Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Telecast Discussion 10 : Update Pg 106

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Night Updates:

BB has given the house mates the task of 2 members from each team taking turns staying up all night watching over the diyas ensuring they don't go out by adding ghee repeatedly. Niketan suspects both Vrajesh and Urvashi have been assigned secret tasks and they seem to be acting suspiciously as well. Delnaaz, Aashka and Sana are fast asleep. Sana and  Aashka decided to sleep early and get up in the middle of the night to take over the task. Currently Urvashi and Vrajesh from team 1 and Niketan and Sapna/Rajev from team 2 are staying up for the first round. They also seem to have to make more diyas.

Niketan was sitting and telling the stories of American TV shows like Homeland, Breaking Bad, Revenge, Games of Thrones (which he said compared the sexual equal to the level of soft po*n), etc. Vishal still awake with Urvashi and Vrajesh. Sapna and Niketan are staying up. All are checking up on their diyas (time ~ 1:30am).

Niketan starts counting Urvashi's team's diyas. He counts upto 91 when BB switches to the 3 sleeping beauties (Delnaaz, Sana and Aashka). He touches a few and says they are wet whereas his ones are dry. Seems Niketan made 207 diyas. Niketan claims Rajev gifted 5 to Sana. Urvashi says, well what he did is what caused him to get punished for it. (time ~1:45)

~5:50am - Rajev trying to convince everyone that the oil is getting over and so is the task and BB ring's a bell's gong to indicate more oil is in the store room. Aashka goes to get it. Rajev laugh disappointedly.


** Times are being converted to India Time.
** Bold bits are important/interesting.
** Red bits are spoilers.

7:59am - Everyone still asleep.

8:02am - Sana washing her face in the bathroom after staying up half the night.

8:05am - Lights still off.

8:08am - Sapna walks outside.

8:10am - Mink, Sana roaming around outside.

8:12am - Seems the wake up song is playing because Sapna and Sana are dancing.LOL Aashka is also dancing. The song seems to go on for about 2 - 3 mins.

8:14am - All of them walk inside the house.

8:17am - Mink in kitchen preparing tea/coffee. Vishal asked how it was so she said horrible, her eyes were closing. 

8:18am - Urvashi in captain's room still in bed but awake. Eyes just closed.LOL

8:20am - Aashka sitting on bed next to Delnaaz stirring a glass of milk. Delnaaz is asleep. Aashka drinks a sip of her milk and walks off. Delnaaz rubbing her eyes.

8:22am - Niketan in bathroom brushing his teeth. Sounds of Rajev and Sapna talking somewhere can be heard.

8:25am - Niketan done and walks out of the bathroom. Urvashi still in her bed. Seems to have fallen asleep.

8:28am - Urvashi finally moved and woke up but still in bed. Mink laughing at Delnaaz saying "dyaan laga rahe ho?". Mink lies down in her bed under her blanket.

8:30am - Finally Vishal is being shown talking to Sana and Sapna in the kitchen and they are talking about how they went through full physical examination. BB announcement for everyone to ensure they changed their mics' batteries. Sana tells Aashka to also check Delnaaz's batteries. Sana talking to Sapna and saying Vishal is a nice person.

8:32am - Aashka got in bed with Delnaaz and Delnaaz is barely moving. She's struggling to wake up. Mink is saying she has to concentrate for 2 hrs today.

8:34am - Sana telling sapna, don't go by VIshal's face nor his dimples. Sana is saying that today she woke BB up by singing "jago jago jago subha hogayi" because when we are asleep that's what BB plays and it's time. She says I don't want to even go out and looking at diyas is making me angry. They walk out with their teas and coffees. Sapna says we'll go out and then go in and snuggle later.

8:35am - Vishal handed Urvashi batteries and they are deciding on their teams about who needs to be out now. Vishal says send Aashka inside and I'll go out. Delnaaz finally trying to get out of bed. She looks like she might cry. LOL

8:37am - Delnaaz massaging her thighs. Seems she has a lot of pain in her right leg.

8:38am - Aashka telling Delnaaz that at night 10 - 13 bottles of ghee/oil came last night.

8:39am - Sana and Vishal sitting outside near their turn table. Vishal with a mug. Sana commenting on how no one changed the water in the buckets. Vishal saying that we have to sit till the evening. Sana is saying that they will buzz them to get ready to make diyas again. Sapna is calling Vishal enthu jawaan. Sapna is asking Delnaaz who has walked outside where her leg pain has gone, she's looking better. She's calling everyone jawaan. Sana is saying they should play some song while we make diyas. Sana is saying it looks like music is going to play.

