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Swaron FF - Jab Dil Miley (Page 35)

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U r going to kill me wid ur HOT updates...I luv u darling...update soon Big smile Wink 

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Posted: 28 November 2012 at 8:17am | IP Logged
both of them are purely stupid, egoistic and out of control i would say !!!
they need to get a grip on themselves and figure out exactly wht they want. 
update soon
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thanx for the pm and the help
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Awesome!! Painful and emotional!!! I wish jaldi dono k beech sab theek ho jaye
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PART- 12

It was their 6th class back to back now..Sharon thought that she will feel good in this class as it was of history..She always feels good studying history since her childhood.Teacher entered the class and announce a new history assignment..

T:so students I am giving you all a new history is not as big and tough as before' is easy this time..but for this time you all will be paired with each other as I am giving you all the time very short because of some syllabus issues'so you all have only 3 days.

Teacher asked them to pair themselves with the person who have same first alphabet of your name..It was only 2 "S" in class..simi,swayam..and Sharon..and only 1 "N" simi asked teacher to be paired with nilesh..and she got permission.Ayesha instantly suggested teacher to pair the last S together for the assignment.

T:So the last 2 "S" both are paired up..

Sw:Ma'am I can handle this assignment by myself..i don't need any other "S"..He said without giving a glance to Sharon.

Sharon feet hurt on his statement of calling her by "S"..but decided not to react at all since she had decide to be cold and stranger with him.

T:Sorry swayam but you had Sharon and you are pair from now..till the assignment..and best of luck..Please make sure to collect the copies of your assignment queries for both the partners from the table before leaving the class.

And suddenly bell rings..swayam did not realize and left the room without collecting the copy..Sharon though if he will not get his copy that might can create problem in working on for that she collected his copy and place it in her bag with her's.


They all were in canteen except Sharon..swayam did noticed but in his heart..he did not make anyone notice that he was looking for Sharon.Sharon on the other hand was basket ball court..sitting alone..writing something on her queries copy..She was unconditionally writing swayam name on it..with different sizes and different font style..She almost wrote his name near very line and on very page..almost more than 50 times.

Suddenly her pen stopped and her eyes open wide as she realized that she was writing his name all over on her copy..

Sh:shit..i messed my copy'thank god front page is clean..but who cares it is for our help not like teacher will ask for it once we will finish the assignment..She though to herself and again placed the copy in her bag..with swayam's copy.


It was almost 7:00pm..she stayed back late to read some novel and even to find some important information which can help her on her assignment'She was coming out from library..She was alone in the whole college except few peons and guards.She was walking pass from the rehearsal hall when she heard some song coming out from it.She knew it was swayam..she don't have to see him to know that it is he.She though to give him..his query copy..and entered in rehearsal hall..Swayam stops and turned back to see her..he did not say a word neither she.They were silent for some second when finally Sharon broke the silence. forgot your query paper..I have YOUR'S..I though to give it to you..She said and grabbed a paper from her bag and forward her hand in front of swayam.

Swayam without answering or giving him second glance took the paper and left the rehearsal hall.

Sharon closed her eyes to bear the pain..She was angry on herself as she was feeling the pain..she wanted him to feel when she planned to leave him.She was hurting HERSELF from in and out badly.


Swayam's POV

Swayam entered his house and went to kitchen straight..He cooked fo himself today as he did not have anything from whole 1 day..his stomach was hurting and growling.He always felt good when he cooks himself..and today he cooked thinking same that cooking will help him..but in vain.He had his dinner very little and layed on the bed early than he used to sleep.Suddenly he remembered about the new assignment and he jerked off from the bed..unzipp his bag and took the copy from it.He read its first page..and his heart felt pacing high when he turned it to second page..there was written his name everywhere with a writing more beautiful than a script..He soon realized that it was sharon's copy which she mistakenly gave it to him.He traced him thumb on his words..for a moment his heart melted and questioned himself that sharon really don't love her..and it answers only YES..she do..but again he refused his heart and keep the paper back in his bag to return it to Sharon tomorrow'and he drift to sleep.


Sharon's POV.

