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Maaneet FF- MILAN-TFD#5,Part80/pg130...5.feb (Page 29)

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waiting dear!!!

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MILAN- The Final Destination
PART- 74

yaar sleeping pills are necessary for certain people its not bad for health if taken in prescribed amount, almost all pills have some amount of sedatives in them
aww dear u touched my heart wid ur commentBig smile, thank u
itne din kaha thi n omg so many question wait a bit everythng wud be resolvedWink
Forgot to mention earlier but the pics u posted were awesomeClap
yaar i thought u wud hav seen the notificationConfused
your comment on Ibadat was super duperStar, thank u so very much
I am really very sorry guys for being so late but as I told earlier my xam r going on thats why got lateOuch
Princess, get up. Maan shook Jia for the umpteenth time.

Daddy princess sleeping. Jia whined hiding under the cover; it was such a cold morning n the bed was so warm, it was not leaving her.

Maan shook his head n picked her in his arms. Daddy bas 2 minutes. She tried to jump back on the bed but he held her in place.

No baby it's your bday na. You are going to take bath, get ready n go downstairs otherwise Nan would get angry.

I don't wike angry Nan. Jia made a cute no-no face.

Maan bathed Jia once she agreed. Since they were to go for the puja, he dressed her up in a small red salwar suit customised exclusively for her tiny frame.

Daddy my chunni. Jia said really fond of that particular piece of clothing.

One sec. He brought the pins n secured the miniature dubatta on her shoulders. With Jia he learned all the girly things that he wouldn't even have dreamed of doing. Now my princess is all ready. He commented satisfied after making her wear a lace headband with a flower on top.

Mai, Nan n mommy ko dikha kar aati hu. Jia jumped off the bed, all set to take off n exhibit her Dad's craftwork.

With the mention of Geet, Maan remembered about the gift. Wait Jia there is a special gift for you. He brought the beautifully wrapped box n handed it to Jia.

Impatiently Jia opened the gift oblivious that her father was far more eager than her. A golden box appeared after tearing the cover off n inside it was a small silver fairy pendant with pink sparkling pearls studded on it. The pendent was in a thin a silver chain n the whole thing was magnificent.

Wow Daddy, it is so beautikul. Jia said her eyes coming out as she stared at the pendant. You brought this?

Maan didn't responded as if blinded by the shine of the artificial Austrian diamonds. Daddy... Jia shook him.

Huh... No baby Mommy brought it for you.

Oooh... Daddy pehnao. She demanded taking the pendant out in her small hand.

It's from mommy na toh wo pehnayengi.

Otey. Jia ran to Geet's room while she was going out to prepare for the pooja.

Mommy... Jia shouted n Geet wondered if she should hide in the balcony but by then Jia was in the room n had already seen her.

Yeah. Geet said nervously thinking of a way to escape lest Maan saw her with Jia.

Mommy thank you, Jia very wike your gift. She showed the pendant.

How... How did you know that it's from me? Geet asked confused, kneeling down before the little one.

Daddy told me, no baby Mommy brought it for you. She repeated the exact words of Maan.

Geet thought how did Maan know that the gift was from her n instead of throwing it away n scolding her, he gave it to Jia. May be he would talk to her later, say those bitter things again. An involuntary shiver ran up her spine; she shouldn't have gifted the pendant at first place. But as soon as she heard that Jia's birthday was coming automatically the pendant's image came to her mind. She had seen it before marriage in a magazine; it was of no use to her but its beauty was enchanting so she had kept the cutting. With Jia's love for princesses' n fairies, she knew it was the right gift. So she searched for the cutting n luckily found it in one of the books. While making the order she asked for immediate delivery. It reached yesterday only n Geet wrapped it to Jia's liking which was not tough considering anything pink n shiny was enough to make her happy. Though now she regretted it all giving it to Jia was an awful idea n she would have to pay for it now.

Mommy pehnao na. Jia said jumping n placing the pendant in Geet's hand.

Haan. Geet said making Jia turn around n fastening the chain around her neck.

Mommy I look so pretty. Looking at herself in the mirror Jia chirruped enthusiastically.

Haan pretty just like this fairy. Geet said. Just watching Jia so excited n merry the idea of gift didn't seem so bad.

Daddy says fairies don't exist in real. Jia said making a super sad face.

They do.


Yes. Geet nodded. When Cinderella wanted to go to that party a fairy helped her.

Yesh but those are just stories.

Uh huh! There is always a fairy to help you. She herself didn't believe in them because her life was not a fairy tale but it was Jia n her fate was surely better than Geet's, anyone's would be; not everyone gets a life like her n she prayed for the same. She knew how painful every moment she spent was she wouldn't want that same happening to even her enemy. Whenever you are in some trouble just tell this fairy. She would wave her magic wand n all your problems would get solved.

Oooh... Every problem?

Yup every problem.

N if I want something?

Geet smiled at that. Yes that too.

But I don't want fairy for that betause Daddy brings me everything. Jia told. You have seen a fairy?


Where? Did she have wings?

Umm... She didn't have wings n I saw her here only.

Jia turned all around. Where?

Geet encircled her arms around Jia's small waist n pressed a kiss on her cheek. Here.

Locking her tiny limbs around her mother's neck Jia giggled. I lub you mommy.

For some strange reason Geet's eyes became teary. She had thought she would never hear those three words ever. Perhaps Jia didn't know the gravity of them but it made her feel good n... special, after a really very long time.

