Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Daily Discussion Thread ~ 11th November 2012

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 8:17am | IP Logged

Day 35

Hello Everyone :)
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DDT: This DDT is for daily episode discussion wherein everyone who is watching the show can post the happenings, incidents etc from the day's show and then discussions ensue on these happenings.
Updates: We have our coolbie gypsy2525 to give us regular update. Smile  It is a request to all members not to post before 
gypsy2525 reserve her post for update and also not before the episode begins.

 All such posts will be deleted. Every day episode starts @ 9 pm I.S.T.

A humble request to all members not to chit chat in this DDT thread as many members like to read about members views on the episode and sometime they find it hard reading about it if there is lot of general chit chat across the pages. Hope you all understand.

About the show: The recordings of a couple of days are edited and encapsulated into an entertainment package. Hence what we get to see may be discontinuous and incomplete truth.

Every day the DDT will be posted before the episode begins by BB6 DT. Have patience, if and when it is late by few mins. Embarrassed

IF COC and BB6 Section Rules are applicable for all DDT posts.
Please go through them.

Remember : "The only way to win an argument is to avoid it."

Suggestions are welcome.
THANK YOU Big smile
Enjoy & Have Fun!!!
BB6 Development Team

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BB6 Updates:

Live stream (10th November):

Live stream (11th November):


Day 34:
Sidhu had to leave the house because of political reasons so the girls were very upset. Urvashi and Delnaaz crying. Vraj telling Delnaaz, he's there. Aashka crying in the red bedroom. Delnaaz walks in and consoles her. Aashka says best man, very nice man,

Later, BB announces that BB understands everyone is upset especially the girls and so BB wants that the way everyone was happy before he left so BB has prepared a special dinner for all the girls and just as people get ready for a festival, BB wants the girls to get ready.

10pm - Rajev is talking to Sana and saying that 2 people are very against him. Urvashi and Vrajesh and Urvashi can nominate her this time. Sana is saying that Urvashi may be out as a strategy. Sana is saying that she doesn't mind if she goes out tomorrow and she's happy she's with Aashka and Delnaaz whose thinking is stable.

Later, they enter the activity room and sana says DISCO! Then wild card entry enters with the food. Outside the boys are saying maybe they have miranda and pasta. The boys scream, can we join. All of them are drinking wine and say cheers. Outside Niketan is saying girls are enjoying so lets pretend we are also enjoying. 

Song - kisko pyaar karoon plays and Vishal  Karval enters with a food tray. Sana and Mink hug him. Sana asks if he's an entry. Outside Rajev and Niketan are trying to guess what's happening. Rajev thinks something is going on the screen. Vishal gives all the girls gifts. Niketan saying that Rajev got hurt and no one asked him. Inside the girls are so happy seeing pasta. Vishal is bring in more food and placing on the table. Everyone sits down. Mink asks if he came for the food or to enter in the house. Vishal says just for the food. Outside Niketan is saying, lets go inside and watch tv or the news. Inside, the girls are joking with Vishal. The boys are hugging each other in depression. Inside, Mink asking Vishal who he knows from the house and joking. Mink says of course you are staying. Vishal saying let me ask if I can go inside the house. Urvashi is calling the boys. Rajev jokes they are calling us for leftovers. Urvashi goes inside the house to call them. They come in and Niketan's jaw drops. They shake hands with Vishal. Rajev says, you remembered us so quickly? *sarcasm*

Day 34 11:30pm: Delnaaz inside the house wondering if Vishal will stay. Mink says of course. Rajev is saying as soon as he comes make him do the dishes and mopping. If he staying we should scare him from day 1.

11:45pm Sana talking to Vishal and asking what people are saying outside. He says that we know each other. Sana says dont tell anyone. She says dont act smart inside. He says I'm not like that. She's very happy and says tell me everything. Vishal is saying that she's playing very well because she's not fighting with anyone. Sana asks whose the most cunning and he tells her not to think about that.

At night Niketan and Urvashi talking after nights out. Niketan is saying not to give anyone any "bhaav" and he has seen us on TV. He's suggesting to Urvashi to nominate Sana and Delnaaz. Urvashi is saying she's going to nominate Sapna.  Niketan walks off saying it doesn't affect him if someone stays or not.

