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[SwaRon] *Diwali Special*Ch5(last)Pg31 Pmz later (Page 29)

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Originally posted by K.R_ackraal



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Originally posted by additive_monaya

awesome updates both of them

I'm glad you loved it dear.
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Originally posted by little.princess

That was sooo sweet.. Specialy the confession part of Swayam.. And its funny hw Sharon thought thm 2 b the courier guy.. Thank you. I'm glad to know :)
Will u update the last part?? Coz I wanna c the ending of it.. Wanna c Swaron 2gthr.. I will.. since there is only one part left.. 

Thanx 4 the pm and I'm sooo sorry 4 replying late.. Was kinda busy wit work and's okay. I can understand that.
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Noor E Khuda

For further pmz on updates, feel free to add --silvermist-- or keep a tab on this thread as it'll be updated regularly Big smile 

Chapter 5 (Last)

Next day around lunch time, Sharon drove to the nearest mall to engage her in shopping and pass the day. She was happy from inside; all the sadness long gone. Ever since she woke up, she could only think about Swayam and the way he had expressed his feelings for her. She knew she wouldn't be able to delay the situation longer. Yet, she wanted to run away for a while.


She knew she could trust him and give her heart to him. She knew he would keep it safe for ever. Even after knowing that, she was hesitant. It was easy after all to completely forget the past. Past always travels to you. You can never actually let go of it. It's just that over time, it stops hurting as it did at the time. The pain is less than before. It heals but the scars stay.


As she walked dwelled in her own thoughts, she wasn't realizing where she was going. The only thing she was aware of was she was in the mall somewhere. She had gone there to take her mind off of things. Yet, she found herself thinking about the same things she wanted a break from.


Before she could completely come out of her thoughts, she bumped into a person. She instantly came back to reality and apologized, "I'm so sorry…" And her words trailed off as she realized whom she had bumped into.


She found him smirking at her. She made a disgusted face and started to walk around to leave. But the person had his big fat ego to satisfy! He pulled her back harshly by her wrist. She was shocked. Her eyes were wide with uncertainty. She fixed them on him and spoke very dangerously, "Let go, Shivam."


"And if I don't? Look around. You don't even have your friends with you or that newly found boyfriend. Seriously, don't you have any self-respect? Just now, you were dumped and the next day, you're going around flirting with another person. Makes me wonder…"


She stopped him, not wanting to listen to his non-sense. "Not another word. Let me go. They might not be here but one scream and all these people will beat you black and blue for molesting a girl. That too in public."


"Is this your way of scaring me?" He asked, walking a step closer to her. She was now scared. She knew he was capable of anything and not even all the public in the mall currently would be able to stop him if he set his mind to. She prayed, wanting to get out of this mess. Her eyes shut tight, not wanting to imagine the worst case scenario.


Her heart beats were increasing. Few seconds later, she heard a stern, knowing voice behind her. "Let-Her-Go." It said. She opened her eyes, wondering who had come to her rescue. She turned to look at Swayam and Rey. Her fears were gone as she smiled seeing both of them there.


Swayam gave her one comforting nod and she eased up further. Then, both of them walked up to Shivam and that too so close that Shivam had to unwillingly let go of her hand. Rey spoke angry, "You will never change, will you?"


Shivam simply looked away and smirked, feeling least threatened. "Why do you care?" He asked. Rey wasn't in the state to reply back. He felt disgusted to even call Shivam a friend at one point in life.


Swayam intervened, "Rey, let's go. It's useless to talk to him." As much as he hated Shivam for behaving this way to Sharon, he didn't want to create a scene in public. He wanted out in a peaceful manner. At last, Rey took a step back and with Sharon, the three of them turned to leave.


Just then, Shivam had to speak up! "Cowards."


Hearing this, Swayam's hold on Sharon's hand tightened. He turned, making Sharon turn with him. "What'd you say?"


"You heard me."


Swayam gave him one long stare before speaking up again. "Rey, take Sharon from here."


Rey was the one trying to make peace now. "Swayam, it's not worth it."


"Rey, GO." Swayam replied, not wanting to listen to any of it. He didn't care if it created a scene anymore. He had had enough of Shivam. Today was going to be the day that ends it all. There was a line of his patience and Shivam had crossed it today.


