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Maaneet FF- MILAN-TFD#5,Part80/pg130...5.feb (Page 47)

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waiting... some one is in green

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Originally posted by shrutheAjay

waiting... some one is in green
OooShocked how did u know?? yeah m updatingWink

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Originally posted by OsheenDGr8

Originally posted by shrutheAjay

waiting... some one is in green
OooShocked how did u know?? yeah m updatingWink

ofcourse coz u r showing in green... phew... and am waiting

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MILAN- The Final Destination
PART- 75

Yay!! Xams over, party timeParty n m back to regular updatesBig smile
Par war kuch nai. You are wearing this bas. Dadimaa ordered then turned to her grandson. Maan you both have to sit together in puja so get ready fast n come downstairs with Geet.

He nodded where as Geet's scared eyes were still fixed on the blouse now lying on the bed.

I am going to get ready. He said after Dadimaa left, getting no response he went into the bathroom.

Staring at it won't change anything, Geet realised. Cursing her ill fortune, she picked the things up n set off for her own room.

Maan waited in his room and wondered if he should go down alone but Dadimaa was Dadimaa, she would surely send him back again to bring Geet n with so many people around he won't be able to do anything. Last thing he wanted was to ruin her princess's birthday.

He stared at the watch n the time was running fast. Not able to hold more he knocked at her door.
Turning around she checked her back in the mirror, it looked worse than she imagined. She didn't like to wear this type of clothes anymore they made her feel extremely uncomfortable plus those marks on her back. Nervously observing them she lived the moment again n tears came to her eyes.

No Geet, you are strong. She told herself resolutely aware how hollow those words. The marks were not very evident though, small n almost faded; one would only notice them while seeing it closely.

She heard the knock on the door and started tying the knots. They were complicated, coming from all different direction; it was hard to tie the right threads together.

He knocked again. 1 minute. Came her meek, strained voice.

Geet you know we don't have whole day. He said frustrated.

She imagined the anger in his baritone; it was another problem, their inevitable encounter. Now or later he would confront her n ask her the reason why she went against his words? N she won't be able to say anything. May be that was the reason he was waiting for her so that she would go out n he would shed his anger.

He was losing it now. She said one minutes n it was past five. What the hell was she doing?

Maan pushed the door open n she instantly turned around, trying to hide what now was visible in the mirror instead. His eyes wandered on her milky back taking in the smooth planes. He wished to run his hand on it to check if it still was as soft as it used to be.

She was almost done with the punishing task when he barged in. Horridly she tied the last one n took the pallu around her back holding it from the other side of her shoulder in front in such a way that the whole back was now covered.

He wondered when she became so uneasy to exposing clothes. Earlier she used to only wear short skirts n now... he thought about the suits he daily saw her in. They were all conservative, mostly full sleeved even the necks were tailored not to reveal much. Was it just his over active brain or was something seriously wrong with her?

Sorry. She said gauging his expressions. Wo... hum chale? Moving ahead she immediately left the room. Relief washed over her when they came downstairs without any harsh words thrown her way.

It was a simple, small Ganesh puja so Jia would enjoy n not get bored. In the end pandit asked Geet n Maan to do the arti. She held the thaal in her hand n his hand clasped over hers. She stiffened; his smallest of contact was enough to start another round of havoc inside her.

It was Jia's turn to do the arti n Geet held the thaal with the little one because it was too big n heavy for her small hands. The puja ended n Geet moved to give prashad to everyone.

Mommy mai two laddu le lu. Jia asked sweetly when Geet placed one laddu in her hand. She just smiled while placing another one in her hand, not having bravado to speak with her when Maan was standing there only.

She distributed prasad n touched the feet of all elders, Maan had never imagined her to someday behave like this, so mature, doing all this on her own without any guidance. How much a person could change? Somewhere he was the answer himself.

While touching Dadimaa's feet her pallu slid down her shoulder revealing her back but this time one of the loose thread-about to open-caught his attention. She stood back up n readjusted her saree pallu. Coming to him, she kept prashad in his hand n crouched down to touch his feet but Maan instinctively moved back a little, the action was not major for anyone present around to notice but sufficient for Geet's eyes to see n mind to feel disconsolate.

She didn't do it because she wanted to claim her right as his wife or bahu of Khurana's, she did it just because she was supposed to. There were people who didn't need to know on what shallow ground their marriage was standing onto n also there was Dadimaa who didn't deserve others thinking that her bahu was arrogant n didn't respect the family customs.

On the other hand, Maan retreated back. Because, he couldn't even think about his Geet-who, he wasn't even sure existed-bending down to his feet, those who resided in heart didn't need to touch feet. Their place was in the arms where heart beat resounds clearly.

But Geet didn't know this and it hurt deep into the crevices of her heart. Touching the floor where he was standing previously, she stood up.

Surprisingly, when she was going away he leaned closer n his warm breath whispered in her ear. Come with me.

She looked at him wide eyed. He started moving thinking she would follow though instead when he turned around she was rushing in the opposite direction, away from him. He glared as she glanced back but his anger only nudged her to walk faster.

