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dil se rey ~THREAD 4~chap 52-pg 93 last(pm soon) (Page 22)

tinatartari IF-Rockerz

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                                                   CHAPTER 46(updated n edited)

Dedicated 2 the wrld's bestest ppl n frnds i ve ever met..all my readers n ma frnds!!grls u ve made my wrld special n i mean it really!!wenevr em nt ol,i keep thnkng abt u ppl n my ff.this has become a part ov my lyf.thou lyf is nt gng so gud bt cx ov u ppl i get at least sme gud tym.thnks a lot 2 u all 4 being here,reading n appreciatng ma wrk n gvng me a rzn 2 live!!love u all!!may u get all u dream of!!

Kriya collapsed aftr hearing the shocking news still nt getting the truth..vicky ran 2 catch her on time
V:kriya,open ur eyes!kriya what happened 2 u??(patting her face gently)neha r u mad?dont u knw she lost her memory?
He took her 2 her room.every1 went wid them.neha ws abt 2 dash out bt naina didn't let her.
Na:mom!what ws tat?wat were u telling kriya aunty n wot happened 2 her?please see
Unwontedly neha had 2 go 2 c kriya 4 the sake of naina.soon kriya gained consciousness..
K:what ws neha just saying??
V:kriya u plx relax..
K:vick I need 2 knw..hw did u 2 broke up?n who is naina'S FATHER? N she got up 4m her bed..
V:ok ok u keep lying down,I ll tell u everythng
Kriya lied bck on the bed..n waited 4 vicky 2 speak up!!
V:I am really sorry 2 tell u kriya that since rey came bck 4m the mission,many thngs changed.5 yrs passed.u never married rey,u n karan got married n karan got shot in a mission wid rey.he died cx ov tat.u cudnt accept that n went 2 shock n lost ur memory.i had 2 marry u thou we never made n neha broke up n nw this n abt naina's dad,I really don't knw.we lost contact n I saw her 4 the 1st tym aftr all those years.(Vicky purposely omitted some very important details 2 avoid information overflow and nt 2 humiliate rey)
K:what?hw come that much happened n I dint get a hint ov anything?i still don't remember anything..
V:that's y we dint want 2 tell u anything
K:vick,neha am really v v happened just because of me..i ws the biggest supporter ov ur relationship n I became the reason 4 ur breakup..i ruined everything..n she started crying
Naina went 2 kriya n wiped her tears wid her sweet little hands..Neha 4 the very 1st tym spoke up..
Ne:kriya!i always misunderstood u.i never knew what u went thru..i always thot ov myself..i am sorry..plx 4give me 4 misunderstanding u..
K:neha!no!u r tryng 2 b generous enuff 2 4give me bt em nt!i ruined ur life..em so sorry..
Ne:if my wrds matter then I really 4gave u..u r my best frnd n ws always!nw I hav 2 leave(neha turned around taking naina's hand in hers tryng her best 2 hide her tears)
V:wait neha!i hav a question!
N(widout turning) ok ask
V:did u 4giv me also??
Neha wiped her tears n turned bck
n:mr vickrant singhaniya I said I 4gave my best frnd cx it wsnt her fault at all.i dint 4giv u..u hid all the situation 4m me n left me out..i felt deceived..i hate u n I ll never ever 4giv u 4 this..i suffered for 5 yrs just because of u
v:bt I never wanted 2 hurt u!
n:so u killed me 4m within thnkng I ve been deceived
v:neha plx I am really v sorry
n:no Vicky!i wont 4giv u
Vicky bent down on his knees n held neha's feet with his hands
V:neha plx 4giv me cx I wont b able 2 live wid this guilt anymore(n he started crying)
Seeing vicky in such a state made neha's heart melt
N:Vicky!get up.i 4gav u
V:r u sure?
N:yeah.nw I gotta go
V:thnks a lot.gud day
N:gud day
N she went off.before letting her go,Vicky bent down n kissed naina.
V:btw ur daughter is so sweet
N:thnks (avoiding eye contact)
V:btw who z her father?
N:I am in hurry.hav 2 leave nw
N she left.vick kept thnkng abt neha.hw cud neha move on so soon?it doesn't seem tat she did cx ov the way she ws feelng bad at kriya 1st n then nt 4givng him n then 4givng aftr he begged her..he ws in a fix.does he hav any right 2 ask her aftr those yrs??
