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Swaron FF - Jab Dil Miley (Page 112)

-Snehaa- Goldie

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Mujhr teri aankho ki gehraai mein doobne de.

-Snehaa- Goldie

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Bella Swan
-Snehaa- Goldie

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-Snehaa- Goldie

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-Snehaa- Goldie

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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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PART- 17

Swayam suddenly felt her grip loosening on him..and next thing she fainted in his arms.Swayam looked at her face which was pale by now..and without wasting a second more, took her to the hospital.

He was waiting out of the doctor's cabin..walking from one end to the other end of the corridor..after about an hour or so..a nurse came out of the cabin and said that doctor wants to meet the patients family who took her here..

Swayam entered the cabin.

D:Hello Mr.Shekhawat! She said and smiled.

Sw:Hello doctor..How is she? What happened why she fainted? He asked getting worried by each passing seconds.

D:You are her family I guess?

Sw:Umm..Yes I am!

D:Than I can clearly see who you are? You are her boyfriend? She asked.

Sw:Hmm..yes I am..but why are you not telling about her? Has something went wrong to her..

D:YES! I think you both have responsible for this..Look swayam'She is pregnant!

Swayam got the biggest shock of his entire existence..He felt the current run through his body hearing the word PREGNANT!

Sw:What? He mumbled politely.

D:I know you both are not married yet..and you both are just a college student..It happens..but the problem is something different!

Sw:Doctor tell me everything?

D:She is very weak internally..very very weak..Her body can't survive through this pregnancy but..but we can't abort the baby..Or it can cause her lifetime problem in getting pregnant afterwards..and she can even loose her life while abortion..I am sorry to tell you but you both have to keep the baby..!

Sw:I undertand..I wont let anything happen to her..He assured her.

D:Look swayam..think me as your mother..i can see that you loves her..but responsibility of a baby is very big thing..She need you rite now..only you..You have to understand she is pregnant with your baby..Its your part who is growing in her womb..You have to understand her more than anything..more than WORLD! Because this world does bad to anything like this..I hope you understand..

Sw:Where is she? Can I meet her..

D:I will leave..nurse will take her here in a minute..guess you should talk in alone for sometime..

She said and left her cabin with a warm smile on her face.

After some minute Sharon entered the cabin..nurse made her lay on the bed nearby..She was starring at swayam..who has a smile on her face..nurse left the room after making her comfortable.

Swayam walks to her and cupped her face.

Sw:Feeling fine now? He asked carefully.

Sharon just nodded a little in yes.

Sw:Sharon look..

Sh:Let it be swayam..i know you don't want the baby..its too early..but I want it..I am okay if you don't wanna stay with me..She said and tears start from her big beautiful eyes.

Swayam was smiling al the way..Sharon looked at him and narrowed her eyes.

Sw:Hmm..You know I was rite you are an idiot little monster..Who said I am leaving you..Who said this baby is nothing for me..I am fine..totally..and I know I will be happy too after sometime believe me..I love you Sharon..He said and gave a sweet peck to her lips.

Sh:Thankyou! I though you will leave me..I am really sorry!

Sw:AHhh..leave it jhaansi ki raani..time to go home..He said her with a huge smile on his lips.

Swayam drove his car to his it was late almost 12 in night and even he could not leave Sharon alone in her house at this very moment..

Sharon was sitting on the couch..playing around with the TV channels whereas swayam was making hot chocolate for both of them.

Sharon was taking glances of smiling swayam towards her.

Sharon was confused and scared at the same time on something.

Sh:Swayam can I have a word with you! She shouted lightly from the dining hall.

Sw:Yeah..2 minutes..just getting the hot chocolate..

Swayam came to her with 2 large cup of hot chocolate and passed her one and sit besides her on couch..

Sw:You wanted to talk..?He asked sipping his hot chocolate.

Sh:Swayam..i seriously want to you really want to have this baby? And ME? She said..pain reflected in her voice.

Sw:hey..what rubbish are you talking about'I love you..look Sharon..i know I don't want the baby..but its for our sake..if its going to born than I know I will love the baby..Its my part as well..I don't need it now..but I don't have any problem with the baby..i swear..he said while taking her hand in his.

Sh:Thankyou..for making it easy for me swayam..I was so worried..!

