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Arshi FF: How It Should Be 25/02/15

IPKKNDArshiLvr Groupbie

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 3:17pm | IP Logged
Hey guys! So this is my first attempt in a FF about the amazing Arshi! I'm going to start this FF at the point where Arnav sees Shyam hugging Khushi... Hope you like it and please leave comments!Smile

Chapter One

Arnav couldn't believe what his eyes were showing him... His brother in law hugging Khushi?
"I love you Khushi! Only you!" Shyam yelled.
Khushi pushes Shyam away, "Leave me alone or else.."
"Or else what Khushiji? No one is here except me and you" Shyam steps towards Khushi.
Arnav watches as Shyam tries to touch Khushi.
"Haven't you hurt me and my family enough!" Khushi shouts.
"What did I do? I saw a girl, fell in love with her," Shyam grins "and wanted to marry her! What's wrong with that?"
Arnav eyes widen, Shyam was Khushi's fiancee?
"I don't love Anjali! Damn Anjali! I love you Khushi!" Shyam grabs Khushi.
"I dont love you! Get that into your twisted head!" Khushi struggles in Shyams grasp.
"I will make you love me Khushiji! You can only be mine!"
Arnav couldn't believe it.. Shyam loves Khushi, he doesn't love his Di.. But he made Khushi be in pain too..
Khushi manages to break free and steps away from Shyam, "You can't make me fall in love with you! Because... because.."
"Because what Khushiji?"
"I... I.." Khushi takes a deep breath "I love someone else who is in this house.."
Shyam and Arnav both stare at Khushi with wide eyes.
"Who?" Shyam's nostrils flinch in anger.
Arnav was about to smile when he thought, 'Its NK...' He turns around to the door, he can't take this anymore.
"I Love.. Arnav Singh Raizada!" Khushi shouts.
Arnav freezes, Shyam freezes.
"Yeah you heard me! I Love Arnav Singh Raizada!" Khushi smiles.
"NO!" Shyam screams. "No! No! No!"
"Yes I do!" Khushi laughs.
Arnav smiles wide as he turns to see Khushi.
Shyam raises his hand, "you little bit-" Arnav grabs Shyams hand.
Khushi looks shocked seeing Arnav..
*Arnav BG Tune*
"What do you think your doing... Jheeja Ji" Arnav looks furious at Shyam.
"Saale Saab I was-" Arnav punches Shyam.
"You twisted twat!" Arnav punches Shyam again... and again... and again..
"Arnavji stop!" Khushi says feeling scared.
Arnav stops and looks at Khushi then back at Shyam.
"No Khushi! He has hurt you and Di!" Arnav shouts as he lifts Shyam by the collar.
"Saale saab please let me explain!"
"You have said enough!" Arnav raises his hand.
"Arnavji, Di is coming!" Khushi shouts feeling scared,again.
"Go to Di, this is not over yet" Arnav pushes Shyam away, Shyam stumbles away.
Khushi freezes and thinks, 'Did Arnavji hear my confession?'
"Yes Khushi?" Arnav walks to Khushi with a grin on his face.
"Did your hear what I said?"
"What did you say?" Arnav smirks.
"I-I-I-" Khushi's heartbeat quickens.
"You?" Arnav pulls Khushi close taking Khushi by surprise.
"Love You" Khushi says quickly.
*Rabba Ve BG Tune*
Arnav smiles, " I love you too Khushi" Khushi smiles as she hugs Arnav tight.
Arnav hugs her back.

PRECAP: Arnav gathers the family.
"I have an announcement to make!" Arnav says happily.
"What is it Chotte?" Nani asks.
"Yeah Chotte what is it?" Anjali smiles as she grins at Nani, Nani winks in return.
Arnav turns to Khushi and takes her hand...

Hope you guys like it! Arshi united early! Please leave your comments!Big smile

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IPKKNDArshiLvr Groupbie

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
So I Am Guessing There Are Silent Readers? Please Leave Comments!

Chapter Two

Shyam walks down the stairs shaking his head. Khushi.. HIS Khushi loves Arnav Singh Raizada. Anjali looks up from talking to her friends and sees her husband all tensed.
"Shyamji?" Anjali says going to Shyam.
Shyam sighs heavily and smiles "Are you okay Rani Sahiba?"
"Im fine but are you? You look tensed." Anjali looks worried.
Shyam smirks and looks at Anjali with a upset expression, "Well Akash and Payalji are getting engaged but not the WHOLE family is here."
Anjali looks around "Oh your right Shyamji! Where are Chotte and Khushiji? I will look for them!" Anjali hurries away.
Shyam smirks.

At the poolside Khushi and Arnav are staring at each other happy that they are finally one.. emotionally. 
"Yes Arnavji?"
Arnav grins "You do realise that this is the longest time ever for you being silent!"
Khushi gasps "Haaaw! Your right Arnavji! I guess love does change you!"
Arnav smiles "It does."
Khushi smiles back hugging her Arnav.
"Chotte! Khushiji!" They both hear Di coming close.
Khushi gasps quickly pulling apart remaining a safe distance away from Arnav. Arnav raises his eyebrows.
"There you are both!" Anjali smiles.
Khushi walks to Anjali looking at Arnav a few times.
"Di I have to tell you something, Khushi and I are-"
"Going to make Jalebis for Akashiji and Payal!" Khushi adds in quickly feeling scared.
"What the!" Arnav says annoyed.
"Y-yes Arnavji remember?"
"Really Chotte?" Anjali says surprised.
Arnav sighs, "Whatever." He walks off.
"Lets go Di." Khushi holds Anjali and they walk together.

