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Swaron FF - Jab Dil Miley (Page 34)

Trupti09 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 6:33pm | IP Logged was very hot tanya.loved their confession.precap looks interesting.loved ur writing tanya.u r an amazing writer.pls update next part soon.

pri_tanvi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Super HAWWT!!! I am speechless!!!!
swa-ron Goldie

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
waiting for the next one
pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 4:38pm | IP Logged

Warning: This update contain bold reader who feels uncomfortable can skip it.

PART- 11

Recap:Swayam was stunned to see Sharon in red saree.Swayam and Sharon confessed their feeling for each other and made to love in hostel room in alone st.louis school.


Swayam was almost 8:30 am now..He jerked up from the bed'and was scared if any one saw them here'but suddenly he realized it was Him only and not THEM..Sharon was not in the room..he saw her one earring stuck to his hair and dropped from there..he picked it and smiled crept on his face'every image of last night flashed in front of his eyes..He did not know why he said Sharon that he loves her but he was sure that he do and was happy that he said that to her last night..he was shirtless..and wore his shirt and thought that Sharon must be feeling weird of what happened last night'because it was very soon for that's why she is gone..he decided to directly go and meet Sharon as soon as possible'He peeped out of the room and found one body there..he run out of the school and sits in car..He was adjusting his hairs in front mirror in car when his eyes fell to his neck..he saw the love bite there..which was given by sharon last night in pool..He traced his thumb on it..he could still the feeling Sharon wet lips on his neck and whole body..He was eager to meet her.He drove her car to Ayesha's he knew Sharon would need Ayesha rite now but she obviously would not have tell her anything about last ayesha must be in college rite now and Sharon must have skipped college today'He drove to Ayesha' house.Some maid opened the door..swayam asked her about Sharon..she told him that Sharon madam is in her room upstairs..he instruct the maid to not let anyone come upstairs until we want anyone.He ran upto her room and opened the door..saw Sharon leaning against the window realing..she was looking out from the window'swayam could by her face that she was tensed..He entered the room but let the door open.


Sharon stiffed hearing his voice..after some second she turned to him'

Sh:Swayam..tum..tum yaham kyun aye ho..?? WHY? He said in a very rude manner.

Sw:Sharon..i though I should meet you soo I came here..what happened to you'Why are behaving so different?

Sh:Look you don't be smart with me..You have no right to meet me like this alone..leave..she shouted.

Swayam felt hurt and start getting angry at the same time..he did not expect Sharon to be this rude after what happened last night between them.

Sw:Sharon..WTH are you talking'he shouted a little coming towards her.

Sh:stop it swayam..I hate you..ok..i really hate you..just leave me alone..go out of here..she shouted turning her back to him.

Sw:You hate me? Sharon..i won't leave'I want my answer'rite now..He shouted back..loudly this time..

Sh:You are nobody to ask me any questions..leave or else I am going to call the security..

Sw:I wont Sharon..i will not any at any cost until you will answer my questions..She said through his teeths.

He said while coming more close to her.

Sh:okay'don't go..than I am leaving'She said and turned to walk away from him..

He holds her wrist to stop her'She felt a current run down to her entire body..She closed her eyes to control her self..She looked upto him..

Sw:Sharon I love you..he said politely while holding her wrist..

Sh:but I don't..I can never love you..swayam shekhwat'she shouted..

His grip tightened on her wrist..

He was fuming in anger now..he don't know the reason why Sharon was behaving such weird as if nothing happened last night..

Sw:you do Sharon..YOU DO LOVE said it last night..stop pretending as if nothing happened last night..

He said and pulled her closer into his chest with anger in his yes..

Sh:Behave swayam..leave me..jaane do mujhe..i don't know tu kis baarai main baat karahe ho..i dunt remember anything..she said while trying to free her self from him..

Sw:We made love to each other..we love each can't deny it..u do remember..stop faking it Sharon..he shouted on her.

Sh: I dunt remember anything..agr kuch hua bhi tha..tu it was a mistake..i don't matter to is nothing to me..He said while looking away from him.

Sw:oh..really meri aankoon main dekhn ke kaho yeh sab'

Sharon looked into his eye and repeated again.

Swayam was beyond hurt but he knew that Sharon is still faking it..

Sharon saw swayam misty eyes'and her heart was stopping seeing those brown orbs drenched in tears for her..she did not have any more strength to look at him..he loosened his grip on her..She freed herself and turned to walk out of room..Swayam was annoyed on her weird behavior..he wanted answer and he was in no mood to leave her until she answer his question..He pulled her again into room and throw her down..He goes and locked the room..took his shirt off and threw it in the corner of her room..His eyes were blazing with anger by now..Sharon felt scared but she knew swayam would not do anything bad to her..She was shivering..

