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#3 Guzarish [My version D3] Parts 12-18 (Page 17)

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Originally posted by sreya19roy

Oh I forgot congratulate u...many many congrats for ur new thread khushi, may u have many many many more such awesomeee threads n I hope u keep rocking with ur updates unlike the show Smile

N yeah I really like the banner too Smile

Aww thank you so much dear! I really hope I do as well for the readers sake Big smile 

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Originally posted by 1D_D3-Crazy

nice update and thanks for the pm :D congrats for the 3rd thread

Nikki <3

Thanks Nikki for both wishes Hug
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Originally posted by luv_arsha

awesome update...loved it

Thanks Cherry!! 
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New readersAdd Guzarish. as your buddy to get pmz when I update.

 G u z a r i s h  .


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Part 13

 *Warning- It might get a bit emotional. For the first time, my heart was heavy while typing a scene* 

Swayam found Rey in the rehearsal room sitting in the dark. He understood that he was sad again. "Hey." He said as he entered to let him know he was there.


"Hi… where were you over lunch?" Rey asked back dully.


"Out to fix your mood." Swayam replied while sitting down next to him on the round blocks by the side.


"Huh?" Rey let out not understanding what he meant.


Swayam smiled and took out the envelope from his pocked and held it in his hands. Rey looked at it but waited for Swayam to explain. "Remember how I said that I don't believe the letter is the one Kriya sent?"


At the mention of Kriya, he went cold but still nodded to reply to the question. "You know what? Forget it. I'm over it." He added getting up to hide to lie as he knew Swayam would catch it if he looked at him.


Swayam pulled him right back down. "No you're not. Else you wouldn't be looking at her photo in your phone." Seeing the shocked expression on Rey's face, he added a comment with a laugh. "Creepy? Yea, I know you that well, kay? Anyways, as I was saying, that truly was not the letter sent by Kriya. This one is."


Rey gave a blank look that told Swayam to start from the beginning. "The letter I got was the one from Kriya. But the last bit was added to it. Vishakha pointed it out when she read it. The handwriting at the bottom is different. Someone tried really hard to make it believable. But she knew. We investigated and we finally figured out that Shivam is the one who changed the letter…"


Swayam continued to explain to him how Shivam changed it to get back at Sharon and how they had managed to get their hands on the real letter. When he finished, Rey was utterly beyond shocked. He couldn't speak a word. He was excited to read the real letter but was also afraid about what was in it. He didn't want any heart breaks. Swayam handed him the envelope and got up to leave.


Rey stopped him. "Will you stay please? I don't want to read this alone."


"The letter is for you. Not me." Swayam replied genuinely.


"Yes, it's for me and I am telling you to stay!" Rey replied, having a flashback to when Swayam had the letter and Rey was leaving but Swayam had asked him to stay. Swayam had replied similarly to what he just had. Both smiled at the memory and Swayam sat back down.


Rey opened the letter.


"Rey… How do I say this? I have lots to say but not much time. Maybe the three words can sum up everything… I really; really love you. Isn't it funny? I'd always imagined that when I tell this to you, the moment will be really special. Tough luck… I have to tell you I love you with the note of good bye. I have to go. My time at St. Louis is over. I came here only because of my dream to dance. I got that here. Along with that, I got my best friends… unforgettable memories… I found you. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. But this isn't reality. This is like me being a little girl and living in a fantasy…My mom is against my dancing…I don't know why… She's always been against it. When I came here, she didn't know I was dancing. Now, she's found out and she's made me choose between you and my friends. I chose my friends. I'm sorry. I know you will understand the reason for this. I didn't want to ignore you during competition. I had no choice. I had to leave then… As much as I hated my mom for making me choose, I didn't want to break another promise… I don't know how she found out… but she did… This is the last time I can talk to you… through this letter… I'm at least happy she let me send this. I hope you get this. Please… forgive me and don't misunderstand me… I didn't want any of this… It just happened… The moments spent with you will always be the best moments of my life. I will never forget you… I can never forget what this city has given me… It has given me the love of my life… You're my one and only love. I can't love anyone else. But you're a really nice guy. You will find another person whom you deserve much more. And yes, don't think about finding me. Please…just let it be. I don't want to hurt mom any more. I know you. I know you won't be able to just sit back. But on this one, please do. Don't come looking for me. I don't know how to explain to you… But if we're meant to be, we will meet again in a right way. For now, you have to move on in life. Do anything. Just don't hate me please. This is the last message I can send to you. Take care of yourself and everyone else too. Do make sure our mission is completed though. Our love story can't be completed. But theirs deserves a happy ending. Forever yours… Kriya…love you… PS: ask Vishakha. She has something that I've left for you. Take Care and keep smiling. I'll always be in your heart. That's the only place where I truly belong. I pray we meet again… if it's in our destiny… bas… yahi Guzarish hai Zindagi se."