Rey looked at Sharon, pleading with his eyes to cooperate. Sharon melted for a second but then strengthened up.


"NO." She said, very straight-forward.


Swayam turned his head sideways to look at her. "I said go."


"And I said no! I'm not some toy that you people keep bouncing from one person to another! I'm a person too. I have feelings as well. I don't need any of you to stand up for me. Do you understand? I'm not going to do what you tell me to do. Why should I? Shivam was right. You're just a person I used to distract myself with. All these talk about love and the deserving person is non-sense. You know what? I don't believe in it anymore. Anymore? No, that's wrong. I stopped believing in it the day I saw reality. The day I realized that boys only use girls for their own selfish motives. To hell with you and to hell with your love."


All the while, all three boys stood there rooted to the ground. Neither of them knowing what to do or what to say. This outburst of Sharon shocked this all. This wasn't the Sharon any of them knew. Especially Swayam. What hurt him more was that she thought he was like other boys as well. He wanted to tell her he wasn't. He wanted her to know that what she felt for him was not mere distraction. She did feel back for him. He wanted to scream back at her saying love still exists. You just have to let it touch you. But he couldn't. This outburst did show him how hurt she was. And to an extent, she was right when she said she was no toy that should be bounced around from one person to another. She had feelings and she had to figure them out by herself.


She took a deep sigh and turned to leave. Rey looked from her to Swayam and back to her. Looking her walk away, he asked Swayam, "Well? Aren't you going to stop her?"


Swayam simply shook his head. "She needs some time alone. If I go now, it'll only irritate her more."


Rey looked at Swayam, pleased to see him understanding her for what she really felt. Swayam smiled at him and turned his attention to Shivam.


"Listen this with your ears open because I will only say this once. Leave and never come back in any of our lives. Or this time, I swear to God, I'm not bluffing. I'll make sure you will see your end and don't even think about taking this lightly. One thing you should know that when something passes my patience, there is no escape. Be wise and leave now before you regret your actions. If it wasn't for Sharon, I would have already trashed you away."




Sharon slammed her room's door shut. All through her way home, she was fuming thinking the way boys treated her. It irritated her to no end. She couldn't understand how at one time of the day, she was falling for Swayam and then the next, she thought of him to be the same as others. She couldn't think straight and that was driving her crazy. Her thoughts were all over the place, confusing her all the more!


The day passed away as she continued to do her best in distracting herself by watching TV, studying for her exams, reading novels and what not. As it neared night, she knew she had to get out. After all, it was New Years' Eve. She couldn't ignore that. She had made up her mind to not let things get to her and had decided to enjoy the best she could.


If only she knew that Swayam was waiting outside in the neighborhood. She saw him when she came out. His eyes brightened seeing her dressed up. "Can I talk to you?"


"I have things to do." She said and walked around him with the plate of sweets and diya in her hand. He knew she was avoiding her. He thought for a second and lept up a step to catch her by her wrist and pulled her away from the crowd.


Sharon continued to say, "Swayam, what are you doing? Let me go. I have things to do. Leave me."


He cornered her to a wall and said, "First, listen to me."


She tried to walk away. "Swayam, later please."


He pulled her back and she crashed on the wall, the strings on her back shattered, piercing her back in the process. She winced in pain. He didn't see that. It was just anger clouded over his eyes for him to focus directly.


"Why don't you understand? Why do I have to go through so much just to talk to you once? Listen to me, okay? I love you! You're not some toy. I know you've been hurt in the past. But not everyone is like Shivam! Why are you distancing yourself from me when even you know you love me! Just because you're afraid? You should know I would never intentionally hurt you! I'm me. I'm not Shivam!"


"I'm not saying you are…" she replied weakly, speaking through sobs.


"That is what you said at the mall…"


"I was angry. I don't want to hurt myself again. I won't be able to bear it."


