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FF-possessive RK, possession Madhu: part13 page 51 (Page 28)

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
Awsome update. Just loved it.
Waiting for the filmy marriage of RK and madhu and madhu's reaction when she will get to know ki shooting ke naam pe RK ne usse asli shadi ka scene kara liya Wink
Waiting eagerly for the next part.Do continue soon and pls dont forget to pm me. LOL

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hey dear just love u ff
i have send u buddy request.
accept it na d plzzz send me pm whenever u update.
love it

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nice update

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 10:14pm | IP Logged
I am loving the buildup.  You have great ideas.  Pls continue and i hope u did well in your exams.

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Monami_50 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
Eagerly waiting 4 next part

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 7:29am | IP Logged
thnx guys keep your comments coming :)

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Thanks to all those who commented, and liked my work...silent members start pressing some keys for comments :D


It was morning.  RK hadn't slept all night, and he left early for the shoot.  Madhu got up around 8:00am as the shoot was at 9:00am as usual.  She got ready, had her breakfast and left with the other crew members.  

She had few solo scenes in the morning in the different area, and RK had  few scenes after which he left from there.  After lunch, there was suppose to be a romantic sequence between RK and Madhu but, Madhu hadn't received any script yet.  

It was past lunch hour, and Madhu was not informed about the scene so, she decided to call up the director to complaint.  She told the director that she has not received the script for the next scene, and neither does she know what is taking place, or where??  

Director apologized for the delay, and stated that there has been slight changes in schedule, and due to that, they will have to do a different sequence today altogether.  He informed her that, we will be filming a concluding scene for the film today, and other sequences will be shot after that elsewhere. He told her that she should report to studio # 15, and go to the green room to get ready into her costumes.  The scene will take place in half an hour.

They cut the call, and madhu left for the studio.

Upon arrival, madhu reported to the green room, where her make up artist and her designer, brought her the new costumes, and told her to dress so, that they can do the make up and get her ready for the scene.

Madhu was surprised to see the dress but, she got ready regardless in that dress, and was happy that she didn't have to do a full on romantic scene anymore with RK.   Soon after she was dressed, her make up artist came and gave her best jewellery, and best make up that any girl could ever dream of having.  She was ready now, and the spot came running, informing her, that the director was calling her for the shoot, they were ready.  

Madhu arrived at the scene.  All the cameras were set up, the pandit was there, the mandap, the beautiful flowers everywhere.  The set was decorated was looking exactly like a wedding venue.  Madhu was mesmerized by it all.

madhu's outfit looked something like this (Indian-wedding-dresses.jpg) (follow this link to see what the venue looked like)

As soon as she stepped in the director said action.  

From where she was standing, Madhu was walking slowly toward the alter, looking down like a shy indian bride.  At the alter, RK was standing starring passionately at the beauty in front of him.  RK was dressed in a beautiful shervani, wearing a paghdi on his head, looking handsome as ever.  He was looking so handsome that many girls would die at the sight of him.  But, RK was just lost in angelic beauty which was approaching him at the alter.

RK's outfit (6015_01.jpg) Madhu was feeling nervous because of his constant gaze but, assuring herself that he is acting, and that he will not do anything foolish in front of the crowd.  She was slowly approaching, the pandit was chanting the mantras, and putting ghee, and other things in the fire.  RK was impatiently looking at Madhubala as if there were no people around, he would just make her his right there and than.  

Madhubala approached the alter, the girl help gave her the garland to her and RK.  Pandit was chanting the mantra, RK was just starring madhu down, and madhu was avoiding his gaze as much as she could to have this scene done without any problems.  

Madhu approached to where RK was in the mandap, and he bowed down for her to put the garland around his neck.  First she starred at him, and than put the garland around him.  Than RK put garland around Madhu's neck starring constantly at her face with a smile that was not willing to leave his face.  Madhu was feeling a bit odd but, she ignored it for the sake of the movie scene.  

Both of them set down near the fire, and actresses's (madhu's) kanyadaan was done by the director as he was her father's age.   They went around the fire, and started taking there pheres.  A beautiful song was playing in the background, dulhe ka sehra suhaan lagta hai, dulhan ka toh dil deewana lagta hai, pal bhar main kaise badalte hai rishte, har apna humko begaana lagta hai.  dulhe ka sehra suhaana lagta hai, dulhan ka toh dil deewana lagta hai ( )

The rounds were completed, and the hero (RK) put mangalsutra around heroine (madhu's) neck.  Surprisingly, both of their names in the movie itself were same as their original names as director thought it would be a new concept to have.  Than RK put sindoor on madhu, and both of them did namashkar to the fire.  Madhu thought the scene would be over by now, but, a lawyer came to get her and RK's signature on the marriage documents (ie. to legalize the marriage).  Madhu was shocked and looked at the director, and he nodded which reassured madhu that this was part of the scene only.   Both madhu and RK signed the documents, and lawyer left from there.  Everyone started throwing flowers at them, and madhu in her head is thinking, why is director sir not saying cut yet???

