times Party!!

Shivu: *lending the rangoli thaali to Dimpy* I wanna eat that Choc-cake!Embarrassed
Dimple: thoda wait karo madam!LOL
Shivu: ya ya!! waiting waiting...for chocolating!Ermm
Dimple: you na...LOLLOL
Shivu: anyways... you know...
Dimple: what??
Shivu: raat akeli hai...!
Dimple: *engrossed in the work* matlab...
Shivu: *points at one of the diyas* bujh gaye diyeStern Smile
Dimple: *looks around* kahaan...! *realizing the song* chup karLOL
Shivu: aake mere paas!! *she pulls Dimpy*
Dimpy: oye... kya kar rahi hai...
Shivu: kaano mein mere...!
Dimpy: oye...u drunk!
Shivu: *pulls her closerLOL* jo bhi chahe kahiye!!!
Dimple: abey... jayegi!!!
Shivu: arey...u not getting onlyAngry
Dimple: kya?!?!?!?!
Shivu: kuch nahi... jaane de!!! main toh chali!
Dimple: kitthee?
Shivu: RK ko dekh ke... blush blush karneEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Dimple: chalo ji... main bhi aayi... NT #20 ke vaaste!!

Nautanki Time#20
Raat Akeli Hai... Bujh Gaye Diye...

Salaam Namaste Rishbalians!

A very very Happy Diwali <3
I, on behalf of Shivu and the entire NL Team would like to wish you a 

..: Happy Prosperous anSafDiwali :..

And we got another occasion to celebrate...ahaanWink!!
We completed 20 Editions of our Newsletter...!Party

We started our Nautanki on July 1, 2012 and yipeee!!! we are here on the 20th!!!

Well...Well Well...from now on... NT is going on a full on makeover...! 

..:: Whats New?? ::..

>> New Banners
>> New Sections
>> New Siggies

and the most important...

More and More of Rishbala DancingLOL

Before going any further... lemme introduce you to our new team members!

Join me in welcoming


Welcome guys!!! and hope our Nautankis increase manifold!!

Before you get pakaoed... lemme go forth and enjoy the NL people!

Main Banner: saher90
Sub-Headers: -Stutz-
Award Siggies: MarshP
NL Heads: -Dimple- and --Shivu--

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                                             (By  ApurvaLovesARVI  )

5th november

It starts with RK entering the house. Radha stops him. RK about to leave. Radha stops him and says that I will not ask anything from you, to you have to talk to me, just listen to me. Radha says that You always call her Biwi, biwi. But today I am very happy that you understood your wife today, understood that she was unhappy and you sent her to her parents house. RK leaves
Madhu asking when will Roma come back. She says that it will take some time. Madhu listens that malik is coughing so she makes kadh for him. Madhu then remembers RK feeding him Kadha and smiles. On the other hand RK is seeing his mouli and remembers Madhu giving her 2 options to tie it. RK smiles
Madhu feeds Malik Kadha and both gets happy. Pado sees this and gets happy. Madhu and Pado talks and pado says that so RK brought you here and saw that you were missing us. Its a very big thing. It seems that he cares for you. Madhu says lets go to sleep. Pado and Madhu lays down. Madhu then ask that do you really think that RK ccares for me. Madhu was about to say something but stops and tells her to sleep. Madhu then again interepts Pado and says that RK is very different from every men, or every human being. What he thinks no one knows. Pado says leave RK and tell me what you feel for RK. Madhu about to say that I Hat'But stops and says nothing, lets sleep. Madhu thinking about RK. RK on bed and he thinks about Madhu. He turns off the light and then says sorry to madhu and switches it back. But sees that Madhu is not there. Madhu feels RK and softens the blanket. RK looking at MB side and says Good night biwi. Madhu says Good night RK.
Dips is irritated with Madhu and sikki comes and irritate her more. Dips with the saree which she gave to Madhu and says that RK had such a great taste and now Madhu, which angle is she suitable for you RK.
Pado serevs Shamo tea, Shamo says sorry to her about last night. pado says that I am happy that your misunderstanding with RK, Shamo gives a look. She says that We all had mistaken of understanding him. Madhu serves breakfest. Shamo says that the Kada was very effective. Madhu says it was not my idea, it was RK's. She then changes the topic.
Dips brings breakfest for RK and says that its your fav and I wanted to give you before too but Your 4 pheras waali biwi stopped me, Rk Says that I already told you in front of my Biwi that stay away. Dips says that I wont. Servant brings breakfest for RK and says that Madhu told to give you this breakfest. RK looks at Dips and smiles and says then only I will have that breakfest only. Dips leaves.

