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Arshi FF: How It Should Be 25/02/15 (Page 28)

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Posted: 06 January 2013 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
Hey guys! All the comments you send truly do make me happy! Big smile But after the good news there is bad news... Cry This will be the last post for about a week! I have an exam to study for so I really do need to focus.. Hope you guys understand! So the next time I will be posting will be 14th January. 

Chapter 25

"Payalji!" Anjali called. Payal rushed over to Anjali.
"Yes Anjaliji?"
"Go get Khushiji the women are waiting for her." Anjali smiled. Payal nodded hurrying up the stairs.
"Akash!" NK called standing next to Anjali.
"What is it NK." Akash sighed. Anjali laughed.
"Go get-" NK paused feeling a gust of wind. He turned to the door and saw Lavanya wearing a red sari. NK's heartbeat became fast seeing Lavanya fix her sari and hair.
"Beautiful." NK said.
"EXCUSE ME!? ME?! GET BEAUTFIUL?!" Akash shouted angrily.
"Very beautiful.." NK said looking at Lavanya who notice NK and smiled.
"I'm gonna.." Anjali held Akash back "Akash! He is talking to Lavanya!"
Akash made an 'O' face and grinned. "I'll go get Arnav" Akash ran up the stairs.
Anjali hit NK around the head. NK shook his head snapping back into reality.
"Oh um I'll.." Anjali pinched NK's cheek then pushed him in Lavanya's direction. Lavanya blushed.
"Um hi" NK said feeling shy.
"Hey" Lavanya said.
"Why are you here?" NK shut his eyes in shame after saying this.
"For Khushi." Lavanya said feeling hurt.
"Just Khushiji?" NK now felt hurt.
"Yes who else for?" Lavanya said stubbornly. She walked off up the stairs.
NK sighed "Your so stupid NK!"
"You look beautiful Khushi!" Payal said smiling. Khushi blushed.
"I bet Arnavji will not stop looking at you!" Payal laughed seeing Khushi blush even more.
Lavanya came in looking all tensed muttering to her self.
"Lavanyaji whats wrong?" Khushi asked.
"Its NK! He doesn't want me here!" Lavanya shouted.
Khushi laughed, Lavanya looked at her confused.
"Nanheji does want you here! You see.. he gets shy very easily!" Khushi nudges Lavanya. Lavanya gasped realizing that she does 'like' a stupid person.
"What's taking so long?!" Anjali called from downstairs.
"Coming!" Khushi called back.
"I can't believe this bhai... Your finally getting married!" Akash was still shocked with this.
Arnav laughed "Relax Akash its the Haldi yet but I am still here!"
Akash sighed nodding "Lets go."

Payal was on one side of Khushi and Lavanya on the other, they helped Khushi down the stairs and onto the seat.
"Anjaliji.. Why is there a seat infront of me?" Khushi asked.
"Well just so Chotte doesn't do any missions to see you we decided to do a joint Haldi!" Anjali smiled. Khushi smiled happily.
Arnav came downstairs casually sitting down infront of Khushi, he then faced towards Khushi. His eyes did not leave Khushi as he took her beauty in. The moment was disturbed by NK putting a transparent shawl between them.
"What the.." Arnav looked at NK angrily.
"Di.." NK said scared.
"Sorry Chotte but rules are rules!" Anjali giggled.
Arnav sighed annoyed then looked at Khushi, she smiled, he smiled. Buaji came up to Khushi first smearing her face with paste.
"Buaji! More people need to do this yet!" Khushi said annoyed.
"No Buaji more paste is need." Arnav grinned. Khushi gasped.
"Anjaliji make sure not to even leave a little dot of skin left on Arnavji's face!" Khushi shouted. Anjali laughed as she dipped her hand into the paste then smeared it all over Arnav. Khushi laughed. Arnav looked at Khushi angrily, Khushi gulped looking down.
Shyam grabbed hold of the video camera and started to film. Garima was next, she took some paste and lifted Khushi's long skirt so her legs were shown. She applied the paste. Shyam smirked looking at Khushi's legs. He felt as if someone was watching he turned around to see Lavanya, Shyam smiled not knowing she knows about him. Lavanya walked to NK. NK smiled at Lavanya but then stopped as he saw Lavanya tensed.
"Lavanya what is it?" NK asked worried.
Lavanya whispered to NK what she saw Shyam doing. NK tensed up feeling furious that someone would do such a thing to his sister in law.
"I am going to kill him." NK whispered furiously. 
"No NK.. we need to tell ASR." Lavanya said holding NK by the arm. Khushi looked over to NK and Lavanya. They smiled at Khushi, Khushi smiled back thinking they were doing romantic talks.
"Di!" NK called walking happily towards her.
"Can I put paste on Nanav?"
Anjali and the other women laughed "Sure!" 
NK grinned and went to Arnav.
"Nanav meri bhai!" He had some paste and pretend to trip , the paste landed on Arnavs jaw.
NK whispered "Camera" then got up walking back to Lavanya.
"Camera.." Arnav muttered looking around, he then saw the camera on the floor.
"What is NK talking about?" Arnav was confused, he looked up to NK who looked angry.
"Ill talk to him later." Arnav decided.
The Haldi ceremony carried on until it was time to serve food.
"NK come here!" Buaji called with her hands behind her back.
"Yes B-B-Buaji?" NK stuttered feeling scared. Buaji got her hands out.
"Haldi!" Buaji laughed happily.
"NO!" NK screamed running away with Buaji chasing him.
Arnav looked over to Khushi, he grabbed her by the hand pulling her with him to the poolside.
Shyam saw this and followed secretly hiding behind a pillar.

