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Shopaholic V/S Workaholic [3] Pg 132 Link to Thrd4 (Page 105)

ShikhaKhushi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 June 2013 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Chapter 41 - I See You?

"Seriously? This is why you made me leave my work and come here?" he snarled fiercely, his eyes narrowed at the woman who was pretending to be busier checking a few items off her list.

"Voh jo kamre humne bataaye the, voh taiyyaar hain, na? Aaj ladki-wale aa rahe hain, koyi kami nahin honi chaahiye. Samjhe aap?" Ulka told a middle aged man who nodded and left to continue his work. She turned to her elder cousin with a wry smile. "Bhai, humne aapse kya kaha tha? Ek kaam diya tha na humne aapko? Poora hua?" (The rooms I had told you, are they ready? The girl's side is coming today, there should be no lacking. Do you understand? Bhai, what had I told you? I had given you a job, right? Is it done?)

Arnav opened his mouth to answer but Ulka was already walking off to a nearby chair. "Hum to thak gaye hai!" she whined. "Ek to humaare pati hain, jinhone abhi tak phone nahin kiya! Aaj ladki-wale aa rahe hain aur kaam khatam hone ka naam nahin leta. Aap ho ke humaari thodi si madad bhi nahin kar sakte. Aur upar se yeh baccha!" she pointed at her slightly swollen belly. "Hum paagal ho jaayeinge!" (I am tired! There's my husband, who has not called yet! Today the girl's side is coming and the work is not over. You are not able to help me a least bit. And on top of that there's this baby! I'll go mad!)

"Ulka, you had chosen to become a wedding planner!" he answered grouchily. "Hum mein se kissi ne bhi force nahin kiya tha yeh karne ko, right? Shaadi ke baad kaam karne ki kya zaroorat hai?" (...None of us had forced you to do this, right? What's the need to work after marriage?)

"Zaroorat hai! You don't expect me to stay in the house and do nothing! And I love planning weddings. It reminds me of my own wedding." (I need it!...)

Arnav sighed. Amidst the preparations for this wedding, he could also remember his cousin's wedding, more than two years ago. It bit at him viciously. He saw her everywhere he looked. It had been slightly more than a year already, and he still had not had the courage to call her up, even though he had returned to India a week ago... What would he say to her?

Damn, he didn't even know if he deserved her or not... Had he changed enough to be worthy of her? Or was he still the jack ass he had been before? How could he be sure he wouldn't break her heart again? Because he didn't want to see her cry anymore... And he would call if he had the time to! Ever since he had landed, Ulka had summoned him to Ajmer where she was planning the wedding of some NRI.

She had sounded quite upset on the phone and, knowing that during the early months of pregnancy stress was not a good thing, he had rushed there, only to be made prisoner by the cousin-gone-crazy. She had literally enslaved him. Why? Because, as she had herself put it, her beloved husband was a banker who was saving up on his holidays for when their baby was born, which meant Tanishq could not be there to help her in the preparations of the wedding.

Since her hotshot cousin owned his own company, Ulka had assumed that he could take unlimited amounts of days off - and she was perfectly right - so she had ordered him to stay as long as the festivities lasted. He had had to give in when she had menaced to work herself to death if he refused, knowing that his little cousin sister could and would do anything to have the last word. And at that instant, he had felt a lot of pity for Tanishq.

Arnav suddenly remembered the reason for which he had initially gone after Ulka and sat up with a frown. "Look, this is unacceptable!"

"Kya?" growled with irritation. If she thought that would make him back off, she would certainly have to try harder. (What?)

"Ulka, main tumhaari help karne ke liye apna kaam chhor ke aaya houn but that does not mean that I'll sit somewhere and separate bad flowers from the bloody good ones all day long, dammit! This is just not done!" (Ulka, I have left my work to come and help you [...])

She stared at him unblinkingly.

"Oh, please! Aur log nahin hain yeh karne ke liye? I could do something else!" (...Aren't there other people to do this?...)

"You do what you have been told to, Mister," she replied crossly before standing up and walking away.


"Bhaiyyaji! Bhaiyyaji!"

"What the f**k is your problem?" Arnav roared, making Om Prakaash jump in terror. He was annoyed enough with the boring task that Ulka had handed him and now this miserable pea brain was back to annoy him. He nearly wanted to fling the basket he was going through at the man's face.

It had started since his arrival. The three Prakaash brothers, Hari, Om and Jai, were the ones Ulka would send to him if she had a message to deliver and strangely, the brothers had gotten this weird liking for him, because of which they were hell-bent on impressing him with their bad English. One week and his ears felt like they had been cooked in a pressure cooker.

"Ulka didi waaj aachking phar aarkids," HP beamed at him. "She shed to leebh al da philowerj end do di aarkids." (Ulka didi was asking for 'aarkids'. She said to leave all the flowers and do the 'aarkids'.)

Arnav winced. He hadn't gotten a single word of what he had just been told. Sighing in frustration, he shut his eyes tight as he gritted his words out. "Hindi mein baat karo." As if that would help? During the past eight days, he had constantly been asking, ordering, begging the brothers to speak in Hindi as their English was beyond his understanding. Did that change anything? (Speak in Hindi.)

"Didi shed she needhs di aarkids rayat naabh, Bhaiyya!" (Didi said she needs the 'aarkids' right now, Bhaiyya!)