Oh god..shit I handed him my was HIS name written all over it..i hope he don't see it..i hope he forgets to see it tonight..jeez,I can I be so careless with him..but what if he sees it and even ask me about it I can't be able to answer him..Shit..nothing is that I can do better sleep Sharon and be prepare for tomorrow..She said not so soon drifted to sleep.


 Everyone was in canteen..and waiting for swayam as they have to discuss about some coming footloose again..Sharon was very nervous..her heart heart was beating very hard..When suddenly everybody saw swayam coming in the canteen..but he was not alone..there was a girl accompany him..she was holding his arm..sharon was kept looking at their interwined she was throwing daggers to them through her eyes..she instantly take off her eyes from them..and took a deep breath..swayam came and start talking to rey about something..sharon realize on his behavior that he did not have yet read the copy which means he did not know that he have her copy..she took another relaxing breath.

V:Hey introduce to karwa yaar..girl and all haan! He said while smiling towards the girl..who smiles back.

Sw:Um'.she is girlfriend guys..

Sharon clenched her fist to control her emotions..emotions of anger..may be emotions of love even'she did not even look at him and kept her head low..pretending to be texting someone.

She did not utter a word and left the canteen..swayam saw her leaving but did not react'this time even rey felt something odd between them..ayesha and rey both were looking at each other confused..they did not know what was happening between them.

Sharon ran to the girls locker room and hide herself there..She hold the sink for she was feeling very weak..perhaps she can faint anytime..His words in canteen was ringing in her ears'suddenly she touched her cheeks and find it wet..a lone pair of tear dropped from her eyes to her cheek..she touched them and asked herself..why..why Sharon raiprakash is crying..i can't'aur kis ke liye..kyun aaj itna ajeeb lag raha hai..aisa jese apne heart ka koi piece khud se alag kardia mene..kyun lag raha hai jese saamsain thum jayegi..jese waqt peeche kyun nahi chala jata..kyun..kyun..kyun..

The whole day went fine..sharon was working in rehearsal hall on her assignment..but still she was confused because swayam and she both have to work..and it was only 2 days left..but they did not even discuss anything about it..When suddenly swayam entered..she jerked up from the bean bag and adjusted her dress as it was getting quite low..because of her uncomfortable sitting position..Swayam noticed this and lowered his gaze for some time..

Sw:Um..sharon..take it..i think it's your! He said passed her..her copy.

Sharon felt freeze knowing that he check the copy..knowing he must have read his names on it.


Sh:um..yeah..she said and grab the paper from his hands.

He without saying anything turned to leave.


Swayam stopped as he felt current ran down in his spines..he always felt so good to hear his name from her lips..he closed his eyes in stopped in his track but did not turn..

Sh:It's only 2 days left..i think we are PAIR'I mean for the we need to work together..

Swayam still did not turn..

Sw:Okay..aaj raat we can discuss and then tomorrow we can work on separately and can complete the assignment.. you say..but aaj ra..raat?

Swayam turned as he was angry on her question'and came forward to her a little.

Sw:kyun..u think main kuch karunga? Aaj raat kyun nahi..

Sh: I mean..i was asking aaj raat kahan! She said looked straight into his eyes.

Sw:We will meet in the basket ball 8:30! He said and left the rehearsal hall.

Rey and Ayesha were in caf..enjoying their coffee..rey had decide to ask Ayesha if she likes him or not..and than he will propose her here only.. hows the coffee?

A:Ahh..i love it..u was rite they make good coffee..she said and smiled.

REY's POV rey don't ask her opinion'just propose her I know she likes me..i can see in her eyes man..but now I will not propose her here..

R:Umm..ayesha I want to take you somewhere..

A:umm..yeah sure..we can go..but where?

R:Surprise surprise..and they both left for the place.

Their car stopped on some mountainy area..covered with beautiful orchids and was night but still beautiful.

She was looking at the sky when she suddenly felt rey kneeling down in front of her..

A:rey..what are you doing? LOVE YOU..would like to accompany me for forever..? he said with a smile.

Aeysha felt her heart doing summersaults'she smiled at rey's cuteness and kneeled down to him.

