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Arnav Singh Raizada (26 years): CEO of AR Fashion industry is one of the successful business men all over the country. He is a strong ambitious person whose main aim in business is to bring AR to the top level of the country.He lost his parents at a very young age when he was 19. Lives with his Di nani mama mami and cousin Akash. The only person who can tame the Angry young man to lovable Arnav is Di. Otherwise he is very rude and arrogant.

Khushi Kumari Gupta (24 years): A sweet fun loving girl who is childlike and also mature in certain aspects of her life. She is fashion designer working in Gupta fashion house under her own brother. She lost her dad 9 years back and mom 2 years back. She stays with her blood brothers Kushal and Nihaal. Her best friend is Payal Sharma who is also her colleague

Anjali Singh Raizada (28 years) : She is a beautiful, soft hearted and a caring person and a stong pillar of support for her brother "chotte" as she calls. She has not married yet coz she wants to be independent for sometime and has not found a perfect partner in anyone.

Nihaal Gupta (29 years): A handsome young man , elder brother of Khush and kushal. He had to take responsibilities at a very young age after the death of their parents. He is a very hard working guy. Khushi is his baby sister. He loves his siblings a lot.

Kushal Gupta (26 years): he is a born musician. He loves his bro and sis a lot. He is same as khushi fun loving, mischievous and loves pulling pranks especially on Nihaal and ramu kaka. Even if he is hurt or something he doesn't show it on his face but only khushi can understand him as a whole.

I think now its enuf with all the introduction :P further characters will be introduced later.




It was 7 in the morning our Princess KHUSHI GUPTA slowly lazily woke up from her sleep smiling.

She soon checked her phone to see any missed calls or messages and frowned when she saw 3 missed calls from her friend Payal. She thought of calling her later and went to have a bath. After 15 mins she came out draped in a white fluffy towel covering from her chest to her knees. She was busy searching perfect clothes for her to wear. After sometime she was fully ready wearing light blue jeans and a cream coloured t-shirt. She knows that her brothers will be ready by now and will be waiting for her to have breakfast. So she hurried and went downstairs to the dining hall.

Nihaal: finally my princess has come .. Good morning baby come soon and have something

Khushi (with a cheerful smile): good morning bhai

Kushal: oh toh finally aa hi gayi !! lazy bum

Khushi: oye don't call me lazy OK .. it takes time yar afterall iam a girl ready hone mei time toh lagta hi hai.. (pouting)

Kushal: LOL sweetheart take your time as much as yu want but please come early for breakfast because our elder bro here doesn't let me eat until yu come (pouting)

Khushi(laughing and side hugs Nihaal): Dumbo this shows nihaal bhai is my true brother (smirks at kushal)

Kushal: hey not fair haan

Nihaal: OK OK guys stop it yu two ho gaya ?? can we pls have something am terribly hungry

Khushi: aww chalo aaj nashta ramu kaka ne banaya ? where is he ?

Khushal: LOL ramu kaka SOURIER lene gaye hai :D

Khushi: WHAT ??

Khushal: tujhe nahi pata Ramu kaka COURIER ko SOURIER bolte hai .. when he said that it was a ROFL moment yu missed It khush haha :D

Khushi: LOLLING (and gives hi5 to him)

Nihaal just shakes his head at their antics

(ramu kaka comes with the sourier :P)

Ramu kaka: haan haan has lo aur has lo mujhe toh koi yahan respect hi nahi karta (with a mock sad tone)

The group of trio bursts out laughing at his facial expression

Khushi: aww kaka bura maan liya aapne hum toh bas mazaak kar rahe the (with a sweet smile that melts everyone now including ramu kaka who smiles at her tenderly)

Ramu kaka: chalo chalo bitiya nashta karlo payal bitiya ka phone aaya tha she is coming here in 15 mins (khushi nods her head and starts hogging)

Nihaal : kaka courier mei kya tha?

Khushi and kushal were trying to suppress their laughter but one glare from nihaal shuts them up.

Ramu kaka: ye lo babua (he hands a small packet to him)

Nihaal opened the packed and was both happy and shocked

Kushal sensing something asked what is wrong

Nihaal smiled and happily hugged his bro and sis telling them that they have won the deal and will now work with AR Fashion industry for two upcoming events which would gain the a lot and were waiting for it from a very long time.

