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AsYa SS: I'm Sorry *Part 7~Pg 57* Pm later (Page 57)

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Originally posted by kundra

When will you upload the next chapter.

Tonight... Big smile

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Originally posted by princeegoyal

nice yr..i read it in one go..good one..i jst hope asya unite ...continue & pm me too


Aww thank you...m glad u liked it..I hope too lol..will sure do..
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Originally posted by nityasuresh93

Great story!! Hope you would update soon Tongue

Thank you!!!
Lol updating tonight..
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Originally posted by Linsie


Updating tonight Big smile
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~Asya SS~

Part 7
Asad!! ASAD! Dilshad felt a strange pounding in her heart as she woke up from a nightmare. She felt her son was in trouble, and to make things worst, he hadn't been home yet, since the morning after his sudden departure.

It was night time already, the sun had set hours ago, but her son still hasn't come. He had stalked out of the house without a proper goodbye, or any other words.

She had been talking to Zoya, and had mentioned about Rashid to her and how he may know about the hats worn in the photo Zoya had been holding dear to her heart. She had felt nervous about sending her to that house, knowing Asad, it will give him more reasons to hate her, but she wanted to help Zoya get to her father as quick as possible, she didn't want to see the sad Zoya.

She just prayed in her heart to let the young child meet her father as soon as possible, she didn't want zoya to experience the same pain Asad and Najma experienced.

Dilshad looked out the window of her room, her face filled with beads of sweat and her heart still pounding from the nightmare, a nightmare which was snatching her son away from her. She brought her hands together and prayed for her sons wellbeing wherever he is.
She walked out to the living room, only to see her younger daughter sleeping on the couch. Dilshad smiled inwardly even though it wasn't the time to but she still did.

Who wouldn't after seeing such love of a sister for her brother. Najma had slept on the couch waiting for her father like brother.

Dilshad sighed heavily and paced around the hallway, not bothering to wake Najma up. Her eyes kept going towards the clock.

For the first time in her life, she experienced her sons irresponsibility. Worst even Zoya, whom he thought to be irresponsible had called to tell her that shell be late, but her "responsible" son hadn't even called.

She closed her eyes and repeatedly prayed.

It had been 17 hours since Asad had been missing, and now Dilshad was bawling along with Najma.The two were holding onto each other and trying to dial his number when they heard the door bell ring, at the same time as the clock struck 12.

Rushing off to the door, Dilshad saw disappointedly and shockingly the whole other family of Rashid, along with Zoya.

The sight of Zoya was all it took for her to start bawling and sobbing in Zoyas arms, who grabbed her and hugged her tightly asking her repeatedly what happened.

Zoya..Dilshad cried.

Phupi..phupi are you okay. Phupi please say something!! Phupi. Zoyas voice was interrupted by Najmas crying voice.

She watched as her dost rushed to Najma and gather her in his arms, asking her what happened. And that was when the last bomb dropped, freezing Zoya in her spot.

Bhaijaan hasn't come home since..since the time he had left this morning. His phone is going on voicemail, and the people in his office are saying he didn't even come to office today.

Zoya gasped as she realized Asad had left her dosts house exactly 16 hours ago!

Where was he?!

She felt her self losing the strength to hold phupi in her arms, as she felt her own heart tear.

She was too shocked to react to her surroundings, too shocked to react as Najma hugged Rabert calling him bhaijaan, too shocked
to react as shireen pulled Dolshad into a hug consoling her, too shocked to react as she saw Nikhat Nuzat and Humeira going towards the kitchen to fetch water, too shocked to react as she watched people moving around the house and acting as if they knew each other for a long time.
She was just too shocked.

Then she felt it, the hurt. The regret, the guilt, and finally the pain.

Pain filled with sorrow.

It was her fault.
All of it was her fault.
Her fault.

She had done this, why else would Mr. Khan not be home now. It had been 17 hours he had left the house, and 16 hours since he had left her.

She winced as she remembered the hatred she saw in his eyes when he had pushed her away.

It was all her fault, a mother was
Crying for her son, all her fault that a sister was crying for her brother, mostly it was her fault that her body was aching for that one man who always resented her.

She knew this was serious, for the sake of all that's mighty, he hadn't even called. This was serious.

She wouldn't have felt it if it wasn't serious. She was feeling as if something precious of hers was being snatched away from her, as if her soul was being taken out of her body, as if something she loved was being taken away from her.

Someone turned on the TV, for any sort of news, and that one news changed her life.

A report which Zoya Farooqui knows shell remember for the rest of her life.

...highway..bus accident...5 deaths..many injured..

And finally. The one word that shook the entire room.

...Bhopal mein.

Asad..Zoya whispered and that was all it took for those tears to start streaming down those beautiful big eyes.

She stared at her surroundings, Nuzzat and Humeira surrounding Najma each by her side holding her comforting her. She stared at Shireen consoling a crying phupi whose eyes were only on the clock, or the door. She stared at a pacing Ayaan who was repeatedly dialing some number, she guessed it was coking unreachable as she watched him almost break his phone, she stared at Rashid who was speaking to someone on the phone, his voice all serious, but his face showed another story, his eyes only on one person in the room..Phupi.