Dips before leaving says that should I feed you this. RK smiles and takes the bandage off and says now there is no bandage. Dips finally leave. RK starts eating and smiles thinking about Madhu feeding him as MR. India. RK smiles more and more. On the other hand, Madhu cuts her mouth and thinks about the same happening to RK and smiles That RK missing her. Madhu tells Shamo to cut her hairs.

 6th November

Part 1
Madhu starts to give Shammo haircut n notices his locket is missing! Shammo says..lost forget it! Madhu says..cant.. as childhood memories associated..! Madhu starts to search around the house'n Shammo tries to stop him n notices his trunk n starts to open it but Shammo chides her.. n asks her to stop it! Shamo walks out n Paddo tells Madhu not to mind .. n says that Shammos acting strange.. since few days..!

At nite Shammo sees Paddo-Madhu sleeping.. he opens the trunk, takes out the gun ..! Madhu is coufing n Shammo is worried that she will wake up..! Shammo sneaks out.. Madhu wakes up to drink water n notices.. Shammo going out! Shammo digs a pit in the ground n recollects RKs words to Shammo that he wont tell Madhu about Shammos deed! He puts the gun in it! He rues he made a big mistake! Shammo turns n sees Madhu!
She asks him what he is doing there? Shammo asks Madhu he hasnt slept? Shammo says sorry to Madhu ..for his mistake which he cant tell her about n regrets being bad father! Madhu says'she is lucky to have him as father! Shammo tells Madhu that misunderstandings with RK is over! He diverts Madhu telling her childhood tales 'of ghosts!

RK is feeling pain n calls out BIWI ' Remembers she isnt around! He struggles to get up n Madhu helps him .. ! She says.. SHHH n RK says..he was SHHED last time in school .. n asks when she came? Madhu says.. she knew he cant take care of himself n she came coz she cares for Radha! She asks him if he took meds n gives him meds! Madhu goes n lies down on the other side of the bed..! RK calls Bittu and .. asks who told him to call Madhu from Mayka.. just coz he din take meds! Bittu says.. Bhabhi jee..where? RK sees.. Madhu not there! RK says.. meds effect n Bittu says.. u din take.. so u missing Bhabhi jee! He shares Madhu had called to tell him to give RK meds.. n RK asks how she knows.. Bittu says..she dreamt too like RK dreamt of her!

RK tells Bittu to go n work on producers meeting.! Dips overhears n makes plans!

Part 2
Madhu makes Paddo sit n asks her to give her jumpi ..! Shammo comes and gives Madhu her fave Star Candy Floss n Madhu remembers Trish! She remembers about RKs meds as she overhears Paddo-Shammo convo!

Part 3
Madhu calls up Bittu but its unreachable ..she tries RKs number..! RK says.. he was getting a lot of hitchki .. n Bittu tol him someone was missing him badly..! He says..was gonna call to ask ..not to miss him ! RK says.. she is never this quiet not in sleep! Madhu asks RK if he din take meds? RK chides her saying she was chemist? She chided him last nite too ..for not taking meds.. asks her to enjoy her holidays!
Madhu says.. Akdu kahin ka.. cut the call! Paddo smiles.. in background!

Precap ' Raat akeli hai.. Dips dancing.. as RK touches her shoulder..!

7th november
Part 1
Radha asks about menu for lunch and servant says..for RK its what Madhu said and Radha is delighted! She says..she is missing Madhu as if she has left..! He tells Radha about Madhu having called RK . . n Radha wants to call her back pronto but Dips interrupts her! Dips suggests to go to Temple to thank Siddhi Vinayak ji for saving RK Radha agrees!
Madhu is a bit anxious and Paddo says its been just 55 minutes till she called up RK..! Let it be an hour!

