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dil se rey ~THREAD 4~chap 52-pg 93 last(pm soon) (Page 45)

Artistic_Stroke IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 3:10am | IP Logged
Ladko Ka Kya Hai Kissi Bhi Mor Pe Woh Mur Jaayein
Abhi Kissi Ke Hai Abhi Kissi Aur Se Woh Jud Jaayein

Artistic_Stroke IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 3:11am | IP Logged
Ek Haan Kehne Ko Kitna Dehlati Hai
Thak Jaate Hai Hum Woh Jee Behlati Hai
glmorous_diva IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged
hot and romantic update...
rey kissed kriya on forhead ...,not lips Wink
swyam and sharon ki kiss...omg..Shocked
shivam is so cheap...woh kabhi nahi sudergaAngry

Cute-over-Hot IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Smile nice update. loved the kriyaansh part.rey is too naughty...plzzz update the next part soon Smile Smile
tinatartari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 4:50am | IP Logged
                                            CHAPTER 48
sorry frnds 4 this unnecessary delay!!finally em done wid the update..hope u like it..the ending update on the end of the year!!
Merry Christmas n a very very Happy New Year!!love ya all!!!
the trip..rey tries 2 come near kriya..they r interrupted at the midst of a very intimate scene by a knock on the door

they both were in a total mess!it ws an awkward situation 4 both ov them..half covered,hair in total mess,bad sheets messed n they so close..rey tried 2 handle the situatn by askng kriya 2 go 2 washroom n he himself went 2 open the door..
2 his relief,it ws a waiter who came 2 ask abt lunch 4m him..he rushed bck 2 his room aftr tellng him the order..
all came down the hotel 4 breakfast 2gethr..aftr tat they went on 2 explore 4 more spots thr..they went 2 all the beaches n did scuba diving..neha slipped n had an ankle sprain..vicky treated her..he also carried her 2 her room while the grls watched her in awe..thou her brother ws also ther bt still he nursed n cared 4 her..swayam ws happy 4 his sister gettng her love as he got his!!they were gvng them their place n tym 2 b alone n explore each other..neha n vicky were gettng 2 know each other better but none ov them were aware of the catastrophe tht ws heading 4 them..they were loving the scene n the cool breezes by the sea n adventure sports thr wen thr ws an announcement that a tsumani might b hitting the coast soon n they were asked 2 evict the place as soon as possible..this ws a shock 4 them..the roads were clogged n jammed n they had 2 leave all ov them packed up their bags n rushed bck home bt traffic ws jammed..
they made their way out in theri seperate cars as they had started bt on the way vicky's car crashed n they had no way other than 2 hitch hike..vicky ws wid neha all the tym n once some guys gave them lift..they were nt gud ppl n took them to a deserted place.neha got scared as she ws the only grl thr..she tried 2 hide behind vicky..
the guys saw that..they laughed sarcastically..then they headed 2wards them..
guy1:hey u thr!!leave her!!
guy 2:dnt worry boy we cn take gud care of her..
guy 3:boy u hav no other option..
v:no!i wont hand her over 2 u!!leave us alone
guy 1:hey u!we r in majority n u r just 1!if u r her brother leave her n go or if any1 else come n enjoy wid us..
neha held vicky tight 4m his shirt..
ne:vick plx dnt leave me..plx help me vick..
vicky ws perplexed what 2 do?he ws a medical stdnt n he never ever tried body building or fighting thngs..he cud never get even 1 guy n here they were in he cudnt even leave neha alone thr..aftr much thnkng he moved ahead..neha saw him hopefully tat he s gonna fight 4 her..
WARNING:18 plus content on ur own risk..readers discretion adviced..4 under 18 users specify in cmnts n u ll get a summary!!this goes 4 all my previous n future 18 plus updates!!
v:ok i accept ur deal..we ll enjoy 2gethr
this shocked neha 2 the core.she had never ever imagined vicky cud do that!!but aftrall he ws a guy n he saw he cud enjoy so he gave in 2 the guys!!so that his love ws false??no no he must b playing sme trick 2 save her..her mind ws numb n she ws unable 2 thnk properly..vicky got hold of her hand n started dragging her badly ..
v:u all r invited bt i ll be tasting 1st because she is my right 1st..n he laughed wich the boys said..
guy 1:ok dude!u took her 2 here so u deserve her 1st bt dnt 4get we ll all be taking turns..
v:all ryt bt she is mine 4 this night..then i ll leave her 4 u n u cn relish her as much as u can..
saying that he again got hold of her hand n started dragging her..she resisted bt being a man his force ws definitely much more than hers...nw she ws using her hands 2 shove him off 2 get away 4m ws gettng the more n more difficult 4 vicky 2 hold on anymore 2 her..she ws also shouting..
n:leave me!!leave me vicky!!somebody