Day 35:
8am - song "bachke zara.. kare seena jori.. kya kare o ladies" plays as the wake up song. Urvashi dancing. Sana dancing while brushing teeth. Mink meets Vishal talking of the song.

Later, Vrajesh is speaking to the cam and saying you've seen comedy, drama and now for the girls, Vishal has come for Romance and the girls are giggling. VCrajesh is saying that the action direction Sidhu has gone but the actual action dandiya will start later. Just waiting when it'll happen.

11:15am - Vishal talking to Mink. Mink is telling Vishal that Rajev is an idiot. Vishal says but he's also funny and he flirts. Mink says you cant call it flirting.

12pm - Vishal is cleaning the outdoors and Mink is standing with a trash bag. Niketan and Urvashi are laughing that the new entries are working with so much love. Mink falls down and lies on the ground. Vrajesh says that if there's so much stench then they should put deo. Mink says I will faint if you guys are making me work so hard.

Later, Mink is talking about Sapna showing their stomach. Urvashi says "wo kare to chamatkar ham kare to balatkar". Sapna is swimming in a 2 piece. Niketan talking about Sana that when he first saw her he thought she's so homely. Mink teases him and says, oh so you like her? Then Urvashi and Niketan start singing "samundar main naha ke aur bhi namkeen ho gayi ho".

*ad break*

12:45pm: BB announcement welcoming Vishal into the house. BB tells Sana that because Vishal is new in the house and she knows him so she has to be with him all the time until BB's next announcement and to tell him about the tasks, etc. Then BB starts the nominations. Because Urvashi is the captain, she's safe from nominations as is Vishal. As a captain, Urvashi has the right to directly nominate any one person.

Urvashi nominates Sapna. She says I say this after a lot of thought. Not for any negative reason. Sapna should leave because she herself feels locked in the house and she has said she wants to go out several times and she's hurt and I don't want to see hurting. Then she tells Sapna, honest to God, no negativity in my heart.

BB calls Sana and Vishal in the confession room together. Everyone laughs. 

Inside, BB says that because Vishal has seen the show from outside, Sana can discuss with Vishal. Sana tells him she wants to nominate Vrajesh and Niketan and Vishal says I like Vrajesh. But Sana still gives those names.

Sana - Vrajesh because he speaks nicely but back bites. Niketan because he lacks basic ethics and he does no house work and she has no tuning.

Delnaaz - Niketan because he is careless about house work and he only cares about exercising and coffee. Mink because she's not open and not friendly and is speaking after much thought and Delnaaz think she might be dangerous

Niketan- Sana because she accused him a couple of times and her personal grudge. Aashka because her thinking is different, doesn't mix with anyone besides her 2 friends.

Vrajesh - Aashka because during the task they had a fight and on the dining table, she has back biten about him so he's obligated to nominated him. Rajev because even though they have a good relationship but his jokes cross the lines and now he's doing it with Vrajesh and may not tolerate it very long.

Mink - Aashka because she hasn't had the connection with her and hasn;t got good vibes. Sana because there's no connection and Aashka is influencing her and Sana rolls her eyes at her.

Aashka - Vrajesh because he can snap any time and he jokes in front of and behind people's back but when people do it, he doesnt like it. Niketan vecause he doesnt do any work.

Rajev - Vrajesh because he cant understand him and says one thing in front and behind one's back. Aashka because she's very emotional and he cant understand whether she wants to leave or not.

Sapna - Niketan because he's doing "chugli". Mink because she's using a lot of negativity.

1:30pm: Urvashi, Vrajesh and Niketan sitting and discussing nominations. Niketan says that it's very difficult to speak and nominate. Vrajesh says he doesn't mind if he's nominated. Niketan says I feel I might be nominated and Vrajesh. Vrajehs says I'll welcome it. When Sidhu was leaving Sapna was trying to make up with Urvashi. Niketan says once bitten twice shy and if you make up, "tum billi paal rahe ho". 

