Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virman OS - Party Disaster

Delena-cious IF-Sizzlerz

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Helloo Everyone. so i wont give any Introduction on this LOL  its about Virman when they were kids. yes you read it right. i always wanted to know how they will be when they were kids and so came up with this. hope you all will like it. Do Give Your Feeds backs! 


"Your Worst Enemy Could Be Your Best Friend & Your Best Friend Your Worst Enemy"  - Bob Marley


|| Party Disaster ||

It was the day maanvi chaudhary celebrated her 5th birthday and also it was the day she met her Viraat singh Vadhera who was soon to turn 8. And also it was the day they both forgot the phrase,  Live and let live in peace. It all started with chocolates.

Maanvi was dressed up like a princess and having the time of her life. All her friends from Hrishikesh have come to her party with special invitation from her parents. They have just moved to chandighar and she didn't want her 5th  birthday no less to be such a bore with no friends. So all she did was folded her arms and sat in a corner of her room for exactly TWO hours without talking to anyone till her parents agreed to bring them. It wasn't an easy job to sit in one place and not talk for so long. Her parents gifted her a new toy. A Barbie no less. She loved collecting barbies and playing them with her sister Jeevika.  Jeevika di gifted her lots of chocolates which she has bought from her own pocket money. She knew because she saw her counting them the other night. That made her extra happy.

She was not going to be in a bad mood. Not even because of that Maya who happen to be her worst enemy. Maanvi didn't like her because she 'accidently' spilled coke all over her pretty dress during a pooja.  Nothing or no one was going to spoil her mood. But she didn't count on meeting Viraat Singh Vadhera. Who knew meeting him would create so much problem in her tiny life.

Maanvi saw the Vadhera clan coming in their big fancy cars. All got out one by one. Her parents and other family members rushed towards them forgetting her birthday like it was their birthday. She sulked but still, went to greet them anyway. Her mommy always says that it's a nice thing to do to greet guests. And she always wants to do nice things.

Maanvi squeezed herself pass through her elders and stood in between the families while they made their introductions. Her father Mahesh was introducing a Swamini who applied too much eye-liner for her sake. But yet she looked like a queen. Maanvi was awed at her. then there was their Dadaji, whose moustache looked very funny. She almost giggled seeing it stand up at the corners.

Then there was a VIkram uncle who was smiling at them. He was very nice and he even pulled her cheeks not so hard. Then there was a Vanshika aunty who hugged her. she was also nice. Inder chachu who just stood behind Dadaji giving them a smile. Then she met Viren who was the best of them all. He gave her a present the moment he saw her. she liked him the best.

Then she met him. He just stood there not saying a word. He was just looking around as if making fun. Her party was not at all bad. She immediately decided that she didn't like him.

"why don't you all go and play?" Maanvi's mom Amrita said. Viren looked first at Maanvi then at Jeevika. She was closer to his age and the other was just a kid. Hence he decided to go with the big sister. They immediately took off leaving behind viraat and maanvi. They looked at each other with disgust but still Maanvi was told to be good so she was going to be very good.

"hello, my name is Mannu" she extended her hands for him to shake.

"My name is Viraat Singh Vadhera" he said with his chest puffed with pride. She didn't know how she was going to call him with that long name. so she said. "Nice to meet you Viru"

Viraat was annoyed with the nickname she just gave. He was about to retort back but he was given a special warning not to be extra nice to the birthday girl and also others if he wanted a grand party for his birthday. "Happy Birthday"

Maanvi smiles. "thank you, are your friends around?" she asks.

"No. I live in London. I dont have any indian friend yet." He said. She felt bad for him. She knew exactly how it was not to have anyone to play with.

Maanvi immediately perks up. "Well I will have friends soon in new school. Don't worry, I'll be your first Desi friend and you can be my vidheshi friend. Deal?" She said extending her hands for a shake. he looks up at her up and down and said. "okay" then their deal was made.

She took Viraats hands and took him to a bench and sat down. She gave him ONE chocolate from those given by her sister Jeevika. "I don't give my chocolate to any one. But you are my vidheshi friend so you are special."

"Thank you so much. I Love them so much" he said popping it whole into the mouth.

"I got many many many gifts today" Maavi said feeling very proud.

"even I will get after three months. My birthday is going to be very big" he said looking around the small garden party.

