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:: AarYan Express #12 : Uska Hi Banana ::

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AarYan Express #12  : 
Uska Hi Banana



Summary of the Week : Visha_Dhami
Scene of the week : Jyothi06
Awww Moment of the week : AbbyluvsMaan
Funny Scene of the week : KinSanj
Best Dressed Character of the week : Jyothi06
Romantic Scene of the week : AbbyluvsMaan
Best Performance of the week : AbbyluvsMaan
Dialogue of the week : AbbyluvsMaan
OMG! What were they thinking? Moment of the week: AbbyluvsMaan
Picture of the week : KinSanj
Shocker of the week : Visha_Dhami
Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week : abhiya_crazyluv
Hottie of the week : Saraa
Blooper of the Week : Visha_Dhami & KinSanj
Siggy of the week : mylosthopes
Avi of the week : mylosthopes
Icon of the week : Aanchal
Prediction of the week : Visha_Dhami
VM of the Week :Visha_Dhami
FF/OS of the week : *Piku*
Most Active/Popular Post : shubhika124
Rating of the Week : Visha_Dhami

Aaryan Newsletter Banner Credits : Visha_Dhami
Category Title Credits : -Stutz- & Visha_Dhami
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Hi Everyone ! 
Our NL arrived late today right? Shocked
Its because everyone is already in the Diwali mood Dancing
I'm taking this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy Diwali
So lets have a look on what our NL team has brought for us this week Wink


And not to forget, my dearest AarYan News Letter Team. Thanks for all the time and contribution given to make this NL a sparkling one and here you go, a siggy/name card LOL to show that you are part of the NL Team Hug




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5 November 2012

Ansh tells Aarti that Prashant had taken her to the hospital. Aarti gets shocked when she learns that Prashant is staying at the Dubey residence. The inspector tells Yash that he believes that Karan's murder was planned while Yash and Pankaj takes Paridhi out on bail. Aarti angrily asks Prashant to leave from the house which angered Dubey and she gets shocked when Dubey raised his voice on Aarti. An upset Aarti was about to leave but Dubey and Shobha stops her. Prashant asks his parents to legally transfer the house on his name which Aarti says that this was Prashant's real intention. Yash informs Aarti that Paridhi is out on bail. The family tells Paridhi that she does not need to not worry.


6 November 2012

Yash and Pankaj discuss about Paridhi's case and feel that they require more information regarding the same. Yash and Aarti try to convince Paridhi to open up and tell them everything about the case and Paridhi recalls sleeping with the producer and decides not to let them know about this. Dubey on the other hand tries to convince Shobha that they must not tell Aarti that they want to take Ansh to the hospital. He adds that he could not see Prashant's pain any longer. Aarti sees Yash falling asleep and decides to tell Yash that she was a divorcee while Yash's eyes is half open.


7 November 2012

Aarti tells Yash the truth about her being a divorcee and not a widow. Aarti is surprised to notice that Yash is fast asleep. Aarti decides to tell Yash the truth on the occasion of karwa chauth which was going to be celebrated the next day. Yash does not allow Aarti to keep a fast on karwa chauth as she is pregnant. Dubey asks Shobha to take Palak and Payal to school and leave Ansh sleeping at their place. Aarti prepares tiffin for all the children and is shocked to learn that Ansh did not go to school as he was sick. Aarti calls on Shobha's phone and learns from the rickshaw driver tells her that Shobha had forgotten her phone in the rickshaw. Aarti learns from the auto-driver that he had dropped Shobha to City hospital. Prashant warns Dubey that he should not have lied to Aarti and brought Ansh to the hospital. Aarti is shocked to see Prashant in the hospital.


8 November 2012

Dubey and Prashant act as if they had met accidently in the hospital and were unaware of the purpose behind them coming to the hospital. Aarti asks the duo what were they doing in the cancer ward. Shobha and Satyendra smartly handle the situation. Shobha and Satyendra convince Aarti to leave Ansh at the Dubey residence. Back at Scindia house, Gayatri asks Prateik to keep a fast for Paridhi so that she gets out of all the court issue easily. Dubey bribes Ansh with a chocolate so that he eats the medicines. Aarti asks Yash to arrange for a blouse for the sari he had gifted her for karwa chauth.


