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OS: The best Dhanteras of my life *translatn up* (Page 4)

Hope IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 10:53am | IP Logged
Loved it. They went out together. She know about last years Sikhe secret. Wonderful. Thank you so much for the PM.

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wiwy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 11:06am | IP Logged
That was so cute! Wishing you a sparkling Dhanteras and a prosperous Diwali!!!!!!

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--Kittu-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 11:35am | IP Logged sweet n cute one !!!!
plz continue soon.

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sweetmadhuri IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
lovely os and thanks for the pm Smile

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..Smita.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 7:41pm | IP Logged
Link to yesterday's OS Diwali ki safaai:
Translation for The Best Dhanteras Of My Life!
When Arnav woke up on the morning of Dhanteras,he found Khushi's side of the bed empty.
Arnav: Khushi?
There was no response.
He checked the time. It was 7 AM.
Arnav: Strange! Yesterday she was trying to wake me up since 6 AM. Where did she go today without telling me?
He checked the poolside and the bathroom.Both were empty.
There was a knock on the door.
Arnav(opens the door): What happened Akash?
Akash: Bhai,I need ur signature on these papers.
Arnav signed the papers.
Akash: Thanks bhai!
Arnav: Akash,have u seen Khushi?
Akash: Khushiji is making Rangoli with di & Paayal.
Arnav: Okay,thanks!
When Arnav went downstairs he found di busy decorating the mandir while Khushi & Paayal were giving finishing touches to the Rangoli.
Anjali: We should do this daily! Finish making the Rangoli first & then proceed to do the household work!
Khushi: Yes di..
Paayal: Khushi,will u put the colors away? I need to prepare tea..
Khushi: Yes jiji! Once I've put the colors in the box,I'll help u in breakfast's preparations.
Arnav(calls): Khushi..
Khushi: Ji?
Arnav: Come to the bedroom for a minute..
Khushi: I'm very busy right now.I'll come later.
Arnav(thinks): She wont budge so easily!
Arnav: I'm getting late. I'm not able to find my tracksuit.Come & see where u've kept it..
Khushi: Its on the topmost shelf of the cupboard.
Arnav: I checked,its not there.
Khushi(mumbles): First the white shirt went missing and now the track suit?
Arnav: Khushi what r u mumbling? Come & find the tracksuit!
Anjali: Chhotey,y r u getting angry on Khushiji,that too on the festival? (to Khushi) Khushiji, u go & look for Chhotey's tracksuit. I'll put the colors away..
Khushi: Alright di.Lets.. (surprised)Areh! where did he go?
Anjali: He must have gone to ur room..
Khushi: Ya.. I'll b back in a few minutes,di.
Arnav hides the tracksuit under the bed.
Khushi comes there,looking worried.
Khushi(mumbles): Y only Arnavji's clothes r missing?Yesterday itself I kept it in the cupboard and today it went missing!
She opens the cupboard and begins her search.
Arnav,meanwhile,hugs her from behind and puts his arms around her waist.
Khushi(shivers): What r u doing? Leave me!
Arnav: Y didnt u wake me up today morning?
Khushi: We slept late last night.Hence I thought of letting u sleep for a little more time today.Anyways,ur conference is at 11 naa?
Arnav: Yup!
He kisses her left shoulder and nuzzles it.
Khushi: If u do.. all this,how will I be able to find the track suit?
Arnav: I've called u for "all this"! Track suit is right here, relax!
Khushi: Haww! And I've been going insane thinking where the tracksuit disappeared all of a sudden?
Arnav turns her around to face him and kisses her forehead.
