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dil se rey ~THREAD 4~chap 52-pg 93 last(pm soon) (Page 62)

tinatartari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 3:33am | IP Logged
                                             CHAPTER 50

Naina ws sleeping peacefully in neha's lap nd vicky ws driving in silence.he thought 4 a while nd decided 2 break the ice.



V:naina is so cute.she speaks just like u

N:nd she is stubborn just like ye..(She stopped in the middle wen she realized what she ws abt 2 say)

V:who is naina's father btw?

N:well...umm..her father..we r nt 2gether anymore..

V:am I her father neha?

N:what? u r nt her father..he came in my lyf aftr u nd then we broke up..

V:hw old is she?

N:she is 3..

V: but she seems older than ansh..

N:yeah!she has good growth bt she isn't that older..

V:r u sure neha u r nt hiding anythng 4m me?

N:yeah..umm..y wud I hide anythng 4m u?bt here u hav nothng 2 do wid it!

V:I wonder hw did u allow sm1 come so close 2 u tat early??

N:vick!u dnt deserve 2 question me..I admit u dint betray me n whatever happened between us ws destined bt by nt trustng me nd nt tellng me the truth,u lost ur right over me!

V:bt neha plx understand.I dint meant 2 hurt u wid the truth..

N:bt u did vicky..u did by hiding the truth!

V:I am so sorry neha.I knw that I dnt deserve this bt plx 4giv me if u cn!

N:I already forgave u vicky bt I ll never 4get it whatever u hav done!u hav given me lots of pain.I cud never forget tat.u ruined my lyf vicky

V:so wud it b tat u go close wid sm1 else nd hav a baby wid them??isn't it strange tat he left u 2?

N: just shut up vicky!mind ur own business!!nd stop the car.I ll go myself..

V:neha plx dnt..

N: I said stop the car

Nd unwantedly vicky had 2 stop the car.naina woke up nd started cryng..vicky tried 2 pat her bck..his hands touched neha's..she endured..some tears escaped her eyes...

Naina ws sayng in half sleep..

Na:papa plx come bck..I am missing u papa..

Vicky patted her bck..she calmed down,held his hand nd slept again!

V:don't u thnk neha she likes me?

Ne:u try 2 b nyc wid her nd children always like she likes u bt she doesn't knw what u did wid her mother..

V:plx neha let bygones be bygones..

Ne:its written all over my heart vicky so just stay away..

V:ok I ll bt plx sit bck in the car nd I ll leave u home..

Neha sat nd they went..vicky stopped in front of their ws on the top floor.

V:let me hold naina nd take her 2 ur apartment

Ne:no thnks I cn do it

V:it wud b difficult 4 u..plx..

So neha handed naina n vicky carried her upstairs 2wards their apartment on her bed.he made her lie dwn wen she caught his hand nd blabbered in her sleep

Na:papa plx dnt go..papa plx dnt leave me..

Vicky caressed her hair wid his hands nd sat thr..neha ws touched bt still she ws adamant..

Ne:I am sorry..naina is bothering u 2 much..I can hold her hand..u cn go..

V:no tats totally fine wid me..dnt u worry am nt bothered at all!

Ne:shud I make u anythng 2 eat!

V:no its totally fine.u cn go rest in ur room nd I ll leave nd close the door(it ws autolock type) once she goes into deep sleep..

Ne:ok nd thnks btw.

V:no problem!

Nd she went 2 her room..


Neha woke up early in the morning nd went 2 the kitchen 2 make breakfast 4 naina..she put the slices in the toaster nd milk on the boiler nd went 2 wake up naina 4 her school!she ws amazed by the sight she just saw.naina ws sleeping peacefully hugging vicky nd both were looking so sweet 2gethr..1st she smiled nd then she ws horrified wid the thot!!


Vicky is naina's biological father nd he is gettng closer 2 her..he is curious abt naina's father..if he ll discover he is her father,he ll snatch my daughter away 4m me nd I ll b alone 4ever!!everythng ll b finished!!

Ne:naina!get up.its ur tym 4 school!!

Na(sleepily)ok mama!!

Listening 2 neha's voice also woke up vicky!

Naina saw herself hugging vicky!

Na:gud morning uncle.(Smiling)

V:gud morning sweety..ok get up fast nd get ready..

Na:ok uncle!!morning mama

Ne(angrily)get up fast!u r gettng late!

She got up nd rushed 2 the washroom!vicky also got up 4m the bed!

V:am sorry neha!idk wen I slept here..I thnk I shud leave nw..