Clenching his jaws together, Arnav opened his eyes and walked a few step away to grab another workman by the collar. "Yeh gadha kya keh raha hai?" he hissed to the man, who stared at him in awe, then asked HP to repeat his words. (What is this ass saying?)

"Sir, yeh kuchh... 'aarkids' ke baare mein pooch raha hai." (Sir, he is asking about some... 'aarkids'.)

"What? What the hell are 'aarkids'?" Arnav spluttered. Never before in his existence had he come across this... thing.

"Aarkids, Bhaiyya," HP said with a splitting smile, which made Arnav want to wipe it off his face with one strong punch. He glared at the workman, who, immediately understanding, turned back to HP.

"Yeh keh raha ke phool hai." (He says it's a flower.)

Arnav grimaced. Flowers? What the-? He looked up at HP confusedly. "You mean orchids?"

Still bearing his stupid goofy smile, HP nodded. Arnav, however, was not pleased at all. Ulka had been pressing him about the magnolias since the morning and now that he was halfway through it, she was demanding orchids? What the hell? Well, pregnant and hormonal or not, she would have to wait, because Arnav Singh Raizada did not like quitting halfway through.

"Go and tell her she's not getting them today," he barked as he strode back to his basket of magnolias.

"Bat, Bhaiyya!" HP followed him, looking slightly troubled now, while Arnav sat down on the low stool to resume his work. "Da bhiraaid hajj achkad phar aarkids raayat naabh!" (But Bhaiyya! The bride has asked for orchids right now!)

Before Arnav could start raining his anger and break a vein or something, the workman hurried forward. "Keh raha hai ke dulhan abhi ke abhi orchids maang rahi hai." (He is saying that the bride has demanded orchids right away.)

Mad fury was flashing in Arnav's eyes. He stood up again violently and stepped towards the two men, who cringed and retreated like scared mice with each step he took. "Yeh kaam maine karna hai, ya tumne?" (I have to do this work or you?)

"Yoo, B-bhaiyya..." HP stammered.

"Flowers ka responsible main houn ya tum?" (Who's responsible for the flowers, me or you?)

"Yoo, B-bhaiyya..."

"Dekho!" Arnav lifted his index menacingly. "I am very pissed right now. I'm managing the outdoors but that doesn't mean everybody will make me do whatever they want. I am in charge of the flowers right now, so you'll get them when I'm done with them. If it displeases someone, tell them to take over. I'll give it to them happily! Who the bloody hell is this bride anyway?"

"You are in charge of the outdoors and you don't know who the bride is?"

He had already opened his mouth to reply to that when it registered in his mind that as much as this voice was familiar, it was not supposed to be there... Ah! That's it! This mean work was taking its toll on him. He was positively hallucinating!

Well, what else could he expect? This brain was overheating because of the task of separating good and rotten flowers, handling a hormonal Ulka and tolerating the Prakaash brothers. Yeah, he was hallucinating. Because there was no way she could be there... or could she?

He would have oh-so-wanted to keep his soles firm on the ground and continue pouring his pent up frustration at all the things that were readying him for a trip to a mental asylum but his stupid brain geared onto automatic and forced his limbs to turn him around.

She stood there, right behind him, with her slim arms crossed under her chest and her face void of any expression. The kind she would have all those months ago, when they were living in New York. If she was still up by the time he had reached home, she would heat up his food, then lean against the counter to stare at him while he devoured his dinner at some hour past midnight. That look would mean mild anger and disapproval.

He dropped his hand at his side, feeling guilty. Anger and disapproval. Even if she was a trick of his mind, a hallucination of some sort, she was right. He had absolutely no right to shout at those men like that. What had gotten into him? Just looking at her, and his fury was dissolving, bringing a smile to his face. A vision in white, that's what she was.

Her lips thinned and her brow furrowed under his gaze. He grinned, now he had her feathers rustled up. He loved it when she was like that. Pulling her leg became so entertaining then... He saw her lips move, but he didn't quite hear what she was saying. It made him frown. And suddenly, he was toppling forward due to a sharp push in the back. Arnav turned around to scowl at the men and HP cowered behind the workman. Okay, this time he deserved it.

"Bhaiyyaji, the didi was talking to you," the workman explained nervously.

His frown only deepened. The didi? Who didi? What kind of sick joke was that? He turned around briefly. She was still standing there, a dangerous angry glow on her face. The hallucination should have gone by now right? Maybe this brain had suffered permanent damage? He glared back at the terrified workman.

"Can you see her?" he hissed.

The guy looked over his shoulder. And nodded.

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arshi_lover1 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 June 2013 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Ohhh Di loved it...plz continue!

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fraser IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 June 2013 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Luved it shikha
arnav is officially lost it
plz snd prakash brothrs in some school this guys seriously need it

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pmehra300 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 June 2013 at 10:20am | IP Logged
The ending part was funny
Poor arnav being a slave
Awesome chapter
Loved it

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Dazz Senior Member

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Posted: 15 June 2013 at 10:26am | IP Logged
Hey kushi s bak:-D tnx u awsm update ...waiting 4 da blinded chaptr 5

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the-crazy-girl Goldie

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that's really awesome and I can't wait to read the next chap, I'm already excited Dancing

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koisk IF-Rockerz

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U can't just leave it like that, please update the next one soon.Wink

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Drkk IF-Dazzler

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wow wow wow. Did dey realy meet? Waitng 4 nxt

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