Vicky ws constantly dragging her wid him..she ws shouting n crying 4 help n trying 2 shove him off by her hands so that his grip ws loosening over hers..the boys shouted
Guy 1:hey man!whr r u taking her?go this way
N he showed him the way of a room thr..
V:thnks man!!
N he started 2 take neha thr..neha ws sharp enuff nw as she had gathered enuff courage 2 push him away..vicky didn't accept defeat..the boys came 4ward 2 help him bt Vicky stopped them wid his hand..
V:no boys!no need!!i wanna tackle her myself 2day..dnt wrry I knw hw 2!!
Neha by then had covered a lil distance running bt Vicky got hold ov her waist 4m her back in his 1 hand n caught her both hands tight in his other hand..nw neha ws moving her legs furiously in an attempt 2 get him he ws she cried n shouted badly!!wich made the guys laugh wickedly..
Guys:she seems like a tigress!!oh man!!ouch!!
All her efforts were gng in vein..she knew she ws in the hold of a man she loved n she cud hav given in easily 2 him even if he himself asked her 2 bt the idea n thot of him leaving her n sharing her afterwards wid those b******s ws totally unacceptable n wretching 4 her..she cud never thnk Vicky cud stoop so low 2 get her..but the more she resisted,the more Vicky ws firm n the more those men enjoyed her plight..finally they were in front of a room..vick opened the door wid his feet n took her in..he nw put her feet on the ground n went 2 close the door..

