Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

I don't like Sobti!!

karmachameleon IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 3:12pm | IP Logged

Relax, let me explain''


Everyone said the world will end in 2012 and I said "whatever"

I never believed that the world is coming to an end, not with Tsunami, not with Sandy, not with all the wars, not with any terrorist attacks, not with anything''

Until I heard this news "Barun Sobti is quitting IPKKND"

Now I am forced to believe that this world is coming to an end'..


I am sure everyone in this forum is going through exactly what I am going through ' which is severe depression, anxiety, irritation, insomnia and shock.

As I have said million times before ' I fell in love with this show even before watching the actual show ' it was right when I saw that promo 'mohabbat door jaane na dey, nafrat paas aane na dey'.." (the office, elevator, the rain and the torn picture) ' Yes ' that's when I fell in love this show.


What's with the title?? Let me tell you'..


I don't like Mr. Sobti ' because I don't know him.


I love Arnav Singh Raizada ' Yes, I do.



I have never met Barun but I have been meeting Arnav Singh Raizada every day, for one and half year now, five days a week for half hour and sometimes if I get lucky I get to meet him for an hour on Saturdays as well'.


Why THE BIG NEWS is so devastating? Is Barun Sobti leaving/quitting/sabbatical?

Mr. Sobti has given his best ' be it his face, his style, his eyes, his attitude and his acting'..

He has given us Arnav Singh Raizada''

Arnav Singh Raizada: You made so many women around the globe join this forum, fall in love with you, made them make unlimited VMs, made us write many FFs, OSs, SSs and millions of posts''

Arnav Singh Raizada: What you have done to so many women on this planet (maybe even some on other planets) you will never know because you are fictional'..




For us - you are as REAL as it gets...


You are the soul of this show'..


You make us dream''

Your make us drool''.

You make us mad''.

You make us happy''

You make us hate you''.

You make us love you''.

You make us cry for you''

You make us cry with you''

You make us fantasize about you''.

You make us DO EVERYTHING WE HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE ' for anyone else''

You, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada ' reside (and will continue to reside) in so many women's hearts, minds and souls''

Something you will never know, something you will never understand'..


Now ' Barun Sobti is leaving the show and he is taking OUR Arnav Singh Raizada from us'..


He is taking our fantasy from us'.

He is taking our dream from us''

He is taking our heartbeat from us''..

He is taking our life from us''.


For me, personally, If you leave Mr. Sobti ' I leave. I will not watch this show if you leave. I can't and I won't. It's a package deal ' you leave, I leave.


I understand everyone deserves a break. EVERYONE. This man has been working day and night for this show for one and half year''.

I understand that. Everyone has a right to take a break'..

I even understand that he wants to quit the show for whatever reason'..




What I don't understand is that if he is really just taking a break or actually quitting?

What I don't understand is that Shyam has left, Aakash and Payal have left ' so if Mr. Sobti leaves, what is going to happen to the show?

What I don't understand is that if Mr. Sobti leaves, are they going to end the show?

What I don't understand is that are they planning on replacing Mr. Sobti with someone else?

What I don't understand is that if they are actually planning on ending the show ' then why not end it while Mr. Sobti is here? On a good note!

What I don't understand is that the PH is actually stupid enough to think that they will able to EVER replace Mr. Sobti with anyone else?

What I don't understand is that where does Sanaya come in all this?

What I don't understand is if a person needs a break ' why can't he work half a day or take a week off or the weekends? Why take few months off?

What I don't understand is that what is the future of this show after November?

What I don't understand is that who has all my answers?

What I don't understand is that if Mr. Sobti is the soul of this show ' Why are the PH letting him leave?


All I know at this point is that Mr. Sobti is leaving and taking MY Arnav Singh Raizada with him''.


Who do I talk to?

Who do I ask my questions?

Who do I look for my answers?

Where do I share my grief?


Iss uljhan ko main kya naam doon''


Arnav Singh Raizada ' you will always live in our hearts''

We can never forget you''


Mr. Sobti ' No one can replace you as Arnav Singh Raizada. NO ONE.

If you do decide to leave ' I would like to wish you best wishes in the future with everything you do''May you be successful in whatever you do and may god bless you and your family!



With an ache in my heart and a knot in my stomach ' I would like to have a proper closure with you via this little note'..


You will always be missed and loved by millions of women around the globe'..



(a fan who joined this forum, just for you, because of you, who started writing because of you and someone who will never forget you'..)