Dips tells Radha that she will stay back to care for RK! Radha agrees! She says..a med is to be given to RK which will help him sleep for 3-4 hours! Radha leaves and Dips one between me n u .. RK n she disconnects the landline of the RK mansion!

Madhu calls RK n asks about his second med and RK says..she is irritating him from so far n says.. she asked 45 mins before .. n Madhu says.. no ..55 mins n Paddo laufs ! Madhu asks RK why he aint sleepy if he took the meds and RK says.. he is sleepy n asks what if he din take ..will he come n Madhu asks if she should? RK says.. missing u biwi .. but NOT n but cuts the call

Dips asks all servants to leave n says.. hum tum ek ghar me aur chabi kho jaye! RK calls for servants..for water for foot massage! Lights go off and RK sees a female figure and thinks its Madhu and goes after it..! The figure is walking seductively ' n RK watches..! BG ' Raat akeli hai.. n Dips starts to groove seductively!

She touches RKs cheeks.. arms n hand..!RK holds her hand n she walks away..! As Dips turns to face RK ..he sees Madhu..! She is dancing.. all sensuously around him..! He twirls her around..! BG- Hum hai dewane..! RK pulls Madhu closer and both in RK banner pose!

RK touches Madhus face n then sees its Dips! He fumes He walks away n in his room asks Dips to leave' n Dips says.. LAST TIME ! RK says. ENOUF! She says..she looks like MAdhu n he says.. not at all ! Dips says..she is ahead of Madhu n RK says.. in shamelessness.. he says..the door is meant for them. .for her to leave n for him to close! Dips starts to explain she was scared in the hosp n takes a knife and asks RK to kill her..! RK throws the scissors and says..ur flop actress dun try..! Dips refuses to budge!

RK threatens to throw water on her n throws.. n ends up splashing water on Madhu!

Part 2
RK is shocked and MAdhu fumes.. ..she says..he cut her call .. switch off moby landline.. n she had to come so late..without a rick .. n he wet her.. RK starts to lauf n Madhu says.. 'Shhh .. Chup'! RK folds her finger! Both turn their backs to each other! Both burst out laufing..!

Part 3
Madhu pokes RK n says nothing to lauf on n jerks her dupatta . .a drop goes in RKs eyes n she blows air on it.. n RK sets her wet locks'touches her cheek! Eyelock n Bittu comes n sees a WET Madhu n asks hw she got wet.. ! RK diverts n asks why he is here n he says..cops came with info on RKs killer!

Precap ' Cop shows the locket.. and Madhu recognises.. RK .. Radha taken aback!

8th november

Part 1
Radha asks Bittu the matter and Cop shares that they got some clue of killer..! RK-Madhu come and ask the matter n Bittu shares! Cop shows the locket..! RK-Radha and others are staring while Madhu is shocked seeing it!

Cop asks them if they recognise the locket..! RK looks at Madhu and she looks away..! Cop asks RK and RK stands in front of Madhu and says no! Cop says.. locket must have fallen during a struggle.. n Madhu recollects asking Shammo about locket! Cop asks Madhu n she is panicked and Dips gets suspicious.! RK asks if they got anyother proof and Cop says.. CCCTV footage! RK tells Cop to close the case! Bittu-Radha shocked! Madhu heaves a sigh of relief..! RK says m alive.. n thats enouf!

RK says.. he does not need to know.. and asks Bittu to escort cops outside..! He says..he was attacked and he will decide whether to pursue the case. .n he decides not to.. No questions.. OVER & OUT! RK says.. 'All
 walls listen.. not gonna all disperse' Madhu says.. she will come after meeting Paddo..! RK gets flashbacks of the attack in the hosp. .Madhus scared eyes seeing the locket..! RK says NO! Madhu requests .. but RK refuses! He calls up Paddo and says.. Madhu wont come.. n hope 'Aap apne damad ki bhavnao ko samjhengi' ..! He asks her to get food for him n quick! Dips overhears and keeps getting suspicious..!

Paddo says.. understanding RK is like walking Rajasthan barefoot! She says.. first said Madhu is here for 2 days.. n now.. says wont let her come! Shammo is in thoughts but says.. maybe RK is not able to focus without Madhu!