Khushi: Arnavji,I've a lot of work downstairs.Leave me,plz..
Arnav: When do u not have any work to do? U keep doing something or the other!
He kisses her cheeks,one after the other.
Khushi: Di & jiji are alone. How much work will they do? Today we need to make the Diwali sweets. Oh yes! I completely forgot to ask u!
Arnav: What?
Khushi: We'll be making pede,besan laddoos,gujiya,shakkar paare & jilebis. U tell me which sweet u want to have,so I'll prepare it using sugarfree instead of sugar..
Arnav plants a deep kiss on her lips.
Arnav: I want to have this sweet!
Khushi: Stop it! I'm serious. Tell me naa..
Arnav: I told u! I am not interested in Diwali sweets! I like only this sweet!
He is about to kiss her again when Khushi pushes him away.
Arnav: What the..!
Since Khushi hadnt washed her hands,the rangoli color was still on them.
So when she pushed Arnav,she made her handprints on his T-shirt.
Grabing the opportunity,Khushi runs out of the room muttering "Sorry!"
When Arnav comes out of the bathroom,he finds Khushi busy on the phone.
Khushi: What happened? Did u find it, buaji?
Arnav pats her shoulder and mouths "buaji is missing?"
Khushi shakes her head and gestures him to wait.
Khushi(shocked): U didnt!?Check in the other box,it has to be there!
(pause) Found it! Jai ho Devi Maiyya ki! (pause) Ya buaji,plz keep them in the mandir & do their pooja in the evening.(pause)Ok.I'll talk to u later.
Arnav(wearing his coat): What was missing?
Khushi: The 2 silver coins which I got last year in Chamko detergent packet.. By Devi Maiyya's grace she found them! 
Arnav: Khushi,hasnt Chamko detergent kept any such offer this year?
Khushi: How would I know?After marriage I havent been in touch with Chamko detergent! Over here the expensive powder is used.(makes a sad face)Chamko detergent is never bought over here!
Arnav: How sad!
Khushi gets an idea.
Khushi: But buaji still uses it! Should I ask her?Who knows,there might b a similar offer this year? And if there is such an offer,I'll ask her to buy 12-1 packets detergent today.
Arnav: Y should u trouble buaji?If there is such an offer,I'll inform Aman.He will give detergent to buaji.
Khushi(smiles): Ok.I'll ask her just now!
Khushi: Arnavji,buaji said they've kept the same offer this year as well!
Arnav: Ok.U.. plz get me my coffee.Meanwhile I'll speak to Aman.He'll deliver 12 packets of Chamko detergent to buaji's house today itself.
Khushi(delighted): Great! Thanks!
After reaching the staircase Khushi realizes..
Khushi(thinks): Di said she's kept orange juice for Arnavji in the fridge. Let me ask him if he wants to have the juice or coffee?
When she reaches the door,she hears him saying to Aman.
Arnav: Like last year by 4 silver coins,100 gms each and put them in 4 packets.  (pause) Make sure u seal it well. If buaji comes to know anything u're fired!
Khushi: Arnavji?
Arnav is shocked to find Khushi at the door.
Khushi(coming inside): So.. last year.. u had asked Amanji to put the silver coins in the packet?
Arnav: Actually,I'd put them myself last year.. Khushi,u're..
Khushi(interrupts): Y? U didnt love me back then. Then y did u do this for me? That too not one,two coins!
Arnav: Coz ur smile and happiness were important to me even at that time. I did that to make u happy.(smiles) And when I saw u jumping,I felt really happy myself!
Khushi (hugs him): Thank u!
Arnav feels wetness on his coat.
Arnav: Khushi,y r u crying?
Khushi: U r so.. sweet!I'm so fortunate to have a husband like u! I..
She is overwhelmed.
Arnav: So.. that's a good thing naa. Y do u need to cry about it?
Khushi(breaks the hug): U wont understand! Tell me,y did u ask him to put 4 coins this year?Y not 2,like last year?
