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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 10:02am | IP Logged
heyy guyss here we come back with the secound part of the update... i know all of you have been waiting for it... aur bhot sabar kiya.. thankyou we appreciate it alott.. sorry for the delayy...
thankyou guys we got 83 likes i mean thats AWSOMME  me and mannu were very happy .. we thankyou alot from the bottom of our hearts,,,

ab bhago aur padho isse dont forgett to read the bottom bit

part 2: 
kriya looked at rey's face , she could see rey was really shocked , she saw that rey had seen the reports , she tried to judge his face she couldn't make out if he was happy or upset.
rey : what the hell is this kriyaa?
as soon as she heard that she knew where this was going the situation is not going to be good, she started to walk slowly up to him , literally dragging her feet wishing that she had not kept the reports there.
kriya: woh , woh reyy yeh,,
rey : kya hai yeh kriya tum pregnant ho?Shocked

He literally shouted at her tears started to form in her eyes no voice was coming out she literally nodded her head lightly.
Re:aur tumne yeh baat mujhse chupayi...why???
He shouted at her and was completely mad.
Kr:rey I..I can explain aap plzz relax karo.
Re:Kriya how do you expect me to relax???
Kr: Rey plzzz
Rey didn't speak for few minutes. HE just went and sat on the bed. After some time kriya went and sat beside him and placed her hand on his shoulder. Rey turned to
look at her.
Kr: I think I know kaise...may be after that party we had with our friends 2 months back...we were drunk.


kriya and rey had just returned from heir friends party they had drank a lot , both were really drunk , to the extent that they never knew what they were doing
rey was in his romantic mood still , both came in laughing , they had literally gone mad,
rey : kriya i need you please..?
kriya knew what he was talking about so she smiled at him and in response she took his lips and both kissed to the earnest rey wrapped his 1 arm around kriya waist and pulled her closer whilst kria hands moved around in his hair pulling him more close to increase the intensity..After a while he left her lips he picked her up n his arms and took her into the bedroom...he made her lay down on the bedd,(over here rey forgot his protection) and went back into kissing her he started to kiss on her nape then her face and slowly came down to her kneck , kriya moans was increasing this drived rey even more mad.

