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MG FF --Winter Moonlight,Leaving note,Sorry!/pg-31 (Page 23)

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Originally posted by tushti-kiran

oye hoye 7 yrs ki umar mein hi shaadi fix kar di Maan ne Ranveer ki behen ke sath...kya baat hai...

loved their cute talks...and MaanSingh Khurana abhi se hi itni akad---Geet ke bhai hai issliye poocha warna yeh na samjhe Ranveer ki uski ijazat li hai Maan ne...what an attitude...

awesome update...

thanx for pm...

thanks  alot dear...
attitude hai bhai... after all he is msk...

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neha5058 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by CiaMaaneet

Awsm updt...

Pehle toh laga ke badde hokar aisen baatein kyon kar rahein...???

Then came 2 knw both are kids... Lol..!!!

Oh I c toh Maan ko dost chahiyein... Umm...

Aur sirf ussi ki hogi woh, aur shaadi bhi ussi se karega...

Hon na hon yeh kudi toh hamari Geet hi hogi...

Can't w8 for nxt updt...

hehehe, , confuse ho gayi and then last me pata chala he is 7 yrs. old...
thanks deary...
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Originally posted by Gcs-girl

whoa!!!! Awesome start Neha...Loved it very much
awww Maan s just 7yrs...that to so cute n innocent
loved MSK n RH's frndship bonding.
Maan wanna marry only Ranvir's sis...n they both praying to babaji for ranveer
aww so cute
i actully imagin Ranveer(veera) @ maans place...he s so cutiepie
eagerly waiting for next update...continue super soon
thank u for pm

thanks a lot dear...
first i was also imagining maan as ranveer in veera...
i loved him... he is so cute...
neha5058 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tiakashyap

first part was amazing
n maanu n his cute talks n his wish to marry his frnds ' sis
thax god he decided o marry not to make his sisLOLLOLLOL
lvd it

thanks a lot dear...
lol, , mai mar na jau geet ko maan ki bahan banane se pehle...LOL
neha5058 IF-Rockerz

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hows new banner?

 Thanks a lot for the likes and comments, , but I was little disappoint with the no. of likes'. So less likes' I am not expecting around 160 or 180 likes' at least make it 150 pls'. it's a request'..



his thoughts drift away when the car was halted... he jerked at once when the driver put sudden breaks... he sighed knowing that once again he went in his memories and cherished those sweet- sweet yet innocent memories those are not the part of his life... everything has been changed, , he has been changed, his wife has been changed, his best friend has been changed and his family,, well there is only one person with whom he call his parents...


he took out a deep sigh and looked out of window... a small boy was carrying a small baby like  a kitten... a smile crept on his face, , he slid down the glass and call him,, , he came running towards him with a small baby, , he smiled and gave him 500 Rs. and bought all the roses from him... the boy thanked him so many times and went away leaving him alone, , he close the window and signaled to driver to move on...


this time also he is going to Gurudware, , his thought were wandering around those sweet memories when he went to gurudware for wishing ranveer's sister... today also he is going to gurudware for wishing ranveer's sister...

that time also, he wished for her life and today also he is wishing for her life... strange...

today he is standing at the same path where he was standing at the age of 7...


the car move on and he engrossed in his laptop though he knew that his mind is not with him... his mind roaming around her, how to save her, only babaji can do something... he is the man who believes in God, in his baba ji, who thinks that he can do anything but today he is very upset from him, , how can let that happen with his wife or should i say baba ji wants this to be happen... if there is baba ji's wish then no one can stop that to be happen...


he reached to Gurudware again, , he took out his shoes in the car itself and stepped out from the car... it is the place where he find calmness, , solace for his soul, it is the place where his mind thinks in a correct way, , it is the place where no one recognized him...


he tied his handkerchief around his head and stepped inside of Gurudwara... a sudden calmness spread in his heart, in his mind, in his soul, like he found what he desired, well that's his baba ji... the place where his every grief turned in to happiness...  he went inside and sit in front of baba ji's big portrait...  he went on his knees and touched his forehead on the floor while the person who was sitting with the portrait

(i don't know , who sits there, so i am addressing him as guru ji, if anyone who lives in punjab, knows then please do let me know, i'll edit it),,,,,

, the Guru ji giving him blessings and saying that baba ji will make everything fine, , don't worry... baba ji ki mehar hogi...


he stood up and sit with another peoples who were sitting there and finding peace... he stood up after some time and sit with those people who were singing songs... he took their permission and took the harmonium from them...they happily gave him... that's the good news if any visitor comes to them and sang anything for baba ji... then baba ji will surely their prayer... their Ardaas... aur iss baar bhi to usne Ardaas ki hai...



he starts playing harmonium and starts singing the main mantra of sikhs...

 ik onkar sat naam kartapurakh
nirbh-a-o nirvair akaal-murat
ajoonee saibhan
gur-prasad jap aad sach
hai bhi sach nanak hose sach
sochai soch na hovae
je sochi lakh waar
chhupe chhup na hovai
je lae raha liv-tar
bhukhiaa bhukh na utri

je bnaa puriaa bhar
sehas siaanpaa lakh hoh(i)
taa ik naa chalai naal
kiv sochiaaraa hoeai
kiv koorhai tutai paal
hukam rajaee chalna Nanak likheya naal

all were lost in his melodious voice, the pain, the sadness, grief was reflecting in his voice... every emotion was oozing out perfectly in his song... it was not like he is singing first time but whenever he sang in Gurudwara, , his voice changed and became the mirror of his heart, , every word of his song shows the pain of his life... every ups & downs of his life... his words became the mirror of his life...


