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FF: The Tempest, chapter 11 - Epilogue, p 32 (Page 12)

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Originally posted by pretty_h

wow swasthi i love it when ahem will know it gopi whom he is going to get married how will be his reaction and how he try to find on her to ask if she is ok and he remember of her too and gopi was remember him wow waiting for next thx for this lovely update 

Thanks so much Hansa.

I am really glad that you are enjoying this story.

The next chapter is coming up very soon.

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Originally posted by swasthi

Originally posted by hana_y

swasthi it so lovely both think of each ever and thx ahem try to find where she leave to ask about her as he did not take protection wow he think of it and he touch the pillow to have her fragrance wow no wit their wed hope he will not say any thing which will hurt her or she dont faint before the wed then will have the problem he friend is kanaji cont soon love it amazing awesome it is Clap 

I am really glad to read that you have caught up with the current chapter Hana and that you are enjoying this story. 

Thanks so much.

The next chapter is coming up very soon.

welcome swasthi waiting for next hansa is not here for one month she has gone out country when she will be back will read it she ask me to let you know it

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swasthi IF-Rockerz

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A heartfelt thanks to all of you who have read, liked or commented.

Here is the fourth chapter.

Chapter 4

It was a typical autumnal evening with the air crisp and cool following the drizzle during the day. The sun sets earlier due to the clocks going back an hour. Most of the leaves had fallen leaving trees bare and ready for hibernation.

"Now don't miss this opportunity Rashi. Jigar is still not married yet. You can have the same things as Gopi if you do as I told you to last night," Urmila pecked Rashi as she got out of the neighbour's car they had arranged a lift in to the Modi house.

"Yes, mummy," complied Rashi following her mother out of the car.

Gopi stood dazzled by the grandeur of the Modi house and its surroundings. The row of lanterns forming a pathway up the drive to the entrance brought out the domineering frontage of the house, with well manicured gardens and some large trees dotted around causing shadows on the lawn. The house was covered with tiny twinkling lighting running from the roof to the ground, making it look like an ornamental jewellery box.

There were lots of expensive cars parked on the drive with well dressed people milling around chatting in groups and children running around playing. The women looked to be high society, dressed in their latest designs and colours, and decked in heavy jewellery.

Feeling out of place, Gopi looked at herself. She wore magenta and olive green panelled crepe gharara with antique working. The skirt hung close to her. The blouse was covering her to her waist that had working on the border with an open curved back and a tie whilst her dupatta which was draped over her head had intricate antique working on the olive green border. Her jewellery was small and dainty. Nothing was elaborate or grand about her outfit when compared to those visitors.

"Urmilaben, jai shree Krishna," called out Kokila at the entrance of the house, taking Gopi out of her thoughts.

"Jai shree Krishna, Kokilaben," replied Urmila walking up to her with Rashi and Gopi following in tow.

"Let me see my vahu to be," said Kokila turning to Gopi who came and stood near Kokila.

"Jai shree Krishna, auntyji," responded Gopi taking her blessings.

"Call me maji from now on Gopi vahu. This is mota bhabhi. We have something to give you. Show me your hands," told Kokila as she held Gopi's cheek.

"Call me kakiji Gopi dikra," said Hetal sweetly to Gopi cupping her hand on her other cheek also, "you are looking very beautiful tonight."

"Thank you," replied Gopi shyly as she lifted her hands for Kokila.

"Yes mota bhabhi, Ahem dikra is in for a surprise when he sees her," said Kokila tunefully looking at Hetal.

Hetal revealed an opened small ornamental box that had two golden kangans.

"This is for agreeing to be my vahu," Kokila said as she placed one on each hand of Gopi's. Urmila's eyes widened at the grand and heavy looking kangans then looked at her daughter who was equally shocked.

"You don't need to do this at all," replied Gopi.

"You are going to be the eldest vahu of this house and you should be rewarded appropriately," Hetal chimed out, "You must accept it."

"Thank you maji and kakiji," resigned Gopi.

"Now come and meet Baa and the rest of the family," Kokila said, taking Gopi with Hetal into the house.

Gopi followed her maji and kakiji into the house. She was already feeling so loved and pleased that she will be having someone to call as her maji. She could hear in the background a classical instrumental composition played on sitar. This set the ambience well as she found herself meeting many people both family members and family friends, greeting them along the way whilst she noticed her mami and Rashiben moving into the background of the crowd of people.

Her favourites were Baa, then her new papaji and kakaji, and of course her maji and kakiji. The one person who was missing from there was her future husband, Ahem. Whilst she was meeting the well wishers she was told commendable things about him and how much she would compliment him. However, Gopi felt butterflies beginning to flutter in her tummy with his non appearance engulfing her.

She looked around the room and just only realised the size and scope of it. Whilst the outside revealed a very English outlook the inside felt as though she was on a Bollywood set. The hall was vast with a grand staircase leading upstairs to passageways with ornate arches that leads to several doors. Adjacent to the open planned hall and dining area was the mandir with Krishna and his Radha enshrined. This will be her favourite place for sure, she thought. The light coloured walls brought out the beautiful traditional coloured decorations put up with veils of cream chiffon to match the splendour of the place.