She felt someone next to her, and
Stared into those eyes. Nikhat gave her a assuring smile, but it wasn't working. The girl who always found reasons to
Smile wasn't smiling right now. She was just crying, and that's when everyone in that one room experienced the most hurtful thing of their life.

A young soul on her knees crying for her love.

Nobody had the heart to drag the girl away from the door to the couch.

-An hour later-
As the door bell rang, everything seemed to change, people started rushing to the door.

Loud cries were heard from the door, as they greeted someone.

Zoya didn't have enough power to move away from the wall near the door, she was leaning against it, but managed to move her head only to be greeted by a sight, which made her hear flutter.

That one second changed Zoyas life totally, if only she knew that the one moment shell experience soon will change her life COMPLETELY.

Their was Asad, standing completely flabbergasted, hugging his mother and sister. Reassuring them of his health, his eyes moving around shocked, but as his eyes met her, they opened wide, as wide as they could.

Tears kept falling, unstoppable, as she managed to stand up holding onto the wall, she just stared at him, scared that he'll disappear.

Her body gaining it's strength back, as she took small steps towards the one man who managed to make 1 whole of hour of her life complete hell.

She watched as he moved
Out of hismother and sisters hug, reciprocating her gesture of
Moving towards her slowly.

People just stared at the two of them, as if time held still. The two seemed to not care about anything at that moment.

Finally facing one another, the two just stared into one another's eyes.

She watched as he lifted his hands to wipe her tears..


Zoya watched as Asad stopped, and took a step back, and another, and another, and as he completely turned around towards the door, facing someone.

She watched as he walked away from her to another woman. She watched as he stood next to another woman. She watched as he put his arms around another woman. She watched as he helped her walk away from the door. She watched as he walked past her without a single glance. She watched the one man she was pulled towards move away. Today she became the girl who just watched.

She was completely still.
She tried closing her eyes tightly opening them hoping to see him in front of her again wiping her tears.

But it wasn't working, she tried again, and again...and again. But it wasn't working!!!

She was dragged by Nikhat to a nearby couch.


The noise the couch created as Zoya fell on it was not as loud as the noise of her heart breaking into a million pieces.

She tried to take a deep breath in but it became harder to breathe every time she tried to.

She watched as Asad helped the woman, not even looking at her. She stared at him as he explained what had happened. She stared at him as he looked down after being scolded by everyone including his father and Shireen. She stared as he said something which looked like an apology, she stared as he finally looked at her, but the pleasure of experiencing his eyes meeting hers, Zoya blacked out.


Lack of food since the morning, lack of energy from today's day, from walking all the way to Dosts house to the whole episode with Asad, to getting slapped by Razia, to falling down, to being taken home by Rashid and family, to the whole episode of Asad going missing, had all drained her energy out.

Finally Zoya rested, she slept into a deep slumber.

But at least the young woman experienced the pleasure of having the one man who was the reason of all this yell her name out as she slumped against the couch completely drained out.


Zoya..zoya..he said zoya. That was the last thought of Zoya Farooqui, before she fell into a peaceful sleep.


As the suns rays shined on her face, Zoya Farooqui struggled to avoid the disturbance. She tried to move, but felt herself being held back.

ARGHHH... Zoya groaned.

She slowly opened her eyes to receive the shock of her life.

Asad. Ahmed. Khan.

HEYYY! Guess whose back!! what's up my lovies!! I love you guys! Lol, I know you guys want to kill me but you can't cz u love me. Right orrr RIGHT..lol. Their r so many reasons to ba mad, one I updated ODE late and second I added everyone's favorite character JAMMY KI JAM WELL CAT TANVI..don't worshelly way of her being in this will be totally different fromthe show I promise. Do u really think I'll let her do the stupid stuff in the show. Just remember it'll be a different concept. Promise. Love you guys so much that I actually wrote a ling update. I'm extremely sorry guys, actually reheats prep had started and I had to go, and bow regents are here, and tmrw I have another regent and after that one on wednesday. And those of you who don't know what regents are, regents are state tests given in high schools mostly in NEw York where I reside and no you staplers can't have my address lol..[<3] anyways please wish me good luck as tmrw I have a Spanish regent, and Wednesday a math. I suck at math so I need as many gold licks as possible. Lol..Guys please please pray for me, it's hard I know but please do that I pass all my regents with good grades. Thank you..

Ok another thing I have to ask from you. I am asking a lot right I know, but but I promise two long updates on Friday lol BRIBE..well don be surprised m bribing y'all since I'm running for I-F politician. Yes IM GOING INTO POLITICS. lmaoo.. The only time I will, since I don't like them and they disgust me at times. But yeah, guys I'm running for Miss. Thunderstorm, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for me when the Voting thread is put up. I need as much support as possible. Pretty please with Asad Ahmed Khan on top.. Lol..u dirty minds I meant on top of an ice-cream lol.. The voting thread will be up on the 18th in the members lounge I will put the link up with my small update on Tuesday. Please vote for me and do read my speech if you want to know why you should choose me lol..my speech is the same as when I was running for the candidates thingy..thank you very much..lovies!!

Love you all and don't forget to check out my speech here's the link!!

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Originally posted by jazmeen


Will be waiting
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billu aa gaya
aur sare emotions toh the hi she will do d drama now...pout
feeling bad for zo

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