"Arnavji what are you doing? Someone might come!" Khushi said worriedly.
"Relax" Arnav laughed.
Khushi huffed folding her arms pouting like a little child. Arnav leaned his face close to Khushi's.
"Good now your quiet" Arnav grinned.
"No im not! LA LA LA LA LA L-" Khushi was interrupted by Arnav's lips pressed against hers. Khushi's hands traveled up to Arnav's face leaving a trail of paste. Arnav's hands were placed on Khushi's bare waist leaving paste there. Shyam felt as if he was being tortured he had to stop this. He grabbed a plant pot and smashed it then ran away. Khushi and Arnav quickly pulled apart, then they both laughed loudly.
"Arnavji... You... Have... Paste... Everywhere!"  Khushi said inbetween chokes of laughter.
Arnav pointed at Khushi's waist unable to talk. Khushi stopped laughing and gasped.
"Arnavji! Couldnt you put your hands somewhere else!" Khushi shouted not realizing what she said. Arnav was laughing more and more.
"Arnavji stop laughing!" Khushi complained. Arnav sighed.
"Where should I put my hands Khushi?" Arnav asked trying not to laugh. Khushi then realized what she said. She groaned resting her head on Arnav's shoulder.
"I'm such a stupid idiot!"
"True... but your MY stupid idiot." Arnav grinned. Khushi lifted her head and placed a gentle kiss on Arnav's lips. She smiled and ran off.
"Why run off?!" Arnav moaned. He followed Khushi.
"Khushiji! Why is there haldi on your waist?!" Anjali was really confused. Arnav tried not to laugh but snickers of laughter was released.
"Chotte! There is a trail of haldi all over your shirt!" Nani said who was also confused. Khushi tried not to laugh either but snickers of laughter were also released.
Anjali and Nani looked at each other then realized what was going on they both laughed loudly.
"Right both of you get rid of the haldi now the washroom is free" Nani said.
Arnav and Khushi raced each other to the washroom in their room. Both of their hands were on the doorknob. 
"Arnavji I am going in first." Khushi said firmly.
"No Khushi I am" Arnav replied back.
"Both?" Khushi asked. Arnav thought for a while then nodded.
Khushi smiled as she went into the washroom with Arnav behind.

Arnav and Khushi came downstairs hand in hand, the guests were gone so were the Guptas.
"Come guys! Lets watch the Haldi!" NK said looking at Lavanya, then Arnav, then Khushi.
"Yes!" Khushi said excitedly. All the family sat down as NK inserted the disk. NK and Lavanya looked at each other scared of what will come next. The family laughed at Mami when it showed her getting Haldi applied by Buaji. The laughter immediately stopped when Khushi's legs were shown. Khushi froze feeling exposed. Arnav looked over to NK who was looking right back at him signalling to Shyam. 
"Who was on camera?" Anjali asked feeling angry. "What disgusting human would record this?!" Anjali rushed over to Khushi wrapping her arms around her, Arnav couldn't take this anymore. He stood up grabbing Shyam by the collar. He lifted him up then punched him repeatedly. 
"I gave you so many chances... SO MANY. Yet you don't stop do you?! I should of KILLED you on the first!"
"Chotte what are you saying?!" Anjali shouted.
"HE FILMED KHUSHIJI DI!" NK shouted. Anjali looked over to NK shocked.

CLIFFHANGER! LOL I'm afraid you will have to wait for 14th January for the next upload! Cry


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Oh! I will have to wait till the 14th for the next update? Anyways awesome but a huge cliffhanger!


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loved d update:) atlast shyaam is gonna be exposed to d whole family:)

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Posted: 07 January 2013 at 12:33am | IP Logged
I hope Anjali believs them...

Next Chapter will be interesting...

Please update soon..

loved the Chapter

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Awww ...14 th!!!!...will have to wait!!!
brilliant update!!!!
Thanks for the pm!!!!!

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Plzz pm me wen u updt nxt
Sent u buddy rqst

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Lovely update, Khushi was at her best. Love how Shyam's mind was picturising, what Arnav and Khushi could have done in the hut. Big smile

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Ya man!!
Shyaam a.k.a. Snakewa exposed :P Party
Party time LOL Dancing
Good luck on ur exams :P
I'm having them too :P Cry

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