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Swaron FF - Jab Dil Miley

pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 October 2012
Posts: 7890

Posted: 11 November 2012 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
Guys,I am up with another FF!
No wonder it is on SWARON again...and will be on them forever and ever!
Guys, i love it when you take your precious time out for me..and comment or like my update,it encourages me at the core..without your encouragement i can never write please apna hath mere sarr pe banaye rakhen.I hope that you will enjoy this FF.The idea seems quite aggressive and intense,which you will probably going to find out in upcoming updates.Would love to see your feed backs..waiting for them eagerly already!Big smile
Hopefully you will our work and rejoice it.
So read it...aur kya kahoon..Smile

Jab dil mile mile mile dil mile
Tab gul khile khile khile gul khile
Jab dil mile tab gul khile
Jab gul khile tab dil mile
Mile mile mile mile dil mile
Khile khile khile khile gul khile

Ho, ho
Is ishq mein aisi aag lage, ho
Is ishq mein aisi aag lage
Dil dariya mein toofanein uthe
Dharti dole aakash hile, ho
Yeh ishq qayamat bhi hai ji
Yeh ishq ibaadat bhi hai ji
Koi taubaa kare, koi sajta kare, ho

O jab dil mile mile mile dil mile
Tab gul khile khile khile gul khile
O jab dil mile, tab gul khile
Jab gul khile, tab dil mile
Mile mile mile mile dil mile
O jab dil dil dil dil dil mile

Is ishq mein aisi aag lage, ho

Jab se tu hai is dil mein, is dil mein
Meri jaan hai mushkil mein, mushkil mein
Mehfil mein hai tanhaai, tanhaai
Tanhaai hai mehfil mein, mehfil mein
Yeh duniya apni prem gali
Aa gali mein lag jaa yaar gale
Ho jaaye saare door gile, ho
Jab dil mile mile mile dil mile 
Tab gul khile khile khile gul khile 

Jo kaho tum kar jaaye, kar jaaye
Ab abhi yahin mar jaaye, mar jaaye
Ek duje ka dil meethi si, pyaari si
Yaadon se hum bhar jaaye, bhar jaaye

Yeh ishq hamaara kaisa ho
Yeh ishq hamaara aisa ho

Ke saari duniya yaad kare, ho
Jab dil mile mile mile dil mile 

Ho jab dil mile mile mile dil mile
Tab gul khile khile khile gul khile

Jab dil mile, tab gul khile
Jab gul khile, tab dil mile

Mile mile mile mile dil mile
Jab dil dil dil dil dil mile

Jab dil mile mile mile dil mile 

Jab dil mile mile mile dil mile
Tab gul khile khile khile gul khile

(Aah aah, aah aah aah, mile, dil)

Koi taubaa kare, koi sajta kare

How was the prologue..i though to write the lyrics of this it fits the story line perfectly..though i tried to attach the song as well in background,but i vain!
And the updates will be posted only by my ID,and even PM's will be send my me!
For for PM's..buddy me..Smile
And comment and like it means a lot to us!

For index,character sketch and part 1,scroll down!
ThankYou!Big smile

-TANYA- Smile

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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 October 2012
Posts: 7890

Posted: 11 November 2012 at 1:51pm | IP Logged

*Swayam Sekhawat*

The heartthrob of the college,handsome hunk..every girls dreams. He is a rich kid. He always got what he wanted. He think everything is possible for him.  He is emotionless but loves his friends. His first and last love is DANCING. All he knows is to destroy the person who comes between his path. He can can do anything to get what he wants. He is heart less for everyone except his friends. He can get low even to get what his brains want,because he never thinks from his heart. Love is just a "NOTHING" for him. He don't believe in Love Or God. He is a big time casanova. He stays with a girl until she won't give him attention..after getting attention..he seeks other. He is very unpredictable. He is always like " MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY". He has a tattoo on her says "I WILL LOVE YOU"..he had that tattoo to show girls..that he will love every single he is a big time casanova.

*Sharon Raiprakash*

She is hot and sizzler. She loves dancing as even her first and last love is dancing. She is a diva.nobody knows her real identity that she is a daughter of the most richest business tycoon of India Gautam Raiprakash. She is sweet but she knows how to straigthen the dog's tail(swayam). Her family and friends is her life. She is peaceful. She has a attitude with can make any guy fall for her..though she is every guys dreams,every guy wants to be with her. She thing God has made pairs in heaven and he had made someone for everyone. She belives in Love n God. She is a big time fan of Kishan Kanhaiya. She adore him. She is brainy as well she was the topper in her ex-college. She is loved by her family and friends. She is tough from outside but from inside she is just like a rose petal,delicate and soft. She is an emotional person..she can't see anyone in pain. She is a big time fan of tattoo,she got one when she was 15..hiding from her family..It is located on the right side of her navel,it says"LOVE ME".being delicate doesn't mean she is weak,she knows enough to handle a tough nut like Swayam Sekhawat. She can be pranksters..she can be bitch.
Other are same.

And Shikha..she always accompanies Swayam. She is a fab dancer.(she will not 
be there after 3 no detail for her).

For PM's..buddy me and like all above and below post.


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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 October 2012
Posts: 7890

Posted: 11 November 2012 at 1:51pm | IP Logged

Prologue: Page 1 (Above)

Character Sketch: Page 1 (Above)

Part 1: Page 1 (Below)

Part 2: Page 4

Part 3: Page 6

Part 4: Page 8

Part 5: Page 12

Part 6: Page 15

Part 7: Page 20

Part 8: Page 23

Part 9: Page 26+27

Part 10: Page 30

Part 11: Page 35

Part 12: Page 38

Part 13: Page 67

Part 14: Page 87

Part 15: Page 116

Part 16: Page 119

Part 17: Page 133

Thread 2

For PM's...Buddy me and like all the post above and below!