It ws enuff tym 4 neha 2 gain all her full strength..she kicked him hard on his *****.vicky winced in pain..neha punched him on his face,stomach n every place she cud thnk of..vicky ws constantly pleading her 2 stop bt she ws nt listening..vicky tried 2 calm her dwn bt she kept on punching Vicky had 2 pin her down on the bed as she ws out ov his control otherwise..
She ws punching him constantly when he wid full force pushed her on the bed n laid on top of her n caught her both legs in between his n held her both hands in his both hands 2 stop her 4m moving..she ws shouting nw..vick took her scarf 2 tie her hands 2gethr n then put his hand on her mouth 2 stop her 4m shouting n then spoke
V:neha!will u plx stop shouting n listen 2 me??hw cn u even thnk tat I can rape u?hw did u even thnk I can touch u widout ur consent??i love u neha n I mean it!i ll do everything that I cn 2 protect u!i am nd I ll protect u 4m every1 always..what I did n said at that tym I felt it right cx I ws left wid no other option.i am a medical student n I hav learnt nothng ov this sort other than studyng n wid studies alone I cant beat a bunch ov 10 men n I dnt hav any arms n I dnt even knw hw 2 use them?so the only option I had ws 2 pretend I ws wid them so u cud b spared 4 smetyme n we both cn thnk a way out 2gethr..i am really sorry it ws my plan ov hitchhiking tat landed us both into this trouble!n I wont blame u ov thnkng me wrong bt plx stop it nw n lets plan out smthng 2 flee!!
Aftr hearing this neha stopped resisting n vicky cud feel his legs were at peace..vicky also rested his legs a bit..still he ws on top of her..thr ws an intense eyelock n then he realized their position n tenderly n slowly moved away widout breaking the eyelock..he stood up n bend a little 2 untie her hands 4m her scarf..
N:I am sorry Vicky 4 MUing u!i m such a stupid person 2 mistake my savior 2 b a brutal beast!
V:no neha!tats completely ok!i understand..had I been at ur place I d hav thot the same!anyways nw gather up ur energy,we hav 2 run away 4m here!!
N:bt hw Vicky?we don't know whr hav they taken us n whr we hav 2 go??
Vicky smiled,took out his cell 4m his pocket n pointed 2wards it:this will help us sweetheart!!GOOGLE EARTH!!this ll guide us whr exactly we r n hw 2 go out n whr??
N:vicky u r a genious!!
Vicky touched his invisible collar in pride:I knw I am n smiled..nw lets wait 4 them 2 sleep n then we go!
They were saying all this in whispers n the boys when heard no sounds thought Vicky must hav captured neha by nw so they laughed at each other n had their drinks(bad boys drink wine at night before gng 2 bed n sleep drunk.if tats nt so,just assume it as this is an ff)n went 2 their beds..
When they heard no noises,they knew they must hav slept:they came out of the room..vicky turned his cell on n saw the maps..they gotta knw tht they r in a place close 2 the forest n the nearest place they cn get 2 before morning ll b the forest!!so they headed 2wards the forest guided by the map!!by the morning they were in the forest..nw they dcded 2 take  nap as they were 2 tired of the effort n the endless journey!!
They slept in each other's arms so beautifully n peacefully like in heaven..vicky put his coat on top ov her..
early sunrays were troubling neha n she woke up 2 c herself wrapped safely in vicky's arms..she smiled n then kept on watching him carefully in sleep.he ws looking like an angel..she ws interrupted by voices..probably they were being chased..vicky woke up..
v:be quick neha!we hav 2 leave nw..
n:ok!lets go..
n they started 2 go taking help 4m google earth..its been a while n the goons were no more behind..neha ws 2 tired..
she sat down..
n:vick!i cant walk nw..
v:bt we ve 2 leave 4m here sweety..its already aftrnoon n evening ll set in then hw ll we go?
N:i am so hungry n thirsty..i cant feet r aching nw
v:ok lemme c if thr z smthng 2 eat here..u keep sitting on this rock.ok?
n then vicky set out in the forest 2 find sme edible n water 4 neha..he came bck aftr smtyme wid fresh wild fruits n water in his bottle tat they had in their bckpacks..both feasted 2gethr on them n moved on..on the way a big thorn got struck in neha's sole n she winced in pain.she cudnt move ahead n sat dwn on the floor.vicky sat dwn n took her foot in his lap n tried 2 pick out the thorn..neha closed her eyes in pain n clutched his shirt tight..vicky looked at her..she ws looking so cute as an angel..then wen he ws abt 2 pick out the thorn,sh held his hands tight..vicky took out the thorn finally n neha hugged him tight crying..she cudnt c the blood oozing out of her sole..he tight his handkerchief on the wound n patted her bck in a reassurring way..
then he held her in his arms n moved 4ward as she cudnt ws evening nw n they cudnt travel they stayed thr in the forest on a treehouse built by sme armymen..snowfalling started n they were so cold..they had no blanket or thngs 2 cover themselves xcpt their clothes..they hadnt eaten anythng 4 2 days xcpt sme fruits..vicky thrived bt neha ws shivering save her he gav her his jacket bt still it did nothng gud 4 her..nw her temperature ws gettng dwn n she ws in a semi drowsy state..vicky panicked..he ws in a fix what 2 do as he dint hav anythng even 2 light a fire..the tree ws nw covered wid snow n neha ws shivering badly..suddenly he hit upon an idea..he came closer 2 neha n took her in his arms..he took her in his hold..she hugged him tight bt her shivering dint stop..
n:vick!em so cold..i dnt thnk i ll make up till 2moro..
v:no kaagu!i wont let u die like that..i am left wid just 1 option am afraid..
n:u afraid ov what??b quick..em losing concious nw..
V:i am afraid u ll thnk me wrong if i tell u bt thats the only option we r left wid!!
n:plx say..
v:if sm1 z losing heat so quickly,they cn die n 1 has 2 give their body heat 2 them in order 2 save them n since am also gettng cold its the only way left..we r totally drenched already n hav nothng 2 cover ourselves xcpt these extra pair of clothes we hav..n my jacket wich isnt enuff bt if u sleep wid me then our body heats ll b locked n we both cn make it till 2moro..plx dnt take me wrong bt thats the only way out..
n:nw i cant bear the ready..
v:2 sleep wid me?
n:yeah(she said hesitantly)
v:so u hav 2 undress urself n we ll use this dress as a blanket..
vicky looked away n she undressed herself n so did vicky..
that night they slept 2gethr n became 1 n that ws the making of naina(sorry i dnt knw hw 2 say that so i wrote it as i thot Embarrassed poor me!!apologies)
a tear dropped down 4m neha's eyes..she gently passed her fingers in naina's hair..she ws naina vickrant singhaniya,daughter of dr vikrant singhaniya,the only man she loved n who touched she cannot tell this 2 any1 as this wud complicate their lives furthur..her love chose his frndship over his love(n she ws unaware of the real truth abt ansh singhaniya)...she ws worried nw she has forgiven vicky,what ll he do?he ws so stubborn n naina ws as stubborn as her dad..what if she asks the same question that vicky asked?if she told her the truth n naina goes 2 vicky or he snatches her,she wud b forever alone..what if swayam n sharon told him?hw wud he react??nw that she knew vicky never moved on,it must b because vicky always loved her bt if this truth comes up,what ll happen of ViRiya's marriage?n what abt ansh??
she had so many questions in mind whose answers only time cud tell n she ws fearing that tym as it wud b disaster tym 4 all ov them n their families!!
v:what?naina is my daughter??
k:i knw i m nt rey's wife nw..he abandoned me n i ruined vicky's life..y universe jee y??

ok frnds!!all i can write 4 nw is this!!so sorry 4 delaying my update so much!!bt i am writing on a very sensitive topic u knw n i hav 2 consider lots of thngs before writing so i want 2 b a bit more careful!!this update wud b longer than u r expectng cx u hav already waited a lot..!hope u liked it till nw!!any cmnts,criticism or suggestion will b highly appreciated

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yipieeeme first one to comment
awesome update di
becahra vicky faltu ka itna maar khaya 
so naina is vicky's daughter
update soonSmile

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di meko pm bhi nhi kiya na..!!..:(
dancersqueen IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged
update please...pls...

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