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Arshi FF: How It Should Be 25/02/15 (Page 48)

kiran94 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 April 2013 at 8:05am | IP Logged
nice update

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Mahi1219 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 April 2013 at 11:29am | IP Logged
Awesome! how adorable! I can't wait to read more update soon!

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sardesai.aditi Newbie

Joined: 18 May 2011
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Posted: 03 April 2013 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
hey ... just read it in one go ...
tat was really nice .. wish this was the actual serial ...
i think that in d future parts arnav can stop supporting anjali financially. to trap the shyam ? tat may b d logical way ... i would really like to read parts based on this ..

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Komal.S IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 February 2013
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Posted: 03 April 2013 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
just found out this ff and read it in one go !

love how arnav supports khushi always 

and anjali just keeps on accusing people first nk thn lavanaya and thn khushi !

finally arshi reunites :)

continue soon and do pm

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 April 2013 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
very beautiful update loved it.

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allegro IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 1:59am | IP Logged
Awesome update.
Loved it.
Thanks for the PM. Big smile

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IPKKNDArshiLvr Groupbie

Joined: 11 August 2012
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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Its feels so good to be posting updates again for you guys! Smile Hm so this part is more of Khushi settling back in to the Raizada house and then not sort of .. 

Chapter 35

It was evening time and all the family were gathered around in the couch just chatting. Shyam's eyes was on Khushi, how happy she was sitting with the family and her holding hands with Arnav. He truly was confused, what did Arnav have that he didn't. Khushi looked at NK, she saw him mutter 'Lavanya'. Khushi smiled.
"I'm going to phone Lavanyaji and ask her to come over." NK quickly lifted his head up.
"Really Khushiji?" NK said happily.
"Yes, I'm going to ask her to sleep over so Arnavji you can't come in.." Khushi smiled.
"What the.. Where am I supposed to sleep?!" Arnav exclaimed.
"With Nanheji! No boys allowed! Only Haiprakashiji!" Khushi stood up ringing Lavanya.
Nani and Anjali laughed at NK's and Arnav's face expressions.
"Lavanyaji! How about a sleepover party? Don't worry no boys will be in the room!" Khushi giggled.
Everyone could hear Lavanya scream down the phone excitedly. Khushi smiled seeing how wound up NK and Arnav were, she trotted up the stairs to get ready.
"Nanav are you thinking what I'm thinking?" NK whispered.
Arnav smirked "Yes NK... Yes I am"
Shyam heard the conversation 'Khushiji in a nightgown...' he thought smirking.

"Khushi I just wanted to-" Arnav paused.. "WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO OUR ROOM"
Everywhere Arnav looked was filled with pink; Pink pillows, Pink teddies, Pink flowers, everything pink.
Khushi giggled "Do you like it? Lavanyaji said everything had to be pink!" Khushi jumped excitedly. Khushi then frowned "Why are you here?" She put her hands on her hips.
Arnav walked up to Khushi staring into her eyes, Khushi slowly put her hands off her hips, Arnav came extremely close to Khushi. He grinned grabbing the pillow behind her.
"To get my pillow." Arnav smirked. Khushi gasped grabbing a fluffy pillow she threw it at him as he left.
"Laad Governor!" She shouted after him.
The doorbell rang, Khushi gasped "Lavanyaji!" She quickly ran down the stairs to the front door pushing NK out of the way,
"Khushiji!" NK moaned.
She flung the door open "Khushi!!" Lavanya squealed excitedly dropping her pink suitcase.
Khushi hugged Lavanya tightly "How are you Lavanyaji?" Khushi asked.
"I'm so excited for the sleepover!" Lavanya smiled.
"Me too! Let's go!" Khushi grabbed Lavanyas hand and started to go up the stairs. Khushi stopped.
"Nanheji." Khushi said. NK looked up.
"You and Arnavji are not going to come in!" Khushi instructed. Lavanya laughed.
NK looked down sadly, Arnav came downstairs ignoring Khushi.
"Don't worry NK me and you will have a great time! We could do MANLY stuff if you know what I mean" Arnav grinned.
Khushi frowned then said "Lavanyaji I will show you my collection of topless Salmanji posters" They both quickly ran upstairs into the room.
Arnav frowned, NK patted Arnav "Nanav are we really going to look at girls?" 
"Of course not I was saying that to wound up Khushi.." Arnav was in deep thought.
"Hey Nanav"
Arnav looked at NK.
"Let's spoil their party!" NK grinned.

