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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
resBig smile

pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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Guys, let me tell you firstly that this chapter can be little adult readers under 16,read at your own risk!

PART- 10

It has been 9 days since that dinner party at Ayesha's place..She just joined St.Louis 2 days back..and was quite impressed with the college and everything..Rey and she was becoming very good friends soon as their likes and dislikes were almost same.

Whole dazzling team was in rehearsal hall..Sharon and all the girls were so tensed and nervous whereas boys were enjoying their situation.

Sh:How can they do this to us! Are we idiots or what..hamesha yeh girls ke sath hi kyun hota hai! She shouted on the boys.

R:Sharrooonnn'she was trying to calm her down'.

Sh:Shut up'you all'just zip your mouth and finger on the lips..

Swayam and all instantly put fingers on their mouths.

Sharon was again and again imitating today's notice.

Sh Imitates again: We are glad to tell you that our college is celebrating spring fling tomorrow..and would like you all to be there in night 8:00'

Girls can wear sareee where as boys are happily allowed to wear anything but little formal.

And again hearing this imitate..boys went laughing.

All the gilrs:SHUTUP BOYS!

V:yaar jab tum logon ko saari peheni hi paregi tu yeh sara drama kyun..i think tum logo ke paas jitna time bacha hai..ghar jakai us time ka use karo..and select your sari' I right boys?

Sw:Yes..tum log be wajah panic karrahe ho..

Sh:what? Be wajah..hum ne kabhi saari nahi pehni are we going to handle it..

All the girls: Shar..may be its just you who have not wore saari yet..but we all have'so best of luck..yes even Ayesha had wore saari..i saw her pics..

Sw:opps'good luck Sharon..he said and left .

It was almost 7:30 and Sharon was still in her house..trying to wrap saari..than finally she google the process..and wrapped it..It took her long 1 hour..everybody was already in college..whole college was glittering with lights and beautiful decoration.

"Neha wearing golden and red saari"


"Ayesha wearing white saari"

"Simi wearing cream and blue saari"


"Rini wearing yellow saari"


All the girls were looking so pretty that boys could not take their eyes off from them.

"Swayam wearing black and grey formal dress"

"Rey wore total black"


Swayam noticed rey and Ayesha looking at each other'he felt like rey and Ayesha likes each other..why not they both were perfect for each other in anything.

All were waiting for Sharon.

Ayesha called her and ask her that how much more she is going to take to reach here..

A:guys..she is on her way..actually she was stuck..she did not know how to wear a saari..its her first time'she said and laughed.

Swayam was eagerly waiting for Sharon..he wanted to see her in saari..He loved girls in short dresses but somewhere knew that Indian saari doubles the beauty of girls'He was continuously looking towards the main entrance'on which a red carpet was kept with red roses on it..

Sharon steps on the main entrance..she was hell nervous'on if her saari unfolds anytime..swayam had his back at her but other sees her and called her name..SHARON!

R:wow..she is looking stunning'

Swayam slowly turned to look at Sharon..and the sight blew his mind to another level..He saw a diva turned into a delicate blossom..nervously walking towards them.

Sharon wore a red and silver saari with a pair of diamond earring and no more jewellery.



Swayam had a silly smile on his lips..and his heart was beating at the most high pace even than before..He could not take eyes off from her..he noticed the LOVE ME tattoo on the left side on her visible navel..which was hot enough to sent shivers into him.

Sh:Umm..hi guys'she said to all but indirectly to swayam.

Swayam still couldn't answer her. look so gorgeous Sharon..

Sm:yeah..i wonder you will be the spring fling queen..but do not know about a king'and she gave Sharon a side hug.

The party went on with everybody dancing with each other'suddenly music changes into a slow track..vickey danced with neha'simi with nil..rini and amar..and rey and Ayesha'

Sharon and swayam just stands on the opposite side on counter..taking glances of each other..

Sh to herself: he looks to good today..oh god help me..i am loosing control on myself..he look so cute..

