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Barun will be back on Tv

RickyBahl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 9:24pm | IP Logged

this post is neither  going to change anyones personal  decision.. this is just an opinion, u understand OPINION shared among TM's to introspect .  U can politely disagree and click close button. This post is from perspective of a film journalist. All your confusion will be cleared . read it entirely.  i have  put things in extreme detail.  last part important.

Gul and her  script  problems is not the core  issue, Barun wants to try in movies. Please try to accept the fact. I dont deny issues with Gul Khan. But was this issue so critical that Barun would leave.?? No. Barun is a sensible  guy. He  has got options available that is why he decided to quit. Dont go by interviews.those answers  are guided by channel.


 I would urge you all too remember the bs articles u had been reading  since MAMR came up.  
He has talked about continuing the show for next 6 months and  when asked about future  he is unaware, what will come up or not he doesnt confirm. From his Point of view  look he is very excited to work in bollywood. He feels why not try my hand  in films if iam getting chance on big screen, or else he can come back anytime on TV. he feels he can return Tv sooner. So he is right he wants to try.


Why I feel its a wrong decision.. ( strictly my observation, iam not forcing u )

U all will say dont we move to bettter jobs in our life?? Dont we want career growth but why not Barun? he has a life too. Agreed.   ok here i go
We can never compare work in a general set up with that of TV and film industry. I hope u have heard of terms like seasonal employment. Entertainment industry is like that.No pension or PF. just daily wage. 
 suppose  U r Teacher or an IT professional  or  any Private firm employee , u take another organisation  which offers u more salary, other better opportunities like promotion, incentives. Thats good. But when u join the new job, u go to that job knowing that u r going to stay there for a long time..u hv confidence  that u will survive then only you take it, not to test that job and return back to your old job. The new job is chosen by  you only after u feel iam ready to earn my living here. But Film industry is different. Its not a central government job. or a private sector job. where u are relaxed and confident about your career. 
I feel its wrong decision  because there is a mentality in our Film industry that TV actors are here just to try luck  and vanish  suddenly . and this mentality has been proved always right. Its true evryone tries their luck but the statistics of all TV actors in cinema  have been a sad affair. Prblem is male audience who is the main cinegoer, doesnt wants to spend money on an actor who is seen daily on TV. Even audience have developed a mentality which doesnt allow them to enjoy a over exposed TV actor doing cinema. I really mean over exposed. not a year old, uncommon tv actor. BS is equivalent to ASR for life. it wont vanish. Rajeev khandelwal still gets irritated when people  meet and talk about  kahin to hoga rather than his  recent movies. Audience is not intersted  about his movies. Image is a big  problem  guys. Journalist  irritate him asking when is he doing a serial again. he is seen at SBS party not filmfare party.Afterall his original foothold is TV.

Future happenings of barun  and meaning of break by barun actually.  ( important part) 

Barun very well knows himself that his life  wont be converted into a filmi megastar. His interviews are the proof, when he says that iam open to any medium, i will take up a good tv script if i like.  He believes in keeping additional  door open.  In his march interview with noreen khan he tells that honestly  tv actors wants to work in films  but it is serials that provide stable income. Listen that bbc interview   if u hv it downloaded. He is right that Tv serials are quite stable  because atleast u get chance to correct mistakes, not like films that if audience doesnt like the movie in 3 hrs it is flop.
If u dont like an episode of barun, u will still come to watch the next episode. but  if 1 film flops that can damage  ur career even if ur last 5 films are hit. 

Observe 2013. His film will release. It supposed to release in march, the exam time of youngistaan in india.. April is IPL..Film release  wont be delayed post march- april atleast. it was scheduled in jan. no more delays . If he signs few more movies , it will come, release and go. 

what does barun mean by break
But be rest assured barun will try back in television . By break  it doesnt means it has to be IPKKND as his show after break. He is not sure and confident about his bollywood dreams. That is why he has kept option open that he will return after break. He never used the term iam quitting because he doesnt wants to leave doing TV. he is scared giving wrong signals to tv producers. So after break it can  mean a new show, might be on a new channel, new costars. too.
so the problem of fans is even if its a  comeback in TV, no one is that enthusiastic.
He is not that good with  anchoring, So hosting reality shows on Tv is not happening for sure. it will be fiction only 
I felt the decision was wrong because it is a momentary pleasure and testing waters. If ipkknd would have been a third class show, i would have told Bs, please leave it . But we all know there are ups n downs in shows but we know the base of IPK is very strong.its not built on kitchen dramas and family politics. Most importantly if IPKKND wud hav completed by 2013 end and then he wud proceed with other projects ... things wud be slight different. 
But let him Go, because he doesnt  like playing the role anymore, he is tired. I dont say it applies to all because 20-25 lead actors across all shows, channels  are working in Tv industry from many years without issues.   we cant say all Tv actors end up being tired and quit. its subjective.  So its barun's personal call.