Maavi wanted to make a face but she have to be good. "I'll go to your party too and I'll bring you a big gift!" she promised.

 "lets play" maanvi says after sometime.

"play what?"

"you want to play with Barbies? I have lots and lots of them"

"Yuck! Who plays with Barbies? They are for girls. And I am Viraat Singh Vadhera I don't play girlie stuffs"  he said disgusted.

"so what else you want to play?"

"Do you have Video games?"


"No?!" Viraat looked at her in shock. How can no one have video games? It's the most important thing in life. She looked at the little girl. Ofcourse she wont know how to play it. She is too small and she will not know how to handle a joystick too.

"I got new toys too. Wait I'll bring it" Maanvi says jumping from the bench and handing him over the chocolate box. She ran inside to get the toys and when she came out, she couldn't believe what she saw. She saw him giving her chocolates to her enemy Maya and he kissed her on her cheek too!.

 HER CHOCOLATES! Maanvi began to fume. How dare him give her chocolates to that dour faced Maya!

She immediately ran towards them and snatches the box and screamed. "My chocolates. How dare you eat my chocolates!"

"you have to share. Sharing is a good thing" Viraat started to become oh so philosophical.

"I didn't give you this to give it to her. you are my friend you can have but NOT HER! she is not MY FRIEND and I don't like her!"

"But I like her!" Viraat said angrily snatching her box from her. her box!

 "I am Viraat'"

"Sighn Vadhera" she muttered in sync with him under her breath

"and she is my friend now" he completed.

"But you are my friend" she said possessively.

Viraat was not hearing now. He was busy giving HER chocolates to Maya. And she saw Maya smiling. That was when she lost it. She screamed and pushed viraat who fell on the ground with all the chocolates on him. She stuck her tongue out and turned and walked away victoriously.

Her victory walk was cut short when she landed flat on her nose. She looked over her shoulder and saw that viraat had actually pushed her to the ground and her beautiful beautiful princess dress was now dirty. She got up and looked at him who was smirking at her. that's it! Its war time. No more being good. She let out a war cry and charged on him.

They fought till their parents came and tore them apart. Both their parents gave them a sound scolding. The good amount was given to Viraat to which Maanvi was extremely happy about. Their parents apologized to hers and hers did the same too and left. The party was over. Her birthday was ruined. At least that viraat got a scolding. That made her day.


Three months later

Viraat and Maanvi haven't met each other since their party. She didn't think of him often but every time she get a chocolate she remembers the awful boy who gave HER precious chocolates to that awful maya. It was Viraat's birthday that day everyone was getting ready and she too was going. She promised him that she will give him a gift and she have never broken a promise. She was told if she didn't keep it, she will not go to heaven! And she wanted to go there so bad ever since her mommy had told her about fairies. She told her father what she wanted to gift Viraat and they all went to the party.

Maavi was awed seen the grand party. It was so big with so pretty decorations and balloons. Her excitement was tenfold when she saw the balloons. She wanted to play with them so bad but her mother had held her firm. She pouted and stood alongside her.

They again met the family and maanvi saw the regal queen looking at her in oh not so pleasant way. That scared her and she hid behind her mommy.

She saw her ex-vidheshi friend all dressed up in a suit and tie. He looked good but she was still mad at him for giving her chocolates to Maya.

"viraat, I want you to be very good" said Vanshika. Viraat nods his head. "see how good Karan is. Be like him okay"

Viraat looked at his cousin with lots of hatred. His mothers favorite is now Karan?! That he doesn't want. He decided to be the best boy and win his mother over Karan. But alas, that decision was short-lived.

He saw Maanvi with her sister Jeevika walking towards him but they stopped midway as Maanvi kept tugging her hands. She whispered something to her sisters ears and then with a sigh, Jeevika alone walked towards Viraat and gave him the gift. He looked over maanvi who walked away to stand with her father.

Jeevika handed the gift and said. "happy birthday viraat. maanvi gave this gift to you"

"why didn't she come and give?"

"because you said you are not her friend anymore. Here" she handed it over and smiled broadly as viren walked up to her and started talking something about something.

Viraat felt really bad for breaking their friendship. Maanvi seemed really nice to share her chocolates with him not like Maya. She was bad. She didn't even give him a present on his birthday. That was when he decided to stop being her friend.

