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Swaron FF - Jab Dil Miley (Page 84)

simran.284 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 6:38am | IP Logged
wow! wow! wow!
update soon...
very eager to know what will happen!
i m very inquisitive!  

manasie23 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 7:40am | IP Logged
Drama queen next target kya hai???
SanskritiS IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Awesome update Smile
Swaron scenes were cute
Sharon should give a tight slap to that creep Shivam

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Tanuka_TanHa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Okay I don't know why i missed such a super duper awesome SwaRon ff , what i have been blind :(
i read all the chapters in one go and and i am in love with the ff .
you are an awesome writer Tanya :D
eagerly waiting for the next part , update soon..
P.S - sending u a buddy request , accept it and PM me next time u update !!

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pri_tanvi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
NOOO!!! This cant b happening!!! Update real soon
pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pri_swaron

NOOO!!! This cant b happening!!! Update real soon

i am updating around 2:30 today..

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AmRiTa_S IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 2:21pm | IP Logged
Loved the nok jhok and god shivam phir se and he is back doing what he is best at ...being cheap.. I hope Sharon does not land herself in trouble and agree to do something so ridiculous. Waiting for next update...thnx for PM. 
pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 3:32pm | IP Logged

PART- 16

Sharon felt her body get stiff..she was scared and shock..She flet like slapping herself for not to let swayam come with her..Suddenly her hands starts trembling.. I said no forcing..its all your decision..take your time and tell me babes..I am not asking for tonight..i have another date tonight you see so go now and think..what do you want'He said and opened the door of his house for he to go.

Sharon almost ran out of his house'She drove to swayam place..


Swayam opened the door and next thing..sharon was hugging him tightly..

Swayam got worried as she never did this kinda thing before..He hugged her back tightly too..He lift her while hugging and take in the house..He noticed that she was still hugging her..when suddenly he felt his shirt from his shoulder getting wet'He got tensed..

Sw:Baby..hey what happened? Is everything okay? He said while tightening his grip more.

Sh:Let me hug you swayam..don't say anything..she said..kissed swayam on his cheek and hugged him again.

Swayam kissed her on her hairs and ruffles them to calm her down as he felt that something has happened..

Sharon kept hugging her for a long time'swayam didn't say a word but difference was that now they were laying on the couch..sharon on him'still hugging him..and buried her head in his chest'his eyes were close and he was soothing her back..they both were in each other embrace which was heaven to them..What just happened to Sharon..after that she needed the most secure place to hide herself and it could be none other than swayam' arms for her.

Sharon pulled her head upto swayam face kissed his cheeks and said..

Sh:I love you more than anything swayam..Don't ever leave me..!

Sw:I love you too'and I will never leave u baby..i promise..! He said and kissed her palm and than place it on his cheek.

Sh:YOU are the best thing happened to me in my life..I will always love you as my own soul..she said and a lone pair of tear rolled from her eyes.

Sw:Sharon now you are scaring..What happened with Shivam..he did something with you? Tell me please why are you crying..He said and wiped her tear.

Sh:Ahan..everything is fine..he said he needs time to think on it..swayam?


Sh:Can..can I sleep here with you..i don't feel like going home..

Sw:Sharon! Are you is your can stay her for don't need my permission.! He said and kissed her forehead.

Sh:You wanna become world's best dancer na? She said smiling to him.

Sw:Hmm..I do..I love dancing..And one day I will be the world's best dancer'Um..may be u r tough..I really wish we can perform in footloose..He said and smiled at her.

Sh:We will..I PROMISE you..!

She mumbled to herself.. "Anything for you swayam"

Sharon knew what she have to do now..She instantly changed the topic.

Sh:Hey had something in dinner?

Sw:NOPE! Not yet..

Sh:Should we order something..Even I don't have my dinner yet!

Sw:Why not..He said and gave her a big grin.

Sh:Stop smiling like monkey..because I will order something my favourite..

Sw:NO!!!! Mummmy..he said an stomping his feet on floor.

Sh:YES! She said and placed a kiss on his cheek and get in his room..for menu card from different restaurants.

Swayam entered his room only to find Sharon gathered with bumdle of menu cards around her on bed..She was confused and which made swayam chuckle..and Sharon gave him a deadly glare and ask him to help her out.

Swayam jumped on the bed..

Sw:So..wat cha ordering?

Sh:I am confuuussseddd! She said like a baby.

Sw:I like pizza..He said while hoping may be she will order it.

Sh:Ew..I don't like it..

Sw:I like burger's as well..He said again hoping a not so hoping wish.

Sharon gave him a deadly glare..and he just shut himself.'s best!

Sw:No way'anything but sushi..eating is like eating a garden's tasteless grass''s not happening at all..

Sh:Okay than veg pizza..!

Sw:No I want to eat Chinese..i changed my mind'He said and stick his tongue at her.