Madhu feeds RK ..lost in thoughts..! RK says..salt is less..! Madhu is in thoughts.. n RK says loudly .. n Madhu opens pepper bottle .. RK corrects.. she takes salt and adds..! RK asks about Paddo n Shammo .. n Madhu drops the spoon! RK asks Madhu the matter.. n Madhu says nothing..! Madhu goes to get meds for RK n RK holds her hand n says.. if she catches cold of sulking after going to her mayka.. then she wont go there ever! He says..he likes his JUNGLI BILLI .of a biwi.. not bheegi billi types!

Dips goes to Cops and asks them to continue the investigation .. without informing RK!

Part 2
Madhu is wide awake at nite. .as RK is blissfully asleep! She gets up and leaves..but before going says Sorry to RK . .n promises to come back before he gets up! Madhu is leaving and Bittu asks the matter and she says..going for Durga Arti as its last day! She promises to return before RK is up!

Paddo talks of Madhu n she arrives..! She looks at Shammo n recollects cops words! Paddo asks Madhu to come along to the pandal!

Part 3
Shammo-Paddo-Madhu arrive at the Durga Pandal..!
Madhu prays to God to give her strength to find out the truth and face the truth as she is going against her father .!

Precap ' Shammo gifts Madhu bangles and Madhu says she wants to give him something and puts the gun in his hand..! Shammo is shocked seeing it.. and Madhu is teary eyed!

9th november

Part 1
Madhu prays to Durga Maa for courage to find out and face the truth as a daughter is going against her father! Shammo says.. he has prayed that Durag Maa fulfills Madhus every wish! Shammo recollects childhood days of Madhu-Trish of bringing them to the arti ..!
Madhu sneaks out of the pandal ..! Radha asks Bittu why Madhu sneaked out? Dips reminds Radha how Madhu wore saree of her choice without telling Radha but Radha says she did ! Bittu says.. as there would be crowd at Pandal, Madhu din tell Radha and Dips says..maybe she wanted to be with her family! Dips self thought ..feel.. ur not in pandal .. DEVRANI JI!
Dips excuses herself to go to check on an injured friend! Madhu comes back to home and decides to check Shammos trunk! Madhu finds the key ..with shaking hands [ BG-hauslo se veer ho] and opens the trunk.. searches the trunk! She finds bullets n her birth certificate!
Dips reaches Madhus chawl n self thought.. how can RK give space to the dirt of the chawl in his bedroom! She sees Madhu going towards the jungle and tails her!
Cops get the CCTV footage n watch it on Laptop! Madhu recollects Paddos words about Shammos weird behavior and the spot where she had seen Shammo in the jungle..! She starts to dig n Dips watches! Madhu self thought Hauslo se..! Dips clicks Madhus pics! Madhu takes out the gun from the pit! Dips is shocked! Clicks the pic!

Part 2
Cops see Shammo running out of the hosp ward ' n identify him ..! Shammo thanks Durga Maa for stopping him from making a big mistake! He looks around for Madhu and cant find him n asks Paddo..! Both Shammo-Paddo wonder where Madhu is?

Part 3
Cop says.. no doubts that the person who attacked RK is Shammo! Madhu breaks down seeing the gun! Dips looks on!

Precap ' Dips tells everyone she wants to show something as it may not be easy to bear so better they watch carefully..! She says..she wants to show them that their BAHU is playing a sly game in the guise of Durga Puja! She shows the video footage of her recording of Madhu holding the gun! Radha n all are shocked!

(By M.Hurr  )

5th&7th DecemberScenes:

Another week full of beautiful RishaBala moments and truly romantic as well
After sending MB to her mayka RK badly misses Madhu and Madhu RK,while making kara for Malik Madhu recalls the moment RK making her drink the kara forcefully and giving her two options and the memory makes MB smile RK too notices the mouli on his wrist and remembers Madhu giving him two options and he smiles too.While having breakfast RK remembers how MB told RK to think that she's Mr.India and feeds him breakfast the memories make RK smile and MB when she hurt her mouth while chewing remembers RK saying is she doing kala jadu and cursing him that he has hurt his mouthLOL
Pure Seduction:After taking medicines RK feels drowsy dips tries to seduce RK and dresses like MB and the song raat akeli hai playing in the BG,RK romances with her imagining her has MB they share an intense eyelock in the end of the song and than begins to play hum hain dewane in the end and RK is about to put aside a lock of her hair when he realizes that's its not Madhu and dips who's trying to seduce him a pissed off RK throws water on dips but end up wetting MBLOLan angry Madhu scolds RK for welcoming her like that esp when she was worried about him because he was not answering her calls,RK begins to laugh seeing her like that which infuriated madhu moreLOLand she tells him to stop laughing they both turn around pretending to be angry but than burst into laughterLOL,in trying to set her wet stole she hurt RK's eyes and insist to help  and than they have a very intense and romantic eyelock,RK touch MB's face and begins to set her wet locks and interrupted by BittuJiOuchLOL 

(By   princess163  )

Another week that showed RK's care(dare I say LOVE?Wink) for his BIWIEmbarrassed

The scene of the week has to be the one when Madhu was worried after looking at the Locket and was feeding RK.

the way RK said,"Agar Mayke jaane se tumhaara mood kharaab hota hai, toh tum kabhi Maayke nahin jaaogi", I was like HAYEEEDay Dreaming

There are several others, but this particular scene, showing RK's hak as well as care takes the cake and the Scene of the weekBig smile

(by lovelygeet24X7)

Well this week mainly had two worst scenes. Firstly, Dips seducing R.K. She is one despo who can't leave tailing R.K even after being insulted by him so much! Onion Emoticon SetShe had taken advantage of R.K's drowsiness & was after his izzatMSN Onion Emoticon Set. Woh toh achcha hau that he came to know it's Dips & not his Madhu at the right time. MSN Onion EmoticonThen again as usual R.K BBB'ed DipsOnion Emoticon Set

Secondly, when MB comes to know that Malik was R.K's attacker.Onion Icon She was numb with shock & broke down completely holding the gun in her hand MSN Onion Icons& here also Dips took out a video clip of MB digging out the gun!Onion Emoticon Set

(Sry cudn't find any pic!)

(By   princess163  )

The Character of the Week is now a Ball!

A ball that keeps rolling between our hero and our HeroineLOL

So, This week's Character of the week is RK!


No particular reason-Just that, I am quickly falling in love with the CharacterEmbarrassed
And, so is MadhuEmbarrassed

The way he cares for her-sending her to her Maayka, and getting all angry when she is unhappy after coming back.

But, since these days our RK refuses to be separated from his BiwiWink, we will give them BOTH the Character of the week-Jointly!!
His BIWI for being the perfect wife and showing the courage to even find out the truth knowing it could be against her Dad whom she treats above GodClap

So, this Week, RISHBALAEmbarrassed are the Jodi(Character) of the WeekDay Dreaming

P.S.-Ham Hain Deewaane, Tere Deewaaane!!

P.P.S.- Wishing all of you a very Happy Diwaali!Big smile


(By  Phoenix.Xeelan  )

Bakra of the week:

Who is the worst character of the week is very predictable this time Tongue the one and only Deepali. Till now she was just trying to mend things with RK and woo him again but this time it went too far. She is a married person, married to RK's brother and RK is also married. yet she went on seducing RK knowing he would be weak and alone after taking the medicines. Deepali wanted to take full advantage on the situation and seduced him at the best but unfortunately RK was imagining Madhu LOL After so much humiliation Deepali didn't stop. she went on investigating the case of RK getting shot further knowing the victim himself told to shut the case off. troublemaker she was the entire week.


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(By  lovelygeet24x7   )

The worst scene of Dips seducing R.K turned into a comic scene between R.K & MB towards the end when the latter in reality came back to the Mansion! R.K, by mistake, put water on MB thinking that it's Dips & MB got fully drenched!Onion Emoticon And the way she barsaod on R.K after that was worth a dekko!MSN Onion Emoticon He was somehow controlling his laughter & finally both of them started laughing.Onion Icons It was also probably the best scene of the week .Onion Icon


                                (Love R.K's dimplesOnion Icon)

(By  Armu4eva   )

Oji..seriously .. Biwi .. tussi. .to.. always.. walking talking n bumping into trouble D'oh

Ghar se sneak out karna hai .. bhala.. koi ..aise karta hai?? First. .u get busted by Bittu jee... n soon after.. get tailed by Despo Dipali Ouch

While the scene of heartache .. n pain of Madhu ..made me shed several Balti of tears CryCryCry ..the moment of Dips..capturing Madhu on Video. .made me.. go .. 'Whad da ...' AngryOuch! Biwi ji.. RK ki wifey hoke.. dun expect u to get busted like this Broken Heart !

