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Arshi FF: How It Should Be 25/02/15 (Page 54)

yasm Senior Member

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Posted: 02 October 2013 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
Plz Update...

sandystarz19 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 November 2013 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
update soon...Smile
zainy26 Goldie

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Posted: 13 November 2013 at 3:28am | IP Logged
Awesome update plz continue
IPKKNDArshiLvr Groupbie

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Hey guys sorry it took so long to update! Smile

Chapter 41

"It's my fault" Khushi whispered, her head resting on Arnav's shoulder.
"W-what? Why are you saying that?!" Arnav stuttered.
"I shouldn't have tried to be confident.. I should have let you come with me" Khushi cried.
Arnav hugged Khushi tightly, "No Khushi.. You did the right thing, Shyam is gone now, he will never hurt us again" Arnav cooed kissing Khushi on her temple.
The doctor walked in to the room "Mrs Raizada, we would like to keep you here for the night for observations"
Khushi sat up "No, no I want to go home!" Khushi argued.
"But Mrs-"
"I said I want to go home!" Khushi said sternly.
"I will look after her doctor!" Arnav assured.
The doctor nodded "You can take Mrs Raizada when you are ready"
Khushi quickly stood up, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach, she hissed holding her stomach.
"Khushi are you-" Arnav wrapped his arm around her.
"I'm fine Arnavji" Khushi forced her self to smile.

A few days later, after a hospital check up...

Everyone was concerned about Khushi as she insisted she would walk without any help as she went inside the Raizada Mansion. Arnav made sure he was close enough to Khushi just in case she fell or fainted. Khushi stared at the stairs, the final moments her and her baby had together.. She shut her eyes in despair trying not to break down infront of everyone. She forced a smile upon her face as she turned around facing her family. 
"So what's for lunch?"
"Khushi..." Payal said.
Khushi tutted "Di.. I'm fine!" She smiled forcing herself to happily go up the stairs, her legs felt like jelly as she stepped on each step. She rushed towards her bedroom, out of sight from the family. She fell onto her bed crying into her pillow. Arnav knew Khushi was pretending as he followed, he slowly looked into the bedroom and saw Khushi on her bed, reading a magazine.
She gasped "Salman and Katrina?!" 
"She is a good actress.." Arnav muttered to his self.
Arnav walked in slowly, sitting beside Khushi. She smiled at him as she invaded his eyes with posters of Salman in the magazine. Arnav laughed slightly and stared at her eyes. 
"I can read your eyes Khushi" Arnav whispered.
"I can read yours too" Khushi whispered back, a tear escaping.
Arnav slowly caught the tear with his thumb that stroked her cheek, Khushi held Arnav's other hand with both of hers, her forced smile turning into true sadness. Arnav's eyes started to tear up, they both immediately hugged eachother tight sharing their pain of losing their child.

In the evening, NK sat on the couch alone, his eyes swollen from crying about his sister-in law and his own sister. Lavanya walked in the RM after hearing the news about Khushi she she had to see how she was coping. Lavanya noticed NK wiping his eyes furiously.
"NK.." Lavanya said softly walking towards NK.
NK smiled warmly "Hi Lavanya, whats up?"
Lavanya sat down beside NK staring at his eyes, that were once so lively, they now had pain. She hugged NK tightly crying herself, NK shut his eyes holding Lavanya tight.
"Why did this happen NK.. Khushi doesn't deserve this!"
"It will be okay Lavanya" NK soothed.
They pulled apart wiping their eyes, Lavanya held NK's hand for comfort. NK smiled which then faded.
"My sisters did nothing wrong to receive such loss.. we should have got rid of Shyam earlier" NK's eyes turned cold by speaking such a name.
Lavanya agreed, "But at least he is out of all our lives now!" 
Anjali,Nani and Mami walked in and saw NK and Lavanya holding hands. They all exchanged suggestive looks grinning.
"Hello hi bye bye!" Mami interrupted. 
They both quickly let go of each others hands, Lavanya standing up nervously. NK stood up too leaving the room.
"Lavanya what brings you here?" Anjali asked.
"Oh I just wanted to see Khushi.. where is she?" 
"Upstairs with Chotte but they won't mind." Anjali smiled.
Lavanya nodded quickly going up the stairs.

Lavanya became more nervous rethinking if she should be here or not, surely Khushi and Arnav needed to be alone at such a time.
"Checkmate." Lavanya heard Arnav say. She raised her eyebrows confused going towards the bedroom door.
"What Arnavji! How?!" Khushi argued.
"I took your piece fair and square!" Arnav laughed.
Lavanya walked in seeing Arnav and Khushi playing Chess, Khushi had her arms folded pouting like a child whereas Arnav laughed at her.
"Are you guys playing Chess?" Lavanya questioned.
Khushi gasped "Lavanyaji!" She rushed towards Lavanya, "Arnavji is a cheater tell him!"
"Lavanyaji!" Arnav mocked going in front of Khushi. "Khushiji thinks I'm cheating just because she lost and I won!"
Lavanya couldn't help but laugh at the crazy duo, her laugh turned into worry and confusion seeing the couple be so happy and normal after such an incident.
"Are you guys okay?" Lavanya asked.
Khushi smiled "Don't we look okay?" Khushi tutted, "Arnavji I told you that sweater wasn't nice!" Arnav looked down at his sweater, "I know.. it was your choice anyway!" Khushi gasped patting Lavanya on the arm "See Lavanyaji! The way he treats me.."
Lavanya smiled "I see you two are getting on well.. Well I came to check up and I see that you both are fine. I will see you later"
"Aren't you going to stay?" Khushi asked.
Lavanya shook her head "I will see you guys later" She smiled leaving the room.
Khushi looked at the door and then back at Arnav, "Do you think she bought it?"
Arnav smiled weakly "Yeah, we are good actors"
Khushi laughed forcibly, her bottom lip trembled, Arnav immediately pulled her in a tight embrace, his chin resting on her head; his eyes shut.
"Our-our baby Arnavji.. why?!" Khushi sobbed.
There was a knock on the door, they pulled apart wiping their tears. Arnav cupped Khushi's face "We will get through this, together, okay?" Khushi nodded holding the hand which cupped her face. They both smiled opening the door.
"Chotte, Khushiji are you going to join us for dinner?" Anjali asked nervously.
"Of course we will Anjaliji!" Khushi said enthusiastically.
"Yeah Di, it is what we need the most, family." Arnav smiled.
Anjali smiled back at her brother and sister hugging them both. They started to go down the stairs when a sharp pain hit Khushi in the stomach. She hissed loudly grasping her stomach.
"Khushi?!" Arnav said frantically.
Khushi shook her head smiling, "I'm hungry that's why" She laughed, her eyes threatening to water.