A:Um..why not..and she starts laughing.


A:Why not..YES u idiot..

And rey starts shouting and jumping like a kid..she starts laughing on his childish gesture.

A:rey'I..i love u too..she said and lowered her gaze..

Rey came forward to kiss her..she closed her eyes..but she felt his lips on her forehead instead of on her lips..She smiled at how he respect her.

Swayam was in basket ball court..dripping the ball..harder and harder..when he felt her presence..he turned to look at her'she was wearing a white..indian dress..she never wanted to wear indian again ever in her to life in front of her..but salim chacha did nt let her leave the house in something modern.She walked in basket ball..He was having the same feeling he felt when she came in front of him wearing that saree..he immediately start ka convo which helped him not to think about tht night anymore.

Sw:We can start..

They discussed some things weirdly as not trying to look at each other..they were almost done..when Sharon felt something wet on her cheeks..she touched it look upto the sky..and BINGO! It starts raining..sharon could have ran into the shelter but she had to collect all the papers and important notes was raining..heavily..she was by now fully drenched in water..swayam was looking at her..she as looking not less than any fairy in wet white dress..She loked at him for a second and the removed her eyes from she saw him starring at her..

Sh:Shit..shit I am all me..i dunt even have my car..she whispered but loud enough for swayam.

Swayam though to give her a lift but did not as he thinks he deserve it..and did not utter a word and left from there.

Sharon was trying to call rey..and she knew that they were on the date today..but because of the network problem in rain..their numbers were unable to reach'She had no other option but to wait until the rain stops and than she can walk to the house or call them again..there was no shelter there'It was almost 1:00 in night and still she was sitting there drenching in was still raining at a very high pace.She was freezing now..and wrapped her arms around her to feel warmth but in vain.

It was 3:00 now and still it was raining though..sharon tired to take a lift but in vain she even tried to walk to her house but her legs were stiff and paining and she could not walk..and sit on one of the stairs and hide her face in her knees..crying and sobbing'she could feel her body get warm because of the fever..she was scared to be alone..suddenly all the lights went off as the current of the area gone.She puts her hand on her mouth to not to scream in fear.She again tried to call rey..this time he picked the call.

R:Sharon..itni raat ko caal kya is everything fine..!

Sh:rey..sobbing'who actually..sobbing..and she tells him all the story!

R:stop worry Sharon..i am coming..don't go anywhere I will be there in some time..wait..he said and let his house urgently..

Sharon was waiting for rey when..suddenly she starts feeling pain in her head'and after some seconds she faints'after 10 minutes rey entered the basket ball court totally panicked..and saw Sharon laying on the floor..she was bleeding from her forehead she was sitting on stair when she fainted and fallen to the ground in a wrong position. your eyes..omg..He said while tapping her cheek.

He picked her up in her arms and lay in her in the back seat of his car..and drive towards his home..because it was late and going to ayesha's house was not a good idea..and beside that she will starts getting tensed to see her in this situation at this time of night.

He layed her in his guest room and asked her maid to change her clothes and take care of her whole he could not be with her whole night alone in one room..He went to his room and sat on the bed.

Continue..scroll down!

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R to himself: yeh swayam ko kya ho gaya hai..kuch ajeeb behave karraha hai..opar se Sharon ko aaj akele isse raat main choor kar chala gaya..something is major wrong I need to talk to Ayesha about this..

Soon he drifted to sleep.

Rey was having his breakfast and instruct Sharon that she needs rest so don't even think to come college today..she had very little in breakfast…rey drop her to her home while his way to college..but Sharon did not listen to him..she entered her house..take a quick shower and changed herself in comfortable denim and tee with jersey jacket on top as she was having little high fever and she was feeling cold…she drive herself to college and entered rehearsal hall..

Rey saw her and become angry…by now rey had told everybody about what happened last night..but swayam was not in rehearsal hall at that moment so he was unaware of the fact.

R:Sharon..please mene tumhe mana kya tha aaj college anai..phir bhi tum aa gai..u need rest..he said and touched her forehead which was still burning hot..OMG Sharon you have high fever..