Sw:keep quite now sharon..sleep here today..i will drop u home in morning and PLEASE skip the collage for tomorrow can study at home as well..atleast take rest for one day please..He said and gave a her a pleaded smile.

Sh:Aye Aye captain..

Swayam took Sharon to the room in his arms as she was still very weak'she layed on the bed with her head on his chest and hands clutching his shirt tighly..Swayam gave a feather kiss on her forehead and they both drifted to sleep.

Next day in college..swayam asked his team to meet him in nearby park..sharon skipped the college today in his request.

After a minute or so..all the team were gathered there..

R:Hey swayam..everything fine?

Sw:Guys..i want to tell u something really important..i think you guys should know this..I know rey and even may be Ayesha knows that Sharon and I love each other..He said and looked to the other members of team as their mouths were open.

Rey and Ayesha gave him a smile.

Sw:Ayesha the thing now I am going to tell really important for you to know..look I am really sorry Ayesha..But..but Sharon is..Pregnant! With my baby..He said looked at Ayesha..

A:WHAT! She said loudly..she could not believe her ears..

R:I mean'that's shocking..rey said trying not to feel bad..

Sw:We cant abort the baby..sharon is very very weak..she can have problem in afterwards future pregnancy if she will abort the baby now and may be she cant survive through the pregnancy too..He said in a low voice.

All: You mean u both are keeping the baby..that's is so nice of you both..

A:Can we meet her..i think she will feel better knowing that we all are with her..

Sharon was sitting on a bed with lots of books around her she was studying for upcoming final exams..When suddenly Ayesha and whole team entered the room..sharon was stunned to see them..

All:Hi SHAR! They all greeted her with warm smile..

Sh:Hi guys..tabiyat tu theek hai..sab aaj yahan?? College bunk kya hai kia sab ne milke..exams kon dega? She asked them smiling.

Ayesha looked towards rey and swayam indicating them to stay out from room with all other boys..they left the room.

Sh:Swayam told you right? She shoutedly asked girls..loud enough for boys and swaya heard it.

A:How do you shar? She shouted back..boys heard this too..

Sh:Us MONKEY ki shakal pe likha tha..She shouted and giggled..

Rey and all the boys smiled and laughed too..laughing that how She called him monkey and smile on how she very well knows him in a such a short time..

Swayam shouted from outside the door..

Sw:LITTLE MONSTER..Stop calling me MONKEY..He shouted..giggled and waited for her answer..

Whereas all the girls and boys were enjoying this..and smiling on their cuteness..

Sh:Rey isse kehdo ke monkey ko monkey hi kehte hain! She shouted back and her answered made every guy laughed..where as swayam shooted back..

Sw:Hann to monster ko bhi monster hi kehte hain..ayesha tell her..

And they started their shooting process..

Sh:Rey I am not interested in talking to him tell him..

Sw:Ayesha..tell her she have to..

Sh:I don't have to do it rey tell him..He did not let me attend college today'

Sw:Yes you need rest..ayesha tell her..

Rey and Ayesha : SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon and swayam got tensed hearing their shutup..

A:Bachi nahi ho tum..tum batana chaiye than a mujhe..She they were talking in normal tone which boys can not hear..

SH:Sorry..i hope u don't think I have did something bad or cheap? She said and tear drops from her eyes.. don't have did anything both love each other and the best thing is that swayam is taking his responsibility..He really loves you..

Sm:You are very lucky'Hey it means I am soon going to be Massi and BUA both..She said and all the girls giggled making Sharon blush.

R:Yeah Sharon..wese bhi u don't need to take tension of's only 24 days left in our exams and then footloose..Then there will be no college..kisi ko tumhari pregnancy ke barai main nahi pata chalega..and we are with you..She said and gave Sharon a side hug.

A:Look is a very important and swayam both have be each other strength while the time..She said and asked the girls to give them both little privacy and asked to send swayam inside.

Swayam came into room and sat beside Ayesha..

A:Swayam I know u may think I act like I have all rights on Sharon and all..but she was the only one and is only one too..I cant let anything happen to her..Promise me you will always love her and stay with her..chaho jo ho jaye..promise me you will take care of this time she needs u the most..