8:44am - Urvashi still in bed. She starts yelling at Niketan asking him why he's not outside. He says the buzzer hasn't gone off as yet. She's like what do you mean it's not gone off so you arent going. Urvashi asking Aashka if she wants any tablet. Aashka says then I won't be able to get through the day. She's saying I just want to lie down for 10 - 15 mins. Urvashi talking to BB saying a little leniency BB. People aren't able to work. I myself can't wake up because my glutes are hurting.

8:49am - Urvashi finally drags herself out of bed. Mink in the bathroom brushing her teeth.

8:50am - Vishal washing dishes humming "gire sawaan.. yeh agan..". Niketan is asking if Vishal went to the girl's room coz it's very hot. Vishal is saying our room was freezing. Niketan saying it's always cold. It's only your second night. Vishal is saying yes but it was colder than yesterday. Niketan telling him to wash any two cups and a plate and the rest someone else will do it. BB muted something Vishal said.

8:56am - Aashka still in bed. Delnaaz and Vrajesh in the bathroom. Vrajesh singing "jiya main aag lagati hai". They are talking about dishes and cups. Vishal still washing dishes and plates.

8:59am - Sana comes and jokes around with Vishal about dry lips and what not. Sapna also there.

9am - Delnaaz brushing her teeth and sana, Sapna and Vishal and Rajev can be heard in the bathroom. While brushing the bathroom lights fluctuate. Then keep going on and off a couple of times.

9:03am - Sapna in the red bedroom. Aashka asking if she's going to lie down. Then she asks Sapna to wash her clothes and then keep the tub for her as she will wash her clothes. Lights still fluctuating in the bathroom and went off for quite a while. Urvashi is saying that girls genuinely have this problem and today 2 - 3 girls have and since they can't keep eating tablets, this is a normal remedy. Urvashi finally got a hot water bottle and she's asking Urvashi if she should ask Sana to fill it. Aashka says I'll fill it. I'm getting up in a couple of mins. Delnaaz still in the bathroom.

9:06am - Niketan comes out of the toilet and Delnaaz still brushing her teeth. Sapna walks in and he asks her if she wants vitamin tablets. Sapna saying you have, I've told BB to order them. Delnaaz comments to Niketan that it's very cold. He says, abhi hai to hai. He seems angry at her. Sapna grabs her tub full of clothes and asks Niketan if he's done with the use of the sink. He's shaving. She's waiting around for Niketan and Delnaaz to finish using the sink. Delnaaz finishes and Sapna drains the water from the tub in the sink. She says she wants to wash it in the sink because in the shower, she'll get her clothes wet. Vishal walks in with a bucket and Sapna tells him he can use the hand pump. Vishal goes into one of the toilets to fill the bucket. Sapna washing clothes in the sink without the tub that Delnaaz and Vrajesh just spat in. Dead

9:10am - Outside overhead cam. Aashka and Urvashi seem to be outside at their turn table. Vrajesh and delnaaz outside. Vrajesh going to the bathroom. Niketan is topless in the toilet. Vishall washing his hands. Vrajesh saying to give him back his toothrbush if they find it. Sapna says take another. Vrajesh says, no that one had sentimental value. Vrajesh leaves. Sapna screaming loudly asking Niketan what the khufia task is and looking at Vishal.

9:12am - Rajev and Sana in the kitchen making breakfast tea/coffee and lunch. Sana saying Vishal has 2 batteries. Rajev says, he may not steal it. Sana asks rajev to try her tea and he says it's superb. Delnaaz is talking to BB about her leg pain and Rajev says, and does anyone care about my hand so Del says, dr. please! Rajev is going to wash dishes after chopping tomatoes. Rajev asks what Niketan is doing. Del says he's in the bathroom. Rajev saying that the task has started and Rajev is saying that if he's not doing that then he should wash the dishes. He starts complaining to Sana that Niketan is not even starting the knob wala task. BB mutes.

9:16am - Delnaaz in red bedroom requesting BB to send a dr. as her legs are hurting unbearably. Del taking her pills.