They all were happy and group hugged

Least did they know that this deal will change their fortune.



At RM in arnav's room

Anjali : chotte wake up !!!!! (while removing the curtains)

Arnav: hmmm sone do na di !!

Anjali: arre aise kaise sone doon ?? did yu see the time its 8.30 !! don't yu wnt to go to office ?

Arnav :wakes up with a jerk.

WHAT THE !! ( there comes his signature dialogue :P) di KYA 8.30 ?? why dint yu wake me up early ? I have a very important meeting at 9.30

Saying this he hurries to bathroom but anjali stops him.

Arnav: what di (confused)

Anjali folds her and in typical ASR STYLE and asks

Anjali: chote kal raat tum kahaan the?

Arnav: err..? (he remembers making out with a super sexy model in the club and came home late only by 3)(he gives her a sheepish smile)

Anjali: CHOTTE why do yu do this ? yu know how upset nani will be after knowing it.. NOW this is limits. Hereafter yu are not coming late and that's it (in a STERN voice which proves arnav that she is also a RAIZADA)

Arnav: oh c'mmon di isme itna gussa honewali kaunsi baat hai. Am sorry na di pls mujhe maaf kardo (making a puppy dog face which makes anjali smile and forgive him)

Anjali: chalo thik hai maaf kiya (she hugs arnav)

Arnav: di

Anjali: hmmm

Arnav: mujhe late ho raha hai (with a smirk in ASR STYLE)

Anjali hits him lightly in his chest and lets him go

After a while a fully ready arnav in his three piece suits comes hurriedly downstairs near the dining hall and sees everyone mama mami nani and even lakshmi sitting in their respective places and having breakfast.

Arnav: good morning everyone (in ASR'S ATTITUDE)

Nani: ee kha chotee aap itne der se kyu aa rahe ho ?? aap toh humesha jaldi office jaawat ho na (narrowing her eyes)

Before arnav could say anything anjali rescued him

Anjali: wok kya hai na nani chotte ko kal raat neend nahi aa rahi thi that's why he is late

Nani nods her head

Arnav: mami where is akash ?

Mami: Hello hi bye bye akash bitwa toh kab ka ophish chala gaya

Mama shakes his head hearing mami's beautiful English

Arnav nods his head and gets ready to leave

Anjali: arre chotte atleast complete your breakfast and go

Arnav: no di am getting late I will grab something in office for sure

Anjali sighs and nods her head

In the office

AMAN (Personal secretary of ASR) comes to him and says : ASR I have confirmed the deal with the gupta fashion house and sent them all the details. the meeting is tomorrow at 9 AM

Arnav nods his head and signals him to leave

He is happy to work with guptas as it has become very famous all over india. He is eagerly waiting for the meeting to be held tomorrow with NIHAAL GUPTA and his designer (ASR doesn't know that the designer is a girl and nihaal's so called baby sister Khushi)

To be continued..

Hope yu guys like it. Smile





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It is a day of the MEETING, Nihaal and Khushi both were very excited to be said khushi was actually jumping in joy. She has learnt a lot about ASR and was really very impressed. Khushi herself wears western clothes but is very good in designing traditional clothes. She kept all her designs in her file and went to get ready for the meet.

On other side kushal who is very good in music and singing was practicing for his next concert which is in Mumbai. But the thing is he has not told anything about it to khushi or nihaal. He was scared to tell because nihaal will definitely not allow him to go there since MUMBAI was connected to his horrible past. So he has planned to tell about this to khushi by evening. He was sure that khushi using her magical tricks will however convince bhai. He then thought of wishing his khush and bhai luck for the meeting.

Nihaal was getting ready in his room. He was so lost in thoughts that he dint notice khushi entering his room. Seeing him in this state she was worried. She instantly knew that her bro is missing mum and dad. Afterall today's meeting is mom's dream. She clears her throat and nihaal turns back to see khushi staring at him in tears. The both were lost in their pasts.