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tejukor Senior Member

Joined: 18 December 2011
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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
Song as prologue...sound pm waiting...

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ProngsPadsMoony IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 August 2012
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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 2:00pm | IP Logged

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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 October 2012
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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 3:10pm | IP Logged

Part- 1

The main hall and corridors are showered by lots of students engaged in various activities,running from one end to another end for the preparation of dance competition holding tomorrow.Whereas in rehearsal hall some people are rehearsing their dance routine nervously as awaiting some untowards situation,on the other hand a guy with structure of tall and impressive personality with the bit of hairs falling till his nape and his forehead is almost covered with the hairs covering half of his eyes,wearing white tee..upon it a orange color Armani shirt with open front with black denim and niky shoes.He entered the college building and put a deadly glare on the people around,while students seems nervous and bit uneasy,he without any hesitation walked with high pace towards rehearsal hall and opens the door with the loud "THUD"
The 11 people inside the rehearsal hall turns back to look at him with the bit of fear on their faces,but only one among them was easu up.Rey.

Rey saw their nervousness on edge and try to calm up the situation urgently.
Rey:Hey,Swayam..What's up dude? said with a grin.
Swayam the guy standing on the door.
Sw:Raised his eyebrow on rey...knowingly that he is just trying to calm up the situation or rather him..and said...It won't work rey!
All of them faces fell down.
Rey:Swayam,relax everything is done..It's just that you the leader you get quite rude they were scared if you will like their final rehearsal or not..only because of that they are doing mishaps,don;t worry we will rehearse one last time with you here..and walk towards swayam and places his hand on hi shoulder and give him a smile.

They rehearsed..and the performance went awesome,that eas eup swayam..

Sikhha:So ready swayam? ah,forget it...swayam shekhwat is always ready for dance..i know we will win! and smiles.
Sw:You know me well...yes we will win..only we..and you ready for best female lead dancer performance? I know you have been winning it since we gathered our team..but i am asking just like that.
Sikha:YES! i am ...
Sw:You have to...because swayam doesn't like loosing..he never loose..swayam wants to win..and he will win..and smirk...and left from the rhearsal hall.

Tomorrow the day of dance competiton..and everyone were excited,but swayam was calm..he knew that HE will win ONLY!Only his team DAZZLERS will win.



Screamed the crowd as the team dazzlers walked on the stage as if a new splash of energy hit them.

On the stage stood Amar, Rinni, Bharat, Vishakha, Nilesh, Simmi, Vicky, Neha, Rey, Taani & Shikha, the girl with whom the whole college dreams to dance with and Swayam- the hot and handsome hunk of the college and the captain of the team too,all ready to set the stage on fire.

RDX sir:So guys this is just the final rehearsal and I can see the mob going crazy for all of you.. Especially for you Swayam.. I must say great female following. Anyways guys just pop it on here and tomorrow in the competition too.

Sw:Yes sir we will definitely rock the stage and we will win it tomorrow and we are the best,no one can compete with us.

And the music starts,the crowd cheered and shouted their throat out.

The group performance was out of this world..

And the next performance was of Shikha who had to perform another solo act to win the title of best female dancer.

And once the people roared,as they were now going to have a treat for their eyes by watching her blazing hot performance.

Shikha's performance was really a treat!!

All the team members praised her and wished her all the best.

Sw: Awesome performance shikha and I know you will definitely win tomorrow..  and then hugs her.

Shikha :Thank you swayam and I just hope it happens as you say..

Sw:It will happen after all swayam shekhawat wants it to happen.

Shikha smiles and Swayam too joins her.

Everyone is happy and confident that they are the best and no other college can beat them.

RDX:Well u guys were amazing and I hope may the best one win and guys one more thing that  you guys are aware of that tomorrow the KRs are also the part of the competition? Anyways by looking at your performance I am sure that KRs presence not gonna affect you. So guys all the best for tomorrow.

Swayam and team:Thank you sir!

The whole gang is in the rehearsal hall .

Sw:Woohoo guys we were amazing,I amm damn happy.

Rey:Afterall st.louis rocks!

All high five each other.

Swayam:And KR sucks!!!

Shikha:Just chill swayam its just a competition and..

She was cut by Swayam in between.

Sw:yeah shikha itz a competition and we will win it and will prove KR that.. they are losers.

Shikha knew that arguing with Swayam was useless as he never gonna accept his defeat and that too on this topic was just a waste of ones own time.

KRs have been the rivals of their college since ages. They too were awesome dancers but they never won in presence of St.louis.Swayam hated them the most because,He was well aware of the fact that they can dance well but he would never accept it.For him everything was meant to be his way.It was like 'my way or the highway' ofcourse a person with a ego taller than the mountain.Anyone in the college wouldn't dare to mess with him because he had the ability to be the best and at the same time worst simultaneously.

So,Guys do you like it..what is bad,good..too good! i and ria are even ready for joota's and chappal!Embarrassed
Do comment and like,as it encourages us a lot,in while writing for you guys!
for PM's..buddy me...and like!


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_bellaSwan_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
It's interesting and nice one please update next one

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Crazy4AshVik IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 6:39pm | IP Logged
Fab Start!Smile
Would definitely love to read more..Update soon!!Big smile

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