"Wow Khushi! I love the decoration you did! Especially these cute teddies!" Lavanya hugged a teddy.
Khushi laughed "The look on Arnavji's face was hilarious when he saw the room!" The girls laughed but was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was Shyam.
"Um Haiprakash was busy but asked me to bring juice for you.." Shyam said awkwardly.
"We don't want juice." Lavanya said coldly.
Khushi looked pale on being in the same room as Shyam. Lavanya had to think of something fast.
"Uh Khushi show me the Salman Khan posters then!" She smiled seeing Khushi grin going to her wardrobe.
"Khushiji do you want juice?" Shyam asked.
"They don't want juice Shyamji" Payal said.
Shyam furiously walked off. Payal smiled running to Khushi hugging her tight.
"Payal where have you been?!" Khushi shouted.
"Sorry I didn't tell you Khushi but me and Akashji wanted some alone time! But don't worry I told him its a girls only party!" Payal smiled sitting down next to Lavanya.
Khushi threw posters on the floor. She smiled triumphantly at all her collection.
The three girls laughed as they looked at Khushi's posters.

"Room for one more?" Akash asked boredly entering NK's room.
"Sure join in." NK said on his phone. Arnav nodded who was sat down on a chair bored.
The boys could hear laughter from Khushi's room "Why are they having fun but we are not?!" NK shouted. 
"Think of something then!" Akash shouted back.
NK laughed, Arnav and Akash slowly stood up scared of NK's next move. NK ran to his closet taking out a bag, in the bag was three scary masks.
"AAAHHH!" Akash screamed hiding behind Arnav.
"Seriously Akash?" Arnav raised his eyebrows laughing.
"Lets scare the girls!" NK grinned evily.
"Okay" Arnav grinned taking a mask from NK.
"Really? Your agreeing with NK?" Akash asked Arnav confused.
"It will be fun" Arnav smiled.
"N-n-n-no I'm not going to scare Payalji" Akash folded his arms.
"Wow Khushi Salmanji looks really handsome in this one!" Payal exclaimed from the other room.
NK and Arnav smirked waving the mask in front of Akash's face.
"Let's scare them boys!" Akash grabbed the mask.
"Wait! What if the coast isn't clear?!" NK gasped.
"Go check!" Akash said,
NK peeped his head around the door and saw Shyam walking down.
"Snake! Snake! Snake!" NK shouted running back in.
"Who is snake?" Arnav asked going to the door, he saw Shyam. Arnav watched closely as Shyam stared at Khushi's door. Arnav's hands turned into fists as Shyam was still there. NK and Akash held Arnav back before he attacked.
"Shyamji what are you doing here?" Anjali asked approaching him. 
Before Shyam could say anything Khushi opened the door.
"Anjaliji I was coming to get you! Come join us!" Khushi said excitedly.
"But Khushiji-"
"No buts now come!" Khushi dragged Anjali into the bedroom shutting the door.
Shyam sighed, Arnav grabbed Shyam by the collar pulling him into NK's room.
"I found a pinata guys.. Beat him for the candy" Arnav said murderously.
The boys did as they was told beating Shyam up. Shyam yelped in pain.
"STOP!" Shyam shouted.
Arnav lifted Shyam up "If you dare think about my Khushi or plot anything else next time we won't stop." Arnav slapped Shyam then pushed him out of the room.
NK burst into laughter "Nanav when you get angry your face turns into a tomato.!"
"Akash" Arnav said.
Akash punched NK in the stomach. Arnav smiled.
"Lesson learned." NK croaked out.
"Let's do the plan now" Arnav said putting his mask on.

"So it's the party tomorrow right?" Lavanya asked.
"Yeah! I'm so excited! Celebrating the new year and.." Khushi put her hand on her stomach smiling.
"Akashiji is so stiff!" Payal shouted.
The other three girls were shocked by Payal's outburst.
"Payalji what are you saying?" Anjali asked surprised.
"Well it is always me who tries to be romantic with Akashji but he doesn't take the hint!" Payal moaned.
"I understand Payalji! Shyamji doesn't show me love first, it's me first but he does take the hint" Anjali blushed.
Khushi was uncomfortable at first but then started to tease Anjali. 
"I will be back okay? I't's time for me,Naniji and Mamiji to go to the temple" Anjali smiled leaving the room.
Khushi started to laugh "Payal your comment about Akashji is so funny!" 
"Hey but it-" Payal was interrupted by the lights turning off, the room was pitch black.
"AAAHHH!" The three girls screamed, then they grabbed a pillow slowly standing up.
"Why are the lights off?" Lavanya whispered.
"I'm not sure.." Khushi whispered back.
All of a sudden three torches switched on revealing scary masked faces.
"AAAHHH!" The girls screamed again dropping their pillows. 
Each scary masked guy grabbed one of the girls.
"Let go of me!" Khushi shouted hitting him.
"HELP! HELP!" Lavanya shouted.
Payal kicked the one who grabbed him on the leg, he yelped in pain dropping onto the floor.
"Boo" Arnav whispered to Khushi. Khushi gasped.
Lavanya and Payal stared at Khushi then to the guys who had held them.
Payal crouched down to hers and took the mask off.
Lavanya looked at hers and took the mask off "NK?!"
All of the guys grinned high-fiving each other laughing. Khushi,Lavanya and Payal smiled at eachother discreetly grabbing a pillow. The guys stopped laughing to see their girls staring at them. They charged at the guys attacking them with fluffy pink pillows. The 6 of them started to laugh as they fell to the floor.
"Now go." Khushi said.
"What the.." Arnav sat up.
"You heard me it's still a girls only party."
"Yeah!" Lavanya and Payal said.
"But.." NK was interrupted.
"No buts." Lavanya said.
"But Payalji-" Akash was interrupted.
"No Akashiji." Payal said confidently.
The guys stood up bowing her heads down sadly leaving. The girls laughed shutting the door blasting music and dancing.
"NK your plan was stupid." Arnav said.
"I know.." NK said sadly.
"It was fun while it lasted" Akash shrugged.
"Let's go to sleep." NK said jumping on the bed.
"Nope. Because your plan failed and we are not sleeping with our wives in bed tonight your on the floor." Arnav instructed.
"But.." NK was interrupted.
"No buts!" Arnav and Akash mimicked.
NK sighed laying down on the floor, Arnav slept on the bed and Akash on the recliner.

