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#3 Guzarish [My version D3] Parts 12-18 (Page 100)

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New readersAdd Guzarish. as your buddy to get pmz when I update.

 G u z a r i s h  .


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Part 17


Rey was surrounded by his friends as they stood around him and spoke over one another. It was early in the morning and they all had just barged in his house like it was no big deal. But for Rey, it was as he loved his sleep! Finally having enough of it, he pushed them all aside and screamed to have his voice heard over others, "STOP IT!" When they all eventually hushed down, he continued. "What's the problem, huh? Can't a guy have some peace?!"


Vicky said faking shocked expression, "Tu peace ki baat kar raha hai? Yahan humari band baji hui hai aur tu?!"


"Band? What band?" Rey asked so he can solve his problem and get them all out of his house.


Nilesh replied, "You've forgotten?!"


"Forgotten what?" Rey asked again looking at Swayam for help. Swayam looked away as if he hadn't seen Rey looking at him to avoid answering.


Bharat said, "Exam results! They come out today!!"


"Yea, so? Why are you freaking out so much Vicky?"


Vicky went into flashback and remembered Neha saying how she wanted him to get perfect scores so they can get married. Just at the thought of marriage, he made a freaked out face and shrugged back to reality screaming. "NAHI!! Guys, you have to make sure I don't pass!!"


Everyone looked at him, genuinely shocked. That wasn't part of the plan! They all said together, "What?"


Rey added, "Vicky, have you gone crazy? What'd you have for dinner?"


Vicky thrust away the concerned look of Rey. "I'm perfectly fine. I can't pass. Varna Neha se shaadi…" He paused to think about it again. "No ways. I can't pass! I don't want to pass!! Who marries at such a young age?"


Everyone burst out laughing including Rey. The others were happy. Even though Vicky's fear wasn't part of the plan, it had worked out and Rey was laughing for starters. They all brushed it away. Rey said, "I'll go get ready. We'll leave for college together."


He left and everyone started hitting Vicky. Swayam said, "What were you doing? That wasn't part of the plan! You're lucky he laughed either ways. Or else the whole plan would have been flopped!"


Vicky rubbed the back of his head and looked at them with one apologetic face.




At school, the girls met up with boys. Simmi asked, "How's it so far?"


Nilesh replied, "We ran into some problems but all good. Are you guys ready?" They all nodded. Swayam continued, "See you all then."




Swayam announced, "Alright, chill guys. Rey and I will go check your results. You all are just over-reacting!"


As Rey and Swayam forwarded towards the notice board, Sharon and Simmi walked towards it from the other side as well. Between the entire crowd, Sharon was being squished but she made her way in. Neither of them knew the other was there as well. Until they reached the front and clashed into each other.


They looked at each other and Sharon quickly looked away. Lately all the small interactions were making a lot of debate topics for her. Focusing on the sheet, they checked their results. She turned to leave and Swayam noticed she was being pushed around. The protective side on him kicked in and he immediately put his hands around her and guided her out by holding her shoulders.


She looked at his hand on her shoulder and the other hand that protected her from others. He wouldn't let even one person touch her. She again wondered. How con he love me so much? Once they were out, she stopped gazing at him and murmured, "I could have gotten out myself."


"Yea, I could see that!" he replied back. She looked away not wanting to stretch it. She really didn't want to say anything she shouldn't. Rey and Simmi walked out as well. Rey had a teasing grin on his face while Simmi was agitated at the crowd. Neha, Vishakha and Rinni joined from one side while the boys came from other with nervous looks on.


Rey announced, "Don't worry guys. We all have passed. And Swayam has topped it!"


They all cheered for Swayam while Sharon simply smiled seeing him happy.




Everyone sat in the canteen bored. Sharon started, "What do we do now? There's nothing to do. Not even studying anymore!"


"Yea… No events either." Rinni added.


Rey wondered what they were up to. Swayam said, "Guys, we still have to find our 6th dancer and a new AGS. Bhul gaye?"


Rey went a little blank. He hadn't quite accepted that Kriya won't be his AGS anymore and then Weaklings didn't have their leader and 6th dancer.


Just then, RDX walks in with Nicole. "All that can be done later. Right now, I have some work for you all." The first thing Nilesh noticed was RDX and Nicole holding hands. Soon after, everyone's eyes went that way as well.


"Nicole and I are getting married." RDX broke the news. Nilesh almost stumbled and would have fallen down if Simmi hadn't held him up. "What?!" they all said together.


"Yea… this is supposed to be happy news…"


Sharon replied for them all, "No, it's not that. We are happy for you both. Congratulations."


RDX smiled back and of course. Why would Sharon be happy? At one time, she used to be jealous of Nicole and Swayam! RDX continued, "I want you all to come to the wedding. And this does mean I'll be leaving for a month after wedding. But it's just temporary leave. So nothing much to worry about."


They all nodded taking in the news and exiting excited that RDX gave them the responsibility to plan it all. The peon came and informed Rey that the principal was calling him. Once Rey left, everyone started bombarding RDX.


"Sir, this too wasn't part of the plan! When did it happen?" Swayam asked.


RDX shied a little. "It wasn't… But when it happened, I thought this would be a better distraction for Rey… What can make him more happy then being around celebrations?"