9 November 2012

Aarti decides to call Shobha and there is a crossover and Aarti hears Prashant speaking and she decides to go to Shobha's house. Gayatrti summons all her three daughter in laws and gives them a necklace set and a visibly lost Aarti asks Gayatri if can she go and meet Shobha and Buaji says that today is Karva Chauch and she has to stay at home to which Gayatri says that Buaji was right and Aarti could go the next day and Aarti agrees. A person comes and applies mehndi on Vidhi, Paridhi and Aarti's hands and as Aarti is about to wake up, she has back pain and Gayatri calls Yash to carry Aarti to the room and happy to see them together.

This week best scene goes to Aarti-Yash bedroom interaction where both debate over how Yash is a superman who does not know how to put nada in pyjama and how Aarti is the perfect housewife who can do anything from putting nada in her hubby's pyjama to giving him a hair massage WinkEmbarrassed.. Scene was beautifully shot with sweet and spicy interaction of Yash-Aarti both praising each other and accepting the fact that their life is incomplete  without each other and the beautiful moment became even more beautiful when Yash decides to hv a cute telephone convo with their unborn child EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I loved the complete AarYa bedroom moments ...I love how CVs always select such natural hubby-wifey moments for their bedroom interaction and its such a common thing to show hubbies trying hard to put naara in pyjama but not able to do it and then u hv wifeys coming to help them out Embarrassed ..Yash being a self-procliamed perfectionist does not want Aarti to put the naara in his pyjama even though he knows he cannot do it but thank god he agrees in the end to save his izzat LOLEmbarrassed...When Aarti teases him as superman , I feel it was more of sarcastic there since Aarti indirectly wanted to tell him that he is really not a perrfectionist spuerman who can do anything and everything because even he will need his wife's help to put naara in pyjama Wink ... Loved their action and reaction during their cute little nok jhok over naara and pyjama ..Star..The way Yash felt embarassment in front of Aarti to stand without wearing the pyjama clearly indicates that he is becoming image conscious in front of Aarti because he really wants to impress her like a true superman something which only a man in love will feel EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Also Loved their natural nok-jhoks and debate over superman vs a housewife and how a housewife is more efficient in perfection compared to a superman Embarrassed .. Even though both were on a praising spree in this sceme but what I loved was their spicy nok-jhok here which was not too sweet and not too spicy but a proper balance was maintained like when Yash was becoming all senti by praising Aarti to extreme limits by telling her how she kept this family all united repeatedly , we hv naughty Aarti bringing him down to earth with her sarcasm like how he too is a superman for his family who cannot put his naara in pyjama but can do rest of the work..LOLTongue ..Then when Aarti becomes all senti by praising Yash ji to sky limits by telling him about how he is the real backbone of his family who always keeps his brothers and bhabhis united and how she is lucky that he accepted her as part of his life , instead of giving those divine looks to Aarti , we hv a naughty Yash bringing her down to earth with his sarcasm about housewives WinkLOLEmbarrassed... So in short I saw some natural interaction between both in this scene which dint look fake or just coming out of respect ...It was more spontaneous and not sugar coated but one can see that whatever praising Yash and Aarti did for each other came directly from their heart  Thumbs Up..

Few moments which stood out for me was .. One where Aarti praises Yash about how he is a perfect son for the family and listening to this praise Yash was actually blushing as if hearing his praise from Aarti's mouth matters a lot for him since finally he has reached a stage where he wants to impress his wife as a husband even though he may not admit it EmbarrassedEmbarrassed  and Two where Yash kept stressing on how he trusts Aarti a lot on which Aarti's guilt of hiding the biggest truth of her life was clearly visible on her face even though she was trying hard to divert the worry with light talks but finally she does take a right decision to tell him the truth especially when he was relaxing his head on her lap while she was massaging his hair with oil EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... In short I can finally say that both Yash and Aarti hv found their ultimate peace in each other now .. Both r slowly becoming comfortable of each other and the whole formal way of talking to each other is slowly going away which was so evident in the head oil massage scene where Yash was so much at peace when Aarti was lovingly carassing his hair EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