He knew she couldn't help it. He pressed his hands on her cheek softly as he held it in his palm. "You shouldn't have to protect yourself all the time. You shouldn't shut yourself from the world. This world has lot more to offer than just pain. You've only seen one side of love. Please… open yourself and you'll see the other. Let me…"


She looked into his eyes and could tell he was speaking with sincerity and utmost love and care for her. She felt silly for giving Swayam so much pain and giving him a hard time. Tears spilled out of her eyes… half due to guilt and happiness of having found him and half due to the pain and the blood that was flowing from her back.


He took her in a hug, knowing that the tears in her eyes meant acceptance. He was happy at last. Things would finally work out between them. He wrapped his hand around her tightly. Both felt blissed in the moment. Seconds later, Swayam felt his sleeves get wet. He loosed her a-bit to lift them and saw it drenched in red color… blood! He freaked.


He looked behind her at the wall and saw stains of blood on it as well. He looked down at the ground and saw the glass beads that had fallen on the ground, shattered into tiny pieces. He understood what had happened. His guilt knew no bounds.


She could see his thoughts reflecting in his eyes. She could see the pain in them… the guilt. She cutely shook her head. "Don't…"


She winced a little in pain as well. "I'll go change…" she said, took a step forward and then stopped. "Will you… help me…?" He didn't have a choice but to say yes.




Upstairs, in her room, Swayam finished the bandage and she turned to face him. He started putting things back in the first-aid kit to distract himself. It surely wasn't easy being so close to her and not having a heart beat faster like never before. She watched him in awe. All throughout, he hadn't opened his eyes and this made her respect him even more.


Standing up, she called him. "Swayam?"


"Hmm?" he hummed without turning to face her.


Shying a little, she confessed. "I love you too." She knew the hug downstairs had let him know that. Still, she felt the need to actually say it. He turned to walk towards her and then stopped. He smiled sweetly and replied.


"I'll wait outside." Saying so, he left, closing the door behind her. She turned to face the mirror and remembered the way he had first confessed his love for her, by showing her own face in the mirror and saying there's no one more deserving than that girl. She couldn't help but blush.




Just as the clock struck 12, fireworks sprouted up in air, filling the dark blue night sky with rainbow-ed colors and making it an enchanting thing to look at. Both Swayam and Sharon looked up at hand, hands around each other; sitting on the doorstep as a perfect couple does. Then, both looked at each other simultaneously. Right then and there… they knew it was a new beginning of their life. Alas, light had shone in their lives as well; just like it had once for Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. Their return had marked the festival and Swayam and Sharon's unison marked a new beginning. There, after all, does reside the God of Light… Noor E Khuda.



Thank you everyone for all the support so far! I won't be writing anything new for a long time nad even won't be continuing other works other than Guzarish. Hopefully I'll see you guys there :D Take care!


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i have been stalking this thread from yesterday for real i did that?Shocked oh Yes! i didSmile coz i was waiting for this update since you said you'll be putting up the last part at the weekend...
coming to the update...thank you for updating...
first i was shocked when i read she made a disgusting face after bumping into a person...yeah i was expecting it to be swayamLOL nevertheless i liked the way you started n then how the feelings actually got to them... 
beautifully penned emotions khushi...
i really liked the way this update flowed...from sharon's denial to finally her acceptance...swayam's understanding quality was nicely put...the feelings were beautifully brought out...
This will surely be one of the write ups i would re-read if i have nothing to read when i come online...
Beautifully Penned and nicely held the essence of  the characters...
Thank you for putting it up khushiHug
Hope to read more of your write ups on SwaRon...
blessed be...

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 A very pleasant surprise  Hug


 I'm really happy to read this from u..
I was just stalking and reading IJD back when I saw this been updates..
 I loved it the way its portrayed.

Felt really peaceful while reading it..
Few make our emotions gush but its some that make us feel elated and relaxed..
This had that effect at present..
When i Read that she banged into Shiva m i wanted her to slap him hard but alas the words she said meant more..
Yes Rey and Swayam were  hurt even without their mistakes but somethings a mistake but one leaves a mark on us and thats what has happened to Sharon to..
The confession was serene..

Loved it...

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Sorry for editing so late Embarrassed I got immerser in my assignments and it slipped my mind...

PMz later.. 

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Awesome update
Beautifully written.Their confession part was best
Will surely gonna miss ur works...:(

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