Sw to himself: I have never seen someone as beautiful as her today'this saari looks so wonderful on her delicate figure'gosh'I am loosing it..she is making me weak..

Sharon though to talk him about keep in distance from Ayesha..but talking here in crowd is not such a god idea she she texted him.

Meet me in computer room alone..urgent..


He read the message'and look here and there for Sharon but I in vain..she already left for computer room'

Swayam was confused but he walks to the computer room and enter it..he saw sharon standing there with her back towards him..her hairs were on her one shoulder and her back was bare..her blouse was only keeping the hold with the single strings keeping it on place..

Sw:you called me here?

She turned and show him..her diva attitude again..

Sh:YES! ..she said and her fold her arms on her chest.

Sw to himself: delicate blossom se wapas diva ban gaii'arrghh.

Sw:kya hai jaldi kaho..i don't have time..

Sh:listen mere paas bhi ziada time nhi hai..mene tumhe sirf warn krne ke liye bulaya hai..better stay away from Ayesha okay! She said in an angry tone.

Sw:what..aur agar na raha tu..

Sh:don't challenge me..usse dour raho..mene ab agr tumhe use chpakkte huye dekha na..tu..tu..

Sw:tu daddy se punishment monster..he said and smirked.

Sh:I hate are such a jerk..

Sw:I hate you too' you little monster..

Sharon turned to leave the room..but suddenly stops in her way when felt that her boulse string her opened..she placed her hand on the strings and a lone tear rolled down from her eyes.She sticks her back to the wall..swayam noticed her tear..and got confused..he walks towards Sharon. crying..i did not mean..what happened Sharon..

Sh:wwoh..woh actually mera blouse khul gaya hai..she said while crying and lowered her gaze.

Sw:Oh..i think I can call simi or anyone here..

Swayam called simi..but her phone was unreachable..than he called neha..she picked up the phone but due to the high sound of songs out there..she could not understand a single word.

Sw:Woh one is picking up..should I help you? He said in a low voice'

Sh:Umm..actually no'I'll do it myself..can you turn other side? She said with her head down.

Swayam quickly turned his back on her..and waited for her to tie her string again.Sharon was trying too much but it was almost impossible for her to tie it herself..She gave in..


Swayam did not turn but replied her. done?

Sh:No..actually its not working..i think you should help..She said and lowered her gaze.

Swayam smiled on how shy she is..turned towards her.Sharon turns her back towards swayam..swayam remove her falling hairs fom her back and placed it on her one shoulder..his felt his breath chocked in his throat..He felt like touching her back..her back was fully bare from her nape to her waist..though he had seen her bare back'but today he was going to touch her..He moved his hands towards her back..and hold the strings'Sharon felt shiver in her entire body and closed her eyes.

Sh:Who actually..thora dherai karna because mene pehle hi dori kaafi zoor se kheench li hai..may be ar again kit u toot jaye..

Swayam was carefull because of the dori will be break..they could be in more akward situation than it'His cold fingers were massaging her  warm back the last when he pulled the dori little tightly for completing the process..sharon sighed on it and moved her body upwards in was tied now and swayam remove his hands..sharon was about to leave when swayam rubbed his cold finger on her back..making her stiff'he did not do anything..he just wanted to have a touch of her back..he removed his hands..and without saying a word more leave the room.

The party was on its was the time for most hottess guy and girl to be spring fling queen and king..

They all were excited to know the one was expecting anything because the voting did not take place this time..this time there were judges who would spot the guys and girls and will select directly from the party itself..

Continue..scroll down..

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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 1:54pm | IP Logged
Sorry mene pehle res kardia tha reply but us main update karna bhool gai..


The host come to the stage..

AVP(host): so guys..i hope you all are having fun here..its a time for announcing the pring fling king and queen..

R:last 2 years se tu hi ban raha hai..iss baar bhi tu hi banega…

Sw:thanks dude..but I wonder who will be the queen..i hope she will be by my standard..

AVP:So,the hottess king for spring fling this year is…None other Swayam Shekhawat…

They all cheered for him..