rey started to take kriya clothes off slowly while kriya took his off , they were sutck together like 1 body not even leaving eachother, they made love the whole night, and also made his way into her not caring about her pain and screams,...

~~~~~Flash back ends~~~~~

Rey and kriya both were lost in the flash back. Rey was the first to come back to present. He saw that kriya had a small smile on lips and her one hand was on her stomach. Rey knew that kriya wanted this baby..but he wasn't sure about it. He didn't want to upset kriya neither he wanted to have kids now. He was confused. He placed his hand on kriya's shoulder and faced her towards him and hugged her tight. They were still like that and kriya spoke
Kr:rey I want this baby plzz
Rey could feel his shirt getting wet. He immediately pulled back. Tears were flowing down her cheeks and she was looking down. Rey with his index finger made her looked at him and wiped off her tears.

rey : kriya tum sach mein yeh bacha chahiye i mean mein abh..
kriya: rey mujhe pata hai ke aap iss bache keliye ready nahi ho , lekin aap kaise ready hosakte ho jab tak ke bache ki responsibilty ay hi nahi aap par , mein janti hoon ki jab yeh bacha ajayega aap khud iski apne app par zimedari le logo..." taking his hand in hers"
please rey , humne yeh jaan bojh kar toh nahi kya aur yeh galti bhi nahi shayad universe ji chate the yeh , app thoda soch kar toh dekho please mere liye, atleast,
rey never said anything he moved his hand away and went to the bathroom to freshen up
when he came out he saw kriya sitting in the same place with her hand on her stomach ,
rey : kriya tum abhi so jao bhot late hogaya hai
and rey went and lied down on the bed whilst kriya went and changed.

kriya was staring at herself in the mirror. she put her hand on her stomach and said 'mujhe poora bharosa hai universe ji par ke woh tumhare dad ka mind badal denge aur tumahre dad tumhein accept karlenge ( but kriya was still worried from inside) bus thoda time doh unhein'...
she came out and saw rey was sleeping , she came and lied down next to him , and like always she kissed rey on his forhead and switched off the lamp and went to sleep, whilst rey turned around and opened his eyes because sleep wasn't for him today.

There was no sign of sleep in rey's eyes. Kriya's words were ringing in his ears. He was confused. He then remembered the convo he had with swayam once.
Re: swyam tu sure hai..I mean you really want this child..mera matlab hai tu pehle khud hi deny karta tha that u are not ready for this but ab achanak se..y??
Sw: I know rey...but time makes you learn all..I wasn't in favour of having children soon but then jab mujhe pata chala sharon's pregnant toh for a moment I forgot my insecurities and was feeling damn happy..that hamre family mein ek addition ho raha hai..koi mujhe bhi papa feels so good when u think that there will be some one to call you dad..some one with whom u can play..some one who will become your life

These words were echoing in his mind. For a moment he tried to forget all his insecurities and was thinking about the future..he with his child having fun together..and the child calling him dad..all this brought a smile on his face. Now he knew he was ready for it. He learnt that this baby will complete them...He couldn't wait to tell this news to kriya..he turned towards kriya and saw her sleeping with her hand on her tummy. He kissed her on her forehead and then kissed her stomach and slowly without disturbing her embraced her in his arms.

Next day rey had woken up early obviously he had not slept the whole night out of excitement he couldn't wait till mourning comes and kriya wakes up... But he wasn't going to tell her that easily he thought why not give her a surprise..
Rey: soch dude soch kaise batao mein kriya ko ke uske hosh udjaye.. Just then an idea came 2 mynd( you will find out soon) yess mein aisa hi karoonga ! He quickly freshened up he had woken up earlier than kriya.
Kriya woke up a bit late she looked at the clock it was 9 o'clock
Kriya : she turned around in her hyper mode REYY REY UTHO but 2 her shock rey wasn't there all she saw was a paper with a message writtn on it

... Kriya meri aaj meeting hai so I left without telling you am sorry I didn't want 2 wke u up I've dne breakfast aur mein shaam tak ajaunga bye tc luv u...

kriya read the note and sighed! and got back to her daily chores. Now she was seriously worried whether rey wanted this child or not. The whole day she spent thinking this and in the evening she even called rey but he didn't pick up. She assumed he might be in some work. As she was feeling bored she decided to go out for a stroll. In her casuals only she left locking the home properly.

In the evening she tried calling rey but he didnt pick up. She assumed he might be busy in work. As she was feeling bored she decided to storll out for some time. In her casuals only she left.

She didn't know how time passed and by the time she was returning home it was quite dark outside. As she reached her house she was shocked on seeing the lock opened. She pushed open the door and entered inside. It was complete dark and she was scared. As she switched on the lights she was startled on hearing "SURPRISE". It was actually a party and in the center was standing her husband, her rey.

kriya saw rey standing there with a big smile on his face, everytime kriya would see rey smile , eventhough she would be upset she will automatically smile it like his smile was MEJIC for her...
kriya: yeh sab kya hai ?( shocked)
rey : party kriya!LOL
kriya: party but kyunnn? confused
rey: wo actually kriya mera promotion hogaya hai na toh meine socha ek party rakh loon tryning not to laugh
kriya:: ohh... ok..
rey: poocho gi nahi kaisi promotion ?

krriya remained silent she never knew what to say she knew what rey was talking about his work promotion... kriya: obviously tumhara work promotion..
rey couldnt help but chuckle he started to walk up to kriya and held her face in his hands.. kriya work promotion nahi balke muje papa banne ki promotion milgayi hai..Wink
kriya was shocked she thought she was hearing things... not untill rey picked her up and twirled her around screaming that he has become a dad.. tears started to fall from kriya eyes...
she couldnt believe her dream had come true ... but she just wanted to make sure: rey please put me downn.. rey saw tears in her eyess... he got worried..
rey: kya hua kriya? tum ro kyun rahi ho?
kriya: pata nahi wiping her tears away mein bhot khush hoon ke tum maangaye is baby keliye... thank you so much .. rey kissed her on her forehead and then came down to her stomach.
rey: baby pata nahi if you are a boy or girl... but i just cant wait to see you , tum mere liye ab sab kuch ho, aur mein tumhare liye ek acha baap banunga aur tumhein meri tarah bigadunga promisee!LOL... kriya strted to laugh in her tears rey kissed her on her stomach and came back up..
rey wiped her tears and started to come close to her lips.. they were just few inches away when they heard some people talk
gang : rey hamein bhi congratulate karne do..?

kriya was shocked to see them all her friends vicky , bharat amar, swayam , sharon vishaka , neha, simmie rinnie all had come to see them
all one by one congratulated the couple and they spen their party talking about their past and having fun pulling eachother legs and joking about..
finally the gang bid them bye and went...

After the gang left rey pulled kriya towards him, pulling her towards him he whispered in her ears "now time for some romance"
But kriya pushed him awaym and turned around pouting.
Re:arrey kya huya??
Kr: mujhe nahi karni aapse baat.
RE:but kyu???
Kr:aapne mujhe bahut rukalaya isliye nahi karni baat.
Re:jaan I'm sorry
Re:tum mujhe maaf nahi karogi???
REY:toh fir tumhe surprise bhi nahi chahiye hoga??
On hearing the word surprise she tuned towards him and asked "kya surprise hai??"
Re:mein kyu bataun tum toh gussa ho na mujhse
Kr:nahi ab nhi hu...plzz bata do.

He smiled at her childishness and picked her in his arms and went towards their room. When they entered inside the room kriya was in awe. She was completely surprised. The whole room was decorated with balloons, flowers and toys. He put her down and immediately she checked each and every thing. A beautiful smile was playing on her lips making him go crazy for her. He couldn't control any longer and went towards her and pulled her into a kiss. She was shocked at first but soon gave in. While kissing he murmured a sorry. They kissed each other till they were lacking their breaths. Finally they pulled apart but rey's lips never left her skin. He trailed down kisses on her shoulder making her arch back. Finally he lifted her and place on the bed and got over her and then LIGHTS OFF!!

how was it guys good or bad?
enjoyed it?
dont forget to leave us your precious comments and dont forget the like butoon..

want an epilogue for this os? it all depends on your comments dont forget to meintion it in your comment...

want us gto write more together let us know...
luv u all maanu and aisha

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Me second yay

Awesome update 

Yes I want a epilogue for this OS plz

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Awesome update
It was really cute
I want epilogue...:D
Update it soon

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i m d 4th one not bad...:)

ooosssooommm updateee...!!!!

jst loved it...!!!

rey is vry dramatic, cutee ,nice surpris prepare by him 4 her love...!!!

it was MEJICAL...!!!!

nd yes offcourse v want epilogue...!!!!

nd this is os not ff so
update soon...!!!!!

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finally rey mangaya..
loved it...
yep epilogue chahiya plz...

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unresd on same page...

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Awesome part guys

i loved it...

Fabulous work...n ofcourse i want an epilogue...plz

thanx 4 d pm

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