that's why he sing less in Gurudwara but when he sings there, every one impressed with his songs and his voice, that is very sweet and melodious... like the gift of god... They say, every person is a gift of God, a wonderful, marvelous gift... and here he is the gift of god... and his wife also a gift of god... after all he asked his wife as a gift from baba ji, then how can't she be wonderful and marvelous gift...


they say i am a gift, you are  a gift, every person is a gift and he agreed totally with it... after completing his song, he stood up and went out... he wash his hands and helped the people in serving the food in Langar... it was different kind of feeling to serving people in Langar...


while serving, his thoughts again wandered around those days when he was serving in Langar and Ranveer pulled him away but he was angry from him for not coming at school and doing Ardaas alone but he came to know that he didn't do any Ardaas till now... how can he? after he was his best friend...


he come out from his thoughts when a person ask to him for sabzi( cooked veg), , he nodded and served him sabzi... he went ahead and served everyone... they say that if we help in Gurudwara then baba ji will bless us, , and specially serving peoples in Langar... it's the main & important work of his life which he do at every Sunday because Sunday is a holiday...


after finishing his work of serving, he wash his hands again and sat down for eating in langar...  sometimes he though that why the food of langar so tasty but then his heart replies that because they mix love, blessing, purity of  soul, mercy of baba ji in the food that's why the food became so tasty...

it is not necessary that the spices and the way of cooking food should be special or these things only can make food tasty, sometimes, love & care also makes the food so tasty...


while eating, his mind again drift away when he was about to go with Ranveer inside of Gurudwara then he stopped and told him...



"veer, first let me eat food..." told maan to ranveer...


"maan, daily you eat from here, tu bore nahi hota kya? pata hai teri beeji bahut tasty khana bana rahi hai ghar par,,, mai to wahi khaunga" exclaimed ranveer in happinees...


"nahi, mujhe to langar ka khana hi achha lagta hai, bahut tasty hota hai... pata hai kyo?" maan replied and asked a question, both  at a time...


"nahi, bata na" asked ranveer...


"because baba ji mix love, care, blessings in the food by himself... that's why food became so tasty aur itne saare logo ke sath khana me maza hi kuch aur hai.." maan beamed with happiness and pulled ranveer with him, , both sat down and asked for the plate...


the person who was serving, smiled at them and gave them plate... served them,, maan happily starts eating with his hand while ranveer also... after listening the definition of tasty food, ranveer also found the food so tasty...

both licked their fingers after finishing the food... it was really yummy... maan and ranveer stand up and thanks ed for the delicious food... the sardar ji who served them food, he caressed their head lovingly and blessed both kids, they were so innocent...


he came out for his thoughts when the person asked to him for more sabzi or chapati? he nodded in yes for 1 more chapati and relish the food, cherishing the food with his childhood memories... it was not kind of bitter sweet memories, it's only sweet memories but now-a-days, those sweet memories coming again in his life, , he is enjoying those incidents but in a different way...


that time he was innocent but he is mature enough... now he can understand what is right for him and what is wrong...  but may be his wife couldn't understand her right or wrong that's why she took this big step without thinking about anyone, if she don't want to think about anyone then at least she can think about her husband or her child who is not born till yet...


but no, why she will think for them, who are they for her?

he again wash his hand and went inside for Ardaas which he didn't do till yet... he sat again in front of baba ji's big portrait and went on his knees, touched his forehead with floor and closed his eyes...


"hey baba ji, , mehar karo, , uski raksha karo baba ji, , usey bacha lo, ek nayi zindagi do baba ji, , agar aapne meri ardaas sun li toh mai purey din bhukhe rehkar gurudware me logo ke sewa karunga... ann ka ek dana bhi mere muh me nahi jayega... par baba ji badle mein aapko usey theek karna hoga... " he tried to voice his feelings in the words which is very difficult for him...

"hey baba ji, , do mehar, , protect her baba ji, , please save her, give a new life to her, if you listen my Ardaas then I'll serve the people without eating anything whole day, , not even a morsel of food will go in my mouth, but baba ji, please you have to make her fit and fine'"


he is not good with words... after some time , he stood up, wipe his eyes with the handkerchief which were moistened a little remembering her state, , how she was lying lifeless in the hospital, , he was worried for her but at the same time he was very angry on her...


how can she take that drastic step? couldn't she scared for once? how? the question was roaming in his mind from yesterday when he found her lifeless in their room, , if he didn't reach at time then don't what will happen with her?


it was her destiny that she didn't get what she desired, , he gave her everything, he love her, he helped her, but what he get in return, though he knew that only he is her best friend and may be one day she will love him... though he didn't expect anything from her, ,


he never expected anything from her, , he knew that he was little possessive for her but that possessiveness irritated her, , for her well being, he gave up his possessiveness and cherished the relation he has with her... 



Maan Singh Khurana- 28 years old businessman, , business, he didn't like much... he found solace in singing... he is a playback singer also... he has his music company... he writes song, sings them,... and in today's date, his company counts in no. 1 companies...  MAANEET, his company's name... so different ... no one come to know the secret behind the name...

after all he never found any need to give explanation to anyone... he used to launch new albums time to time... his interests in singing but he has to take care of his father's business also... that's why he is M.D. of Khurana Construction... soft hearted, polite man... never gets angry on anyone... friendly nature in office... everyone liked him so much...




okay, , I know you all would be confused after reading this'. Here is the turn in the story in 2nd part only'.  The story wander around 7 yrs. old innocent Maan and 28 yrs. old mature Maan Singh Khurana'., , you'll get to know slowly-2 as the story will proceed further,,,,,

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  wow lovely update dear.. te way my maan going to gudurwar and eating food was so lovely praying for his geet.. now my maan became 28 man, maaneet albums were is his geet then..i love te update
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Its so touchy update loved it ...waiting for next part 
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nice s0 is geet is his wife

if yes than why did she d0 tat

wasnt she aware tat she was pregnant

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