9:21am - Rajev, Sana, Vrajesh in kitchen. Rajev saying something about papayas. Sapna complaining to BB to switch off the AC. Rajev says there's no meaning to keep the AC on. Now Rajev and Sana discussing cooking. Then he gives Sapna to wash something and says you are so good. Sapna says no I'm not. Rajev says you are so pretty. Sana adds you are so sexy. They all laugh. Now again they are complaining about the AC and how they'll all get sick. Now again discussing chopping and what not. Vrajesh eaten papaya at the dining table. Sana saying tumhari task shuru something and Vrajesh says ho gaya hai.

9:25am - Aashka and Urvashi busy making diyas. Aashka saying all diyas will not be in the same shape.

9:26am - Delnaaz asks if she should help to Sana and Rajev and Rajev says no. Sapna says, you can find out what the secret task is. Delnaaz asks about the protein shake glass lying outside. Rajev says don't irritate me. It's not my glass, it's aashka's and Sanas. Delnaaz offers to wash them so Rajev says if it was my glass I'd get yelled at and it's sana's so you are washing it. Sana says no one is going to clean the fridge so Sapna.. Sapna cuts her off and says she's been cleaning the fridge from the last 5 days and she wont do it again. Sana says I'll kick you from behind. I just want you to keep these veggies inside so there's space on the counter. LOL Now Delnaaz complaining about the unwashed dishes in the sink and Rajev says he told Niketan to do the night dishes but he didn't. Delnaaz says, have you ever seen us keep the dishes like this. Rajev is like why are you telling me? Sana says but you should have told them or Urvashi because we have been telling him for the last 37 days and there's no affect.

9:30am - Vishal brushing his teeth in the bathroom.

9:34am - Vishal takes off his shirt in the bathroom.

9:36am - He wears his shirt and comes back out and sits with Urvashi and Aashka near the turn table. He comments that they've made quite a few. He just sits and watches them.

9:40pm - Sana and Sapna making parathas. Rajev giving tips on how to make soft parathas. Sana telling Sapna when to take the parathas off the stove. Rajev complaining to Vrajesh about the dish washing team. Delnaaz seems to be washing dishes.

9:42am - Sapna asking why the parathas are yellow. Sana saying she put haldi in the flour. Rajev saying that when Sana and Sapna eat his parathas they'll go mad so Sapna says I'm already mad. LOL He says no, after eating his parathas. 

9:44am - Delnaaz saying that Niketan and Mink are outside doing things from their side. And Urvashi and Aashka outside and Vishal should be here. Sana saying that Vishal wont do anything or he'll against have to stand with a mashaal again. Rajev saying yesterday BB gave me a 1 hr punishment but now you guys are again punishing me this morning. Vrajesh tells Sapna to turn off a stove and she says it's OFF! Don't take so many drugs! You are hallucinating. LOL

9:46am - Vishal walks in and Rajev says please give it to Urvashi and feed her. Sana says feed her with your hand. Rajev again singing. Ouch

9:49am - Delnaaz telling Vishal he can't sit with them as only 2 people have to make diyas at a time. Vishal says I can't help or I can't even sit with them? Del asks others to say. Vrajesh says I think you can't help. So Vishal says he isn't helping. He's just sitting there. Vishal picks up a plate of paratha and bhurji. Sapna takes a bite and Sana asks how it is. She says very nice.

9:51am - Rajev tells Sana to always make tea in the morning. Vrajesh saying bhurji's salt is less. Sapna saying the haldi in the paratha is also less. Rajev says less is better. Sana asks for blue eggs.

9:53am - Sana asks Sapna to find out who all outside want breakfast. Sapna saying what do you mean who? Everyone does. Sana saying as in who is ready. Sana saying her mom will go mad with happiness seeing her cook. Sapna saying to Rajev he hasn't learn to sweep as yet and he says hello peeche se jake dekho sab saaf hai. Sana and Sapna tease him about peeche se. Rajev says I mean from behind the sofas.

9:55am - Niketan and Mink working on the diyas and turn table.

*taking a short break*

Seems Delnaaz and Urvashi are discussing house work not being done in the last 10 mins.

10:06am - Rajev putting egg bhurji on a plate for Delnaaz.

10:08am - Rajev asked Mink if she is going for duty for her team and she says she's had double duty so she will sit and eat first and then go. So Delnaaz says I'm going. Rajev tells her to eat first. Delnaaz says she's not hungry. Rajev says, make up your mind!