Sh:rey..let it be..I am I need to complete my assignment today as tomorrow is the last day of submission..

Rini..and all other girls..starts scolding her on why she came here..she need rest..and she is stubborn and blah blah blah…

Suddenly swayam entered but on the second after a bell rings..everybody leaves even Sharon..only swayam and simi was left in rehearsal hall..simi was gathering her stuff..

Sm:hi swayam..wats up?

Sw:hey sim..why you all were shouting at Sharon..

Sm:oh u don't know it..sharon was up till late in rain last night in basket ball court..she didnt have ride and even the networks was gone..she was there for almost 3:00..all alone..she was all drenched you know..she was so scared and even the current of area went gone..she has some darkness phobia you 4:00 she called rey somehow..when reached there he found her unconscious..and took her to his home..she is in high fever rite now..she ven got injured from her forehead..but still she came today..stupid girl..she said she did not work on her assignment at she have to work today..god help her..essi halat main how will she work!..she said and left the rehearsal hall.

Swayam's POV

What?sharon puri raat wahan akele barish main rahi..i thought she will manage somehow to reach home..oh shit..i am really sorry..i am sorry Sharon..tumhe hurt karne main khud kitna hurt ho raha hai yeh sirf mujhe hi pata hai..No..tum aaj kaam nahi karogi..u need to rest..aaj ka assignment sara main karunga..SHIT SHIT SHIT…you fainted coz of me..i hate myself for this..par kya karun tumhe hate karne hi koshish karahoon hun par kar nahi pa raha hai..kitna koshish karta hoon utna hi khud ko hate karne lagta hun..jiitna tumhe hurt krta hun use ziada main hota hoon..

Sharon skipped her every lecture today to work on assignment..she was in rehearsal hall..working hard on the project..even her head was paining like hell..her eyes were red and she was feeling very weak..she was even unable to stand properly.

Swayam entered the rehearsal hall quietly..sharon did not notice him and kept working..swayam came and stands in front of her..she realized someones presence and titled her head up only to find swayam standing there..swayam in an instant snatched the files and paper from her hand..she tried getting up but her legs were paining and she sits again.

Sh:WTH? Is this huh? She shouted.

Sw:don't you dare to shout on me..he glared and yelled back.

Sh: I will shout..give me the papers back..she forwards her hand to snatch the paper back from him..but he hide his hand to his back.

Sh:Give this back to me swayam…my mood is very pissed off from yo..i mean my mood is bad..don't play with me rite..I am not in a position to argue with you..she said at him in a low voice..he got about on what her mood was bad.

Sw:Look..tumne kitna kaam karna tha karlia..ab baaki ka main kardunga..aur kal assignment bhi submit ho should go home are not well..he said tuned to leave.

Sh:stop it! Stop pretending as if u cared for me..u don't..agr karte tu kal raat..kher forget it..agr tumhe yeh assignment complete karna hai tu karo..your wish..She said and stands from the bean bag..her hair was covering her wound on her forehead..which exposed now to was bandaged by it was deep..swayam was kept starring at her forehead..he felt his heart dugging deep spmewhere in his was his fault that she was like this rite now..Soon Sharon with trembling legs walk out of college..

Swayam sat there and worked on the assignment until it was completely ready to be submitted.

Teacher entered the class and asked them their assignments..

T:student I have decided that whoever will be successful in giving a good assignment and passed out will remain be the pairs for until your last year in college ends..and which is ending after 2 month initially..after 2 month you all are having your final get set it for those..and best of luck.

She was announcing the pair who will remain be the same for until between she called the "S"..yes swayam shekhawat and Sharon raiprakash you will also be paired up for months.

Swayam and Sharon was wishing that they get fail so they don't have to be with each other like that.It is painful and bad for both of them..sharon was feeling much better than today.