Sw:I promise you..i will love her..will take care of her..till bad or good! He said while looking at Sharon.

They all left the house'but rey and ayeha decide to stay here for a day with swayam and Sharon..

Ayesha food for swayam and rey whereas cooked soup and some light food for Sharon..

A:Sharon please eat something..thora sa khalo please..and please don't expect from me to utter some cheesy apne liye nahi tu apne acche ke liye..and all..She said and sharon starts laughing with rey and swayam who were sitting on the couch in room..discussing some chapters of economics.

Sharon eats the soup and started study wile laying on the bed with her back rested on the bed board..Swayam and rey were helping her..

Sw:Rey yeh solve ho gaya hai..dekh le..

R:Arre..its wrong..yeh aise nahi hota..

Sw:Arre its right dekh tu sahi se..bilkol sahi answer aya hai rey..

R:Dekh tu chup reh'I am very good at economics..i know better..dekh yeh na aise hota hai..He said and did the question again.

Swayam snatched the notebook from his hand.

Sw:Oye pagal pan mat kar..yeh aise nahi wese hota hai jese mene kya hai..sharon samjho na aise..

Sharon was between swayam and rey as they were sitting on each side of her..and she was making irritated faces on these boys stupid discussion.

Sh:Shut up both of you..She shouted..lay on the bed in sleeping position..and covered her from head to toe..leaving two sitting confused monkey's beside her.

It was almost 8 pm..when Sharon slightly wakeup from her sleep'She felt her in swayam's arm close to his heart..very close..She smiled and cuddled more into him..Swayam saw her and smiled back while stroking her hairs.

Sw:Sleeping beauty..finally you wakeup? Rey and Ayesha left! He said while smiling wider on the way she was cuddling more into him like a small baby hiding her face in her mother's chest.

Sh:They already left! What time is it swayam? Tum aur rey baccho ki tarhan argue kar rahe thai..mujhe pata hi nahi chala when did I sleep! She said in half sleep.

Sw:Ziada nahi bus you slept at 2 pm and it's 8 pm now..He said and chuckled.

Sharon jerked up from the bed..her eyes wide open at him..Swayam giggled and pulled her on bed again close to her again.

Sw:Calm's okay..It's just the effects you know..You will sleep lot more from now..He said and she calmed down.

Sh:You ate something? She asked him.

Sw:Nope..nothing was in the fridge..since rey ate all the left over as well..

Sh:God yeh rey na..Okay wait I make something for you! She said..before swayam coud say anything further in denial she assured her by saying..

Sh:Swayam..I know I should be carefull from now..but its just a start baby..I will carefull..She said and walked towards the kitchen.

Swayam came to kitchen and sit on the slab nearby the stove..and folded his legs..face palamed and kept looking at Sharon..

Sharon asked while cutting tomatoes..

Sh:What are looking at me like this? She while smiling.

Sw:Seeing the beauty! He said and sighed like a girl.

Sh:Tum kabhi nahi sudhro ge na? She said while giggling.

Sw:Nopex my lady! He smiled the TANNU smile.
In some time dinner was ready..Sharon served swayam and herself too..She made italian veg spaghetti with tomato salsa for him..

Swayam was watching Tv and sharon was settled on couch..studying as she slept whole day today..She flet like swayam was he wanted to talk about something but could not! Sharon was feeling scared on even very little things after she got to know that she is pregnant..and swayam's confused face made her tense.


Next update only in next thread!

Spam till page 160 for next thread..i am giving long demand as I need a rest for almost full day tomorrow and after that!

I know Pregnancy thing was a twist but I like it!


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marauder IF-Sizzlerz

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Woah! This update came out of no where. I have not thought even in my dreams suchh a dramatuc twist is going to come in this FF. Full marks for the surprise factor. Infact this twist was the first of its kind I have read in any SwaRon FF so far. So well done. Looking foraward to the next update to see how SwaRon are gonna face this big responsiblity.

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Anomic_loner Goldie

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ok now the pregnancy thing was really a twist...and swayam accepting this was also another twist for me...loved the caring swayam here and their friends are so supportive...friends ho tho aise...Wink

but the fact that sharon may not survive through the pregnancy kinda scared me and i think that is what is making swayam also tensed...anyways do update the next part soon Tanya...loved this part Smile

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