Sh:what are you doing swayam? Wear your shirt at once..he shouted..her leg was paining as she was throw in a bad position.

He did not answer her ad pulled her up and pinned her to the wall..crushing her upper body with his chest to the wall..and a lone tear escaped from her eyes..followed many ohers..

Sw:what happened..was just nothing to you..rememeber I touched you..we made love to each other'I claimed you..i kissed you..i even f****d you'He shouted out his lungs make her to close her eyes in horror.

Sh:leave me can u talk about me like this..leave me please..I hate you'

Sw:I am talking the reality..reality which happened last night..may be my words are harsh but its all truth..and said in low voice.

Sh:leave me'I hate u swayam..

Sw:you hate me..hann?? Don't you dare or else I have to do very thing which happened last night to remind you that u said you love me..he shouted at her..she could feel his lips touching her lips while he was talking because swayam was way close to her..

Sh:no response..she just lowered her gaze and tried again to free herself from him..only to feel his grip tightened more on her..

Sw:tell me you hate me? You don't fell anything na..when I kissed your lips..when I kissed your body..When you was feeling my hands on you..entirely..huh?? tell me Sharon..why are you looking tu don't remember anything from last night na'than why?

Sh:Swayam leave..It never happened..Leave me rite now..She Shouted on her..

Sw:Okay'than miss Sharon do tell me how will you going to feel it now!

He said and inserted his hand in her shirt'He took his hands to her back..unhooked her bra'sharon was in a total shock..but feeling his hands touching her skin was sending shiver down her spines..Swayam took off his bra from her shirt and threw it away..Sharon felt dizzy while he as touching her..only she knows how she was trying not to moan his name is pleasure..Swayam looked straight onto her green orbs with anger and love both remain there..and leaned in..suddenly Sharon closed her eyes and dug her nails into swayam swayam pressed his bare chest on her cleavage hard after taking off her bra..She gasped on it..He closed his eyes and place his forehead with her..

Sh:leave me will not are only making me hate you more... She said while her eyes tightly closed.

Swayam opened his eyes and could feel the pleasure she was feeling rite now..

Sw:Hate me more than Sharon..he said and rubbed his chest on her cleavage..he felt her nails dugging deeper in his neck..a lone drop of blood came out of his skin as she dugged her nails in pleasure without controlling her self..When suddenly she felt something wet on her fingers and opened her eyes to see what was it'seeing blodd coming out from his skin..she pushed him little..and lowered her gaze realizing what swayam was doing and what she was letting him do.

Sh:Swayam its bleeding..You need aid..

Sw:No hate me'mene maan lia..but I love you'u dunt remember last night..mene maan lia..but I do..meri zindagi ki sabse beautiful night thi kalki raat'you don't feel anything when I touch you'mene maan liya..but I feel so..yeh khoon jo nikal raha hai na..woh bhi mujhe takleef nahi de raha hai jitna hurt tumne mujhe kya hai'Aaj se tumhare aur mere raaste alag hain Sharon..We are nobody to each other..Hum sirf ek team..ek college ka part hain..aur kuch nahi'He said and a lone drop rolled down his eyes to his neck..followed by many other. must be hurting..She forwad her hand to touch his neck..but he grabbed her hand..and don't let her.

Sw:we are nobody Sharon..we don't have any right on each other..than leave it..Saying so he left the house.


Continue..scroll down or go to next page.

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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 4:38pm | IP Logged


Sharon's POV

Sharon tunai jo kya theek kya..he deserve it..usne jot ere saath kyat ha pehle…he do deserve it..i took my revenge..yes Sharon you took your revenge from that jerk..But why..why am I feeling hurt..i should not..why will I feel bad for that swayam? Offcourse I am not feeling anything….She walked front of the mirror…and saw herself in it..and suddenly all the images of last night from the prank in the pool to the most last embraced sleep in his arms starts flashing in the mirror..she could see herself being kissed by him..she saw herself kissing him a badly..she saw herself confessing her love to him..she saw them both naked making love to each other…she saw her saying..i love you swayam…she could not take it anymore..she grabbed a flower vase from the table and throw it towards the mirror making the mirror break into pieces..and fall on the floor…She looked towards the pieces and saw swayam teary face into them..the broken pieces were the reflection of his broken heart..No Sharon don't think like this..he don't love you..or may he DO..yes ho do..but don't..mujhe use revnege lena tha who mene le lya..and he is right..hum dono ke raaste ab alag hain..ab se hum sirf ek college main hain.ek team main hain..but we are nobody to each other..yes..SHARON RAIPRAKASH DON'T LOVE HIM…no swayam shekhawat you can't be loved be me..kal se..kal se ek new Sharon hogi..main swayam ke saath ek stranger ke jese hi behave karungi..bilkol cold behavior rakhungi uske sath..usne jitna mujhe insult kya hai main use aur karungi..usse har par yeh ehsaas us ne computer room main mere saath sahi nahi kyat ha..he has to pay for it..usse aur taqleef dungi main..swayam I hate u..i hate u..