After ABHIMANYU GUPTA (Their dad) died in the car accident ANANYA GUPTA (Mom) took over the business. It was her dream to work for any big companies. Unfortunately she died due to cardiac arrest. When she died it was very difficult for all three of them. Khushi was in her worst state she was in SHOCK. She dint cry nor talk or eat for nearly 3days. Nihaal and kushal were hell worried for her health , it became very difficult to make her cry for the loss. Finally the fourth day nihaal couldn't bare it and slapped her hard beyond his wish which instantly made her cry. She broke down in the arms of her brother who tried very hard not to break down himself. From that day he and kushal decided to be strong only for khushi to make her happy. They did anything and everything to fulfill her wishes. She is their princess. Whenever nihaal and kushal were worried khushi would instantly recognize it. She has even seen nihaal cry like baby in his room whenever he felt the absence of his maa. But khushi wouldn't go near him at that moment coz she wanted him to cry and remove all his frustration. Khushi doesn't want herself to be weak she dint want to cry infront of her brothers. She weeps silently In her room, everynight she sheds tears for her mom whom she misses so damn much. She misses her soft melodious voice, she misses her lullaby which makes her sleep immedietly, she misses the tinkling sound of her payals and everything, every night she chants the mantra "Maa, kash tum humare saath hoti".. life went on now bhai is successful in his fast going dream business kushal has become a singer according to his ma's last wish and khushi has also become a very good fashion designer but the pain of losing the loved ones was still there.

Flashback ends

Khushi and nihaal both were in tears thinking about their past days their mom. She instantly ran and hugged him tight. Both were crying they dint notice kushal standing out of the room, and shedding tears. He came in and khushi hugged them both consoling them to stop crying.

After five minutes everything became normal. The Trio had their breakfast. Kushal wished them luck, took his guitar and went to the auditorium to practice. Kushi and nihaal left for the meeting.

Ramu kaka who was constantly watching the trio wiped his tears and prayed for their future to be blissful.



Arnav was in his gym making out. He was very tired he dint get a ounce of sleep last night. All he wanted was someone to whom he could share his thoughts with. He has taken the burden of his family at the tender age of 19 till today. He wanted his family members especially his di to be happy. He can go to any extent to make their dreams come true. Now arnav is very restless and the reason is his last night dream which is actually his past. He wanted to take all is anger out.


He still remembers the lovely life he and his di had with their mom and dad in Sheesh Mahal Lucknow. He was MALLIK son of ARYAN and ANUMITA MALLIK. Especially arnav was the life of his dad. ARNAV when he was young was a naughty boy, a very mischievous boy who pulled pranks on everyone in the society. All the workers in sheesh mahal were tired and scared of him and his stupid pranks but still people loved his naughty side. Slowly everything came crashing down. The car accident of their mom and dad, though both the children were there but they somehow managed to escape, their parent's death, his chacha who cheated his dad threw them out of sheesh mahal. They had nowhere to go finally their nani took them in the raizada mansion. Later his mama found that arnav's chacha was a cruel guy who had everything planned. He wanted everyone dead but arnav and anjali somehow escaped. The car accident was planned by him. His chacha wanted the bloody property for which he took such a cheap step and spoiled the lives of two children. Arnav's nani DEVYANI RAIZADA wanted to change arnav's and anjali's surname from MALLIK to RAIZADA so that his chacha will lose the track of them and they will be safe. Arnav wanted to cry but he also wanted to be strong for his di. He lost his interest in god and never entered any temple. He dint seek for any shoulder to cry. he was all alone and his main ain is to take care of his di

Arnav wanted to finish his leftover studies and startup a new business but it needed loads of investment. His mami sold all her jewels, his nani sold all her lands to make his dream come true. Arnav dint disappoint anyone he worked harder and harder day and night and finally after 4 years of his hardwork he managed to establish AR his baby. He became ruthless. First thing he did after his first earning was to settle the loans of his nani and mama, bring back the jewels of his mami. Later he made a case against his so called chacha no no b*stard and won back sheesh mahal and made it in a name of his di. When he went back to sheesh mahal for a day or two for business purpose the sevants there were not able to believe their eyes. The naughty young boy has become rude arrogant business tycoon.

Now THE ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA takes work as his passion. wherever he goes he takes his laptop and phone with him. He wants his di to settle down but he doesn't want to force her beyond her wish.

Flashback Ends

And now he is restless because he heard his mother's scream during the accident in his dream. He tightly shuts his eyes and went to take a much needed hot shower to relieve him from the physical pain he was causing himself due to continuous workout.

Later He gets ready and leaves for the office after having his breakfast.







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nice story!! update soon!!
sagarpatadia Goldie

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Waiting for update!!
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