Days passed and they were still on that position..painful hurtful..and loveful..but one thing was changed back again..swayam behavior…he was again THE swayam that bas***d but still arrogant and heartless towards Sharon.which Sharon only felt but inside swayam knew it was very difficult for him to act like that again with Sharon.Swayam usually spend time with Ria to make Sharon feel bad..and offcourse she do feel bad..but she hurt herself only to bare the pain..sometime she cries for so many nights without even having a single nap..sometime she broke vase..glasses and every stuff of her room…last week she even walked up from the broken glasses in her room and injured her feet deeply.Swayam exactly knew the main reason behind the tragedies happening with her from past 2 weeks..but he did not reacted to it.Sharon was finally on such a bad condition that she got hospitalized..everyone went to look her in hospital even swayam's gf RIA..but he did not!

They were in Sharon hospital ward's..they all were trying to pamper her..but she was in no mood for it at all.

Sh:Guys, I know you care for me..but I am fine so stop it now..she said with a weak smile on her face.

A:Sharon what ha happened to you! You are not THE Sharon I knew..What happened to that Sharon raiprakash? Huh!? I miss her..she said while a pair of tear fall from her eyes.

Rey came near her..and she placed her head on his shoulder.

R:Ayesha is right Shar! You have changed!

Sh:Hm..I am,may be for good! Guys..i want to tell you something! But ..

V:Shar! You are our sister you don't have to think before talking to us..just say it…she said and gave her a warm smile.

Sh:Thanks Vicky! Guys I am leaving St.Louis..

All were shocked but from passed few days they all knew that something like this was on their way..they all even noticed sharon's and swayam's cold and hurtful behavior towards each other.

A:But shar..

Sh:No can't stop me now..I have to leave it for me..for y goodness for his..I mean for good I have to..And I am leaving.

R:Shar! It's only 1 month left for final exam and after that is our footloose final..remember me and swayam selected you..

After hearing footloose all those memories bad or good spent with swayam ran to her head.She controlled her tears..The memory on which how swayam badly wanted Sharon to dance for they used to fight with each other how they used to abuse and wanted to kill each other..She felt good even recalling the bad memories because atleast in those they talked..touched..see each other..but now it was all different..very different..

Sh:It does not matter..I am matter what..and if you all love me than you will not force me stay back or talk about it again..Se said while controlling her tears and giving them all a weak..rather very weak smile…and Vicky and rey side hugged her.

Swayam was in his room when ria entered in with a THUD. are mad you know..kyun use itni taqleef de rahe ho..kyun? he said while shouting at him.

Sw:ria tujhe pata hai yeh zarori hai..agar mujhe use bholna hai tu wapsi se pehle wala swayam banna hoga..wahi heartless swayam..

Ria:tu aisa kabhi bhi nhai tha..teri zindagi ka ek incident tujhe aisa nahi bana sakhta kyun tu who sab bhool nahi jata..That was is present..and Sharon IS you present..

Sw:No! she isn' body is..ab main again khud se kisi ko khelne nahi dunga..

Ria: Tu na pagal ho gaya hai..tu apne DAD ki wajah se puri duniya ko galat nahi samjh is not like your dad..understand it..

Sw:Please ria..leave it..

Ria:no…you leave it..main teri gf banne ki acting karahi hoon..tere kehne pe us dekhne hospital gai..yeh pyaar nahi tu kya know uske ek ek word main itna pain tha na..woh pagal khud nahi jaanti but who bhi tujhse bohat pyaar karti hai..tere dad aunty ko akela chor ke chale gaye jab tu sirf 12 saal ka tha..doesn't mean har koi aisa hi karta hai..there are people who do love each other..Your mom main duniya ki galti nahi hai..unki galti sirf itni thi ke who tere dad se bohat pyaar karti thi..par who us pyaar ko samjh nahi paye..kyun ke teri mom unhen kabhi samjhane ki koshish hi nahi ki..she though ke chup rehne main sab theek ho jayega..aur wahi mistake tub hi aaj karaha hai..chup reh raha hai…kyun samm..kyun?? she shouted the last line.

Sw:ia bus..tu mere un zakhmo ko phir se taza kar rahi hai jinhen main bohat pehle bandage kar chukka don't know the feeling when someone ditched you..left you..who u love a lot..she did the same..and now I have decided that I will do the same..mujhe uske hone na hone se koi fark nahi parhta ab..