"That'll just make him miss Kriya more." Sharon replied. RDX thought about it.


"Yea… I didn't think of that… Sorry guys…" He said. Everyone looked around and at each other.


Nicole said, "Don't worry guys. We'll make sure he's never alone. We'll keep him occupied." They all nodded. Nothing else could be done anyways. The news was out and they would simply have to work with it.


Once RDX and Nicole left, they turned their attention to Nilesh who plopped down on the chair, completely shaken off the ground and not believing the news.




First thing Vishakha did after getting home was email Kriya.


"Kriya! Oh Kriya, you won't believe what happened today! RDX and Nicole ma'am are getting married!! You can't believe it, can you? We are going to plan the wedding. So that should be fun! And then classes and all of course. Oh, and we all passed the exams in case you wanted to know. Swayam topped them. I wish you were here man! We would have had so much fun planning the wedding and also being a part of it!"


Kriya was doing her assignment when she got the email. Her laptop was on so it beeped letting her know. She checked it putting her assignment away. Reading it, she was surprised as well knowing that!!


Her reply:


"Wow! Really? That is such good news!! Happy for them. So jealous! You guys get to enjoy the wedding while I'm here buried with tests and all! This simply sucks. Arr, hate you guys! Even right now I'm doing this stupid assignment we got. I need a break! You have to send me to pictures! Or I'll kill you. And things are the same at home… Just like yesterday and days before that. Mom goes to work in morning and comes home in evening. I go to college in morning and come home in late afternoon and then go the same schedule."


Minutes later, Vishakha's reply came.


"Gosh Kriya. You're becoming a nerd! Stop studying and go out once in a while. If you don't want to make new friends, then just go out to dinner or something with aunty. Don't treat her like this. She didn't do right by taking you away from us and I do hate her for that. But she's your mother. You have to understand and not punish her for that. Ps: I would have sent you the pix even if you didn't ask for it. Good night."


Kriya smiled reading the response. She knew she wasn't being nice to her mother but she just wasn't ready to forget it and till she did, she wouldn't let Smriti forget either. Turning the laptop off, she went back to her assignment to finish it off quickly so as to get some sleep. But before there, she looked up and out from her open room door to see her mother clattering things in the kitchen and cleaning the dishes off before heading to bed. She sighed, wishing life to be different.



 Note below =)

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Sorry guys in the delay. I have been buried with homework all day today since I woke up. I still ahve few comments to reply to but I'll get to that later Embarrassed I'm hoping you guys can guess what the next update will consist of? Tongue Part 18 and 19 will be MAJOR turn arounds for the FF. 

Keep guessing why ;) You'll be in a dilemma whether you 'like' the twist or 'hate' the twist WinkEvil SmileROFL Yup, I'm just that good Cool ROFL Nah, I kid... But yea, I wasn't kidding on all the thing I said in red color. Hope you guys are ready for that :D 

And then next update pata nai kab hoga.. I will try on Friday as I have a major unit test on Thursday so won't get time before that to reply to the comments =) 

Until then, keep commenting, liking and... well.. whatever you guys do best Tongue 

Love, Khushi.

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Congrtas for 100 pages

Yaay me first again..
Lucky kuck  God gracious..

Hmmm is position ka feel hi kuch aur hota hai...

100 pages done...
 Hope this thread  ends up soon too may be with one more update..
I would love it that way...
And han now to the update
It was as simple as awesome..
Hmm I just love the feel..'

LAst minute mai Vicky ne plan change diya..
God this  mostly happens with me too..Preety last minute changes..
I can still remember Nilesh's  reaction  aftere the news of RDXs reaction and the marriage  time..
That was surely fun around...
Swayam topped  thats a news top party...Guess a small canteen treat banti hai waha pe..
Rey getting blowed about hearing that they have to search for the 6th dancer...This is the perfect reaction expected here...

Vishika's  mail to Kriya..Gosh use bhi exams kia boot chafd gaya ya you are making it cause abhi har jagah exams are on peak...
Love the way the chat between Kria and Vishika.. And Krias reaction to her mom is justified too I guess...As she needs time to come out of her pressure...

 And now to the note..
Late kahan hua madam ji..
Its kind of you have updated the next day itself..
Isse Khushi ki baat kya hogi...
So chill..

All the best for your tests...
Love you <3

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All edited. PMs sending in few minutes..

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Originally posted by ..first.rain..

Originally posted by asmaju

 Hmm Replying to comments..Me waiting for an Update hopefully but bina pressure ke..

I have next two updates typed Embarrassed I got in the mood so type kar dala.. but time nai mila reply karne ka kyunki i started doing homework.. abhi bhi thora hw baaki hai...

I thought tu so gayi hai and left...Thoda stak kar letim nah mai...

No issues jake hw kar lo...

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^haan voh post edit kar rahi thi shayad... ya phir dinner karne gai thi.. yaad nai.. yup.. going back to essay.. check pm =)

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Originally posted by ..first.rain..

^haan voh post edit kar rahi thi shayad... ya phir dinner karne gai thi.. yaad nai.. yup.. going back to essay.. check pm =)

Acha Thik hai... Have fun with the esaay 
Done  <3

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it was awesome loved it

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