sHe ws lying on her bed turning the lamp on n off.she ws remembering the night they spent 2gthr.the beach party wen all the frnds:kriya,rey,Vicky,neha,swayam,Sharon,bharat,amar,rinni,simi went 2 c ws a v beautiful day 4 them.they remained on the beach playing all ws so much fun.1st the grls were nt agreeing bt all the boys took off their shirts n jumped in the waters.then they started playing throw ball..the grls at 1st resisted bt then joined them 4 a match..bharat,simi,amar,rey,kriya were on 1 side whereas swayam,Sharon,Vicky,neha,rini were on the other n they played..soon the fun game turned into a passionate 1 n thr ws water throwing n intentional touching by boys started..the grls were apparently resisting bt actually they were also enjoying that..(tina in naughty mode)
The touchng n pushing sessions were gng on wen a water wave caught kriya.rey swam 2 her 2 save her n finally saved her.he pulled her wid him 2 the shore n made her lie on the sand.evry1 ws worried by then n then rey tried 2 resusitate her by forcing air out of her wont worked so he had 2 give her a outh to mouth aftr wich kriya gained consciousness,,every1 made faces in awe n were relieved 2 c kriya bck 2 normal(by then rey ws mere eagle 4 kriya n he also dint knw abt her)
Rey took her 2 his room lifting her in his arms,evry1 xcpt viha followed..neha dint go so vick stopped by her side widout being noticed by any1!
V:neha!wots wrong?y dint u go wid the others?
n:vick!i lost my lucky necklace while playing in the sea
V:cmon neha!u wont find it nw if u lost it in the sea.dont wrry I ll buy u a new 1(they had recently confessed then)
N:Vicky!like I already said it ws my lucky necklace.i cant take a new 1 in its ws my lucky charm n I loved it so much
V:oh!then lemme help u find it
N:lets go
N they spent almost half an hour looking up 4 the necklace..
V:neha!u stay outside nw.i ll go n try more deeper
N:bt b careful Vicky
V:don't worry dear
N he went far n deeper 2 c her ws 2 mins since vick has gone he dint turn up..this made neha worried..
N:Vicky!vicky!!whr r u??plx come bck!i dnt need the necklace bt u plx come bck
Bt Vicky dint turn up.this made neha the more n more worried so she herself put her feet into the sea n thr she saw Vicky coming out 4m the other side.she ran 2 hug him passionately..the hug became more n more passionate wid neha cryng..finally Vicky broke the hug 2 wipe away neha's tears.he then moved a strand ov her hair on her face 2 her earlobe wid his finger n caressed her cheeks gently
V:relax neha!em here n c what I got 4 u
N he showed her the necklace that he found..neha ws elated 2 c it n hugged him again
N:oh Vicky!!u r so sweet..i love u so much
N pecked his cheek..
V:relax neha!its ok.nw move ur strands away 4m ur neck so that I can tie it again in ur neck.she did as directed n Vicky put the necklace bck in her neck..seeing her bare neck,Vicky cudnt resist bt place a wet kiss on her neck..neha felt the heat of his sensation in her whole body..she turned n hugged him..vicky moved a bit away such that their lips were mere inches apart n both cudnt hold it anymore n they lip ws eternity 4 both..their relationship entered a new level nw wid their 1st kiss..their lips met n so do salivas,they tasted each other(sorry if it seems yuck 2 u guys) Vicky had never been so intimate wid a grl n so do neha wid any it ws a new feel 4 both ov them n they loved it..
Kriya remembered tat wen she came bck 2 take her clip bck that dropped on the beach,she witnessed tat scene n it ws so pure,so gentle n so beautiful..she felt so happy 2 c her best frnds uniting 2gethr..until then their relationship ws a secret 2 all bt 2day kriya came 2 knw the rzn behind neha's secret smiling sessions 4 long watching the wall..her frnd has suffered 4m the same disease as her..she ws really happy 4 both ov them..she decided on a plan 2 unite them..