Sh:God knows bechari koon iske monkey ke sath queen banne wali hai..she said to herself but loud enough for swayam to hear it.

Sw:kya pata tum ban jao..even u look hot today..he said and smirked..

Sh:main au tumhare sath? Never..

AVP:we would like to have swayam on stage please…

Swayam walks upto stage and avp made his wear a golden slash.. the hottess spring fling queen is… is is…sorry I am Sharon Raiprakash..

Sharon was shocked to hear her name..she wanted to kill that AVP..She was fuming with can she be paired up with swayam…

Everyone cheers for her too..Sharon walks upto stage with a fake smile..she stands with swayam..swayam was lamost laughing at her in his mind..he gave her a smirk again..AVP made Sharon wear a silver slash..

AVP whisper to both of them..

Meet me in backyard of college..need to discuss something..

They both gave each other a confuse look..

She went off from stage only to be crowded by bunch of other students..congratulating them…swayam was happy and some what even laughing slowly on Sharon..who was pissed by all these stupid students.

They freed themselves and walked to the backyards..

[Guys,let me tall you in my FF..avp is kushboo but she is carring unlike the d3 avp]

Kh:you guys are late! I am waiting for more than 15 mins..

Sw:sorry we both were crowded by students..

Sh:sorry ma'am..

Kh:oh..tu phir theek hai..sorry guys but I have to inform you about something which you probably will not know tomorrow is St.Louis School's sports day..and there CS is not well for someday so you guys have to go and chek the arrangement ans tuff..and specially the there is some major swimming competition tomorrow..there!

Sh:Okay we will do it tomorrow…whats so bad in it?


Kh:you uys have to do it now..rite ka school sirf yahan se 10 minutes ke faaslai pe hai..

Sw & Sh:what?abhi and pool..look our dressing atleast maam..

Kh:I know its difficult but strict order hain..even I cant help this guys have to go straight from the party..take the keys..she said while forwarding the keys towards swayam..and yes sorry once again as there is no one in an entire school…bohat dino ke long work routine ka baad aaj raat saarai watch men aur guards aur peons ko off dia good luck..And yes..dont forget to take the measurement of know pool bacho ke liye hai..baad main kuch masla hai tu baccho ko chot lag sakhti hai…so party thori dair main end hogi ta tak enjoy..bye..she said and left.

Sh:enjoy? Yeah enjoy…ab kya kaun main..pehle iss monkey ke saath queen bana dia aura b pool check karung main..

Sw:hey watch out you can't say me monster..

And they fought for little long.


Swayam was waiting outside of the college for Sharon as they decided to go there in swayam's car..she walked upto him…and they sat in the car..swayam was taking glances of Sharon..which was mutual from both sides.

They entered the school and it was the most beautiful place they could have ever seen..The moonlight was spreading all over on the ground..making it glitter like stars..

They checked all the props and other item and went towards the was quite large size..but the beauty of the pool can't be described.The moon peeping up from the sky was glittering the entire water and making it uncontrollably sexy blue..

 Suddenly an idea struck Sharon mind..swayam was looking at some plants around pool..she jumped into the pool..pretending she slipped..pool was almost very deep..swayam could not see he jumped in too..when he was trying to find her and recalling her name..he heard a laughing voice coming from the corner of pool..Sharon was standing at the corner of pool in the water..Swayam immediately understood that it was her prank…He was hell scared before on  not finding her..he felt like he lost something precious from his heart..

She half walk half swim upto swayam and smirked..

Sh:kyun think pranks sirf tum khel sakhte ho…?

He did not answer back…

Sh:helloo..atleast answer..

No response again…

Sh:Oye hello…u here na?? I am alive..i am not ghost..promise..she said while narrowing her brows.

No response..

Sh:forget it I am going now..u stay like a statue..

She turned to get out from the pool..but suddenly swayam pulled her from her waist..she bumped into his chest..he leaned in and whispers in her ear..


Sw:u think its funny haan..he whispers huskily..

Sh:i..i actually..