Ris:seriously?? FINE! You know what Sharon is leaving college..she is not giving papers not even will be in think ke tujhe fark pahrta hai ya nahi..raat bhar jag aur sooch..she said with a sarcastic smile and left.

Swayam's POV

Tujhe koi fark nahi parhta swayam..aur gar parhta bhi hai tu tujhe khud ko control karna hoga..this time you can't can't any one more to effect break you from just can't..

Everyone was in canteen giving Sharon her treat as she was leaving after 2 days.Sharon wanted to do and dance for little time..She excused them and walks towards the rehearsal hall only to find swayam kissing a hot chick.

She froze..her entire world froze there..she could see his lips moving in sync with her' like when they kissed…her heart arched…as almost stop pumping blood in her body..tears starts rolling down from her eyes…he could see swayam's hand on her waist and on her back..just like when he holds her that night…Swayam broke off..and turned back to look towards Sharon teary faced..even his heart arched..but he knew this is the only way to hurt her the most..

Chick: Hey swayu..who is she? She pointed towards Sharon.

Sw:Ah..nobody..He said..but his heart said everybody.

Sharon did not answer anything she wiped her tears and ran out from fast as possible..after she left..swayam gave that chick her money and she left.

Sharon enters her house…and directly run towards he it and starts splashing everything in there…she pulled the curtains..threw pillow here and there…broke thousands of glasses and vase..and show pieces..which were her favourite..she kneeled down on her knees and cried her heart out as loud as she could..shouting his name in betweens..

How can you do this to me..I can't..aur jhoot nahi bol akhti tumse..I love you..i love you swayam..i really can you kiss someone like only said that..that night meant everything to you..than I realize kitne taqleef hui hogi tumhe jab mene tumhe yeh kaha that I dunt love you..I do swayam..i really love you..I am sorry swayam..par ab kuch nahi ho sakhta..i am leaving the college you don't love me now..and it's better for both of us..

She was crying when suddenly someone knocked at her room's door..she quickly replied that she is changing..and in meanwhile time..she cleaned her room a bit..and wash her face..she opened the door to find salim chacha and aysh standing there…

SC:Sharon kuch mat kehna..main tujhse sirf itna kehne ayah un agr tu is burhe ho apna kuch bhi maanti hai tu college mat choorna baaki agai teri marzi..he said and left the place without even entering her room.

Sharon kept starring at Ayesha..

A:tu akhir kaar tujhe pyaar ho hi gaya..She said and left too.

Sh:Now,what do I do?mene aaj tak salim chacha ki koi baat nahi taali…..she sighs…….Aur aaj bhi nahi taalungi..i can't leave St.Louis..god aap mujhe baar baar kyun is jagah par lakar khara kardetain hain jahan mere pas koi other option hi na ho..chal Sharon lag ja study karne kyun ke paper tu ab tujhe dene hi month exams..gosh mene abhi tak kuch start nahi kia..shit I have to study hard now…ab mera aur swayam ka chapter khatam ho chukka hai or rather I guess kabhi tha hi I Sharon raipraksh will concentrate on my life and my goal which is dancing..

Everybody was waiting for Sharon as she was little late..She ran towards the rehearsal hall..and find everybody glaring at her..since she was too late today..and even missed some starting routine..everyone glared her except swayam.He was calm and relxed. punctual from next time..Now guys lets get going again..continue..sharon Ayesha or rather simi will show you the routine we practiced..he said and turned to practice with boys.

Sm:Swayam Sharon ko kya faida teach karrne ka she is tu leaving na tomorrow? She said with a sad face and swayam stopped he felt hurt thinking that HE was the main reason for which Sharon had to leave.

Ayesha stares at find the answer if she really did not listen to salim chacha or she does.


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Sh:BINGO! Guys..I am not leaving..Happy? She said with a wide grin on her face.

Swayam still didn't turn but his lips crept a tinniest…chotu sa smile.

Everyone hooted and cheered for Sharon..They were so happy that Sharon is not leaving college..where as Ayesha just stand there and gave Sharon a positive smily nodd.

The rehearsals went good..sharon was feeling relaxed but one thing was disturbing her..she decided to talk to swayam today..and clear out lot of thing for both of them's goodness.Even swayam was chill today..they all had little fun parts in rehearsal.