In the evening
All of them gathered by the fire 2 play dare truth..
1st rey took over the bottle n spun it round n it stopped on swayam.sharon ws sitting beside him..she said
sh:ok swayam!so truth or dare??well em sure capt swayam ll choose a dare cx army ppl dont wanna say the truth
sw:well i'd go 4 truth in tat case then
sh:ok then.tell me hw many affairs did u hav till date??
sw(thnkng)well honestly i never got involved physically wid any grl uptil nw(swaron havnt been physical then) bt the usual love love n frndship i had wid many grls!dunt remember the exact no nw
sh:hmmm...(n she smiled inwardly)
sw:ok nw its my turn n he spun the bottle
n the bottle stopped on vicky this tym..the other corner ov the bottle ws 2wards kriya so she used it as her tool 4 bringng them closer
k:ok my dear bestie!dare or truth?
k:dr vikrant singhaniya!em sure u'd go 4 a truth as u r a coward
v:well ov course nt.i'd go 4 a dare
k:great!so get up n propose the grl u love ryt nw
v:what??what r u sayng princess??u knw i dnt!!
k:dnt waste our tym.b quick..
v:ok ok
n he took his guitar n started singng
widout u baby,my wrld is nothng
u make me what i am nw,evrythng
u complete my being
i love u,i love u u r my dream(sorry frnds abt this pathetic poetry.i never evr did poetry so its ma 1st try,4give me if its 2 bad)
then at the end he bent down upon his knees in front of neha n said
v:i love u neha!i ll keep loving u till the end ov my life,till the end of my being..wen i ll stop loving u,then u shud knw i am no more in this wrld
wid tat neha put her finger on his lips
n:dnt ever say this again
n they hugged..evry1 clapped bt they were so oblivious ov their surroundings.then they parted aftr some tym realizing the wrld around.kriya felt the happiest as she got her bff's closer..
the bottle ws spun again n this tym the bottle pointed 2wards rey n the commanding side ws vicky..he ws happy kriya mde him say what he'd hav never done so he thot ov rewarding his best frnd..
v:dare or truth flt lt??
r:well flt lt's always dare
v:alright then.kiss the grl u love
kriya freaked out!
k:what?this game is gettng bad.kiss is a private shudnt b so public
v:we r nt public princess!n i asked him 2 kiss his love nt u b quiet.plx proceed mr eagle
n he got up leaving kriya wid butterlies in her stomach.the more he ws proceeding 2wards her,the more she ws gettng an adrenalline rush

kriyaansh kiss..
viha's great night

ok frnds!tats all 4 nw.i hope u'd b really happy 2 get sucha long update.this is the blast 4m past right nw n tats needed 4 the furthur progress of the story..ll b narrating more abt the happenings in brief abt the leap yrs tat i left n u ll get 2 knw much more as the story ll reveal furthur..hope u like it
any cmnts,suggestns n criticism warmly welcomed n any1 interested in becoming co-writer ll also b entertained!!!i need gud amount ov romantic poems n creatve stuff!!hope u ll contribute
love u all!!hav a great lyfStar

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Res..unres..awesum update

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res unres..
amazing update kria as love guru...
awsmm update soon.

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awsm update...
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awesome update res...
spicyrays Goldie

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its okie dear... we can wait for uar update till i becum old stuborn women...Shocked

hehehe just kidding... LOL
Coolsumtym v loose our  paitence Ermm
bt at dat tym also try to undrstnd... uar prblm...
so no need to worry... okie just chilax...Cool nd keep smiling... Wink
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superb update 
i loved it
update soon

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