Nd he turned 2 leave..

He ws midway dwnstairs wen naina came running 4m behind callng him..

Na:dr vicky!plx dnt go.let's hav breakfast 2gether!

V:thnks sweety bt I ve 2 go!I also hav 2 go 2 hospital!

Na:we cn go 2gthr..u drop me 2 school nd then go 2 bus is also gone nw..plx uncle..

V(helplessly looking at neha)ok sweety!

They had breakfast 2gthr nd then vicky dropped naina 2 school nd went 2 his hospital..wen he came bck 4m his round,he saw a paper envelope on his ws addressed 2 him nd confidential ws also written on it..he tore it open!

He ws shocked 2 read ws his divorse papers..kriya filed 4 a divorse 4m him nd she had signed them already!!he ws shocked!!

V(thnkng)what's going on?is it somethng gud cmng up or is thr smthng even horrible than nw??did kriya n bhai thot of a patch up or somethng else??I ll hav 2 ask kriya b4 signing it up!

He completed his duty n went home in the evening wid an aim in mind 2 talk 2 kriya..instead of asking 4 dinner 4m the maid wich he always did aftr coming home as they never ate 2gethr,he headed 2wards kriya's room!he knocked at the door!

K:come in!

Nd she wsnt surprized 2 c vicky

K:hi vicky!

V:hi kriya!


Vicky gav her the pprs

V:what's this angel?

K:divorse pprs my dear frnd!isn't it obvious?

V:yeah,it is bt y?

K:cx its nt a marriage still we r bound 2gethr.I wanna b free..nd ll lead my lyf my way!nd u cn lead ur lyf ur way!

V:so what abt ansh?

K:he ll carry on his lyf like he is nw!

V:won't he need the name of father?

K:he has already got the singhaniya name wich he actually nw its nt needed anymore!


K:yeah vicky!y u callng my name again nd again?

V:hw cn u say it so casually?tell me the truth what's gng on in ur mind

K:vicky its long since u r tryng 2 save my family.nw its ur turn 2 save ur family!

V:naina isn't my daughter!!

K:hw is tat possible?

V:she belongs 2 sm1 else who left neha like me!

K:bt its nt possible.naina is elder than ansh nd u 2 made up even before us so its obvious she is ur daughter!hw cn neha giv sucha place she gav u in her lyf 2 sm1 so early??I knw her..we grls love only once!so most probably she is lying 2 u!

V:bt I can't do anythng abt it nw!

K:no u cn!probably she is dng so 2 save her daughter.she thnks u ll snatch her wen u ll knw the truth nd u hav no place 4 her in ur lyf!once I ll b out ov ur lyf,am sure she ll!!

V:come on kriya!lyf doesn't run on assumptns nd its all over nw!

I ll hav 2 accept the truth n tat z naina isn't my daughter!

K:oh really?so u thnk so??tell me dnt u feel 4 her?

V:yeah I do!

K:dnt u thnk she is just like u?

V:yeah she is

K:then hw cn u say she isn't ur daughter?

V:then what shud I do?

K:do as I say nd u ll get ur family bck..nw 1st sign these pprs..

So vicky did nd they submitted them in the court..the court required 2 days 4 the application 2 b processed nd then issuing a divorce certificate!

Meanwhile kriya thot of ways hw she cud convince neha 2 come bck 2 vicky!

Neha on the otherhand ws extremely panic at the sudden turn of events tat vicky is gettng so close 2 their daughter!nd tat he wud snatch her away 4m her so she started 2 distance him 4m naina by taking her 2 park or icecream or thngs like tat so she dint find a chance 2 meet vicky..neha ws terribly missing ansh nd vicky bt the icecream adventure n playland trip made her 4get everythng...

Vicky tried 2 meet neha 2 tell her the truth bt she dint attend her all he ws left ws 2 take ansh's help..both ansh nd naina were in the same vicky bribed ansh nd asked him 2 tell naina 2 comb wid his brush nd give the brush bck 2 vicky..ansh asked her 2 do so nd she did..vicky took the brush nd picked out naina's hair 4m it nd also took his hair as a sample nd gav it 4 DNA Analysis 2 the lab!

As the divorce certificate ws issued 2 both,he txtd neha tat he wants 2 talk abt smthng v serious wid her n tat they shud meet!

Neha ws already very upset wid the turn of events that vicky z nt leaving them alone in any consequence,so she dcded the best way 2 deal wid it wud b 2 face it nd finish it 4ever altogether.she txtd him bck tat she is cmng...