10:11am - Nik and Mink making Diyas and asking Mink to cut as he makes them. Delnaaz asks if anyone to come and he says yes, send someone. Inside, Rajev and Sapna are still deciding over how many more people need to eat.

10:13am - Sapna is saying that the only person who has been an impartial captain is Niketan and even Delnaaz. Rajev agrees. Now again Sapna is saying that she's done double shift, she wont sit again just yet and these people knew that. Outside Nik and Mink still at it. Delnaaz coming out. She tells Nik that sapna's saying she's done double shift so.. Nik says ok ok ok whose ready now? Del says I'm ready but she's not. Mink asking if tea is ready. Del asks if she should sit with Niketan. Mink goes and takes her food and Del sits with Niketan.

10:17am - Rajev asking when Sapna came in and she said 3:45 accordng to Vishal. Then Urvashi says that they came in around 4:30am or after because around 4 - 4:30am morning aarti starts and she told Sana to check for the azaan and Sana says the azaan happened much later. Then Urvashi is asking Madhoo to send everyone's clothes. Sana saying tea is not ready. Rajev asking if Mink ate. Sana saying the kitchen needs sweeping. Vrajesh is saying something about black tea and Rajev said thank you bro. Now Sana is washing dishes and saying I made roti. Urva asking if she also fried it and she said no I know how to but Sapna did it. Urva left. Vrajesh, Sapna, Mink sitting and eating, Sana joins them. Vrajesh says tumhare liye Saturday ke baad Sanaday aata hai na. Utte se hi tum sanan karti hogi na. Sana busy talking to Sapna. Rajev also sits down at the table. He's asking if everyone ate. He shares food from Sana's plate.

10:23am - Rajev saying they woke us early and Sana said no, they woke us right on time today. Then Sana jokes about them being separated into different teams.

10:27am - Delnaaz comes to tell Rajev to come out quickly. He says coming. Rajev says to Sana I'm giving you a good idea. The eggs remaining just add to the bhurji and it'll be complete. Rajev says I'm going out now after washing my hands. Rajev saying he'll also drink protein. Sapna asks what happens with it? Sana says protein repair. Vrajesh saying that he really enjoyed the breakfast. Rajev says he enjoyed making and eating. Mink comes in to make tea. Mink tells Rajev that Vrajesh really loves him. Urva yells for Rajev and he says I'm coming even Del told me to come out. He thanks Sana and Sapna and goes out. Sana and Sapna still eating. 

10:31am - Sapna asking Vrajesh how long do we have to do this task? Till lights off. BB mutes. Vrajesh says karna padega. Sana saying that after doing so much she hopes her karya is done properly.

10:34am - Sana saying look at my face. I'd never go out looking like this and I'm in front of 70 cameras like this. I'm tired. How much make up will you do. It's boring. LOL Sana saying how much her leg is hurting and these tasks will melt her bones. Now she's saying she had done physio and got special insoles for her shoes coz of her leg. She's like after leaving from here I think I'll need physio again. She's saying that I'm going to take my jacket off since it's hot now and AC is off and it's hot outside too. She calls Sapna to make coffee with her. Sana is saying she'll wash the dishes and she tells Sapna to put water for coffee. And they can clean the house while the task is going on. Sapna saying with every task she gets double work and "meri halat kharaab hojati hai".

10:40am - Niketan comes to the kitchen and Sapna asks him if he wants breakfast. He makes a fake accent asking her if she wants some fun. She says what? He says go make some pottery. Sapna says no not now. Then he says do you want some Good or Bad news? GN or BN? She says GN. What there's no secret task? there is? there isn't? there is? There is. He says delnaaz and him have made almost 100 diyas. 87. Then BB mutes the rest.

10:44am - Rajev and del making dias. Urvashi comes over. And BB mutes. Aashka and Vishal making pots.

10:46am - Seems like Vishal and Aashka are having problems with their turn table and diyas. Urvashi comes over to inform them about the other team.

10:47am - Sana and Sapna discussing Sanjeev kapoor in the kitchen area. Mink washing dishes.

10:48am - Niketan making eggs.

