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TaaRey OS|| Confession filled with Desires|| (Page 6)

.wanderlust. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 11:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by XTaaReyVirManX

Omg suhu... I juzz cnt beleive this is ur first Shocked really loved it to the.max... Plzzz keep writin more xx

Zobii , ThankYou Soo Muchh Big smile

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ABCDesiGirl93 Goldie

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 11:46am | IP Logged
awesome os! you should write more! :D

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DontAsk Senior Member

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 11:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by KunwarKiDeewani



And so Afta da rose day party , Which was so incomplete widout da dance. The D3 Gang decided to arrange deir own party ! In which obv dance wud be dere. Rey just finihsed texting evryone abt da party and den den he thought wow so cool , Kal taani bhi Gs ke tarah nahi rahengi. Rey said to himself ' Kal ki party mein na toh Taani Gs hogi na hi humarey beeche mein koi prob hogi' He was so happy about it. He could almost feel ticklish thinking abt spending the party tym wid her ! but things were not really as dey were seen.  AWWW!!!

Taani on the other hand was hurt by the way Rey had behaved wid her in da party. She said to herself ' Mujhe nahi pata tha that Rey could be rude wid me for such small reasons , Huh taani yeh kya bol rahi ho tum . Rey ke liye toh tum pehle si hi ek annoying ladki rahi ho, so how do u expect him to be sweet to you'. Suddenly Swayam snaps her out of her thoughts asking her to sit down for dinner ! 
  They have a bro-sis talk which ends on a goodnight hug.

The Next day , Party Tym at da hotel-
       Rey had reached before evryone eagerly waiting for evryone esp Taani. Afta sum tym he sees Swayam cum widout Taani. He runs upto him and first thing he asks'Taani Kaha Hai' Oho! Someone's restless to see his princess Wink Making swayam wonder why was he bothered ? But before he could say nethn all da d3 gang enters Along wid Taani, which brought a broad smile on Rey's face. His jaws dropps seeing her in the stuning backless Purple short dress wid black flowers. He thought to himself 'OMG yeh isse zyada hawt nahi ho sakti thi , I was sucha fool to reject her , Why rey why did you do dis ? *Sigh* Kash mein tab maan jata ab mein uske saath hota and i wouldnt hafto die evry min thinking abt the fact that she's not mine yet'. 

          Taani was least bothered about Rey , well maybe no but she atleast pretended to be . She had forced a smile on her face and had decided dat she wudnt let Rey and his actions spoil her mood. She was in a full party mood and was enjoying herself to the most wid the girlies ! Many a tyms rey tried talkin to her but she paid no heed and simply ignored him making him feel bad ! 
         Afta a while as da girls sat down for drinks the guys were just at deir best , Being stupid. Well obv excpet Rey and Swayam , who were too busyy admiring deir girls. While doin so dey saw a couple of guys misbehaving wid taani and talking crap . Rey comes in as da saviour and drags her away while Swayam bashes them up. 

    Rey drags her all the way out till the corridor. Rey was still catching her hand ! Taani was happy from inside dat he actually cared for her now , but she din want him to noe dat , So she dusts his hand off her's and asks 

Taani : why did u pull me here ? 
Rey : *Surprised* Tumne dekha nahi woh ladke kaise baat kar rahe they' Mein sirf tumhari help kar raha tha.
Taani : Mujhe aap ki help ki zaroorat nahii thi i could manage aur bhai bhi they na , Why do u always hafto be sympathetc towards me ? . This reply of hers really hurt Rey and now he was furious 
Rey : Ek toh meine tumhari help ki aur uppar se tum mere uppar hi bhadak rahi ho , First of all tumse kisne kaha itni choti dress pehenke aane ko woh bhi backless'  O la la! Possesive and Angry REY!Day Dreaming
Taani : Mein jo bhi pehenu aap kaun hotey hai mujhe question karne wale? Mujhe toh laga tha ki hum kabhi dost nahi ban saktey kyunki mein ek GS hu.Fir apko itni fikr kyu ho rahi hia ?
 Rey den realises how rude he was wen he had told her all dose things in the fire exit. He was sorry 
Rey : Mujhe laga ki tum meri idealogies se agree nahi karti .. ' 
Bfore he could finish it , Taani burst saying : ideoligies ideoligies ideoligies ,thak gai hu mein yeh word sun sunke. Aap sirf apne baarey mein hi sochtey hai na? Kabhi socha hai dusro ko apke bato se kitna ... . Forget it Rey why am i even toking to you.

 Saying so she presses the lift button and enter and just wen da door was about to close Rey stops it and enters too. Kyu taani tum chup kyu beth gayi kaho kya keh rahi thi. 
Tanni : ekho rey mein aap se koi baat nahi karna chahti , why dun u just leave me alone. 
Rey : Yehi toh mein nahi karr sakta na ? 
Taani : Kya? 
Rey : I .. i mean i dun like it wen u ignore me ? 
Taani : U no wat rey mein apko sachmein kabhi nahi samajh sakti. Kabhi aa kehtey ho ki hum kabhi dost nahi ban saktey and now ur tellin ki mein jab aapko ignore karti hu toh tumhe acha nahi lagta :S Yeh kaha ka logic hai ? 