Arnav: Coz this year there's nobody to earn for buaji.So I thought that if ur family need money some day,these coins will come handy. I know they will never ask me or Akash for help.If I were to gift these to them,they would never accept it. Hence.. Khushi(kisses his cheek): Thank u so much!
Arnav is about to kiss her when NK comes there.
NK(covers his eyes): Oops! I'm sorry!
Khushi: That's a.. ok Nanheji! Plz come in..
NK: Khushiji,dadiji has called u & Nannav for breakfast.
Khushi: Ok.Lets go.Come Arnavji..
Arnav gives her a look before picking up his laptop bag and heading out the room.
Arnav: Di,we're leaving..
Anjali: Ok.
Nani: What time will u b back?
Arnav: By lunchtime,nani.
Nani: Ok.Go carefully.And send Mohanji with the car after half an hour.
Arnav: Sure.
Arnav(on the phone): Ya Aman. What about that guy?(pause)Great! Give him the address. Di & Khushi will explain the work to him. (pause) What is his name?(pause)What the..!(pause)Nothing.Send him to Shantivan.
After ending the call Arnav says unbelievable.
Akash: What happened bhai?
Arnav: The househelp whom Aman has arranged is called Surya Prakash!
Akash: Truely unbelievable!Bhai,look,our  "client" is here!
Arnav smiles.
Arnav: Welcome back mamaji!
Mamaji: Thank u Arnav bitwa!
Arnav & Akash hug him.
Mamaji: Take me home,fast! I've been dying to meet everyone since a long time!
Akash: Lets go papa!
Mamiji: Hello hi bye bye! Since I refused to make sweets,sasumma made me a doormayin(doorman)!
She is shocked to find Arnav & Akash outside the door.
Mamiji: Bhat hayippened Akas bitwa? Meeting cayinceled(cancelled) or what?
Akash: No maate! We're here with a surprise for u!
Mamiji(elated): Surprise! That too phar(for) me?! Wow! (excited)What is it? Is it a pilatinum setwa?
Arnav: no mami. Its much more precious!
Mamiji: Hello hi bye bye! More precious than Pilatinum?What is it?
Mamaji (comes from behind Arnav): Its me, Mannu!
Mamiji(screams): Aakas k papa!
She is about to hug him but stops,since Arnav & Akash r standing there.
Akash: Bhai,lets.. get papa's luggae from the car..
Arnav: Ya!
The brothers leave them alone for a while.
Later,at the dining table,lunchtime...
Anjali: So this was ur client,ya Chhotey?
Arnav smiles.
Akash: Bhai had planned for all this a month ago,di..
Anjali: Really?! Very nice,Chhotey! I was telling nani this morning itself that this would b our first Diwali without mamaji. And look! Mamaji is right here! And today u gave us not one but two surprises! Thank u!
Mamaji: Which is the second surprise,Anjali bitiya?
Anjali: Surya Prakashji...!
A boy of about 20 comes out of the kitchen.
SP: Yes Anjali didi?
Anjali: Mamaji,here's the first surprise!Surya Prakashji,we're done. Now u have lunch. After that I'll help u in making pede.
SP: Ji.
Arnav: Di,y r u helping him? He'll do all the work. I've kept him so that u all dont keep working the whole day in the kitchen.
Anjali: Yes Chhotey.But today is his first day in r house.He doesnt know which thing is kept where. So I should help him naa?
Arnav nods.
Nani: Will u both go to work today?
Akash: No dadi.
Nani: Ok. So u decorate the house with Diwali lights.
Akash: Alright. NKbhai isnt back yet?
Anjali: He's gone to meet a friend so he'll hav lunch with him.
Akash: Ok.
Arnav: Nani,I'm taking Khushi out. We'll b back in 3-4 hours.
Khushi is surprised to hear that.
Nani: Where r u going?
Anjali: Nani! Khushi will also get her surprise naa!
Nani(smiles): Ok! U may go. But plz come back well within the time. The mahurat for Dhanteras pooja is from 5:55. I'll start the pooja at 6:30 so u try to come back between 5:30 & 6. Khushi bitiya wil have to get ready after coming back.
Arnav: Ji!
Arnav: Khushi,r u ready?
Khushi: Ji! Where r we going?
Arnav: Its a surprise.
Khushi: Tell me,plz..! I want to know!
Arnav: Chandni Chowk.