*stopping updates as hand is hurting*

Updates by -ChillMahaul-:
10:48am - 12pm:
He mixed egg in the milk and made it.. chamcha bhi chaat raha tha LOL
OMGGG NIKETAN ASKED TO HELP??? waaaooo Niketan must really like Mink he said if she wants help Mink said no..
something has happened.. Mink asks Nik when did Raj said the thing to him? he says what? she says the Sana/Vrijesh baat.. Nik says Raj has been telling him for like 2-3 days 
Now Sana and Ashka doing the task.. Sana says Delu-Raj look so cute working together.. Vishal sitting behind Sana and smiling..
Sana says Vishal mashal leke khada hoga LOL
Sana makes fun of Ashka's diyas.. Vish said none made fun of it and Sana would be in the swimming pool after a while.. Ashka is doing such hard work.. Sana says other than mines you like everyone else's hard work.. I'm katti with you.. Vishal says Hayo Rabba LOL
Vish says he needs chai in the morning and Sana gives him that so he is very thankful..
Vraj asks Vishal something and Vish says he likes how Vraj has his pratipad with him.. it's funny
Ashka says Vishal appreciates my diyas only Sana doesn't like them.. Vish says I appreciate Sana too but she doesn't see Sana asks what? he says nothing LOL
Sana says I don't expect anything from you.. Vish says then I won't disappoint you either..
Mink and Vraj's kitchen convo Vraj singing
Niks says love is in the air.. after the pottery class everyone would know the equation.. I think talking about Raj-Delu.. Bigg Boss chahte hain ke Mink if she has changed her mic's battery.

12:06pm - Niketan saying that there's no potter in their team to Urva and Delnaaz and Rajev aren't even able to make one. Then he gives Urvashi a bad diya and says if you don't like anyone, just give it to them. She calls him a Kameena.

12:10pm - Mink asks Niketan who are your best friends from the industry, He says who are yours. Mink says I know mine from years when I came into the industry. Nik says I like his (salmna) life but personally if I reached that level ..muted in between..Bipasha, Kareena, Katrina, Anushka got good opportunities.

12:13pm - Urvashi and Vishal talking and he's asking her about her family. She says they were from Lahore and they are punjabis. And they came to Bombay. Urvashi saying that her grandad had a movie theater in Lahore. She's saying that those people living in Lahore had no expectations that it would be in Pakistan. Her mom was 11 when the partition happened. Rajev asking if singing is allowed. Urva says yes. Then she says that they said Lahore will be the first city to be in Pakistan and her family picked up and ran. Her grandmother in order to protect her daughters used to keep poison next to her to give her daughters in case men attacked and tried to rape them.

12:16pm - Delnaaz back in and Niketan in the kitchen. Mink is preparing lunch. Delnaaz asks her if she can do it alone without help, she says yes. And she tells Niketan Rajev is making the diyas. And she tells Niketan to cut and give him papayas. Niketan tells Mink he's going to stretch his back in the yellow bedroom. He's lying in bed on his stomach.

12:26: *by -ChillMahaul-* Delu asks Sana to call for a doctor from BB.. Raj says han han Sana you say tere kehne se aajayega.. Sana says mere kehne se sab kuch aajata hai WinkLOL

12;27pm - Sana and Aashka sitting. Sana talking to the camera telling BB that Del's both legs are almost not working. Camera turns away from her and focuses on Del making diyas. Sana is like hello, Del, yeh log mujhe seriously lete hi nahi hai. ROFLROFL 

12:30pm - Mink cooking in kitchen while she hums 'main na bhuloonga main na bhuloongi;.

12:40pm - Cookery show still going on.

12:46pm - Mink sets everything for cooking and lies down on the sofa for a bit. Then she complains about the light in the ceiling. Vrajesh comes humming and Mink asks him about the secret task.  She asks about him not talking yet to someone. Vrajesh is saying she said I want to talk to you and every time I go she postpones it. Mink says she must be waiting for the right time. She must know why I'm not talking to her. (Aashka). I gave Delnaaaz a hint. What will she say? Mink says I'm the same as before or what you told me I told you the same thing. He says the way I heard about it makes it seem like I was talking about her character. Mink agrees. Mink says she will say I felt bad in the way you said it. Vraj says then? What will I say? Mink says that I didn't mean it in a bad way or whatever you will say then she'll say I have no problem with u and u'll say that. Vraj  - then everything will be better? Mink yep then u can play ringa ringa roses. Aashka and Sana walk past.

12:52pm - Urvashi and Vishall making diyas. Urva asking about how it's comning on TV and Urva says you'll tell everything outside only. Sana and aashka talking on the bed. Aashka saying her back is aching. Sana says tell me if u need roti. Sana is saying we look black.