She reached the place on-time.vicky ws already waiting 4 her..

V:hi neha!am glad u came

Ne:yeah vicky!speak up y did u call me?

V:y u r intentionally avoiding me 2 meet naina?

N:dr vicky!1st of all am nt dng it intentionally..this meetng everyday z making a bad impact on her studies nd her other activities nd secondly who r u whom naina wud meet everyday??she is my daughter!do u get it?

V:I want 2 tell u smthng neha!me nd kriya divorsed!yday I got the divorse certificate!

Ne:thr is nothng left between us vicky!our relationship died the day u dint trust me nd abandoned me 2 help ur frnd!!thr r many questions tat died inside me!

V:I am ready 2 answer them all

Ne:I already burnt them!

V:here I ve another document 4 u!

Ne:what's in it?

V:its a DNA test report of me nd naina!

Neha ws horrified!

Ne:what?hw dare u??who gav u the permissin 2 do tat??did u ask me?

V:I am really very sorry 4 nt tellng u bt I had no other option..u were nt picking up my calls nd I had 2 do tat..I ve nt opened it up nd I dnt knw the results..u ll do this 4 me!

Neha tore the ppr into pieces nd threw them in the air..

Ne:whatever may b the rzlt,she is only my daughter nd u ve nothng 2 do wid just being the biological father,u don't owe the rights over her..did u even knw she evr existed??u abandoned us nd left us 2 suffer alone..I answered every1's questions!I ws blamed,cursed nd made 2 suffer!whr were u then??(Neha ws crying bitterly nw)

V(ws also teary eyed on hearing he is naina's father)bt u knw neha,I ws brother left my best frnd wid his unborn child nd my frnd who accepted them also died on the field!hw cud I leave my own nephew unnamed??

Ne:so u left ur daughter unnamed??u left ur love,ur unborn child in solitude??

V:bt I ws unaware of my unborn child then!!

Ne:so u r only concerned abt ur child nd nt ur love??hats off mr vikrant singhaniya!!hats off 2 u 4 this extreme selfishness!!

V:I am so sorry neha!am I so bad tat I dnt even deserve ur 4giveness??

He bend down on his knees nd held her feet in his hands 2 seek her 4giveness...

Ne:ok I give u what u r here 4.hav a v gud lyf wid ur daughter naina..I am leaving her wid u 4ever..I hope u cn b a gud father..

V:plx dnt leave..I want both of u 2gether!

Ne:no vicky!u just want naina nd nt me!congrats 4 gettng what u wanted!dnt wrry she ll b happy wid u!

Nd she shoved off vicky nd left..

Vick came bck heart broken home wen he saw naina standng at the door 4 him!

Na:hello papa!!

Nd she ran 2wards him huggng his legs..vick bent dwn and took her in his lap..he ws teary..

V:what??what did u say?plx say it again!

Na:papa..u r my dear papa..

V:I love u my daughter

Na:I love u 2 papa..

Nd he took her inside..tat night they played a lot 2gethr nd had lots of fun!then naina slept..vick put a blanket over her n also him nd ws in deep thots where wud neha b?


KriYaansh confessions...

Chap 51-pg 80

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dancersqueen IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 November 2011
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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
awesome update...kriya and vicky divorced... ab rey aur kriya ka patchup hoga????waiting 4 next part...
HPHolic-3 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 May 2011
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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
Finally vicky knows that naina is his daughter..:)
Waiting for next part
sadafarsha IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 July 2012
Posts: 6518

Posted: 25 January 2013 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Awsum update just luved it really hats off to yew
moon_cupcake IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 November 2011
Posts: 11718

Posted: 25 January 2013 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
loved it
count my like luke tab nt workn...
J-chan Goldie

Joined: 26 June 2012
Posts: 1444

Posted: 25 January 2013 at 11:54pm | IP Logged
Awesome updte . .but i wan't kriayansh part too . .update asap . . .
pallavi.14 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 June 2012
Posts: 5646

Posted: 26 January 2013 at 2:54am | IP Logged
really amazing update...
you have maintained balance between kriyaansh story and viha story really well...
just wish neha will come back to vicky asap..and kriyaansh prob get settled soon too..

loved it...
naina's bond with vicky..ansh being a catalyst for kriya and rey...
everything was fab...

update soon...
sweetydiyafrien IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 October 2012
Posts: 6836

Posted: 26 January 2013 at 3:41am | IP Logged
in the end where did neha disappear... will vicky be able to find neha ...
where did kriya go and after filing divorse to vicky and that to with ansh...
continue soon wait early...

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