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Maaneet FF- MILAN-TFD#5,Part80/pg130...5.feb (Page 77)

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osheen ,27 pgs over ab to de do Day Dreaming

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i really hope geet manages to enjoy the birthday party its been so long that she has even smiled properly
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waiting :)
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waiting for an update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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green lite on updatng kyaSmile?

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MILAN- The Final Destination
PART- 77

Nice avi's yaar...Star u made them???
Sorry I got late was held up with one thing or the otherSleepy A big thnx to those who commentedBig smile n even bigger thnx to those who did it twice or more heheEmbarrassed
Mommy aa gai. Jia dashed to Geet.
Oh... gorgeous. Rohan commented. How the hell did you managed to get her?
The expected glare didn't come Rohan's way because Maan had grown deaf. Just his eyes seemed to work but even they were only fixated on Geet. He practically forgot to blink. She was looking out of the world in the black sparkling saree. It accentuated her milky skin n luscious curves. Many a times in his college days he dreamt about her in saree but his imagination never reached this height of beauty.

Geet resisted the urge to run and check herself in mirror because everyone was staring. There was something wrong with her appearance for sure. She took Jia into her arms n walked towards Dadimaa consciously.
As she walked closer her eyes locked with Maan's briefly. She right away diverted her gaze intimidated by the intensity she encountered in those black orbs.
Aap bahut pyaari lag rai hai beta. Dadimaa said cupping her cheek with admiration in her eyes.
Thanks. Geet sighed inwardly. If there was something wrong Dadimaa would have told her, right?
She made Jia stand on her legs n saw the pendant still in her neck. It brought a feeling of instant elation inside her while she was confused as to why Maan hadn't removed it yet.
Busy in her thoughts she didn't notice Rohan practically jumping in front of her.
Oh my f**king god. He cursed but when Dadimaa raised a brow, smiled apologetically.
But Maan... Rohan started though when he turned to his cousin, he was still lost in his wife. Earth to Maan. He shook him hard n Maan snapping out of his dream world glared at him. I wanted to know how, I mean... got married to such a beautiful angel?
Humne shadi karwayi aur kya. Dadimaa said smugly n Annie giggled.
That's totally not fair Dadimaa. You got Maan married to her what about me? He joked. Maan your eyes would turn into ash if you didn't stop glaring at me like that.
Maan sneered at him n left from there with Jia in arms.
Let me introduce myself. Rohan said looking at Geet's confused face. I am Rohan, your cousin brother in law.
Oh! Dadimaa told me about you. Geet smiled as big as she could. I am Geet.
Nice name. Can I call you that only? It would be a pity I would have to call such a beautiful lady Bhabhi. He grinned flirtatiously.
Haan as you wish. She replied mildly feeling a bit uncomfortable by Rohan's flirting.
She knew it was just light-hearted n harmless but still she couldn't help herself being bothered by every little happening. Sometimes she hated herself for being like this because when every small thing leaves its effect on you, you tend to become depressed n miserable. But it was beyond her control to do something about it, she had become like this n there was no cure to it whatsoever.
Come Geet I will introduce you to all the guests. Dadimaa said n Geet nervously nodded her head.
What's up with her? Rohan asked Annie noticing Geet's weird behaviour.
Annie shrugged. She is like that only. She doesn't speak much n also don't go out.
Hmm. Rohan muttered.
Dadimaa introduced her daughter in law to everyone. It was the first big function she was publically attending as Bahu of Khurana's n all wanted to meet her.
For Geet, though, it was no less than a torturing session. She didn't like crowd n she didn't like meeting so many people. Her heart was beating fast n she felt scared, only wishing for the lonely solace of her room.
Maan wasn't able to keep his eyes off her n that was why he observed her every peculiar move. How every time Dadimaa introduced her to someone, she tried to smile politely. How her hand every now n then flew to her chest as if to get a grip on her heart n she unconsciously tugged at her pallu as if to cover something. How she almost looked scared n how she never looked into anybody eyes. What had actually gotten into her? She was not like this. Never. In fact there were only few things that made her uncomfortable.
Ahem-ahem... Rohan cleared his throat.
You are here again.
That's a very rude thing to say Maan. Rohan said n Maan scoffed. I am hurt. Anyways if you had enough of your wife can we please go n cut the cake. My princess is waiting. He said emphasizing on the word 'my'.
I swear if you once more called my Jia, your. I will break all your teeth so that you would never be able to give that irritating goofy grin of yours.
Rohan beamed at Maan's outburst. Just look at your face Maan. You would always remain a kid. He grinned again n ran away before Maan could say anything or punch him for that matter.
Jia merrily cut her favourite brownlate cake n instead of anyone else ate the first bite herself. Everyone laughed at her antique n despite the many problems n chaos in life, Maan felt content n happy because the person around whom his life revolved was happy.