12:55pm - Urvashi telling Vishal that she wants to go to Dubai to visit as she made some very good friends from there. No both of them are singing "pal yeh hai pyaar ke pal". Now Vishal is asking for some more empty trays. He's guilt tripping BB for his birthday. Urvashi saying you must always enjoy. Vishal says 9 yrs he always enjoys on his b'day and new years. No work on those days. Urvashi says me too and she says oh our thoughts match, I like it. Urvashi says I know your new years plans of going to chandigarh. Vishal asks who told you? Urvashi says no one told me but I know. I'll tell you outside of the house. Vishal says here we'll keep all secrets safe. Vishal says they have no more place to keep the clay. Urvashi looking for a thread and Vishal says, god knows we never used it. Now they are teasing Rajev by saying they made 500. Urvashi saying after kushti, rajev has beaten Niketan in pottery.

1pm - Sana and Aashka have fallen asleep inside the house.

1:05pm - Niketan lying and still on his stomach. Clearly asleep. Mink comes and talks to him and BB changes to Urva and Vishal making diya. Vrajesh checking on them. Vrajesh is telling her to go. Urvashi says "zada mat bolo" in gujrati. Vishal says u know both marathi and gujrati right? Urva says u need marathi in bombay. Now they are discussing what they took in school.

1:11pm - Vishal saying he never came with any kind of mindset and if people joke then one should also be able to take a joke. Back to the 2 sleeping beauties.

1:12pm - Niketan finally out of bed going outside. Back to sleeping beauties.

1:14pm - BB plays jago jago jago subha ho gayi. Aashka and Sana get up and Sana says I had started to dream. Sana says that don't Vishal and Urvashi want to get up. Then she calls BB partial. She says if she does the task in the sun, eyes will turn red. Sana says I hate the song. The kid is so irritating. LOL Then she asks Aashka from which film it is from. She says outside everyone must have thought she is the one who was sleeping. She sprays perfume.

1:19pm - Mink lying down on the sofa.

1:20pm - Sana asks Aashka if she wants hot water. Then they talk random discussions and Sana is like, it's so nice my family can see me everyday. Sana is saying when we see Salman, I feel like he's from another world. Then Aashka says she wants to leave on Friday that annoys Sana and she calls Aashka selfish. She knows Sana has no one besides her, Del and Rajev and she still talks like this means she's selfish.

1:24pm - Vishal and Vrajesh are discussing. Urva comes out of smoking area. Rajev asks how many Vishal-Vrajesh made so they say almost 500 now. Vrajesh talking about the flat he bought. Sana has joined them outside so Vishal gets up. Mink asleep on the sofa.

1:29pm - Mink asleep. Niketan comes to her and says "dekho aisa hai" and cam shifts outside. Sana and Vrajesh making diyas. Vishal, Urva and Aash sitting and watching them.

1:30pm - Delnaaz leaves Rajev to work alone and goes to talk to Vishal. Sana looking exhausted/bored. Rajev calls for Sana in fun. *silence*

*by -ChilMahual-* Niketan talking to Mink about Sidhu and Aseem regarding Aseem wanting to go into politics. Niketan was like Siddhu is such a big name on its own and much older in age he has experience and especially for a person who aspires to go into politics he was a very good example but "he" didn't pay any attention..

1:43pm - BB makes an announcement that for some time they all have to sit inside the house.

1:45pm - Urvashi goes inside and thanks BB for this rest period. And then she goes and lies on the sofa.

1:51pm - Rajev in bathroom washing hands and face.

1:54pm - Delnaaz and Vishal eating papayas. Delnaaz saying her thighs are hurting and a GP can't help her. Rajev asking about the time. Urva says 1 - 1:30pm. Rajev says outside people must be laughing. Rajev and Urvashi are also sitting at the dining table. Niketan says to Vishal, did you know papaya is 300 points in luxury budget. Urvashi shocked that Vishal removes the seed part and eats the lower bit of the papaya. Rajev saying that either BB's punishment was short but my talks made it long. Vishal saying you talking to the fishes was hilarious. I went mad laughing. BB focusing Vishal eating. Star

2pm - Half the people lying on the TWO WHITE SOFAS (they are placed one behind the other).