Khushi(shocked): What?!
Arnav: U heard me.
Khushi: U wont b able to enter Chandni Chowk's bazaar with ur car!
Arnav: Who told u we're taking the car?
Khushi(confused): Then how r we going?Rickshaw..?
Arnav: Just come.. u'll get to know eveything soon!
Arnav parks the SUV outside a mall in Mayur Vihar.
Khushi: What r u doing?I'm not getting anything!
Arnav: Have patience,u'll understand everything pretty soon!
Aman comes there on a bike.
Khushi: Amanji is also coming with us?
Arnav: Nope! We're taking his bike!
Khushi: Do u know how to ride a bike?
Arnav ignores her question and goes towards Aman.
Aman(gives the keys): Sir,I've filled the petrol.
Arnav: Reach as soon as I call u.
Aman:Right sir.
Arnav: Come Khushi..
Khushi looks at him with uncertainty.
Arnav(smiles): Relax! U wont fall down. I know how to ride a bike.
Khushi: There'll be a lot of crowd over there today..
Arnav: I know.Dont worry about the crowd,just hop on.
Khushi sits sideways and holds his shoulder for support.
After parking outside the market..
Khushi: I never thought u could ride a bike so well!
Arnav: Dont u ever underestimate Arnav Singh Raizada! I rode the Bike well but I didnt enjoy it!
Khushi: Why?
Arnav: Hurry up.Dont waste time in asking questions.
Shantivan,6 PM..
Nani: Anjali bitiya,call Chhotey.Ask him when will they reach home?
Anjali: Nani I spoke to him sometime back. He said.. they'll be here in half an hour's time.
Nani: Ok.I'll start the pooja at 7.
Khushi: How will I sit on the bike with so many bags?
Arnav: Dont worry!
Khushi: What dont..
Before she could complete her sentence Aman comes there.
Khushi: Amanji?
Arnav: Give all the bags to Aman.He'll take them.
Khushi: But how will u take all these bags?
Aman: In an auto, bha a.. ma'm.
Khushi: Fine.
She hands him the bags & Aman leaves.
Arnav mounts the bike.
Khushi: Hurry up!
Arnav: Khushi,will u sit.. like this?Like how I'm sitting?
Khushi: With legs on both sides of the seat?
Arnav: Hmm.
Khushi: Okay!
She does what she is told and again holds his shoulders for support.
As they travel through the city,Khushi's eyes are focused on the decorated buildings.
Khushi: Dilli looks so beautiful,isnt it Arnavji?
Arnav: Yeah!
Khushi: I enjoyed a lot today! Thank u for taking me to Chandi Chowk,for allowing me to do indulge in shopping till I was satisfied and for feeding me chaat!
She puts his arms around his waist and rests her head on his back.
Arnav(smileS): U r wlecome! Khushi,remember I told u that I didnt enjoy the bike ride today?
Khushi: Yes..
Arnav(smiles): Now I'm enjoying it!
Khushi smiles & hugs him even tighter.
At the mall's parking lot..
Khushi: Amanji,this is a gift for u!
She extends a paper bag towards him.
Aman: No ma'm.I cant take this..
Khushi: Y not!?U've helped us so much today! I want to say thanks to u through this. Please take this.I'll b happy if u do!
Aman looks at Arnav,who gives a slight nod.
Khushi: Y r u looking at him? Take this! Its a gift from ur Khushi bhabhi!
Aman(smiles): Thank u..
Khushi: Since its a festival today,u can call me bhabhi! Right Arnavji?
Arnav shrugs.
Aman: Thank u bhabhi!
Khushi: I'll make sure ur boss doesnt bother u on Diwali! We must leave now..
Aman: Ok!
Arnav & Khushi reach Shantivan at 7:10 PM.
Nani: What took u so long, Chhotey?
Arnav: Very sorry nani! There was a lot of traffic!
Khushi: He's not at fault,naniji. I wanted to buy gifts for everyone and much of our time went in that.I'm really sorry!
Nani: Thats okay. Now freshen up and come here fast. We need to start the pooja in 10 minutes. The mahurat is till 07:53,so hurry up!
Khushi: Ji.We'll just b back!
Arnav is amazed to see Khushi running towards the stairs with a small box in her hands.
Arnav: Khushi,wait!
Khushi: Only 3 minutes r left! I havent even worn the jewellery yet!