Swayam's POV

He stopped his car in the middle of road..come out of it…he felt his knees weak..he kneeled down to the ground..and shouted her name SHARON as loud as possible..his face was covered with tears..tears of anger..tears of love..

Why..why..sharon tumne mere saath aisa kyun kya? Kyun mujhe tum se pyaar ho gaya..kyun main khud pe control nahi kar paya..tumne mujhe itne se dino main itna badal dia hai ke main pehle wale swayam ko bhool gaya hoon..why Sharon..why do I love you..kyun behek gaya main tumhare pyaar main..kyun mene tumhare saath who sab kuch computer room main..agr who na hota tu shayed aaj tum mere saath hoti..mere paas hoti..kyun Sharon..why god..why did u do this to me..main tumhe nahi maanta..par aaj lagta hai ke tum ho..kyun main aisa nahi chahta tha jo hua..tumne..tumne yeh sab kiya hai..kyun tum mujhe khush nahi dekh sakhte..kyun mujhse us harr insaan ko cheen lete ho jisse main pyaar karta hun..kyun mujhe nbaar baar wahi lakar khara kar dete ho..jahan se main hamesha aggai barhna chahta hoon…kyun..kyun..kyun..Sharon I love you…mene kabhi socha hi nahi tha ke main tumse ek raat main itna pyaar krne lagunga..i cant..cant forget u..its hrut Sharon ke kal ka tumhe kuch bhi yaad nahi hai..tumhe mere touch karne se kuch nahi hota..koi feeling nahi jaagti..Why god..why sharon..why am I a soo I can't cry like this..ab mere aur Sharon ke raaste alag hain..ussse kal se purana wala swayam milega..main use taqleef dunga..utni hi jitni usne mujhe di hai..i will behave cold with her..i will make her can't be loved by me don't deserve it..I don't love you…I don't… shout and cried louder and said..I do..i do love you..I am sorry Sharon pyaar nahi khata ho sakhta mera tumhare liye..


Next day in college..Sharon entered rehearsal hall..everyone was there except swayam..ayesha was warming up and rey was helping her in it..sharon felt good to see them both like this..she somehwhere knew that they both like each other.

Sh:Hey ash..hi guys..wats up? She said with a very little smile on her lips.

Ayesha turned and ran to her and give her a side hug.

A:hey baby..I am tell..hey your eyes are were crying last night or couldnot sleep! Is everything okay?? She said with concern.

All in union: Mommy phir se chalu ho gai…and starts laughing..even Ayesha laughed.

Sharon just gave a light smile.

Ayesha noticed this..she could say from her face that she has cried last night not that she could not sleep and all…She even was feeling something beautifully strange between her and swayam past 10 days..even she noticed swayam slightess expression when she entered in college wearing saree.

When everyone was busy in laughing swayam entered into rehearsal hall with his bag on his left arm..He came and stand beside Sharon..ayesha felt happy to see him stand beside Sharon..but other second..her face got worried expression..Swayam stands for 2 – 3 second and walks upto the team and said hi to them ALL..with out even looking at Sharon or saying hi to her or even giving her a small smile…she saw Sharon face fell down..and next second without saying anything Sharon turned and walks out of the rehearsal hall..Sharon was walking in the corridor..thinking that she ONLY wanted this..than why is she feeling so bad..why she don't like it..She felt dagger holed down into her heart..and suddenly a painful small current went through her heart to her body..She was feeling low..and weak..which she even did not know why..

Swayam on the other hand was feeling weak mentally and he could not sleep from last 2 days properly..and he did not even had any thing in lunch or dinner yesterday..Even he was not at home full day..he was sitting on beach thinking about Sharon and him..which can never be THEM.


 Nehal its fo you meri jaannHug..and ria it was already written with me so I posted it somehow on her request…sorry for not telling you..even 2 more parts are ready with me…

Guys, comment and please like it..and please please please comment big once haan..No precap for today..will edit the post soon and add precap In it..And this update is purely written by me.

Thankyou!Big smile


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Nehal92 Goldie

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 5:00pm | IP Logged
AWESOME!!! :D detail main kal comment karrongo

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Crazy4AshVik IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 6:41pm | IP Logged
Sooo sorry for the late comment...
I loved each and every update to the core!!Big smile

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sweetcherry95 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
awwiee awesome update
though it was emotional but beautifully written
revenge is more important for sharon then love

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