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dil se rey ~THREAD 4~chap 52-pg 93 last(pm soon) (Page 92)

dancersqueen IF-Sizzlerz

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plzzz updat
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olz update...
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                                            CHAPTER 52(LAST EPISODE)
my dearie nd lovely readers!i am so so sorry 4 the quite unnecessary delay in giving u a climax of this story..its all due 2 my lazziness nd 4getfullness so i owe u a BIG apology!!!Cry hope u guys 4give me 4 this mistake of mine!!!plx enjoy the last part of this ff..hope u liked it..ll write an epilogue if time permits nd u ppl showed interest!!this ws a dream of mine nd i contemplated it into an ff..inspired by a true story u guys showered lots of love nd appreciation 2 me nd this ff both ov us..ll never 4get tat!!i love u all a lot!!hope 2 c u soon wid sme new idea if u guys remained wid me!!


Rey begging kriya 2 come bck 2 his lyf again 4 their son if nt 4 him bt kriya dashing off


Nw after kriya left,rey bent down on his knees nd cried on top of his voice'

R:y god?y me??i ws insane..i ws an idiot btw s my crime 2 big tat I wont ever get forgiveness??wen u commit a mistake,u r 4given then y nt me??is my sin so bad??then I need 2 die..i don't deserve 2 live at all!!if lyf cant give me what I want,at least death cn free me off 4m the burden'

Nd he jumped 4m the top of the cliff'

K:reyyy!!!!NOOO!!!!!!! nd she woke up 4m her nightmare'she ws deeply distressed..ansh ws sleeping wid her nd he woke up 4m her shrieking..

A:mom!what happened??

K:nn..nothing.. nd she breathed deeply..

He gave her water 2 drink nd aftr she recollected herself bck,she thot of talking 2 rey'


If rey is tat determined upon mending his mistake,I shudnt b 2 cruel either..aftr all he has already suffered a lot cx of me..i shud go nd 4give him 4 everythng..i cant b tat selfish tat I am ruining 2 lives only cx of my stupid ego!!

She went 2 meet rey in his room bt he wasn't thr..then she called his cell wich ws switched off..then she called his office nd she came 2 knw he has gone 2 simla'she got worried y he z gone thr??

where wud neha b?


Vick woke up 2 c his room in complete mess..naina opened her bag nd scattered all her clothes here nd thr..she ws also screaming!!

Na:my shoes,my clothes!am late 4 school..papa plx wake up nd make me ready 4 school!!PAPA PAPA PAPA

V:good morning sweety!what's all this??

Na:papa I am gettng late 4 school..I can't find my shoes or clothes!!

V:ok ok lemme find them 4 my dearest daughter!!

Nd he got up 4m his bed n tried 2 clear the mess..he put all thngs bck wich naina had thrown all over his room!!nd found her uniform nd shoes..then he made her wash her face,brush her teeth nd dressed her!n made her ready 4 school!he faced difficulty bt nt enormous cx he had a good experience of dreSsing ansh smtymes in the days of kriya's coma!

As he ws abt 2 go leave her 2 school,naina spoke up

Na:papa dnt u hav 2 go 2 hospital?u r nt ready urself!!

V:oh I just gud daughter u go nd hav ur breakfast,I am cmng in 5 mins

Na:ok papa

Nd she rushed dwnstairs..kriya made ansh his breakfast nd she had a pleasant surprize seeing naina thr!!she ws happy n thot thngs r turning better..

K:good morning swEety!hw r u?

Na:gud morning aunty!I am fine!hw r u?

K:am gud..plz sit nd hav breakfast..btw whr is ur mom?

Na:I dnt knw!she just left me here nd asked me 2 live wid papa!!

K:what?oh my god!!it means thngs r gettng worse!!dnt wrry sweety everythng ll b good soon!mama ll b bck soon.dnt wrry nd hav ur breakfast...

Aftr smtym vicky came dwnstairs!

V:naina let's go

K:bt hav ur breakfast at least

V:no I ll hav it in hospital..come on naina!let's go!!

Na:cmng papa!!bye aunty

K:bye sweety

Nd they left..

Whole day in his hospital vicky kept thnkng whr wud hav neha gone?he also calld up swayam nd sharon 2 ask them.

Swayam ws really v angry at him 4 dng this 2 them!

V:I swear swayam I dint do it on purpose..I wanted both of them bck in my lyf bt idk y she left nd tat 2 widout naina!!

Sw:u wud hav at least stopped her!

V:bt hw wud I wen I dint knw her intentions??

Sw:nw all we cn do is just pray!!

V:no swayam,I ll dig out the earth nd heavens 2 bring bck neha,no matter hw hard it b!!

Sw:I cn just pray 4 u nw dude!!let's hope 4 the best!


Thr wen rey came 2 knw abt viya's divorse he ws even more remorseful than ever..still he had a slight hope he ll get kriya bck!!nw he went on even more fervently 2 bring her bck 2 his life..ansh ws always tryng 4 the patch up of his parents!!he kept on bringng up ways 2 bring them closer,bt kriya ws busy smwhere else!!

She kept on searching 4 neha 2 bring her bck 2 vicky!!she calld a detective nd soon ws able 2 locate whr she ws!!

She ws reiding alone far away nd ws working as a teacher 4 special children..1 day she ws teaching the class wen she saw a sight tat made her freeze on the spot..