He tried to get a hold of her but she kept slipping on the pretext of some work or talking to someone. The whole quest was extremely irritating. What were they? Second graders? He didn't know why she was running like he had grown horns.

She took a deep breath coming into the kitchen, marvelling in the glory of her escape. He had been following her like she put the mansion on fire. Okay, she gave Jia a gift but that didn't mean that he would follow her like she was some thief n he a cop.

Making sorry faces she started filling bowls with kheer that was to be served to the guests. Feeling presence behind her she froze. Twisting her neck aside she found herself caught. The sight of him so close gave her goose bumps while her heart was all ready to jump out of her ribcage.

I am...

Shut up. His breath, so intimately feathering her flushed cheek, didn't help much. But it did what he commanded. She found no voice in her throat.

Why is it that you are always running away? The huskiness in his voice amazed her n more than that his action while he brushed all her hairs in front to get a good view of her back. In her hurry she forgot to adjust her pallu on her back. His finger skimmed over the contours of her back, barely touching yet enormously torturing, making her involuntarily flex to his touch. She gulped closing her eyes. She wanted to savour the feel n hide from it all at once.

He observed her each reaction. Her furrowed brows, closed eyes, slightly parted lips n the soft breath she exhaled, every time he made the tips of his finger graze her briefly. It shouldn't have mattered but he couldn't help the elation flooding over him on seeing his effect on her.

It was wrong, what was happening. She couldn't take it. First the kiss n now this, it was too much. What did he want? Six years ago she had to start a new n bury all his memories. Collecting herself n trying to forget the sensations all over again, she didn't know, would be possible for her or not.

Maan. She muttered, herself not sure if the sound reached him.

You didn't answer me Geet. He said, letting the tip of his nose trace the shell of her ear.

Koi dekh lega, ghar me bahut log hai. She said actually scared of the eyes that might see them like this.

You think I care.

I do. She said trying to leave but he held her waist with one hand.

His lips touched that sweet spot behind her ear n currents ran down her spine. She felt betrayed by her body, her heart. It was totally unfair. Why he held more power on her? How was she to fight him when she didn't want to?

It makes no difference. His hand slipped under her pallu in front, tracing slow circles on her flat belly.

She sucked her breath in n then he heard a muffled sound, a small cry. She was crying because of his proximity. Does he really disgust her to such an extent? Her body told a completely different story but maybe he was just interpreting wrong, imagining what he wanted when she was just appalled to his touch.

Please... She pleaded. Leave me.

He couldn't help but wince at the brutal words said so lowly. His mistake, time n again he wished for what he couldn't get ever. A man had to be extremely unfortunate n a total fool to be standing in his place.

Creating distance between them, he quickly tied the loose threads together. His eyes caught something. Leaning closer he saw some marks beside her spine almost 3 inch below her nape. Five small, odd marks in circular shape, closely sited, he didn't remember watching them before. Her back was absolutely flawless like every other part of her body.

What's this? He asked moving her thumb over the part accommodating the scars.

She had almost forgotten about that. W..what? Turning around she said insistently. It's nothing.

Strange, she was asking 'what' n also telling that 'it was nothing'. He could sense the wall building up, she every time used to keep him apart from her secrets.

Someone's coming. She lightly pushed him hearing the sound of footsteps n started filling the bowls again as if nothing happened.

Maan sir, Jia baby is searching for you. A servent informed.

Hmm. Giving her a last look he left.

Geet wiped her tears n cleared her throat bringing the tray with kheer bowls outside.

Nakul aap Rohan ka room thik karwa dijiyega. Geet heard Dadimaa saying while she was going back to the kitchen after serving the kheer to the guests.

Dadimaa is anyone coming to stay?

Haan bete. Rohan is coming, my grandson n Maan's cousin. You haven't met him but he stays with us whenever he is in the city. Actually his father, my younger son n his wife passed out when he was very small since then he is staying with me.

Oh. Why he doesn't stay with us permanently then? Geet asked.

He is a struggling wildlife photographer n also looks after KC's foreign projects so mostly stays abroad. Dadimaa informed. The mansion is not that boring when he is here. You would like him. She stated smiling.
Friends there is a FF contest on twitter so I have made an ID there. U can follow me @OsheenDGr8 if u hav an account n if u don't then can u please make oneEmbarrassed 

Please LIKE N COMMENT if u liked the update...!!Smile


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That was a very intense update osheen... 

Maan almost loses it with her proximity and even Geet does,,, but just that it hurts her deep down whenever he comes closer.. both are affected to the same extent. but the assumptions are taken in totally a wrong way... 
He doesnt seem to understand that her breaking down is not out of disgust but coz of the love...

i just loved the way you have put up the feel of it... it was just awesome...

abhi there is new entry... am sure it wud make a difference in their relation... 

no precap Cry

as its holidays anyways am all waiting for the next already 

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oh no wht mrks r they
is the same mrks when msk claimed her aw wife and put sindoor to her
or someone
who is rohan
do geet knew him?

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