Gopi eventually settled down next to Baa who was talking about a shokla from the Bhagavat Gita when Kinjal joined in.

"Baa, you will soon have lots of time to talk to Gopi bhabhi once she is here. Ma wants me to take Gopi bhabhi to freshen up for the engagement," Kinjal told Baa taking hold of Gopi's hand, "Come bhabhi."

"I will come back soon, Baa," Gopi told Baa and Baa nodded.

Gopi followed Kinjal upstairs onto the passageway leading to the right near the far end whilst she watching the excitable crowds of people enjoying themselves below. Kinjal lead Gopi into a bedroom.

"Bhabhi this is bhai's room soon to be yours too. This door leads to the bathroom. You can freshen up here. I will be back soon to collect you and take you down in time for the ceremony," said Kinjal softly then closed the bedroom door behind her leaving Gopi alone there.

Gopi looked around the room taking in its large size. The room looked like a photograph from an interior designers magazine feature article. It had a huge bed with side tables that was the central piece in the room, just looking at the bed sent tantalising shivers down her body. The wide dresser and matching stool complimented the golden green curtains draped luxuriously around the windows. On one side of the room were couches and a coffee table creating a space for evening tea when he returned from the office. The room looked lived in and exuded everything about Ahem that she had experienced, she thought. When she opened the bathroom door it immediately led into a walk in closet which enveloped her in his scent, that lead to the plush bathroom which was larger than her own bedroom at her mami's house.

Gopi felt overwhelmed by all of this and found herself looking at her reflection on the bathroom mirror. Her peaked cheeks were flushed with pink. Her eyes beamed radiance and her lips were plump and deep pink. She sure looked like the blushing bride to be. She instantly looked away shying herself from this and faced another side of the bathroom.

Suddenly she heard a ruffled sound in the bedroom and froze in her place. She felt her tummy turn as though the fluttering butterflies were trapped inside it. She dared not turn to see who it was as she felt the same magnetic pull as she had when she first met him. It had to be HIM!

The sound grew louder as it approached her.

Ahem stood at the entrance door of the bathroom and saw the back of the petite girl whom he will soon be engaged to. He had not seen a photograph of her even though his mother and kakiji had attempted a few times to show him, when he arrived at noon but he had shown no interest as all. He was simply doing this out of duty for this dear mother and nothing else. He knew his heart laid with the girl who came to him in the storm and he was going to look for her, but now he had to set his cards on the table and tell his future bride how he felt.

"Erm," said Ahem clearing his throat to get her attention, "I just want to let you know that I cannot give my heart to you. It is taken by someone else. all for my mother. I'm..."

He walked away before he could finish his sentence. That's it; it is all said, he told himself as he went downstairs. He needed things to be set straight to avoid any expectation or disappointment from this girl. Now it was merely him going through the motions for the sake of his mother. A relieved Ahem kept a relaxed aura about himself as he mingled with the guests.

The air hung, pungent with his scent and unused as Gopi stood still and stopped breathing. Big, hot tears fell involuntarily on Gopi's cheeks. Her whole world misted over. She stood there for what felt like infinity.

She felt inadequate. Life fated her to be this way and was once again stinging her similar to the time when her parent's left her.

Kinjal called out for Gopi. Gopi came out of her semi conscious state. She quickly wiped her tears, tidied her face and looked at herself one more time. She looked disaster stricken. Please kanaji give me strength, pleaded Gopi silently then she walked out to Kinjal who was waiting in the room.

"It is time, let's go," informed Kinjal. With this Gopi walked out of his room with Kinjal holding her at one side and Rashi, who was waiting in the passageway, joined in on the others side leading her to the top of the staircase.

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I will comment on everything soon, Swasthi! Geek

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oh cruel fate.  It has twisted itself yet again to make Gopi insecure, for now at least.  Who knows what the reaction will be when Ahem realises just who his fiance is.  Thanks for the update Swasthi.  Good one Thumbs Up

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Just beautiful SwasthiStar What fate for Gopi.. Ahem has given his heart to her and yet she is here crying on her engagement day, all shattered because of his words. Aww.. That is just so sad. It would hurt for sure. The girl just thought she got her family back with her Maaji, Kakiji and the rest and Ahem's words pulled all that away in a minute. 
What will Ahem do when he realizes his mistake? How will he be able to convince Gopi that he meant her and that his heart is with her and no one else. Smile An intriguing setting. 

I love the Modis and Kinjal seems nice. Rashi is still her mother's daughter and so poor JigarOuch He will not know what hit himConfused

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reserve lovely Thumbs Up

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Awesome Update Swasthi Clap im excited abt ur update after read ur update my excited was fully justified... Embarrassed

Awww.. I felt really bad for gopi poor girl Disapprove one side she saw her second family her maaji, Kakiji n all or other side.. The guy who would be her future hubby whom crush her feeling so badly Disapprove but when Ahem saw her that she the same girl so wht he do how he apologised with her Smile looking forward ur next update Wink

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