Madhu and RK got up, and walked down the alter, and everyone started congratulating them.  Congratulations RK sir, congratulations Madhu mam.  Madhu was confused as to why they are congratulating them as the scene seems to be over, no one is by the camera.  

Soon the director came, and congratulated RK, and thanked him.  Thank you so much RK sir, madhu mam.  If it weren't for both of you to agree to have your real marriage on sets, I would never have captured this beautiful moment so beautifully so realistically for my movie...Madhu was shockkkeddd like helll...

Madhu: (covers her mouth with her palm in shock)  real marriage??? 
director looks at her, haan mam, kyon mazak kar rahi hain aap...aapki aur RK sirki real shadi...Madhu was just starring at RK, and RK just smirked at her...She had tears in her eyes...

Director went on to say, yes mam, sir informed us this morning that, him and you wanted to get married today itself.  And that you loved each other so much, and that you wanted the whole unit to be part of your real marriage.  So he asked if we could conduct the real marriage as part of the movie, and I thought it was a brilliant idea, as it would be something new which no one has done before.  It will be great for the movie.  Madhu couldn't believe RK could do this to her.  

Madhu faced RK, and said yeh sab kya hai RK???
RK: ek minute biwi...he looks around and says pack up to everyone, and winks at the director for them to be left alone.
Everyone leaves the sets.  

Now it was just Madhu and RK...
Madhu grabs him by the collar and asks: kya hai yeh sab, kyon kiya aisaaa???? real marriage, mujhse pooch tak nahin???
RK: biwi, kiwi calm down...
Madhu: kya calm down RK?? maine kitne sapne dekhe the mere future ko leke, meri marriage ko leke, yeh kya kar diya tumne???  kya kar diya??  she started beating him on his chest...he grabbed both of her hands and told her to shhh
RK: tumne hi poocha tha na kal, kya hak hai meraaa?? mein tumara kon lagta hoon, kon hota hoon mein tumse poochne wala???
Madhu starring at him in disbelief...
RK: so Mrs. Madhubala Rishab kundraa...mein aapka patti lagta hoon...aapka aur sirf aapkaaa ek lauta paati...I am your husband aur aap meri patni...the RK ki patni...
saying this he grabs her waist and presses her against him. and whispers

RK: aur meri patni se koi baat karein, meri patni ko koi chooye, meri patni ko koi dekhe toh mujhse bardaast nahin hogaa (he was so possessive, his eyes full of passion, junoon, a crazy obsession)

( in the background teri rooh pe tere jism pe bas haq hai ik mera, bas hak hai ik mera)))

Madhu pushes him away...
Madhu: mein is shadi ko nahin manti, nahin manti is shadi ko...sunna tumne??? koi haq nahin hai tumhara mujhpe kooch nahin ho tum one, koi nai ho tum mere...

and she runs out from the studio with RK looking at her and smirking...

RK: Madhu jitna bhagna hai bhaglo, ab tum meri lawfully wedded wife ho...tum meri ho, sirf meri...

After few hours, RK reached the hotel room. It was 6pm in the evening.  

RK tried to open the middle room but, the door was locked from the other side, and he had forgotten the key in madhu's room last time he went there.  He knocked on the door, but, there was no answer.  

He banged harder and harder on the door but, no answer.
Finally he decided to barge in, and to his surprise, the room was completely empty.  He looked here and there, he looked through the lobby, he asked the other crew members.  But all in vain, as no one knew where Madhubala had gone.

RK went to the reception, and asked the lady, if she had seen his wife madhubala malik go somewhere.  And the lady stated that, yes sir she has left back to mumbai.  

RK called bittuji, and left for mumbai via next flight.

RK arrives at mumbai.
RK POV: Madhu tum kitna bhi bhaag lo tum mujhse choop nahin sakti..tum sirf meri ho, sirf meri...ab is duniya ki koi takaat tumhe RK se dur nahin le ja sakti...

Precap: RK barges into Madhu's house...what next??? stay tuned for more...

more comments and likes are required people...10000 views and hardly 40 likes and few comments is not done...start giving input people :)  TC

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Very Nice Update.
Madhu is very much hurt after RK's action of getting married to her without telling her.
I don't think she went to her mother's house (because she knows that RK will come there).
To know where Madhu is we have to wait for next update.

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