So if u say we are now barun fans more than ASR fans
 You cant be BARUN fan unless you are ASR admirer. If you had to be Barun fan, than you could have been that in 2007 when shraddha was launched than DMG, baat hamari pakki hai. but why did most  becom bs fan after ipk?? so u cant say are u BS fan or ASR fan.U have to be  asr fan to   be a BS fan.

its not about barun only just see what happens with sushant rajput's kai poche. Even if its Utv, abhishek kapoor film, it has a certain limitations. People will see manav of pavitra rishta in sushant because 2 and half yrs in Pavitra rishta as manav is not a joke. He left show  for 20 yr leap, not  for movies.

Dont worry guys CUSTOMER IS THE KING. For 1-2 months initially we will feel miserable. But time heals all wounds.  Loss is not ours, its his loss,  Loss of channel who cudnt bind actors initially by contract atleast after first 6 months of show after realising that the show is Hit.
Star plus and Gul khan is at fault too. They are from this industry, In past they have seen lead  actors quitting shows suddenly. Star Plus it self has experience with rajeev khandelwal, Amar upadhyay. While  finalising the lead actor in february 2011 for ipkknd   they shoud clear out this issues of quitting  for bollywood tendency. In this way no one can blame each other it will be crystal clear from beginning.


Dont be Upset.. you all will see him with sanaya if destiny  desires. Duniya Gol hai. Like KSG has returned , he will and this time when he will return he  will return for never to go back abruptly again. After first try all learn their lesson well.  Just  always demand star plus  or  other channel to cast them together. if both are free in future.

Note: please dont get abusive about BS in comments.I have written a  neat opinion without bashing him with abusive content. so Tm's refrain from that because being abusive wont bring him back. He will realise with passing time himself like all we do after we sometimes go unchanted path. But as of now we have to move ahead anyhow.

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Tia.0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 9:26pm | IP Logged
Very well said, Ricky. Here's what I wrote,

Whether Barun comes back or not is not the question here. The question is why are we being unfair to the rest of the cast and crew of IPKKND?

They didn't jump ship regardless of the temptation and pulled the show on their back when Barun went to make a movie. Their loyalty should not be paid by ignoring their efforts and good work.

Edited by tia.o - 10 November 2012 at 9:28pm

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Tulips123 Goldie

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
omg ! seriously i am not good with writing,but whatever i been thinking u put them in words.gr8 post ClapClapClapClapClap agree 100%

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mad-eye Goldie

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
Woww absolutely perfect post i agree wid all ur points... Barun is saying break 4 now which means he will return 2 tv if he does not work in movies... I also felt da same after reading his statement in latest TOI

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moomin4455 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
You're probably right...

I'm kind of shocked at the turn of events - I shouldn't be but I am. No actor is above the channel or production house - not even someone loved worldwide. That's true even in the US - look at what Aaron spelling used to do (the male, American version of Ekta Kapoor in case anyone's wondering). Even the people he used to chuck out of prime time famous soaps came back...

You are right though - just as a corporation offers "golden handcuffs", a PH/Channel should put something in writing that reins in its staff...otherwise it creates too much uncertainty for other colleagues, forget viewers!

So you actually work as a film journalist? 

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-kri- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 9:38pm | IP Logged
Dunno how many of them will support you in this forum, but, i'm with you. I'm sure about something. If PH is at fault, SP can definitely convince them since PH is answerable to SP and not vice-versa... If the actor is adamant about quitting, IPK will end. There's no use blaming the PH.

You are right. PH and SP must make it sure that they sign actors who'll stay with them till the last epi. Think this is the first time 4lions is getting used to it. They'll learn from their mistakes from now. You are right... The actor will lose more than us.

Tomorrow's meeting's result will throw things into light...

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xAaliya IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
Well said Clap

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
very logically presented i agree.

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