Sharon texted swayam,

Um..If we can talk for a while after bell only! I will stay back.


Swayam was confused to read the message..she look at Sharon while holding his phone..sharon looked for a second back and removed her eyes.

Swayam texted back,

Fine,I stay back as well.

She read the message and without any expression keeps her cell phone in her pocket again.

After a while bell rings..swayam took of glance of Sharon..and even she did.

R:hey swayam..wat cha waitin' for..come lets go?? go I will be there in some time..i need to make an important call…he said and look at Sharon.

Rey understood that they both were staying up for each other they must need to talk..he looked towards Ayesha and asked her to leave as well with his eyes..and they both left.

Swayam walks upto Sharon and asked her that what she wants to talk about? She didn't utter a word..she felt venerable and weird..she lowered her gaze and played with her fingers as she was collecting the courage.

Swayam noticed her discomfort and turned to leave our from rehearsal hall when he heard her voice from back..her words made her stiff and stops at his track.

Sh:I..I am sorry swayam..she said and closed her eyes tightly.

Swayam turned and looked at her tightly closed eyes.She slowly opened her eyes to find swayam narrowed eyes at her..confusingly asking her about her apology and all.

Sh:I really am sorry for that morning..

Sw:if your are talking about the morning after THAT night..than it's not needed..your reaction was indeed right coz I misunderstands that you lo..he stopped his words and close his eyes to bear the pain.

Sh:No..i should be sorry..for the pain I gave you..because now I know the feeling of if u loves someone and that person doesn' loved me but I did i..i love you love but you don't anymore..that's why I know the's bad very bad..She said.


Sh:SHHH! I a not done yet..its a basic to talk to Sharon when she talks..then don't speak up in between..let me finish! She said with cute attitude and a lone pair of tear fall from her left eye..which she quickly wiped off.

Sh:aise behave karke stranger jese..hum dono sirf ek dosre ko sir hurt kar rahe hain..relax yeh relation hai na equation..hum ek dosre ke saathi nahi ban sakhte but ek dosre ke friend tu ban hi sakhte hain..apne liye nahi tu apne baaki friends ke liye..takai unhen hamre iss equation se kabhi problem na ho..She said and lowered her gaze as she herself was not confident if he will like the thought or not.

Her head was down..suddenly she felt a hand in front of her face..she looked up and saw the most angelic smile on his angel's face..

Sw:Um..I think you have brains..let be friends..not only for our friends but for ourselves..he said and asked her from his eyes is she good with this..

She slowly hesitatingly placed her tiny hand in his big once..and gave him a warm which reached to her eyes after many days.

His heart felt relax and sooth seeing her smiling from her heart after what happened between than.

Sh:friends! She said in answer.

Sw:So..I think other must be thinking that what are we doing better get going..and yes I am giving you ride back to your place after college..he said grin at her.

Sh:But I can..

Sw:No use buts a them for dance lady..He said and after a second they both start laughing..Sharon had tears in her eyes she had laugh like this after so many days and especially with swayam.. text me when we have to let's go to the canteen..because the second bell has already ring and the lecture is over..and our DEVILS will be in canteen for sure..she said and giggled at he statement.

Sw:after you..he said and indicated his hand as for asking her to go first.

They walked out from rehearsal hall and went straight to the canteen..

Sw:Devils perhaps are here..i have heard that think of a devil and here it is..but think of a devil and here is the full team..impressive have pink tongue..He said and they both walks upto their devils.

R:Thankgod you guys came..actually I wanted to tell you guys something..a news..rather good news he said while looking at Ayesha..

Sh:Aysh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't tell me…OMG..seriously??I so happy…Woww wooww woow..She shouted and Ayesha replied YES!

All were confused even rey and swayam…they find it little funny and adorable that how they both understand each other without even talking to you..

Sharon runs to her and hug her tight..

R:mene tu abhi kuch bula hai must be misunderstanding Sharon..he said confused.

Sw:Yeah..sharon atleast listen to him..