 While Taani was busy toking Rey presses the stop button which was'nt noticed by Taani and da lift got stuck, which made Tani grumble more.  OMG!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! OMG!!!! LUCKY TAANI! hmm Taarey stuck in the lift together! WOHO!!!! OMG UR A GENIUS!
Taani : Wow great yeh lift ko bhi abhi hi atakna tha! Hay Krishnaji yeh kya ho raha hai . Please help karo. 
Rey : Tum kitni cute ho ?
Taani : Kya ? 
Rey : * Realising wat he said* Arey mera matlab tha ki . Umm .. tum bohut achi lag rahi ho. 

 Before could say nethn , Rey was almost only 1 cm away from her. She was melting wid so much hotness of his. She could'nt even push him away. She din haff ne idea wat to do and wat Rey was about to do , All she knew was dat her heart was skipping beats bcz rey was so close to her .

Rey: Tum itney questions puchti hu, Mein confuse ho jata hu. taani mein khud nahi janta ki mein tumhare saath itna weird behave kyu karta hu . Im really sorry us din fir exit mein meine tumse bohut rudely behave kiya , i shudnt haff done dat. I felt bad ki ab tu mere against hogi and mein tumhe apne against nahi dekh sakta Taani. I just cant. Tumhe Sad dekhna, tumhe rota hua dekhna all dis i cant handle. Idk yeh kya hai Taani agar yeh sab ko pyaar kehte hai den yes I AM IN LOVE WID YOU. 
   Taani was on the verge of fainting wid dis much happiness she cudnt belive her ears . Did Rey actually say wat she wanted to here from the time she had seen him ? 
Taani : Kya yeh sach hai ? Aap mazak toh nahi kar rahe na ? 
Rey : Nahi Taani yeh sach hai I love You <3

   Taani at once starts jumping I would start Jumping also if I was her LOLLOLLOLtill she could fall but Rey catches her . She was in his arms And dey both wid burning with desires. She din no wat to do. Suddenly Rey starts kissing her neck.Taani had shivers down her spine. She couldnt even stop him from doin so. He starts kssing her all over her bare back. He lowered his hands to her waist and pulled her closer. He pulled her into a deep soft kiss and she kissed him bak.Rey started nibbling her lips softly. Their tips of their tongues touched. Rey could almost hear her heart pumping. Taani moved her head sidways giving him more acces to kiss her neck. Rey again starting kissinh her lips gently making her fall for him more den ever . It had been 15 longs mins that they were kissing and as dey were falling short of breath dey eventually had to push away. HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!They stood der satring at each other wid an awkward silence for wateva happnened between dem now. Taani Din no how to react. But Rey broke da silnece asking her if she was alright? 
And Taani widout thinkin just blurts out : Yes i definetly am. Tumhare hotey huey i doubt mujhe kabhi kuch ho sakta hai. 
This made Rey smile and he felt all da happiness in the world. Taani was beyind happy wid da fact dat rey actually liked her infact loved her
Rey: taani I love you so much. Will you be mine? 
Taani: Do u think i would say no? I'm Your Rey. 
Rey : Forever ke liye ? 
Taani : Until the end of our lives ,I'll always be your :D 
   Rey was overjoyed to hear dat , He pulls her into a tight hug, making it difficult for her to breath. 
Taani : Abhi hi maar daalna chahtey ho kya mujhe ? 
Rey : Haha Taani ur soo cute. Iloveyou x
Taani : I loveyoumore my prince charming. 

      Saying so she gives him a side hug and dey decide to get in the party again as evryone must haff been worried :) 


Do hit the like button , comment , criticize :) Enjoy x 

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raddhi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
it dont look like it ur 1st ff
anyways it was luvly n i like d lift prt thanks alot n do 
write more story n put lift prt in every story thanks

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PreciousHeart IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
Res OMG I am DIEING to read it but have to study n not getting time errr Angry but will soon unres it SUHU ur first one damn excited!!!

Unres-too late Cry

SUHU WHY ON EARTH DIDN'T U WRITE BEFORE???? OMG firstly a big big thank u to ZARA who forced u to write! ZARA a big hug Hug now coming to the OS I wanna kill u SUHU u think u are not a good write actually yes u r not a good write u r a fab writer !! It is unbelievable that this is ur first one!! Haaayyyeee SOOO HAWTTT !!! Already here the weather is SOO hot n now after reading this I am feeling more hot LOL !! The aggressive passionate LUV just simply WOW !!ur first one was just incredible outstanding!! I am SOO shocked that this is ur first one!! N this better doesn't be the last one . Now u have to keep writing or else I will come in ur nightmares n scare u so u better keep writing LOL

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staronefan Senior Member

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 4:40pm | IP Logged
omg are you serious that this is ur first OS, it was just awesome
and you are kiddin me rite ur writing is soo good
aha Rey stops the lift i lke that idea of TaaRey being stuck in the elevator 
loved loved ur OS
write more :)
and do pm me when you do 

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-krazyriya- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
Wow..Suhu...u r such an amazing writer yaar..Clap.! seriously cant believe its your first OS.Shocked..!

Its so beautiful.Day Dreaming..cutee.. hawwwt... romantic...Blushing seriously goosebumps ran down my spine reading the last para's..Blushing...too hawwt to LOL

fabulous work yaar...ClapStar..! I loved the way taani showing attitude to rey..Wink n rey beside every best effort of him...LOL. fell weak in front of taani..Wink... awww so cuteee ! Day Dreaming

wish..we get this sort of a confession in real too..Day Dreaming..!

i love ur os write more...Wink

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katie_vd4evr IF-Dazzler

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