The whole Yash talking to the baby via hand telephone scene looked like a opening of a loop to me when in the end Aarti tells Yash that u dont need to talk to our baby via phone now as its inside me only and u r free to come and talk to the baby Embarrassed .. So I feel once both confess their love for each other , we might get a scene where Yash actually rests his head on her tummy to talk to the baby instead of using this hand phone gesture which will b a perfect loop closure Tongue ..
Even though the scene was too sweet for my taste but I loved the emotions attached in this scene  Thumbs Up

Overall the entire AarYa bedroom interaction scene was sweet , spicy and had a perfect balance of everything Star

The moment this week when all I could utter was the word 'aww' was definitely the moment when Aarti stood tensed and lost in Gayatri's room in the morning of karva chaut and Yash stood behind Aarti outside the room and still he could feel the stress and tension coursing through his wife's soul and more than Aarti, it was Yash tensed thinking of what must be bothering Aarti.

Truly the moment that showcased how much Yash has begun to understand Aarti and how much her happiness and sadness affects him.

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It's none other than the "Kissa Naada Ka: LOL

This week best dressed character goes to Aarti Scindia who looked stunning with her wet hair and green saree when Yash too was mesmerised with her beauty EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Her new hairstyle with that bit of short hair in front is making her look beautiful and gorgeous Star

This week's most romantic moment will sure be the Suhani Morning scene where Yash ji's romantic instincts were at his best.

Aarti comes out of the washroom drying her hair in front of the mirror when a few water droplets fall on Yash's face and he gets up to see the most intoxicating view for him i.e. Aarti's hair.. Wink He smiles and says, "Good morning Aarti ji." Aarti turns and smiles at Yash, "Good morning Yash ji." Yash says, "Isn't the weather very suhana today?" Aarti sees outside and says, "The weather is the same as everyday. What do you find suhana in it." Yash looks at Aarti as if possessed by her beauty and says, "meri nazar se dekhengi to jaanengi." (see from my eyes and then you'll know) Aarti sees Yash amazed and Yash says, "pata nahi aankhon ko kya hua hai..ek hi jagah jam gai hain." (don't know what has happened to my eyes, they're glued to a spot) Aarti looks at Yash adoringly and says, "I know what you mean." Yash smiled and said, "Then you might as well tell me what's the secret behind this suhana mausam." Aarti laughs off and asks Yash to freshen up.

This whole scene brought a whole new romantic dimension to AarYa relation where Yash was openly admiring and flirting with Aarti. 

The best performances of the week will yet again go to our terrific Yash and Aarti..
Yash Scindia.. For his maturity, his shyness, for his naara con, for his romantic avatar, for his care towards his eyes, for his innumerous intense looks to his wife and for his as usual amazing dialogue delivery.
Aarti Scindia.. For her admiration towards her husband, for her sensibility, for her sensitivity towards Paridhi, for her portrayal of guilt feeling, for her anger towards Prashant, for her protectiveness towards Ansh and for her teasing session with Yash.

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The Best Dialogue of the week yet again will go to Yash Scindia... Big smile Yash has definitely made it a habit of giving at least one landmark dialogue every week... LOL Embarrassed

The phone conversation between Yash and Aarti where Yash thanx Aarti for being there along with him and their family. And he says, "Aarti ji, please always stay with me. I'm Incomplete without you."

Though after this Yash, himself embarrassed at his open words, keeps the phone down. But this dialogue from him definitely got engraved in our hearts and made it the best dialogue of the week... Big smile

This week's OMG!What Were They Thinking Moment was definitely the whole naara con. It was totally OMG! The way CVs made a common issue between a husband and a wife such a hilarious encounter.
The way Yash was embarrassed and shied being only in his kurta(umm.. Yash ji doesnt feel shy roaming around in towels n bathrobs.. Tongue ) and behaved like a complete kid in front of Aarti and the way Aarti teased and mocked Yash yet lovingly and patiently made him take her help..
It was an absolute treat to watch and all I could do was roll off the floor... ROFL

