Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Maaneet FF- MILAN-TFD#5,Part80/pg130...5.feb

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MILAN- The Final Destination


Thread 5 is here... thanks to all the awesome readersStarStar



Geet, left her home when she was just 10 to meet her best friend Meera, there she meets Maan after getting admission in same school as Meera. Initially they fought but gradually became friends, something else blossomed between them, new n lovely. But they had to separate when Geet shifted to London.

They met again in New York being students of the same college; they caught up from where they had left. Passing hurdled path their relation became stronger but... call it their destiny, misunderstanding found space between them n Geet left her life, her Maan.

But love finds its way somehow n the same destiny which seperated them brought them together still the misunderstandings didn't clear their path. Will they be able to find the truth? Will love survive or again seperation is what they would get?


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 Part 73- Below

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MILAN- The Final Destination
PART- 73

Thnx to those who spammed the last thread muahhh...HeartHug
Jia you would have to wait here, I will be back in a minute. Maan played cartoon network on the compact TV present in the car.
Otey Daddy jaldi aana warna the guard won't let us in. Jia reminded.
Maan smiled. Okay princess. He stepped out of the car n asked the driver to take care of Jia before walking into the not-so-impressive motel.

Excuse me I want to know if someone named Geet stayed here a few days ago. Maan enquired from the manager behind the small booth.
A second please. The manager replied giving Maan a look over. Yes, she stayed for five days. He answered flipping through the pages n finally halting on one.
Maan observed no computer. Can I see her room please? He asked more curious now.
Kyu sahab usne kuch gadbad kiya kya? The manager whispered as if talking about some deep secret. Aap police se ho?
Maan looked at the manager sceptically. Why would he think that way about Geet? Kyu uss ladki ne kuch kiya? He probed.
Nai sahab par madam bahut ajeeb thi. Maan raised a brow n the manager who obviously loved to gossip continued. She never stepped out of the room in her entire stay, not once.  She only ordered the food, that too just thrice in five days.
Hmm... Maan nodded, he could understand about the food as her eating habits were no covert to him, he even doubted if she ate the thrice ordered food properly. But the news about not coming out of the room for whole five days was quite creepy. Did someone come to visit her?
Nai koi nai aaya.
I want to see her room.
Her room is vacant right now. Manager informed n quickly jumped into business mode. Are you here to stay?
Whats the tariff?
750 per day.
Maan opened his wallet n laid down 3 bills of thousand before him. No, I have to just take a look.
The manager quickly stuffed the money in drawer n handed him the key. Room no. 9, first floor.
The lift was not working so Maan had to take the stairs. He wondered why Geet of all places chose this one. Only one person could answer n that was Geet herself.
It would have been better if he would have came alone n not with Jia. But he couldn't contain himself, since the moment Geet told him about the motel last night he felt restless. He had to come as soon as possible.
He opened the room door n it was exactly the same as when Geet had stayed. Heavy curtains on windows, a cupboard in corner n small bed,
Maan was sure his legs won't fit if he would have to sleep on it. Thank god Geet was shorter than him.
He had to admit though that the room was awful, nothing in front of his standard n also of Geet's. He sat on the bed utterly confused. The hard, uncomfortable mattress further confirmed his notion of the room being awful.
Maan felt bad, terrible in fact but he shouldn't, especially for that particular girl. His stomach churned with anxiety something was amiss. He knew it was there in the fold of his mind; just he couldn't point his finger on it. It was frustrating, something was there but he didn't know what it was. He stood up nothing more he would get from here moreover the motel now was freaking him out.
Daddy you came. Jia shouted. Chalo Diver uncle Daddy aa gaye.
Maan would have smiled with adoration seeing his over excited daughter but his mind was preoccupied with a bunch of disturbing thoughts.
Geet completed all chores that she could do with the presence so many servant still the mansion was big n only supervising everyone was ample of work. Until she was busy it was fine because empty mind was devil's home n her mind took the saying very seriously. She also planned out the puja n gave the list to Nakul to bring the essentials.
The day passed quickly n peacefully. Dadimaa was out of the city n nobody knew when Annie comes n go, usually she didn't dined at home. Maan n Jia were not home yet but Geet prepared dinner for them if they haven't had outside.
Without eating herself she went to her room. No one was home to notice including Maan though she doubted even if he was here he would come after last night. Just the mention of last night made her shudder, why he brought food, kissed her n said I love you?
It sounded so romantic, she mocked herself. Better forget before it made her mad again.
As soon Geet entered her room, Nakul knocked the door. Maan sir ne aapko khana dene ko kaha tha.
Geet looked at the plate amazed n smiled faintly taking it. Now this was getting really weird. Half heartedly she finished the food; she didn't want the repeat of previous night.
When Maan came home Jia was already asleep in his arms. Geet ne khana khaya?
Ji... Unhone aapke liye khana banaya hai... Laga du? Nakul asked.
Nai. Maan denied while Jia had settled for spaghetti n ice cream when they went to the restaurant, he on the other hand wasn't able eat anything, guess the jumbled thoughts were enough to keep him full.
He laid Jia on her bed n covered her with the duvet it was cold outside n his daughter was not very resistant to it. He thought about confronting Geet then decided against it remembering about previous night.
Coming back to his room, he changed into his vest n trousers. Everything seemed a mess n he was fidgety. He sat on bed then stood up immediately.
He had to ask Geet right now there was no alternate option. He went to balcony n knocked on Geet's door.
Geet stilled, she knew it was Maan nonetheless prayed that she was wrong.
Geet... Maan called. Geet hurriedly closed the lights n hid herself with the duvet as if he could see her.
Geet I know you are not asleep. He said aware of her sleep time, he also knew she took sleeping pills because he saw a bottle on her side table plus she slept like an insentient person oblivious of the happenings around.
She remained in her position n didn't opened the door assuming he would give up but Maan surprised her when he barged into her room through the door that connected to Jia's room. He opened the light n Geet closed her eyes under the duvet protectively clutching it to herself. Maan tore it off her n his expressions softened as she pouted in complaint. At that moment she looked no less than Jia, innocent n endearing.
Somehow he gained his composure back as she sat up.
Maine khana kha liya. She said not looking at him like always.
I know. He informed. I want to ask you something.
Shit! Again he was here with difficult questions n there was a reason why she mostly failed her school n college tests; her answers were never passable.
She didn't say any word not like he needed her permission but an okay or hmm would have been a little encouraging.
Why you stayed at that motel?
Because I needed a bed n four walls to live. She said promptly, of course she couldn't stay on road for five days.
You could have stayed with Rajendra Uncle like you told me you would. Maan countered.
Mai unke saath rehti toh Dadimaa ko pata chal jata k mai aapke saath nai gai. Geet did not understand what relevance those five days held now.
Then why that motel only you could have chosen a good enough hotel or something. Maan suggested n Geet did not like this discussion.
She kept quiet n he was losing patience.
Why that motel? He sat before her so she would at least look at him. I am asking you something. He raised her head up holding her chin.
Geet saw replay of last night. I didn't have money. She was already tired n wished him not to go deeper on how she arranged that little amount.
Maan was in shock, she didn't have 'money'. You could have asked me for it. He almost spoke out loud then swallowed the words. Why would she ask him for something? Moreover he himself didn't know how he would have reacted if she would have actually asked him. But if not him, there was Dadimaa, no harm in asking her.
She waited for him to leave hoping for no more questions. He gave her a last glance n as if complying with her silent plea left her alone.