She was cut I between as she felt swayam lips sucking her earlobes.Her heart skppied a beat and she unwantingly placed her one hand on his cheek..he was licking her earlobe..she freed herself and was leaving when he hold her pallu and goes near her..they both walked until they were in middle of the pool..moonlight as enchanting Sharon retreating figure more..Swayam wildly kissed her..this time even she did not wait..she responded with same passion..their lips were almost wet..sharon parted her lips and than swayam tasted every bit of her mouth..sucking and licking all around in…She while kissing wildly untied the string of her blouse..she moaned her name on his this gesture..swayam was massaging all over her back from up to down..she was feeling 500 walts current in her body…They break the kiss and swayam slid off her pallu from her shoulder..her neck line was little deep..he started placing urgent kisses on her neck to her delicate part just above her chest..her pallu was floating on the water…they both were drenched wet and he was squeezing the cuves of her waist..making her moan more and more..her bare wet waist curves were oh so inviting for him..her hands reached to his shirt….and she unbuttoned it and let it float on the water…he was shirtless now..and moonlight as making her glitter like a vampire in water…he traced her hand from his chest to his navel…He pulled the sleeves down from her both shoulder but did not pull the whole blouse..her half part of bosoms were still covered…he starts kissing on her half part of bosoms..bitting them in slight pleasure..he was inhaling the scent of her sweet body..he cuped one of her delicate mound and rubbed his hand in circular motion..he could feel the heat coming out of her entire body..he pressed her mound..which make her dug her nails on his back and moaned his name in the most sexiest way possible..He pulled his face upto and crushed her lips on his…this time he parted his lips and she tasted all over her mouth.. he parted his lips and a beautiful three words came out of from his mouth..

Sw:I love you Sharon..i really love you..and he started kissing on her navel..kneeling down..the water was deep but they were at middle of pool when was not at all deep..they were on safer side..

Sh:I love you too swayam..she said more like moan..she was playing with his hands..

He kissed on her tattoo.and licked all over it…and was licking her navel smoothly..he went upto her and she starts kissing on his chin…than she gave him a love bite on his neck..and licked over there..she slowly started getting bold and kissed on all over his body from chest to her tummy..she kissed her shoulder on which he had a tattoo I will love you…

They were so in each other that they did not even realize that they were in school…he unwrapped her saari..and they both got out from the pool..sharon's eyes were closed and swayam took her in his arms to the hostel of the school…he opened one of the room and laid her there..him open her..she unbuttoned his pant and pull it of from her legs..whereas he pulled off her remaining blouse..and starts kissing her licking her bosom…he was licking the tips of her bosom..making her moan more and more..

Sh:Don't do it..she said while sighing..

Swayam stops but did not remove his lips from her bosom..and said with his lips on it.

Sw:u don't like it..

Sharon was feeling full on dizzy..

Sh:I love it are making me complete..make love to me..

He smiled and starts licking it again..till her tips were hard.They were totally naked..

Swayam kissed her and made his way into her..he pressed his into her..and she just gasp in pain ad dug her nails on his thigh..

Sw:You are sweeter than anything in this world..people say that we should look inner are beautiful from in and out a first time I have seen a girl's naked's beautiful..i love u Sharon..

She smiled as hearing his words her pain vanished..

Sh:I don't know if I am that beautiful or not..but I love you swayam..promise me you will never leave me..never ever?

Sw:I promise you…not to leave you until or unless I die..

Sharon kissed him passionately and they both made tempeture love to each other.


He pinned her to the wall…and a lone tear escaped from her eyes..followed many ohers..

Sw:what happened..was just nothing to you..rememeber I touched you..we made love to each other…I claimed you..i kissed you..i even f****d you…He shouted out his lungs make her to close her eyes in horror.

Sh:leave me can u talk about me like this..leave me please..I hate you…

Sw:I am talking the reality..reality which happened last night..may be my words are harsh but its all truth..and said in low voice.

Sh:leave me…I hate u swyam..

He pressed his chest hard on her cleavage and leaned in dangerously close to her..