2:03pm - Vishal said that he was supposed to have an interview with Salman on Friday but because of Sidhu's eviction that got cancelled so Niketan is like, the way you are saying it is as if it's SIdhu's fault and you are making it sound wrong.Angry Your interview got cancelled because Sampat wouldn't stop talking.

2:06pm - Niketan saying that they are cleaning the garden area and something about task being stagnant.

BB has muted all conversations so I'm off on a break - be back in an hr.

2:10pm - Nik tellin Rajev he'll start campaigning for his captaincy day after and to remind him.

2:15pm - Del, Sana, Aash - random chatter.

2:25pm: urva called to confession room.

2:28pm: sapna reading task from tablet. Blinds opening.

2:32pm - sap still reading. Pool view.

2:35pm - colour bhi care bhi task accord to sana. They did half the work n took some.

2:40pm - Rajev explaining to del that now the painted diyas will count only now. Total should be 1200. Niketan is going to attempt. Rajev saying its a back breaking task if they want to beat us let them. Paint n colour outside.

2:42pm - Urva in blue team. Nik in red team.  They've moved both teams's stand near fish tank.

2:45pm - Urva and Aashka wearing blue jackets and making more diya at the turn table. Urva screaming at Nik. Sana saying its hot. Vraj saying the diyas are dry. Seems they have to dip in paint. Rest housemates including vishal eating lunch.

*missed bits here*
Just remembered that the dr. came and Rajev and Delnaaz went to see him.

4:30pm - Urva making paratha for herself because she hadn't had lunch.  She calls Mink to stand and do it. Mink touches the paratha and burns her finger even after Urvashi warns her it's hot. Two boils appear immediately. Mink jokes now she'll also have to go see a dr.

4:40pm - Vishal making tea for himself, also makes for himself. Vrajesh eating paratha with Urvashi from her plate. He's pretend to read her hand and Urvashi says, phir se dimaagh kharaab hone laga hai tumhara?

4:45pm - Urvashi asks Vishal who is doing the painting so Vishal says Aashka. Vishal asking about ilaychi wali chai. Urvashi said they had ilaychi in the beginning but she hates it. She leaves saying she's coming for 2 mins,

4:50pm - Delnaaz comes into the kitchen walking in baby steps.Vishal still making tea. He asks Vrajesh to check if it needs more tea leaves.

4:55pm - Chai is ready. 

4:59pm - Niketan and Mink making diyas. Rajev sitting and colouring or drying them along with Sapna. They are counting 89 diyas. Aashka sitting and colouring diyas for the blue team.

5:01pm - Vishal cleaning the counter. Vrajesh washing dishes.

5:02pm - Vishal sweeping the kitchen floor while Del drinks tea or coffee and watches Vishal and Vrajesh. Del telling Vraj that the amount of energy they put in the first 2 weeks is putting off them from working now. Vraj says that's not it for him, He's frustrated by the unprofessional work ethics of only getting 6 or less hours of sleep. Vraj complaining that his thighs and back are hurting and in the contract, no where it is written that .. BB mutes.

5:05pm - Turn table being used still by Nik and Mink. She's asking if he's fed up. Sana and Aashka are sitting and colouring for the blue team. Sapna sitting for the red team.

5:07pm - Vishal washing dishes now. He confirms with sapna in the background if this is what he had to do. Delnaaz sitting on the bed and now lying down  and moaning.

5:11pm - Vishal still washing dishes. Delnaaz still on bed.

5:13pm - Vrajesh and Rajev sitting near the gym area contemplating about the tough tasks. Sana gone to the toilet.

5:16pm - Vishal still washing dishes.

**sorry folks. My hands and arm are hurting. I'll continue the updates at night perhaps. So far nothing interesting happening.*

Essential Updates:
- Vrajesh or Urvashi was going to the confession room. I think former. Mink says get some good news regarding leniency. Then she tells Nik that BB is calling them a lot. Something is suspicious. (5:40pm)

- Vrajesh seems to have come out of the confession room and was shouting and very angry. BB wasn;t showing it Urvashi was saying something. Niketan telling him to calm down it's just a task. Vrajesh checking on the diyas. He seems normal. Confused (5:45pm)

- Urvashi saying that colouring can be done till lights off or making can be done till lights off.  (5:50pm)

- Rajev stacking and saying they have to stop making diyas when the lights come on and the lights just came on. (5:55pm) I can hear the sound of the turn table slowing down and stopping.