Sharon goes to hall to order for pizza'after some minutes swayam heard her shout and ran to her in hall..

Sh:WHAT!!!! You people don't have chocolate lava cake?? How am I suppose to eat it now? She shouted on phone.

Waiter(w): can I know this ma'am..but I guess with your teethss..He said nervously.

Sh:SHUT UP! U know what..ask your owner to close this restaurant and open some dhaba..She said and shut the phone'next thing she hear was swayam laughing like a maniac from her back..She turned and mouthed WHAT SO FUNNY!

Sw:funny? The waiter must be dead till went crazy on him..poor guy..He said while laughing.

Sh:Yeah? Very funny mr.swayam..i will kill you..i want to have lava cake as well'or else I will eat you..She said while placing her both hands on her waist and pouting.

Sw:Ooh'than it's a problem'you order the pizza till than I get lava for you..i know a very good shop..He said'kissed her cheek and run out of house..

Sharon ordered 1 large veg pizza and some coldrinks..and not to be mention Chinese as well for her a surprise..

Her phone suddenly was shivam's text..

"Sorry babes..After tomorrow I am going for vacation trip for about a week..So If you are ready..come to my place tomorrow night..10:00..

You will definitely come'I know..after all you love swayam..Dont you?? His dreams.. Hey hey no force haan'HAHAHAHA.."

She closed her eyes'took a deep breath..and replied back.

"I will sure come at 10:00..I am ready"

Her fingers were trembling while sending message..She gathered all the courage and press the SEND button..and a lone tear drop rolled from her eyes.

She heard door bell ringing'She ran upto door wiping her it and found delivery boy there..She took the food delivery from his hands and pay him with little extra tip..on which he thanked her.

She closed the and was only turned when again door bell rings..She opened it and swayam shouted'

Sw:Finally I got your cake'I knew agar main bina cake ke aya tu you will make sure to eat me..He said and giggled..

Sh:Hmmm..She said and gave him a little smile.

Sw:What are we waiting for'lets eat..I am starving..! He said and pulled her in house holding her hand.

They both sat on the couch with the boxes and plates arranged by Sharon'

Sh:hey don't eat my pizza..THIS is your food..look it! She said while pretending and pointing towards the Chinese noodles.

Swayam opened the box and a smiled crept on his lips..He mouthed thankyou to her and starts eating..

Sh to herself: Tumhari issi smile ke liye hi tu main sab kuch kar sakhti hoon..

Sw:you said something..arrre what are you waiting for eat na..

They both ate their food..they were on swayam bed..swayam felt like she was acting little weird today..She cuddled upto swayam'like he was going she was scared of something..She was not leaving him at all'not that he minds it he was loving it..but it was strange today..The way she hugged him was not was fear..

Sw to himself: Sharon is acting little strange..something happened? No..she must have told me if something had happen..I think she is a bit upset of because she thinks that it's her fault that they can't perform in footloose..He though..smiled and pulled her closer and hold her by her waist and kissed her cheeks bending over her'

They driften to sleep..In midnight swayam couldn't feel Sharon on the bed..he jerked up and search for her'he found her in guest room..on one corner'she was in a position of hugging her knees and her face was fully wet with tears..He ran upto her and kneeled down..

He cupped her face and worriedly ask her..

Sw:Shar..? Are you fine..Hey what happened..did I do something? He said while wiping her tears..She was in no mood to answer him back or may be she was not in a position..he took her into his arm and take her into his bedroom..he made her sit on the bed and sat beside her..he hugged her tight ..she tightly wrapped her arms around his neck..He was kissing her hairs in between..

Sh: I am sorry'swa'I had to do it..I don't have any other option..

Sw:Sharon u were acting strange today'I thought it's tell me what happened..because I know something has'don't hide it from me's killing me..the way u r crying..i can't see this..tell me baby..! He said.

Sh:Who..shivam..shivam..he asked me..She couldn't control her sentence as she started crying louder.

Sw:What did he bas***d do? Did he touch u..tell me Sharon..! He asked her..

Sharon told her full story..Swayam lost his senses..he ran walks out of the room when she called him from back..

Sh:I accepted it! She shouted it.

Swayam stopped in his way..he did not believe his ears..he looked and see her with narrowed eyes..

Sh:YES! But I have a reason for it..I have a plan..I was only crying because I though I will never tell u this..and what if he do something with me..

Swayam came and pinned her to the wall..

Sw:Shut up had a f**king plan for THIS!? He shouted.

Sh:Please I am not sleeping with him for god sake swayam..I can not..i love you..listen to me atleast..

Sw:SHOOTT! He shouted..

Sh:Atleast leave me'And sit somewhere..than we can talk..!

They both sit on the table in front of each other'Sharon knew he was soo angry to her..Sharon told her all the plan..he was a bit relax but he was still throwing daggers on her with his eyes..

Sharon walked upt him and sit on the seat next to him..she holds his hand into her's.