Now I totally believe that the world is coming to an end, what's to life without Arnav Singh Raizada?

The world is definitely coming to an end for me''.


When Mr. Sobti took his first break ' I made this fun post'


But now ' if I have to make a list of things on what to do ' I am blank!

Arnav Singh Raizada'..will be missed by millions!


My closure ends right here'..!!


I always ask readers to LIKE and leave comments, I am at a point where I don't even what to ask for anymore''.you are more than welcome to share your grief here''.

Different read a Male fan's perspective towards Mr. Sobti!!

Originally posted by Kurup

U know wat KC...u wrote everything from a female perspective, but do u know that Barun SObti even has a huge male following,,,,(tat does mean that they are gays)..
Many unmarried men who watch this show coz of family want to become like ASR (who can fit in that rule other than Barun SObti) with regard to their attitude and their carrer., married men are forced or willingly are trying to be like Arnav caring for their loved who are brothers are giving importance a bit more to their sisters...I was travelling by bus and overheard a guy saying to his friend "I want to cross check every detail of my would be brother in law coz i am scared if he ditches my sister just like Shyam did to Anjali"...
I personally started watching this serial coz of my wife...My wife has only four obssessions in her life...choclates, icecreams, shahrukh khan, and Barun Sobti...She hardly even cares for me as much as she cares for these two people. IN our 5 years of marital life she has wished me only once on my birthday exactly at midnight, but never missed to wish these two persons on their birthday. When Arnav and not Sobti celebrated his birthday on the show, I was forced to decorate my house coz it ws Arnav's birthday...
My gist to say this is that Its not just tat girls go gagaa over him but there are guys tooo who are equallly possessive about him just like u are, only thing is some show and others dont..coz they feel these serials to be only a part of girl's lfie and not men's life...
My wife in the hospital bed is asked by doctors not to take stress, but who will listen to the doctor...She is in her own lost land of Barun quitting,...THank GOD that people like u r still there to make my mad love smile by reading ur scripts...
I think i might be selfish in asking u guyz to write despite understanding ur mental trauma or ur emotional status, but nothing is in our hands naaa...only thng we can do is let us get a chance to watch Sobti in someother new show which is not a 4 lions production...

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
Nai matlab kaise kar lete ho yaar ye sab?

Aaj toh bata hee do mujhe...

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karmachameleonrocking meenu

moomin4455 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
I kind of know how you feel. How do you explain this feeling of loss, in a way? I'm a semi-rational intelligent woman, but I feel sad, like I know someone is going away - and that someone is Arnav Singh Raizada...

I respect anyone's decision to leave, but I feel sad for ASR...if BS leaves then I will just stick to FF - bas!

I will ask, please don't give up writing - your stories are amazing! If BS must leave and take ASR with him I hope he and Khushi can be kept alive in these fantastic stories...

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Excellent post !!!

I can completely relate to what you feel ...its Arnav Singh Raizada I fell in love with , and am still hopelessly in love with him ...

For me no Barun means no ASR, means nothing more left to watch in IPk ... I really dont know if we are going to get the truth ever ...BUT it is quite evident there is something more to this ...

I find it very hard to digest that Barun Sobti, who is at the very peak of his career (so far) , is the King of Tellyland at the moment, playing a very challenging role in a prime time , prime channel daily soap, and playing it so well that he has got right under the skin of ASR and given a soul to the vision that was created on paper ...and this is his only job at the moment ...very hard to digest that this young, enthusiastic actor suddenly wants a break, a long-ish break and has no clue about his leave start date or duration ...he is not even commenting that he would come back to IPK post his break ! 

Very strange, if you ask me !! 

Completely agree with you ...if the PH wanted to keep the show, they could have facilitated Barun's leave / break as other shows do, I am sure there are ways and means to do the same ...which is why it makes me wonder , esp with so many stories around aout him being arm-twisted...will there ever gonna be smoke without fire ??!!!

I wish someone should come clean on this ASAP ...SP/ PH ...Whoever, I dont care ... I really would want to hold on to ASR, hold on to IPK forever and ever don't get this magical combination every day !!!

I just hope and pray they don't disappoint us and their own team ...sach mein, Iss uljhan ko kya naam doon ?!!!

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Awesome post

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
There is still hope, let's keep emails and phone the network

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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I absolutely agree with you!!! I wish Barun Sobti and the Production House could read this!!!!

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