So Jia how old are you now? Rohan asked making Jia stand on a table so that they were at eye level.
Four. Jia said n like always showed five fingers with a big grin.
Rohan raised a brow. No baby. You are showing one extra finger. It's one, two, three, four. He counted with each number raising a finger from index to pinkie.
Wahi toh I am saying. One, two, three and four. Jia did the same as Rohan but in the end with the pinkie finger raised her thumb also.
Ugh... Rohan was going to explain her again then decided against it. She was Maan's daughter so won't listen to anyone except herself.
Is the party over?
No princess it's not over. Tell me what you want to do?
Thance. Jia said wiggling her waist not knowing how cute she looked.
Rohan laughed n taking her in his arms moved to the centre. Lights went dim n soft music was playing in background. Rohan started his ball dance with Jia n she giggled. Seeing them few other kids joined n also some couples swaying to the beats in the cheerful surrounding.
Meanwhile, Maan eyes were looking for Geet. He didn't saw her after the cake cutting ceremony, she just disappeared after that n he was feeling restless, he shouldn't but he was.
He found her standing in a corner looking here n there while biting her lower lip. Her eyes came to rest on him n she stared into his eyes perplexed.
(Don't u guys dare proceed without playing this beautiful song)

Bhulaaon Kaise
Woh pal jo mere bin hai tu bitaa chuka
Lautao kaise
Jo aansoo meri yaad mein bahaa chuka

Her eyes lowered n her started fidgeting with her saari pallu. She wasn't the Geet he knew. Then he never knew her but before he thought it in a different way but now looking at her it seemed that she was always on the edge. You can't pretend all the time. He was sure that she was in some kind of problem but what. What happened to her that changed her to this extent?

Mar Main Jaoon
Fanah Ho Jaoon
Kahin Mai Ja Ke
Doob Jaoon

It hurt him to see that pain in her face, to see the hollowness that resided in her hazels permanently. Was he the reason of it?

Nazar Milaaoon
To yeh Chahoon
Ke Teri Aankho se
Pee jaoon ...
Yeh gam
Pee jao num
Pee Jaoon...
Yeh gam
Pee jaoon ...
Yeh Nummm

The feeling of regret entered n no barriers could stop it. But he didn't know anything. She left him for god sake. All those years of loneliness that he spent hating her, was it in vain. May be she wasn't at fault but if she was not the one responsible for everything then was it his mistake? He was responsible for their past, for all the suffering, for the entire ache even when he didn't knew anything.

Bujhaao kaise
yeh aag tere dil mein jo laga chuka
Sunaao kesy
Woh siskiyaan jo dil mein hoon daba chuka

May be she suffered as much as he did. Was it even possible because he knew what he went through all these years? He found betrayal on every step n if someone looked at his heart now they would know how wounded he was. It was not easy to live hating the one you loved the most. To live a life of contemplation, mulling all the time about that one thing that must have went wrong when everything was just too perfect. But apart from it all, what he was seeing now was also no delusion.

Mar Main Jaoon
Fanah Ho Jaoon
Kahin Mai Ja Ke
Doob Jaoon
He looked at her again n couldn't imagine his Geet, the one who was innocent, chirrupy n selfless going through the torment that he went through in the past six years.

Nazar Milaaoon
To yeh Chahoon
Ke Teri Aankho se
Pee jaoon ...
Yeh gam
Pee jaoon
Yeh num
Pee Jaoon...
Yeh gam
Pee jaoon ...
Yeh Nummm

It was impossible to not look at him. It was almost like he was pulling her gaze to his. She had to look at him n when she did; she found care n tenderness on his face. Was it genuine or she was again falling in some kind of trap. She didn't want to feel this way. The only way she knew to keep her heart safe was to not give it's possession to anyone. No one was worth the trust. But it was very late now. Sadly, she didn't knew this before n gave her heart to that one man years ago who was hell bent on making her each moment more wretched. Why was he doing this? Were the years of haunting solitude n agony not enough?
(Mitaaoon kaise
Hathon ki lakeero par hai jo likha
Bataoon kaise
Mujh ko hai to bas tera hi aasraa)

She wished what his face said was true n she was alive. But it wasn't so. Nor did he had any feelings for her because if he did he wouldn't have married someone else n neither she was alive n at moments like this she somewhere felt happy to be a breathing dead, it helped fight the pain better.

(Raat Kaali
Baat baqi
Ashk bheegay
Dil Sybaali
Mann mein Mere
Tu hi Tu hai
Aa ja Sathiyaan)

With tears in her eyes she turned her back to him. He didn't need to see how weak she was. But god! Why speaking never made any difference. She repeated that she was strong n nothing affected her, that he didn't affected her but no use. What was she to do? She didn't know how to get a hold of herself. How to prove that she was strong, to herself n to the world, to him? N the worst of all how to teach this idiot broken heart to not love him? How?

(Teri Khatir bandagi hai
Tu hi meri zindagi hai
Lamha tu ne jo diya hai
Wohi meri daastaan)

He felt a sting so strong that it was unbearable. She was again hiding from him. For how long this would continue, he needed the answer.

Pee jaoon ...
Yeh Nummm
Pee Jaoon...
Yeh gam

What other option did she have apart from hiding from him? She turned her head unable to stop n saw his back to her. That was more acceptable rather than those intense eyes speaking something she didn't understand or didn't want to understand.

(Pass aa
mere sanam
bhool jaaa
Saary gam)

If she didn't like his sight then he couldn't force himself on her. He remembered that night n today's morning also, how she cried in his presence. May be it was best if they stayed with this long distance between them.

Pee jaoon ...
Yeh gam
Pee jaoon ...
Yeh Nummm
Pee jaoon ..
Yeh gam
Pee jaoon ...
Yeh Nummm

She bit back her tears n decided to leave. It was time for dinner n she was sure no one would notice if she left carefully. Suddenly she was feeling really low n there was pain in her right leg starting from the back of her knee down to her ankle. It happened only when... No, it was not like there was any shortage of problems right now. Whishing that she was wrong in her assumptions, Geet slipped out from behind the curtains n went to the peace n safety of her room.


PRECAP- Geet sick againOuch

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Yippie Me 1st Dancing
Just Loved The Whole Update Tongue
Me wondering wat happen wid Geet in Past Confused
Who is at mistake G or M Ouch
Clear the confusion soon Smile
Update Soon Day Dreaming

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O boy...that was one AWWw update...
Loved it

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