Viraat went to a corner and secretly opened the gift and found a new video game. He was really happy and decided that Maanvi should be her best friend. He decided to make amends with her and make her do the most important thing in his life. Play his video game. He went in search of her to tell her the big news and found her sitting with Karan who was laughing and feeding her chocolates.

"Maanvi!" Viraat pulled her up to her feet possessively. "don't talk to him"
"because I don't like him"
"but I like him and he is my friend now"
she replied giving back the same words he used the other day.  What a copy-cat. He thought but he didn't dwell on that and said.

"this is MY birthday and I am telling you not to talk to him" he commanded her. but she pushed him off and took Karan's hands and walked off.  That was when Viraat lost it. How dare she eat chocolates from Karans hands. How dare she choose Karan over HIM!. He is Viraat Singh Vadhera and no one and that means NO ONE messes with him!

Angrily, Viraat pulled Maanvi's hair. Her beautiful hair. Maanvi screamed and taking the chocolates off the table and rubbed it on his shirt. His beautiful shirt.

They both began pulling each others hair, kicking and screaming. They fought till they were pulled down their parents.  Viraat party was ruined but he saw her getting a good scolding and that made him day too.

This time. Viraat and Maanvi didn't just get a scolding. Maanvi was grounded for months. She didn't get to taste any chocolate other than the ones her sister sneaked her in. he hated viraat for what he did to her. because of him. She was being separated from her love. Her chocolates and she will never ever forgive him for that. He was now her vidheshi enemy.

On the other hand. Viraat was not so in a good situation too. He wasn't sent back to London where he was used to stay at home. He was sent to the boarding school there with no video games and he will forever blame that Maanvi. He will never ever forgive her for that. She was now her Desi Enemy.


PS: i dont know if you like something with No romance but do let me know how it is. i had to think like my nephew who is not really pleasant when it comes to sharing ... especially his chocolates and gamesLOL this OS is Dedicated to my loving Nephew Smile

Enjoy! Embarrassed

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Sia don't think I am just saving my spots and not reading them.,. you got to give me some time will surely ready it daer .. but it takes time..sholly 

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resBig smileBig smile will edit in the afternoonSmile

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Originally posted by munnihyderabad

Sia don't think I am just saving my spots and not reading them.,. you got to give me some time will surely ready it daer .. but it takes time..sholly 

its okay munni. take your time Hug
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Originally posted by StrongHope

resBig smileBig smile will edit in the afternoonSmile

No problemo! Hug
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res...will edit soon...but in short, i absolutely loved this! So adorable <3

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AHw, I could relate so well to this, does that mean I am still in my toddler-period? Confused I hope not, but the the feeling when Virat shared her chocolates with Maya, that irritating girl and then Maanvi becoming friends with Karan?! I totally get that, I was a Maanvi/Virat too. And there was this boy... Okejj let's not go there... Awesome story,, those little things made it just perfect, like her beautiful beautiful dress, I don't know why but doing beautiful twice adds the cuteness and innocence. And those other things you told like a kid, I really got into the story. Uff! And the hatred that gets created then, I still remember when a boy ruined the drawing my mom made for me, he ruined it after she died, and of course he did not know, but I was so sad, and I still see him, and normally we would be friends cause he is a really nice guy, but I deep down still hate him for what he did. I don't think that will go over ever... Once again, beautifully written.

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The best thing I have to complement you about this OS is your ability to think over as a 5 year old Maanvi and a 8 year old Virat…Clap All those dialogues and imaginations are apt as a child that age would think and their attitude is sure that of Virman in their childhoods… Look at how they fight… Remembering the doggy doggy scene in the show…ROFL

LOL at SB and kaajal… Inseperable duo SB-Kajal….LOLAnd when the talk abt chocolates   and fight for sharing chocolates with Maya was  going on(Maya here too…Grrr) between Virman I was thinking of Nishal there.. How kushal told in his IV tat he eats all of Nia's chocolates….Embarrassed

Maanvi showing the sherni attitude by not giving virat his gift personally… Poor guy heartbroken… He feels bad when he saw the gift…Sweet of him to think of playing with her…

Haha karan, and Virat angry…. And birthday spoiledOuch… tch tch tch…

Is there any chance that u r going to change it from a OS to an FF/SS by taking a leap…. I know, too greedy…Wink

Had a good time reading it… Well written and loved it…Hug

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