1:45pm: BB announces to the housemates that the nomination procedure is done. Because Urvashi used her right and with the votes of the house mates, the nominated people are Sapna. Aashka, Niketan and Vrajesh. Niketan says, we are tied. Everyone gets up. Niketan says, what did I tell you.

2pm: Sana telling Aashka she won't go. Aashka says it's a good feeling and last week I wanted to quit but now if I go it'll be losing which is better. Sana is saying that only good people win the show. Aashka saying that in between previous shows, even good people leave, Sana saying you are happy since yesterday, that's your real side.

2:45pm: Vrajesh and Niketan discussing that we both got 4 votes and who nominated them. Sapna must have nominated Niketan. Rajev couldn't have nominated Sapna because they are saying you are so sweet lately. Niketan comes to the conclusion that Vrajesh has 5 votes. Vrajesh, then why was my name mentioned last. iketan says Aashka must have taken your name. Niketan asks if you get along with Aashka. Vrajesh not form the last 4 days. I dont want to talk to her or I'll ask her what's going on. He's saying she insulted his character.

5:30pm: Sapna and Vishal talking and she asks him how can I get out. Vishal suggests to appeal to the audience. Sapna says no from my side because you have experience and she says I don't know anything about the side. Vishal says you shouldn't quit, play till the end. Sapna says some people are made to play the game and some aren't/ I have very strong principles and I don't know if I can take it mentally.

6pm: Rajev reading a tablet saying that Vishal has to give a dance performance and Vishal can pick any one girl. Sana will do the choreography.

*ad break*

6:15pm: Sapna talking to Aashka and says it's about time Niketan is nominated as he's a big back biter. Sapna is saying that Niketan said that he can be fake. Even at Sidhu's time and everyone was affected. Sapna says she went to Urvashi and said, let's shake hands since Sidhu isn't feeling nice. Sapna saying after a while we get tired mentally.

7pm: Vishal has picked Aashka as his partner and Sana choreographing on the song "ek ladka tha, hoti kya hai jawaani suno". Niketan and Rajev in yellow bedroom talking about when Mink came she wasn't given so much attention and BB is giving Vishal too much attention. Delnaaz comes into the room and says that come and see the show outside as the poor can't dance. Rajev is saying that even I couldn't dance. Niketan is saying he's stupid. He chose the wrong partner. He should have chosen Delnaaz. Delnaaz says that Aashka is very graceful. So Niketan and Rajev say Delnaaz has a better smile, etc so he should have chosen her.

Outside, Sana is showing the moves on Sapna. Delnaaz is helping Vishal and Rajev goes and crashes into Delnaaz with a water bottle. Sana falls down on the split water so Rajev starts mopping. Inside the yellow bedroom, Vrajesh, Mink, Nik and Rajev are laughing. Vrajesh says it looks like we are watching TV and Rajev is mopping thinking oh what did I do to my poor Sana.

Later, everyone outside watching Aashka dancing with Visha. Delnaaz cheering for Aashka. Sana and Vrajesh doing the steps. Urvashi smiling. Delnaaz cheering and saying Sana you are a good teacher. SOng ends with Vishal lifting Aashka in his arms. Urvashi and Delnaaz hug Aashka.

11pm: Aashka telling Sana and Del that these people are hypocrites. They go vote and then come and kiss each other. Sana says everyone is like that. Delnaaz asks who do you think who voted whom. Aashka says Urvashi is calling Vrajesh dogla but today she's talking to him and that SIdhu will go outside and then understand everyone.

PRECAP: SApna talking about Niketan and Mink always hanging out together. New task to make diyas. Niketan says to the other team that I'll give you 10 diyas to take him in your team. Delnaaz says I'll give 50 diyas. Rajev saying I wont do the task now until you guys ask for forgiveness.

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Nomination discussion karane lage paji ke jaate hi

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why no updates?
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Edited:Acha ok..saw u are updating..Big smile

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sana said ashka is stableConfused
thats why she hang out with her

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This Vishal seems to be a big bore like Mink!! This Wild card seems to be very tame Tongue

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Sorry, these people are talking very fast. I don't get a chance to post until ad breaks. Embarrassed

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