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Anything that really shocked us this week? I guess it was Dubey's sudden outburst at Aarti asking who was she to ask Prashant to leave as Prashant is their son. I was seriously shocked to see such a thing coming from Dubey whom we had seen from the start being a fatherly figure who had always worried for Aarti's life Confused

Most irritating scene of the week was whn dubey ji was abt to tell Aarti about prashant's disease again shobha ji nteruppted dubey ji n askd him nt to reveal prashant's truth infrnt Aarti ...Deadit was soo irritating always shobha ji neither tell truth to Aarti nor allow dubey ji to tell truth to Aarti so ..most irritating Character of the week was Shobha Jii

Anyone noticed that Aarti had just applied her mehndi and see how she kept holding Yash with her mehendi hands. Didn't her mehendi dirty Yash's shirt or did it dried so fast?

 Aarti was talking to herself that she'll reveal everything to yash about her past on Karwa Chauth tomorrow...but the next morning Aarti says "the Karwa Chauth is tomorrow." when Yash ji is all flirty with her. LOL

Another blooper was that being such a huge hospital they had book registers to record visitors and patients names...it's the technology generation...use computers to keep records LOL

Yash ji's stubble...it disappeared during the police station but when he gives aarti a call...he's got a thick stubble on his face...what an amazing growth i tell ya! LOL

 The bed sheets...AarYa haven't changed their bed sheet ever since they gotten married...isn't it the high time they washed it now LOL

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Siggy by:  dips 

Siggy by: saher 90 


Avi by: albut1

And here is a gift for you Wink :

And here is your gift Party : 

This week, our hottie has got to be Mrs. Aarti Yash Schindia.

The elegant saree that she wore. And the amazing make-up that was light but so dark at the same time. Kudos to Aarti for carrying off such an amazingly pretty saree so well. ClapClap

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By : shubhika124

Song : Pee Loon
Movie : OUATIM
Singer: Mohit Chauhan

By : Mr.Zk

And here is your gift Party:

SS:Yash's Realization Part 1

SS:Yash's Realization Part 2

Song:  O Jaana Na Jaana

Author: Padmavar

Genre: Family/Romance/Drama

o jaana na jaana, ye dil tera deewana 
jahan bhi tu jayee tere peeche ayee,
 ye tera aashiq purana
o jaana na jaana

jor chalta nahee kya karu
ye dil sambhalta nahee kya karu haay
haan aisa kaanta laga pyaar ka
abh nikalta nahee kya karu
teri nigaho ka main ban gaya hoon nishana
o jaana na jaana, ye dil tera deewana
jahan bhi tu jayee tere peeche ayee, ye tera aashiq purana
o jaana na jaana

Synopsis:   What will it take for Yash to finally realize that he is in love with his beautiful wife Aarti? Yash gave permission for Aarti to take care of her ex-husband Parshant, who had a bone marrow transfer from a donor that matched him. When Yash, arrives at hospital he somethings that makes him feel like intruder and makes him feel restless and jealous. Yash realizes that heis in love with his beautiful  wife Aarti, she and his four children mean the world to him.

And here is your gift Party:

An amusing post betokening the condition of every girl/woman in this universe who is suffering from the 'Gurmeetiana' a very deadly disease with no cure Tongue

By : Priyasi

Most Adorable Post :

Did you love Yash's coquettish weather forecasting? Yes? Then you'll love this post too Blushing

By : Kashish 1322

Loving the hen-pecked newly reformed husband india? This post is for you then Wink

By : Priyasi

And here is your gift Party:

With the Kaurva Chauch sequence coming next week, can we expect a revelation? Either Aarti learns about Prashant's illness or Aarti reveals the truth about her first marriage to Yash. With Gayatri back now, we can be certain that once the truth is out, she might be showing cold shoulder treatment towards Aarti again. Anyways, lets wait and watch what is in store for us next week Smile

With nothing much really happened this week except for the sequence that managed to make us smile where Yash was trying to insert the string into his pants and he getting shy once Aarti walks in was a sort of relieve in between of all the serious things that has been happening. So with that, i shall give it a 3/5 for this week.

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The NL is now up for your weekend and first of all, a Happy Diwali to all of you.
Hope all of you have fun and great time with loved ones in the coming week.
Till we meet again Wink

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