As they all walk down together the drummers arrive playing the big drums.
Khushi laughs happily leaving Anjali's side and starts dancing with Maami and Nani.
All the annoyed feelings Arnav felt before vanished as he saw Khushi, his Khushi dancing happily. He smiles.
Arnav was not the only one watching Khushi, a creepy Shyam was too. 
Arnav's eyes scanned the room after watching Khushi for a while. His once calm posture turned stiff on seeing Shyam lust over Khushi.
Shyam couldn't take this much longer, he needed Khushi, he has to touch Khushi.
Shyam walks to Khushi in long strides, Arnav pushes past people to get to Khushi.
 "Khushiji" Shyam whispers in Khushi's ear.
Khushi freezes. She turns around seeing Shyam too close to her.
She stumbles back, slips, and falls into the arms of Arnav.
*Rabba Ve BG Music*
Everyone around them stopped and looked at what was happening.
Arnav and Khushi stare at eachother with Shyam staring at them in anger.
Anjali and Nani giggle.
Khushi felt safe in the arms of her knight in shining armour.

End Of Chapter Two! If I Get AT LEAST Two Comments I Will Post The Next Chapter TODAY! I Know The Precap Was Meant For This Chapter But I Decided It Will Be In The Next One LOL Which I Will Post Today If I Get Two Comments At Least? 

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Lily2011 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
nice  start dear. pm me plzzz

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luvnatkhat Groupbie

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
hey!!!plzz update soon...luv ur story!

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IPKKNDArshiLvr Groupbie

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Lily2011

nice  start dear. pm me plzzz

thankyou Smile will do 
IPKKNDArshiLvr Groupbie

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by luvnatkhat

hey!!!plzz update soon...luv ur story!

thankyou! writing next parts at the moment!
IPKKNDArshiLvr Groupbie

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
Thankyou For Commenting! Really Appreciate It! Big smile

Chapter Three

Khushi was first to break the trance as she looks around her.
"Arnavji" Khushi whispers.
Arnav doesn't reply.
"Arnavji!" Khushi says a bit more loudly.
Arnav looks around him as he helps Khushi back up.
Khushi does a small smile to Arnav. Gradually everything turns back to normal. 
Arnav's face turns cold as he looks at Shyam.
"Stay away from Khushi" Arnav whispers harshly.
Shyam smirks "I don't know what your talking about saale saab."
"A-Arnavji" Khushi stutters.
Arnav faces Khushi and walks away.
"Attention everyone!" Anjali smiles happily.
"Its time for the ring ceremony." Anjali looks at Khushi and raises her eyebrows.
Khushi gasps "the rings! Hai DM where did I put the rings!"
Arnav looks over to Khushi in confusion.
"Err Khushiji, the rings?" Anjali asks a little worried.
"Hello hi bye bye! Pati sari is in a situation!" Maami laughs.
Arnav pats his pocket and feels something, "What the.."
Khushi awkwardly stands next to Anjali looking at everyone.
"Khushiji, where are the rings?" Anjali whispers.
All of a sudden there is a powercut.
A hand opens Khushi's hand and puts in the rings.
The light comes back on.
"I.. I have the rings!" Khushi says, she looks over to Arnav who grins.
"Hurry up then Khushi!" Payal laughs.
Khushi gives the rings to the pair of them smiling.
Khushi goes back into the crowd standing next to Arnav.
"What were the rings doing with you?" Khushi asks.
"Maybe its a sign." Arnav says back not looking at Khushi.
"What do you mean?" Khushi asks confused.
Arnav looks at Khushi "You will see."

The ceremony ends and all the guests leave.
The Raizada and Gupta family are gathered together by Arnav.
"I have an announcement to make!" Arnav says happily.
"What is it Chotte?" Nani asks.
"Yeah Chotte what is it?" Anjali smiles and she grins at Nani. Nani winks in return.
Arnav turns to Khushi and takes her hand.
"Di me and Khushi are not making jalebis for Akash and Payal."
Anjali gasps "Oh then what?"
Khushi's eyes widen. So does Shyam's.
"Me and Khushi are... In Love" Arnav grins.
The whole family (except Shyam and Maami) squeal in excitement.
"Hai Re Nandkishore!" Buaji exclaims.
Khushi tears up a little happily on the family's reaction.
"Thats not all!" Arnav adds.
*Rabba Ve BG*
Arnav looks at Khushi intently.
He bows down on one knee.
He places a small kiss on her hand. Anjali and Nani let out a little squeal of happiness.
He reaches for his pocket and takes out a small box.
He opens the box a ring is revealed and says,
 "Khushi Kumari Gupta will you marry me?"

You guys may of expected this but many things will happen in the future! Shyam is staying in this story for a while to turn things a little but dont worry! Arshi are always side by side! Please comment I will post next tomorrow but your comments help me post daily! Smile

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 4:21pm | IP Logged
cute!!continue...thnx fr the pm!
nd btw,m nt able to access the myeduniya blog of u have the link?

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