- Niketan talking to Vrajesh that this is a 64hr task and Vrajesh had been up 6am, then awake all night, then again started at 6am. Vrajesh talking about his contract and BB was muting. (6pm). Sana sitting and painting the diyas with a brush. They seem to have accumulated a lot. All similar colours stacked over each other.

- Vishal told Niketan that they only show fights on the show and not the masaak masti. Ouch Niketan was shocked so even Mink spoke up about it. Vrajesh very annoyed about these 24 hr tasks and Urvashi trying to talk to him and Vrajesh saying if I know about these things then I would have never agreed to the terms and conditions in the contract but they never told us about it. (6:05pm).

- Urvashi finds out that from the lights on to all night, they have to keep the diyas lit, plus they have to paint the diyas till lights off. Vrajesh slightly less upset over the task. (6:15pm)

- Delnaaz told Sapna the task will continue till tomorrow afternoon. (6:20pm)

- Delnaaz telling Sapna in red bedroom that Vrajesh was saying F it near the dish washing area and Sapna is saying it's a secret task because he did the same during Major wali task. Del says no he was genuinely talking. BB mutes. (6:25pm)

- Urvashi talking to Delnaaz and Aashka that before Rajneeti was a mental task. Major was a physical task. So every task is challenging. Urvashi says unless everyone says we aren't doing this task anymore. Give us something else. Delnaaz says I spoke to the dr. and he said there's swelling in my legs. I said no there isn't. He said there is. In the end, I asked the dr. what his name is and he tells me to leave "ishaare main". (6:48pm)

- BB's bell's gong is sounding. Batteries must have come. Everyone is lazying around. Mink and Sana painting the diyas for a very long time. Vishal sitting and chit chatting and singing. Niketan just woke up from a 30 - 40 min sleep and Mink tells him she didn't count them and Nik says to count it. (7:24pm) BB sent vasline for Vishal and he's requesting for a lip balm.

- Aashka and Del in kitchen preparing dinner. Aashka says to Niketan that their team is going to suffer because Vrajesh is not going to do the task. Rajev's medicine was sent by BB. He's asking BB to start the hot water or his hand will hurt with the cold water and he won't be able to do the task and night duty. He's saying he hasn't taken a bath since morning and tomorrow is diwali. (7:38pm). So far no luck. So Rajev roaming the bathroom cribbing about the cold water.

- Niketan saying that if a normal person wants to stay in the house they'll try to do all the chores and tasks properly so they think they wont nominate them and the audience dont get angry. But from an audience perspective, these people are boring. But those who constantly fight and argue, they stay longer in the house. That's why Pooja Missra came back. And from what you (vishal) are saying, they aren't showing the joking around. They are only showing the fights. Even when Mink came she told me that I dont joke around at all. (11:09pm)

- Niketan talking to Vishal about the eliminations of the previous contestants and then tries to convince him to do night duty with him. He says "aisi aisi baatein karegein na ki kal ka poora episode hamare hi upar hoga". Shocked (11:30pm)

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-naureen786- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
Thread is here!! Welcome to the Live Discussion 10th Thread!! 
StarkGirl93 IF-Rockerz

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Niketan sapna vrajesh urvashi and visha or rajeev dunno which outside

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Hey I saw in precap that Sapna is insecure with Mink!! She said Mink is following Niketen all the time!! Any update regarding this issue? I am curious to know!! 

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Originally posted by sweetrahz

Hey I saw in precap that Sapna is insecure with Mink!! She said Mink is following Niketen all the time!! Any update regarding this issue? I am curious to know!! 

I feel Niketan is falling for Mink because he is always with her and back biting someone or the other when they are together alone. Also, today, wherever Mink went, he followed her. If she wasn't around, he was looking for her. I think Mink is using him to get ahead in the game.

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Originally posted by sweetrahz

Hey I saw in precap that Sapna is insecure with Mink!! She said Mink is following Niketen all the time!! Any update regarding this issue? I am curious to know!!

I used to respect sapna but aashka aur sana ke saath reh kar woh bilkul unke jaisi ho gayi hai! Now she has problems with Mink as well

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Originally posted by sweetrahz

Hey I saw in precap that Sapna is insecure with Mink!! She said Mink is following Niketen all the time!! Any update regarding this issue? I am curious to know!! 

Haha both of them like nik .. but nik likes karishma 
both are gone paagal .. and ya both also bitch about nik 

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