Hmm... Mommy. Jia pulled back remembering something. You gave me the gift but you didn't wish Jia happy bud-dy.

Oh haan. Happy Birthday Jia. Geet wished smiling warmly. How old are you now?

4 years. Jia answered proudly showing 5 fingers. I am going to show this to Nan. She ran out leaving Geet bright and breezy.
Maan also smiled seeing his tiny angel so happy more than that it was the first time he saw a hint of old Geet... minuscule, still there.

Maan hid again behind the door as Geet left the room to go downstairs, there were a numbers of works she had to do today.

Almost everything was done the decoration of the hall with yellow n white garlands, the puja sthal was prepared, all the required things... sweets, flowers, fruits etc were at place n the pandit was about to come. All arrangements were perfectly done. Dadimaa was incredulous how well her granddaughter in law managed it all, smallest of thing was taken care of n Geet just came to her once for the number of family pandit otherwise she did the whole thing just by herself.

It was not difficult for Geet as it seemed. In fact, she was quite used to it taking in that Rajendra was spiritual person n often organised puja's, living with him she learned it all n to learn what her homeowner liked was a lesson from life. It was not that she didn't thought of Rajendra any less than her father but the truth was she was not his daughter n by giving her place to live he did a noble deed n to lessen the weight of his debts she cooked, did household n yeah helped in the arrangements for pujas, at least she was of little use that knowledge made her feel somewhat better.

When Maan came downstairs the main hall was all set for puja like every year although the arrangements done were unlike, clearly Dadimaa was not behind it. So who did all this? The answer came the very next moment.

Yahan par sab ho gaya hai. Geet said to Nakul. Aap bas desi ghee ka dabba le aaiye n yeah it should be fresh.

A few guest started to arrive n she-unknown of Maan's presence-immediately flee to her room as everything was done with.

Maan... Dadimaa called but he was in deep thoughts. Geet doing arrangements for a 'puja'? It was as inconceivable as the sun coming out from west.

Maan. Dadimaa shook him bringing him back.

Ji Dadimaa. Yeh saare arrangements kisne kiye?

Aur kisne, humari bahu ne kiye. Dadimaa informed proudly confirming his assumptions. Waise humme aapse ek kaam hai aaiye humare saath. Dadimaa took Maan to his room.

Geet. Dadimaa called n Geet freaked out in her room knowing Dadimaa was unaware of her living in study. She quietly entered Maan's room.

Aapne mujhe bulaya Dadimaa. She knotted her dubatta nervously.

Haan beta par aap balcony me kya kar rai thi.

Wo.. She looked here n there.

Dadimaa aap keh rai thi ke aapko kuch kaam hai? Maan reminded.

Haan beta. Geet sighed with the change of topic. For you Geet. Dadimaa gave her two packets. This is your first puja in KM. There is one saree for puja n also one for the party tonight. There is matching jewellery too.

Dadimaa... Geet started but Dadimaa cut her off.

Hume kuch nai sunna Geet. Dadimaa chided playfully. Now open it n see if you like it or not.

Hesitantly she opened the packets n Maan wondered why he was there.

As Geet took the first saree in her hand, she looked at Maan from the corner of her eyes. He was looking at her only n she immediately diverted her gaze.

So how is it? Dadimaa asked.

Acchi hai. The reality was cloths no more fascinated her, every piece was good.

Arre aapne toh thik se dekha bhi nai. Dadimaa took the saree from Geet hand n opened it. I think this colour would really suit you. Haina Maan?

Not noticing that Maan didn't answered her question Dadimaa in her own world kept the saree on bed n picked the blouse up. This blouse would go well with the saree. She showed the blouse to Geet holding the cloth open with both hands as if on display. It was only when she turned the blouse around that Geet's eyes flew wide n mouth open. The blouse had 3/4 sleeves but it was almost backless held by criss-cross strings.

Her absurd expression didn't escape Maan's eyes though he didn't understand the reason for it.

Dadimaa yeh.. wo...

Kya hua beta pasand nai aaya aapko. Dadimaa asked with a frown.

Nai Dadimaa its really nice par...

Par war kuch nai. You are wearing this bas. Dadimaa ordered then turned to her grandson. Maan you both have to sit together in puja so get ready fast n come downstairs with Geet.

He nodded where as Geet's scared eyes were still fixed on the blouse now lying on the bed.

I am going to get ready. He said after Dadimaa left, getting no response he went into the bathroom.

Staring at it won't change anything, Geet realised. Cursing her ill fortune, she picked the things up n set off for her own room as well.
PRECAP- New entry!!!


Please LIKE N COMMENT if u liked the update...!!Smile

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That was a very cute update...

Jia as always is a cutie doll... Great improvement as far as Maan is considered... His reaction are calm and composed... Unlike getting into anger on illusions, he has started observing and relating things to Geet...
However on the other side, Geet is still in the illusion... she still is in dark about the his true love for her...

Ab eagerly waiting for the party... waiting to see how they cope up together in the party and ofcourse keen about new entry

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awesome update

loved jia and geet cute talks and emotional when jia expressed her love and seeing geet expression .

 Maan is calm and composed giving lots of positive hopes

 daadi is super awesome and blouse by her is "kya affect dikhayega Wink" wanna see ofcourse maan ji ke upar .

continue soon and many many thnks for update .

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fabulous update after a long time and hw was ur exams eagerly waiting for next part nw continue soon

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