Maan lay on his bed wide awake. Turning his head he gazed at the watch, Geet would be asleep by now. He exited his room in want of sleep n there was only one place to get some. It was good Geet slept after taking pills.

Next two days were uneventful, Maan though ignored Geet thoroughly continued sending food through the servants. It was irritating in spite of that she ate without any protests lest Maan would grace her with his presence. Both the days were super busy for her, since she had to get everything done for the puja n she did it sincerely.
The hands of the clock met at 12 n Geet wondered if she should go wish Jia.
Last two days she avoided her; it was difficult but not impossible. However now she really wanted to wish her n she also had a gift for Jia. What harm would it do, if she just once said 'happy birthday', maybe she wouldn't get the chance tomorrow considering Maan would be there so it was better to wish her now only. It was risky though what if Maan was also there to wish her since it was exact 12. So she waited for half an hour.
To confirm Maan wasn't there, Geet very quietly peeked through the door.
The lights were closed implying the coast was clear. She stepped in n switched on the light n saw Maan on the bed sleeping with tiny Jia on his chest. Half of his legs were dangling in air, taking in the size of Jia's small bed. There were numerous gifts lying on the floor some wrapped n some opened. Seemed like daddy dear wanted to wish his princess before everyone else.
Geet first seeing Maan nearly ran out but when she figured he was fast asleep, she stayed to revel in the lovely scene. It was a Kodak moment indeed, they both looked so cute. Her hands itched to take a snap but there was no camera.
She covered them with the duvet n kept the small wrapped box in Jia's drawer. She didn't have her name written on it so Maan wouldn't know from who it was even if he saw it.
Happy Birthday. She whispered in the ear of sleeping Jia, closed the lights n walked out.

Maan opened his eyes then the side lamp n instantly took out the box from the drawer. The thing was wrapped in pink sparkling paper, he shook the box but the tak-tak sound from inside didn't told the secret. For once he thought of opening it but Jia was very possessive about her gifts, she didn't like anyone else opening them so he securely placed the nameless gift back into the drawer.

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congrats for the new thread

Waiting for the update

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yeahhh w8ingDancing

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