"Wow that was fun!" Lavanya said tiredly.
"Yeah it was!" Payal said sitting down on the recliner.
"Where is Anjaliji? I heard Nani and Mami come back.." Khushi said.
"I think Anjali wanted to sleep with..him." Lavanya said oddly.
"Hm." Khushi replied. "Well let's go to sleep!" Khushi laid down on the bed sharing it with Lavanya and Payal slept on the recliner.
During the night the door to Khushi's room opened quietly, a shadow came close to Khushi's side staring at her sleeping peacefully. His hand stroked Khushi's face intently. Khushi woke up and sat up. She was about to scream but Shyam covered her mouth shaking his head.
Arnav sat up in bed "Something doesn't feel right,," He said.
"Sorry about farting Nanav.. Those crisps have that affect on me you can sleep now."
Arnav laid back down again shaking his head at his weird brother.
Shyam slowly removed the bed sheet off Khushi staring at her night gown. Khushi shuddered feeling exposed, a tear trickled down Khushi's face, Shyam grabbed a dupatta tying it around Khushi's mouth, he then lifted her out of bed taking her to a abandoned bedroom. Payal woke up and saw that Khushi wasn't in bed, she ran to Lavanya.
"Lavanyaji wake up! Where is Khushi?" Payal asked frantically.
Lavanya immediately sat up "I-I don't know.."
Payal ran out of the room with Lavanya behind her. Payal opened NK's bedroom door running to Arnav.
"Arnavji wake up!!" Payal shouted shaking him.
"What's wrong Payal?" Arnav sat up.
"Khushi is not in her room..." Payal said scared.
Arnav immediately got out of bed, his face turned murderous as he ran out of the room, he saw the abandoned bedroom door open. He ran into the room and saw Khushi pushing Shyam back her mouth tied up. Arnav stormed up to Shyam taking Khushi and Shyam by surprise. He punched Shyam repeatedly on the face.
"I WANT YOU OUT OF THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!" Arnav shouted waking up the entire family. All the family gathered into the bedroom.
"Chotte!" Anjali shouted rushing to Shyam's side.
"No Di don't stop me today. This man is no longer welcomed here!" Arnav shouted.
"He is my husband and he is staying with me! Why can't he stay here?!" Anjali shouted back.
"His dirty thoughts for my wife! He kidnapped Khushi that's the real reason Khushi was missing!" Arnav screamed.
"What?!" Nani shouted rushing to Arnav. "Is that true Chotte?!" Nani gasped. 
Arnav nodded staring at Khushi, Khushi untied the dupatta.
"Anjaliji please believe me.. Shyamji is not who you think he is!" Khushi begged.
"I know my husband very well Khushiji.. I know he will never do this!" Anjali said coldly.
"Anjaliji you have to believe me! I have no intention of ruining this family! I want to protect you Anjaliji" Khushi said.
"No Khushiji! You do want to ruin this family! You don't want to protect me! You want to break the bond me and Chotte have!" Anjali yelled.
Khushi was taken aback by Anjali's words, she stumbled backwards falling to the floor.
"Khushiji.." Shyam said about to make a move to go to Khushi, Arnav pushed him back.
"Stay away from my wife." Arnav said harshly. He then lifted Khushi going to his room. The rest of the family apart from Shyam and Anjali followed.
"Shyamji why are they saying this!" Anjali sobbed hugging Shyam.
"I don't know Rani Sahiba.. I don't know..." Shyam said  hugging her back but narrowing his eyes.

I want to get rid of Shyam for a while before any celebration happens, so the party will happen on around the 42nd chapter to this story. Between these chapters will be Arshi romance to make Shyam reveal everything! Big smile

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venkata IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Awesome update. Hope Arnav and Kushi expose and teach a good lesson to Shyam. Thanks for PM.

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