Naina ws playing wid vicky in the playground.she went outside nd naina came running 2 her nd hugged her legs..she bent dwn nd took her in her lap..both hugged..they had tears in their eyes

Na:mama!y did u leave me nd papa alone?mama plx come bck..we r incomplete widout u

Ne:oh baby!I am also so sad,alone nd incomplete widout u

Na:let's go bck home

Ne:no baby u go home wid ur papa

Vicky who ws watching both 4m a distance came a bit near nd he sat down on his knees on the floor,held both his ears in his hands

V:I am really v v sorry 4 what I ve done so far..I am sad and I am remorseful 4 whatever I did 2 both of u..I really never meant it!!please 4give me nd come bck wid us..I promise I won't ever let any tear fall 4m ur eyes again!!fill my wrld again wid ur sparkling presence!!

Tears well up in neha's eyes nd she rushed 2 hold him on his feet again!

Ne:I 4gave u vicky wid all my heart nd might!I 4gav u 4 everythng tat happened in the past wid a hope tat it won't ever happen again

V:it won't!I give u my word

Ne:I love u

V:I love u 2!thnks 4 4giving me

Nd both of them hugged oblivious of the surroundings,oblivious of naina's presence,oblivious of other children nd teachers who were laughing at them!

They were brought bck 2 earth by naina's shrill cries..

Na:papa mama hold me 2!!I need a hug 2

Nd vicky held him in his arms in the air..

V:my princess nd took both of them in a bear hug

Thr ws news all over the media tat a huge storm has hit simla nd all the ways of coming nd returning r blocked due 2 heavy rainfall..she became v v upset nd handled both the kids 2 vicky nd left 4 simla 2 find rey..

it ws raining very heavily thr nd the policemen were constantly forbading them nt 2 go thr as its dangerous bt she had just 1 idea in mind ie 2 meet her rey..she heard of an accident on the highway..the car has fallen from the bridge into the river nd they were still searching 4 the body..kriya's heart popped out 2 her mouth..

k:plx dear universe jee!!its nt rey!!PLx universe jee!!come bck rey..come bck

 She kept on searching 4 rey nd due 2 heavy rains,her car broke down..nw she started 2 travel on foot...she ws all wet,drenched up in the rain!she kept on searching 4 rey nd ws nw so tired nd frustrated..her body ws weary nd aching nw wen she saw rey's ws parked at the edge of a cliff!!a ray of hope lit in her eyes!she ws overwhelmed..

She rushed 2 the place despite her tiredness..finally thr he ws,sitting on the floor,sad nd frustrated,gettng drenched in the rain

Kriya called out

K:reyansh singhaniya!!u coward,fool!!

R:what?? He ws shocked 2 c her thr!! U kriya!what r u doing here??

K:u left me nd ur family!!coward,fool!!

R:tats what u asked me 2!leave u alone nd tats what I exactly did!!

K:don't u thnk it deserved more of ur try??

R:what had I failed??

K:u cud hav tried at least!!

R:wud tat do any better??

K:well tat depends... Nd she rolled her eyes!!

R:its never 2 late then...

K:ok let's go..

Nd she turned 2 leave..rey caught her by her wrist taking her in utter shock..

R:tell me do I hav a chance?

K:tat depends upon hw u try??nd the moment!!

R:well its the moment then!!


R:did u 4give me??

K:yeah!tats y am here!!

R:bt u dint say it

K:did u ask??

R:I am asking nw

K:I am telling nw

R:plx don't

K:don't what??

R:please 4give me!!

K:u just said don't!!(She ws enjoying his plight)

R:kriya!u knw what I am saying

K:rey u knw what I am saying!! Nd she burst out in laughter

Rey bent down on his knees,bent both his hands in front of his chest nd lowered his head

R:miss kriya ghai!wud u like 2 b mrs kriya reyaansh singhaniya??wud u 4get everythng tat happened between us nd allow us 2 live a peaceful nd beautiful life wid no tears,no sadness,no pains,no misunderstandings,no hate nd only peace,love nd sweetness??please say yes

Kriya rolled her eyes naughtily..


R:say yes



K:ok if u insist..yes

Nd he got up nd jumped in excitement

R:yay!!yay!!I am on the 7th sky

K:me 2

Nd they hugged each other like eternity


Thnk u every1 4 staying wid me throughout this memorable nd oyerjoyed ws one of my dreams tat came true..I always wanted 2 write this story..4m the time I knew it..I always wanted 2 give it a happy ending..though real 1 ws a wrech!!bt still I am deeply connected 2 is my very 1st completed story nd I am v v happy abt it!!thnks 4 all the love nd affection tat u gav me!!Hug

Hope 2 c u soon wid another story,another plot bt it won't b as dear 2 me as dsr's!!!

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RiyaHayMurKreYa IF-Rockerz

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Res.. unres.. No this cnt be end Cry itz one of my fav. Ff,had added in bookmark to read it again n again.. dnt give end lyk this.. Plz plz one last part n a cute romantic epilongue plz will be waiting n i'm snding pm's on u'r behalf..wil be waiting

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kriapatel Goldie

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Finlly neha realise her mistake
n kria also thought of giving rey a chance
but rey shimla chala gaya hope kria use dhund le n rey thik ho

Edited by kriapatel - 08 June 2013 at 11:22am
sweetydiyafrien IF-Rockerz

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finally neha realised her mistake and she came back to mumbai...
and damn what wrong with kriya... i hope nothing go wrong with them...
both are safe... continue soon and pm me...
i am comment right in short... as i am not well gone sick...
i just came online from tomorrow and get attack of discontinue works of kr ...

RiyaHayMurKreYa IF-Rockerz

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Unrsd at pg 94

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