(By DamnedDrooler-)

It's a tie this week ... Well because the dress was the same one ... Yes I am talking about Madhu n Dipali ... They both wore the pink sari and both of them were looking great ... the sequence was amazing and the while built up and the sari suited them both to T ... Its a rarity that same dress looking good on two different people but here it did


(By Phoenix.Xeelan  )

Fashion sense needs to be trashed:
Again Deepali LOL Ok she was looking very hot in the dance sequence infact kudos to the actress for expressions and seduction act so perfectly Clap but i hated that pink saree... Deepali is better off with curly ends hair and her usual style classy sarees not this one.  The Pink saree which she wore imitating Madhu didn't work for me at all. it didn't suit her. Confused the saree was looking better at madhu.   

(By  Armu4eva   )

Uff.. isshhh Blushing how do u all expect just one pic.. when Biwi ..decided to take on a SEDUCTIVE avtar this week.. [even if in Tharkeys khayals] Evil Smile

Well .. here we go with the PICS of the Week Approve

>> Raat akeli hai ... bujh gaye diye

Shocked Hai raam.. ye Tharkey ki imagination to seriously tharkey hai Blushing! Biwi ko .. seedhe. sherni se seductress bana dala LOL .. loved it 

>> Tu Muskura .. jahan bhi hai muskura

Day Dreaming Aww man ... what began with seduction .. turned to a COLD surprise as hubby pheroed pani on wifeys jage jage arman LOL! This super cute moment .. of Rishbala.. deffo reckons as a perfect .. Hubby-Wifey moment Blushing

>> Bheege hoth tere.. pyaasa dil mera

Ishhh Blushing thandi mein bhi aaye pasena jab .. RK ka dil goes hmm on his haseena Wink  ! The moment when RK lost himself in his Biwis WET face.. hair ..eyes n lips ... gosh..  i felt like .whether i was still dreaming Embarrassed


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(By jnawaz  )

(By MarshP)


Here is your Prize


( By -Dimple-)

 By Allbut1


Here is your Prize


( By OnlyHope)

by ..Amira..


(By bubblygal1711 )

Here is your Prize


(By  -NaGs_BaBy-)

Episode 121 Discussion: 9th Nov 2012

by 0-SD-0 with 83 replies and 2788 views

(By Jyo_Ksg )

The article tells us about how after knowing Shamsher's truth RK is trying his best to hide it from Madhu.Smile
But no sooner Madhu will get to know about the truth and she will confront her father. Ouch 
She will also be surprised to know, how RK has hid the truth even after knowing everything, which would develop a soft corner in her heart for him.Heart
Furthermore, there are some amazing romantic moments between both of them in future, where they will be shown celebrating Karvachauth and Diwali together and RK would even stand for Madhu when her dignity will be questioned.Embarrassed
To watch more, stay tuned to Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon..Wink

Courtesy: Bolegaindia; Shared by: Armu4eva; Views: 300+ ; Comments: 20+ ; Likes: 20+

( By deboleena.manna)

hey guys congrts to everyone..this week our NT completes 20 successful weeks...and I'm very happy bcz this week I can post my section..Big now here goes the Twitter/FB Updt Of The Week...and the winning FB post is--
Vivian Dsena
Thankyou sooo much guys for
voting...Finally i hav got my First Award
for The Great Performer of the year & the
best part is Vahbz presented the award to
me...lovvveee uuu alll...
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Vivian's FB status ITA Vivz receiving award from Vahbbiz -pics added posted byNIDIZ ...which got 113 likes,75 replies and 3627 congrts Nidz...Big smileClap


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(By Armu4eva)

Dialogue of the Week

Oh jab me ho RK bhala..Dialogues ka section kya kabhi khamosh rahe? Wink 

Nahi na..TongueLOL

Well pesh-e-khidmat the Dialogue of the Week ...