Arnav: Relax! Come here!
Arnav scoops her in his arms.
Arnav: Now u wear the jewellery,I'll take u downstairs.
Khushi pulls his cheeks.
Arnav(irritated): Khushi!
Khushi: U r so.. sweet!
Arnav: So u dont want to wear ur jewellery?
Khushi: Oh! I'll wear them!
No sooner did Arnav put Khushi down at the foot of the stairs,did she run towards the mandir area.
Arnav followed her,shaking his head.
After the pooja...
Khushi: Plz forgive me,naniji! Since there was no time today,I couldnt wear the saree u gave me.I wore this new suit instead.
Nani:Doesnt matter! What matters is that u reached in time for the pooja!
Khushi: I've got gifts for u all! I'll bring them..
Nani(smiles): Ok! BTW Chhotey,where had u taken bitiya for shopping?
Arnav: Chandni chowk market..
The family is shocked.
Anjali: Chandni Chowk!? Chhotey u shouldnt have gone there today. Theres sucha huge crowd over there during Diwali. What if some unpleasant incident had occured?
Mamiji: Aur kaa!? What if there was a bamb bilast by terrorists?
Nani: Manorama! Dont talk of all this. Chhotey & Khushi bitiya r back home safely! That is what matters at the end of the day!
Arnav: Exactly!
Later that night,after dinner,Arnav & Khushi retire to their bedroom.
Arnav: Let me change my clothes.
Khushi: Wait!
Arnav: What happened?
Khushi gives him a big gift and a small gift.
Khushi: Shaadi k baad ka pehla Dhanteras mubaarak ho!
Arnav: Thank u!
He gives her a side hug.
Khushi: Open these fast!
Arnav opens the big gift first.
Arnav: White shirt!
Khushi: Now even if u dont find the other one,u'll b able to wear a white shirt!
Arnav: Right! And u'll get to see me in it!
Khushi blushes.
Arnav opens the smaller gift next.
Arnav: My favourite fragrance!
Khushi: The one u're currently using is about to get over so..
Arnav: Thank u so much!
Khushi: Thank u so much! For making my afternoon and evening so special!
She holds his hand.
Khushi: Now its time for the third & last gift!
She places her hand in his.
Arnav: What?
Khushi: Me! (blushes)U can have ur sweet now!
Arnav keeps the gifts on the recliner and pulls her flush against himself.
Arnav(in his husky tone): Let me warn u,I'm damn hungry! So I'm going to gorge on the sweet till I'm full!
Khushi(looking towards the floor): Its ur sweet! Hav it till u're.. satisfied!
Arnav: Alright!
He scoops her in his arms & takes her to the bed.
And then makes love to her till he's content.
Few hours later..
Khushi sets the alarm for 5:30.
Arnav: Wake me up tomorrow morning,as soon as u wake up.
Khushi: Y? What will u do by waking up that early?
Arnav: Office work. Thats not the point. (cups her cheek) I dont like it when I dont see u first thing after waking up!
Khushi(holds his hand): In that case,I'll come later to wake u up.
Arnav: Sure?
Khushi: Pakka!
He kisses her hand.
Arnav: Thank u so much Khushi! This was the best Dhanteras of my life!
Khushi: Mine too! And buaji's as well! I cant tell u how happy she was after getting those 4 silver coins! All thanks to u! (sighs)Sometimes I think what would have happened to me,had u not come in my life?
Arnav: I'll tell u tomorrow morning! Now go to sleep!
He pulls her closer and very soon they drift off to sleep.
P.S. Sorry for writing this so late! Was very busy in the evening so I couldnt write it back then. Shubh Dhanteras to all those who celebrate the festival!
The one shot on Chhoti Diwali will be up today evening and translation will be up tonight.

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
very nice...
continue soon yaar
thanks for the pm

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sweet one

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nice  one

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