Sh:Look swayam..i know it's little risky..but if u are with me..nothing will go wrong..i trust u and I know you won't let anything happen to me..


Sh:Swayam atleast think about our team..they always wanted to be the part of footloose..itni mehnat..itni practice aise hi bakaar tu nahi jane de sakhte na..And the best is that I want to see You performing in footloose..and u have to be with me in this any cost..

Sw:As if I have a choice..btw u are seducing him tomorrow? He said while making a disgusted face.

Sh:Kyunnn'you are jealous! She said while smirking.

Sw: No baby I cant because I am already seduced..He said and took her in her arms..sharon starts laughing..He took her to room..and throw her to the bed..He took his shirt off and jump on her..Sharon was still giggling..

Sw:Come to daddy..he said in a very seductive manner.

Sharon tried to run away..but he holds her waist tightly and inserted his hands in her shirt..rubbing it on her stomach..Sharon laughed more as it was tickling her..suddenly he pressed his lips on her and they both started kissing eachother softly..but soon hunger took over them and they started kissing wildly..Swayam the button of her shirt where as Sharon unbutton his jeans..when he was about to unbutton his bottom..She pushed his hands lightly and stands up again buttoning her shirt..a=he came near her..hugged her from behind and said sorry..she smiled and gave a quick peck to his lips and they soon slept in each other embrace.


Next day in college both swayam and Sharon were nervous..swayam told everything to rey and ask his help..he agreed..but he didn't tell Sharon about this..

Sharon wore hot red short dress..showcasing her petite figure..She has to seduce shivam she knew..

Swayam came to her house and saw her in this dress..He was smiling like an idiot..

Sh:I know I look hot..She said and pulled him out with his collar from house with herself.

They soon reached shivam's place..

Sharon placed her hairs on one shoulder and stands with her back to the door..before ringing the door bell..

Shivam opened and smirked seeing her in this avatar..

She turned and give him a sexy smile..

Sh:Hey shivvvaaam'! She said and entered the house.

Sv:Hey look hot..

Sh:Thankx baby..She said.


Sh:So..that I think we should once discuss about everything before we start it..u know it will pretend for any after misunderstandings..

Sv:Oh yeah sure'so Sharon I will let your team enter in footloose only if you will sleep with me that is the deal..and after this one HOT night with most HOT girl..i will set your team free..

Sh:Actually I am here to tell you tht I don't except your deal anymore..So let me..go! She said and gave him a smirk walked upto door..

Swayam and Rey were standing out of the gate..they were waiting for they know her plan'

R:I must say your woman is clever haan!

Sw:She is not my woman..He said while pretending to hide.

R:Stop fooling to me..i know it..


R:saaf dekhta hai..

Sharon was about to open the gate when shivam locked it and pinned he to the door..and said..

Sv:You think its easy baby..tonight is gonna be big night..

Sh:LEAVE ME..shivam just leave me..She shouted.

Swayam and rey heard her shout..

Swayam tried to open the door but in vain..

Sw:Leave her shivam..don't u dare do something..He shouted from outside of the door..

Sv: So u got you guards haan..He said and took her to the coach and throw her on it..and tore the strap her shoulder..and started kissing her shoulder..she was pushing him but he was very strong..

Swayam and rey somehow managed to break the door..Swayam saw Sharon shoulder and his anger knew no limits..

Sw:take her out of the house in car rey..NOW!

Rey took her with him..She was crying sitting in the car with rey..rey try to calm her down but in vain as he knew swayam is the one who can only clam her down

Swayam punched directly on shivam's face..which cause him to bleed from his nose heavily..he holds him from collar and slap shivam tight on his face..

Sw:How dare you touch her..You will have to pay for it..He said and again punch him on his stomach..

This time even shivam punch swayam on his face..swayam's nose start bleeding lightly..he was gonna punch again when he holds his hand and pinned him to wall with his hands twisted at the back..

Sw:today I am leaving you because if I will kill you than Sharon can be in problem..but next time I will make sure to twist your head fom your neck with my owns hand if you even look at her again..He said and throw him down and run from his house to Sharon.

He came running towards the car..rey come out and say..

R:I take a cab..i think she need u alone rite now..

Swayam did not utter a word but only nod and sat in the car without even looking at Sharon..He was mad at her'he did not wanted Sharon to do all this but she did not listen..

He stopped the car in front of his house..opened the car gate for Sharon..and walked into house again..She followed him..He was walking inside more when he turn back and look at Sharon..who was standing on the door..her head down..she was crying while placing her one hand on her shoulder and her dress was going quite deep now..She was crying badly now..swayam couldn't see her like this..

Sw:Sharon I told u to not do this na?! He said very politely.

She looked upto him and runs and hug him like a  kid and starts crying again'Swayam too hug her tightly.


It's for you Nehal & Deepika! Love you witches..









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