As he said the last sentence, he folded the letter and let the tear drop from his eye dropped. He felt guilty. His heart was heavy. It was a lot to take in. She didn't leave him. She didn't use him. She has to go. She loved him. And what had he thought of her? He felt like hurting himself for doubting Kriya… for thinking that she was the double faced person.


She loved him more than anything. She sacrificed everything for her friends… for their sake… for their dream so that they won't lose their confidence. And what did he do? He felt disgusted thinking about it.


"How could I…?" he questioned himself.


Swayam was silent. He knew this was a situation he couldn't help Rey in. All he could do was lend a helping hand… be a supporting pillar. "She loves me… And I…" His voice was cracking as he spoke between cries.


"Rey…" Swayam said putting his hand on this shoulder. Rey turned to him and hugged him tight, much to Swayam's surprise.


"Take me to her…" he pleaded. Swayam couldn't see his friend like this. He had tears built up in his eyes as well. Swayam patted his back, in hopes to calm him down. Then, he forced him to look at him. "You shouldn't punish yourself. Don't you think she'll be hurt knowing you're like this?"


"We'll never meet?" Rey asked, half listening to Swayam, innocence filled in his eyes.


Swayam couldn't even scold him. He thought of putting himself in his place and he knew if Sharon had left, he wouldn't be able to take it. He'd be far worse than Rey was. In this situation, he didn't know what could help. He didn't have an enlightening thing to say either. There was nothing!


Rey said, going crazy. "She's sad. I have to go to her."


Swayam held him back by grabbing his hand. "Get a grip on yourself Rey!"


"Let me go! She can't leave. I have to go."


Swayam cried even more seeing this state of Rey. He couldn't even think what he'd be going through currently. "Rey… Rey listen to me… You can't go anywhere. I know… I know you really love her, right?"


He nodded, fully listening for the first time since after reading the letter.


"Then smile for her. Hide the pain for her. Pray to meet like she does. Respect her decision. She wants you to. Else she wouldn't send you the letter. Do you want her sad?"


"But she already is…" he replied cutely.


Swayam sighed. "I know… It's hard to forget… No one's asking you to forget. But you can live to cherish the memories, right? You can live each day in hopes of meeting again. That is true love. She is doing that. Why can't you. I know you're stronger."


Silence followed as Swayam observed him, wondering if his words had gotten to him. Rey finally said, "I just want to talk to her… once… I can't… I won't be able to live like this."


Swayam gave him a hug to console him. Rey cried his heart out. Finally, Swayam whispered. "When the right time comes… I promise there will be. God can't be that cruel."


He parted the hug. "Just look at this as a test? Even the best of love stories have to bear separation. Your love will only grow when you both are apart. One day, I'm sure it'll come, whenever her mother and God will send her back. That day, your love will win. Till then, you have to keep fighting. Love her but don't forget her. Cry for her but keep smiling. Can you do that?"


Rey nodded, knowing, as always, Swayam was saying the truth. He loved her a lot for anyone to be so cruel to them. After listening to Swayam, he too believed that she will be back. And the letter had given him another hope. Kriya's last words… her last plea… her last request… He had to live to fulfill it all.


Alas, he wiped his tears away. Swayam said, "Go meet Vishakha." Once again, Rey nodded, hugged Swayam for being the true friend he was and left the room to find Vishakha. A new ray of hope lightened in his heart, he parted ways. He knew their destiny had parted ways… only to meet again. When, where and how was to be decided. But for now, he was determined to wait as long as it took. He was ready to continue fighting.


Swayam watched him leave and carefully placed the letter back in its envelope, realizing Rey had left it there. He kept it with himself till he can give it to Rey again. He knew its importance as it held the last words from Kriya for him. It held her confession. He thought to himself.


"Vishakha… God only knows when you became such a close friend to Kriya… I know you're in contact with her… I hope you'll let her know to keep holding on to that hope."


He then got up to leave. He had taken care of his friend. Now, it was turn for him to get his answers. He had to get a confession out of Sharon on why she slapped Shivam for hurting him. He needed to know why.




And there's the letter at last.. you've read it.. you've seen his reaction.. now next part read about Kriya and SwaRon.. after this, the whole gang is involved. I apologize for not giving them importance till now... The letter thing stretched a bit more than I had expected. Please do let me know your thoughts on the letter!! I really need to know! And yes, I promise. i won't take till thread 10 to bring Kriya back ROFL ROFL 

I just want you guys to show your love, press like, comment and continue supporting me. Only then will I have the courage to continue updating. Thank you Hug 

Love, Khushi Hug


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Pmz later.. as said in previous pm.. good night Embarrassed

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Awaome update .!
Loved it ..!
Beautifuly written ..!
Emotions were so nice as its happening in front of me ..!
Loved it ..!
Hopefully kriya will be back ..!
Update soon ..!

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