At the dinner table everyone stared at Arnav and Khushi worriedly as they happily ate their food and smiling at each other. Arnav and Khushi knew that everyone was staring at them weirdly, confused as to why they aren't moping or staying in their room.
Arnav sighed "Guys relax okay we are absolutely fine!" Arnav assured.
They all nodded weakly taking a bite of their food, Khushi smiled feeling better around her caring family, she swallowed, "After all there are many more chances to have a baby and we can-" Khushi gasped realising what she had just said. Arnav coughed almost choking on his food. Khushi stood up quickly covering her mouth with her hands; staring quickly at the table and then at Arnav whose lips started to curve upwards into a smirk.
"I-I-I mean.." Khushi stuttered.
"What did you mean Khushi?" Arnav smirked.
Khushi gulped thinking about the sexual comments Arnav will come up with. "Laad Governor" She muttered sitting back down with deep breaths.
Khushi looked at Nani and smiled "Naniji will there be a New Years party here?" (Different time sets remember?)
"Yes there usually is but I think not this year dear" Nani said.
Khushi shook her head "No Naniji there has to be! Thats decided!" Khushi said stubbornly.
"Nani if Khushi insists then.." Anjali said.
Khushi nodded "See Anjaliji kn-" Khushi paused mid sentence feeling a hand stroke Khushi's leg. She frowned knowing Arnav's tactics. She swiped Arnav's hand away underneath the table then smiled.
"See Anjaliji knows!" Khushi finished her sentence.
Nani sighed "If that's what you want de-"
"Aaah!" Khushi yelped standing up. Arnav grinned at Khushi.
"What's the matter Khushiji?" NK asked.
"Your Laad Governor!" Khushi shouted at NK.
"My-my-my-" NK stuttered.
Khushi tutted "No I mean.." Khushi sighed angrily frowning at Arnav who held his laughter.
"Laugh loudly Arnavji! I'm going to bed!" Khushi stormed off up the stairs.

Khushi frowned sitting on the bed, "Laad Governor! Why does he flirt with me in front of everyone?"
"Where else can I flirt with you Khushi?"
"Here! In the bed-" Khushi gasped again standing up quickly to a mischievous Arnav.
Arnav closed the door, then stared at Khushi, who gulped. He strolled towards her making eye contact. Khushi gulped again. He pulled Khushi close by the waist kissing her on the cheek. Khushi couldn't help but blush and smile.
"I will take up your offer about flirting in the bedroom" He whispered.
Khushi shoved Arnav backwards taking him by surprise, she pouted folding her arms.
"No! You made me embarrass myself in front of everyone!"
Arnav laughed going into bed, "Khushi you do that all by yourself"
Khushi gasped going to the bed throwing a pillow at Arnav, "Take that back!"
Arnav held his ears "Okay okay jaanu I take it back. Now sleep here please?"
Khushi huffed "Fine.." Arnav laid Khushi down beside him planting a kiss on her forehead.
Khushi smiled closing her eyes holding Arnav's hand.
"Goodnight Khushi, I love you." Arnav whispered.

Arshi forever! Big smile I hope this is long enough to make up for those months.. I apologise for such a delay.. I will try my very best for the updates to be weekly! Comment please! Smile

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A_R_S Goldie

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Posted: 22 February 2014 at 2:52pm | IP Logged

Cool u r back after long time. Will comment later after I have read the update. Smile

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dumas IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 February 2014 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
emotional update so sad both lost their baby and trying to hide their pain from everyone else so sad poor arnav and khushi and la and nk are getting close khushi is in pain hope she will be ok awesome update thanks for the pm welcome back.
renee.bee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 February 2014 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Hi Welcome back !!!
Thnx for d pm
I did read this story bt lost track.
So now I knw Khushi lost the baby.
Is it the one where the creep takes away their property.
Or the one where inorder to corner the creep Khushi n Arnav r planning somthng.

If possible cud u give a brief recap of this story it'll b easier thn readin all the ch again.

This updt ws good.
I don't understand why is Arshi pretendin to b happy. 
I knw thts how Khushi is bt Arnav shud nt let her b in pain n hide her pain for his family.
They already paid a big prize to keep Anjali happy.
Cnt Arnav let her rest instead of takin her down for dinner when she's physically weak n in pain.

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They Are So Much In Pain, But Pretending To Be Very Happy :(

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