Sw:you hate me..hann?? Don't you dare or else I have to do very thing which happened last night to remind you that u said you love me..he shouted at her..she could feel his lips touching her lisp while he was talking because swayam was way close to her..


I know this part is very very very long..phew…I am tired..i hope the love making scene doesn't disturb someone as it was little quite bold..i know some of may get shocked because you did not expect them to make love that soon..but all thanks to me..i made them..

This whole chapter is dedicated to Nehal92..Deep_Tanha and you guys..

Do comment and please like…

I will only update next chapter when I will get enough likes..and yes this chapter is fully written by me..i did not even told ria about what I am going to write…





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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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resBig smile

Hey swthrtHug

wat was that...m mesmerized by this chapter...& u dedicated this amazing chapter to me...awww...luv u yar...i didn't see this coming...

The introduction was beautiful...spring fliing...u sent me golden days girl...those days were beautiful...

Loved the intro...all the sarees & outfit u chose were amazing...n swaron...aww...they were out of this world...
& Sharon's entry...swayam's reaction...WOW...

Swayam had a silly smile on his lips..and his heart was beating at the most high pace even than before..He could not take eyes off from her..he noticed the LOVE ME tattoo on the left side on her visible navel..which was hot enough to sent shivers into him.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

they are in love...beautiful...

Sh to herself: he looks to good today..oh god help me..i am loosing control on myself..he look so cute..

Sw to himself: I have never seen someone as beautiful as her today'this saari looks so wonderful on her delicate figure'gosh'I am loosing it..she is making me weak..

The dori sequence was hot...yet sweet...i smiled like an idiot throughout...

The pool side romance...hawwtttBlushing...u wrote it so beautifully...

He kissed on her tattoo.and licked all over it'and was licking her navel smoothly..he went upto her and she starts kissing on his chin'than she gave him a love bite on his neck..and licked over there..she slowly started getting bold and kissed on all over his body from chest to her tummy..she kissed her shoulder on which he had a tattoo I will love you'Blushing.Blushing.Blushing.

Awww...such a beautiful chapter...m still in aww...lovely...can't wait for the next part...thanx for the dedication swthrt...luv u & ur writingEmbarrassed

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DanCing_DiVa_SK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
OMG This update was amazing...loved it...par next chapter mein kya gadbad hone wali hai phirse...please koyi sad update mat dena please i hope theek hoga un dono ke beech...anyways this update was fab and super duper romantic update, thnkx for the PM dear update the nextchapter soon and please do PM me when you will update the next chapter.Star

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Nehal92 Goldie

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Whoa! it reminded me of my college... gosh! saris :D well the whole spring fling scene was way too nice.Thumbs Up

And the computer room scenes...arey wah jerk swayam kitna cute tha :)

jab jerks love main padhte hain na tabhi intense love stories banti hain Day Dreaming
Spring fling queen and king and dance expected tha par tanya kahaan expecting chizeen karti hainSilly

Aur school main aisa swimming pool Wacko

Sharon kya soch ke use dara rahi thi...romantic mood set kar rahi thi Blushing

aur bhi water and hostel Romance ...kya bolon main ab.BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing

i better be zipped up...itna bold bas tu hi likh sakhti hain Hug

aur precap... ab swayam sharon ko patayega DancingDancingDancingDancingDancing

Aur yeh pura mere demand par likhne ke liye aur mujhe dedicate karne ke liye HugHugHugHugHug

love you 

Jaldi jaldi update kar plz plzzz 


tu res main update karna bhool gayi issiliye maine bhi unres nahi kiya LOL

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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
fab part yaar
love it ClapClap
but agla part thoda sereas hoe wala hai

Edited by nature2 - 25 November 2012 at 10:12pm
manasie23 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
well Tanya it was awesome part, but wasn't their I Love You too soon... Your description of their love making was seriously bold... not that I am complaining... I have always wanted to describe it in my works but always thought it would become OTT thats I left to it...
Anyways seriously a beautiful update... and awesome precap... waiting for the next update eagerly...

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