All:yeah SHAR! Stop behaving like a kiddo…

Sh:You all are jerks..i know her since when I was 3..i can read her eyes..feel her heat guys..and I know rey what your news is..

And looked towards Ayesha and winked at her.

R:Oh..really..than u burst it out! He said challenging her.

Sh:guys..oo lalala…Rey and Ayesha are couple now..they are official..! She said happily.

Rey's mouth was almost falling to floor and swayam laughed seeing his reaction…all went crazy hearing this news and congrats them.

Rey was about to say something to Sharon..

Sh:oh..please..i know I am the best..don't praise me rey..he said and pulled his cheeks and wink at him.

It was 7:00 pm when Sharon got a text..

I am done with everything..we can go now..sorry for kept you waiting..come out..i am in car waiting for you!


She smiles and replied.

I will be there in a 5 minutes =)


Sharon comes running from the stairs and sit in his car..

Sh:God,you are waiting for 20 mins..sorry stuck somewhere..she said a made an apologetic pout. problem..he said with a smile.

He starts driving when Sharon layed her head on the seat back..trying to compose she was hell tired today and can faint anytime..after few minutes swayam tuned to ask something to Sharon..but what he saw made his heart do summersaults..She was sleeping the seat like a baby..she had a stupid and beautiful smile on her lips..her hairs were falling on her face..her lips was as pink and beautiful when he first tasted them.Her glowing complexion was even glittering now in moon light coming from the sky directly to her face..her single strand of hair was even flying because of the wind and teasing her lips slightly..making them create a beautiful pout..He stopped the car..and pinned the strand of her hair behind her ear and removed the falling hairs from her face..he caressed her pink beautiful cheek and trace her lips with his finger..He could still feel her lips on his even only touching them..He came out of his traced soon and drove to her house..reaching there he called her name which cause to cuddled even more like a small baby in her carry coat.He leaned it and tap her cheek very lightly and finally made her open her eyes..and smiled a baby smile to him..suddenly she jerked up.

Sh:I slept in the car? Shit I was so tired..sorry swayam!she said while placing her fingers on her forehead.

Swayam starts laughing on how cute she behave..

Sw:Go now..or else you will sleep here again should take some rest my FRIEND! He said and chuckled.

Sh:thankx for the ride you tomorrow at college..she said with a smile and leave his car..and enter her house…she took a quick shower and starts preparing chicken curry with rice(her favourite) for herself she was tired but still she wanted to cook..

Swayam stopped his car and sat on the bench of the park nearby his house..he was feeling good now..his heart was giving him some pleasant he knew that Sharon also loved him..

Swayam's POV

Sharon main jo tumhare liye feel karta hun..uske baad we can't be friends but agar mujhe yeh friendship bhi karni pari..i will make sure to do it for think that I don't love you anymore..rubbish how can I stop loving you..but I make you realize that I love you still and for forever..through our friendship..i promise we will fall for each other again perfectly than before..

Main tumhare gate pe khara hun..bohat bhook lagi hai kuch khanai ko milega..

She jerked up from the bed and unlocked his house's door..and wrap her arms around her chest and lifted a brow..

Sw:bohat bhook lagi hai..i forgot ke maid off pe hai..aur itni raat ko koi shop bhi nahi khuli hogi! He said with a cute pout.

Sharon did not utter a word..she turned and walked in house..went to kitchen and switch on the lights..where as swayam followed her and sits on the dining table.



GOSH! I know it is a long update..because for about a week I will not be updating comment and like as before..

Nehal92 you are the only one who take update out from me this soon and much..muah!





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Nehal92 Goldie

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phew! Tanya Thank you so much for a long long long long update that too on my demand love you dear Hug

now coming to the update Fab Fab Fab...chalo ab toh yeh do crack pots sahi thareeke se love main padhenge...phir intimate honge... :P

a whole new start aisa lag raha hain naya ff padh rahi hoon Approve

barish main poori raat..aww poor sharon...bechari apne aap ko hospital bhi pahuncha liya...and swayam too loves her beyond limits...

Aww! ayesha and them ! Rey and Ayesha auper awesome...

Swayam and SHaron more awesome :PP 

Precap: Zabardast


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