"Biwi agar tumhe maika ki hawa lagne se yeh mood kharab hone wala zukam ho jata hai toh aaj ke baad tum kabhi bhi maika nahi jaogi. Mujhe woh ladaku ziddi junglee billi wali biwi pasand hai, dari sehmi si gilehri nahi."

^^ I mean seriously ... Day Dreaming kya karun main iss tharkey ka.. jab bhi muh kholta hai. .bas..apni BIWI aur hamare dil pe churiyan chalata hai Blushing ! What a way to tell his wifey..that he can see her sad n pouty Embarrassed

(By Armu4eva)

When u hv RK the king of punches.. u sure can expect this section ..all up and about Wink

So well the punchline of the week ... would be ...when Madhu calls RK and tells her..

'Biwi mujhe subah se hitchkiyan aa rahi hai.. Wink 

...Biwi mujhe miss karna band karo'TongueLOL


(By Miss.Colorfull )

Kisaaa Bittuji aur Dips kaaa

So this week dips tried to seduce rk but in her mind she was thinking about bittuji. Rumour has it after ditching Rk, dips fell madly in love with Bittuji  but sadly bittuji said no to her, after what she did to his beloved Rk. She tried to find love in sicky but sicky is too busy flirting with other girls and she gave up on sicky . So, now dips is seducing rk to make bittuji jealous and  to get bittuji in her life but alas bittuji is not falling for her  trap. Good move bittuji and as for dips she is crying day and night in her bathroom so bittuji accepts her  n singing tere nasseb mein main hu ki nahin.. mere naseeb mein tu hain ki nahin'.. in the memory of bittuji' bechari dips always having bad luck in love'




After a long wait done by all the MBians n DVDians'

This Diwali brings us a Smile' & Seeing DVD interview together was on the wish-list'

Yes we had a 'DVD Moment' in this festive season of Lights'

An occasion of celebration on the sets of MB ' as they won awards in two different events held last week VD n MB both deserved this one' Congrats Team MB'..

'DVD Moment of the Week'-This week there was a flood in the segments all over the Forum whether SBS/B, Telly Talk T.B or our own I.F. To choose the best out of them was not difficult'Because they all ended up taking a Jaanta bytes LOL

On one hand RishBala Interview did the trick for us' from DVD cake cutting to DD trying to paint VD's face with a cake or just saving her dress whether from cake or crackers 'That's our Adorable DD!!

Sharing about their childhood memories or just being a sweet tooth & not worry about my dietaries, because it's Diwali-Ooh that's our Superstar VD!!

DVD moments don't end up in here 'from lighting up the candles/ diya's together to making the rangoli, from bursting the firecrackers or just being eco 'friendly ' DVD just creates a moment being seen together!

I'll give this Phuljari DVD Moment gets a 10/10




Superstar RK Of The Week: ritzi12

Your Gift:

Glycerine Of The Week: -Misha-
Your Gift:

RishBalian/DVDian Of The Week: suk19
Your Gift:

Chatterbox Of the Week: manesha76
Your Gift:

Heroine Of The Week: shruti.nil
Your Gift:

Credit for the new siggies: MarshP

Thanks Marsh! Hug

~Dimple and Shivs~


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Happy Diwali To allHug

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love the layout and love all the siggys made by marsh and sehar and stutz.
Congrats to the winners,rocking NL :)

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Congratulations People Hug
@Dimpy: beautiful layout... luvv it!

Our team rocks!!! Welcome jaz, Hope, NIDIZ and Miss.Colorfull!
Saher di thank you for the banner...!
Stuti...luv u swthrt!!!

Marsh...thanks for the siggies...they are beautiful...
Dimpy ji...I luvv the Winner Siggies..!

Tanu di... luvv u for always being a support!!! matlab... few people from the NL...are the backbone of our Forum...!

@Rashmita, Swati, Apurva, M.Hurr, Tanzie, Drooler, jaz, hope, bubblygall, Jyo, Nags baby, aanchu, debo and Ash::
Thank you guys for being the most wonderfull team...

Hope we meet again on NT 30!!!

Enjoy the NL!

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