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guys - Kunal negativ... continue??? (Page 5)

jay_bpm IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 6:26am | IP Logged
Part 6 - 

Monday after one week Badra Court session. 
Everyone from Chopra family was there. Siddhi was there with her sons and Diwans too tagged along. Police brought Richa to court. Thakral practically ran to her as she was not able to get bail at all. She spent entire week in jail as complaint against her was such and given previous charges of attempted murder, she failed to receive bail. First time Thakral was feeling extremely weak. 

Judge walked-in, everyone rose. But still prosecution attorney was not present there. Thakral was happy but also confused like everyone. During bail hearing, public prosecutor argued against Richa, but today he is not present. People in court room were chatting, creating noise due to obvious uncertainty as what is happening. 
Thakral stood up like a fox he is, "Well your honor, I say this case is simply ridiculous. The charges are 9 years old, Siddhi Chopra was already proved guilty and she even served her term. Now other two charges, what can I say, again ridiculous. I imagine prosecution too has realized this, that is why no one bothered to show up. huh."
Judge, "Mr. Thakral we must wait before you can start your arguments. Who is the opposing counsel, can we have the prosecution side please."

"I am" strong, deep voice came form back. Everyone was inclined to look back as who is this. No other than THE KUNAL CHOPRA stood there, firmly holding his ground, looking like an angry tiger took his steps in. Sudden shock gloomed over the court-room. Nobody, not even Siddhi imagined this would happen. Kunal once again had surprised if not shocked everyone. Talk about being a wild card, unpredictable being, Kunal proved he is one.

He came forward near chair, threw his file with attitude on the table, again dazzling people.
Thakral, "Kunal, you are. How can you.."
Kunal stopped him right there, "Shut up. Again not interested in hearing your nonsense. I am your opposing counsel, if you are sacred, well too bad. Only talk about the case, otherwise shut up." Kunal finished his sentence, used right right arm to move the chair, set on it like a man who doesn't give a damn and put his left leg on right with left arm on chair showing indicating he is in no mood of nonsense. Again, everyone simply dazzled by seeing this Kunal.

Thakral dumbstruck and Richa just dumb trying hard but failing to understand what is happening here. Kuanl snapped his fingers to bring Thakral back. Even judge was amazed by to see this Kunal Chopra, man who did not even pass by court is here. 

Thakral swallowed his gut, in low tone started again, "as I was saying your honor. This case is simply baseless. I imagine there is no real proof. This is simply an act to insult my client, not to mention me. Opposing attorney always had grudge against me so.."
Kunal suddenly stood up from the chair, like how a tiger may have just jumped to attack; scaring everyone, even the judge. Thakral took a step back as he saw sheer fury coming his way. 

As soon as Kunal stood up he started laughing, "Wow Thakral. You imagine there is no proof. Seems your old age is catching up as now your arguments are based on imagination and not devious mind of yours that plots based on fake evidence. well who cares. You yourself will go to asylum once this case is over right here today."
"Well the reason I came late is I had to arrange for entertainment here in court. Judge here is the authentication certificate for damn good CD I am going to play. (looking at Thakral) it comes from Thakral house. Don't worry dude, not from your room.Evil Smile

Judge allowed to play the CD with projector. In CD - 
Kunal, "SO Richa, you are sober right. You know what you are doing?
Richa, "Yes Kunal I am in my full senses. I am ready to answer in with my full will."
Kunal, "So tell me what exactly you did to get me in past 9 years. Start with whole Rohit murder case, I want to see how much you love me."
Richa started talking and she said it all. She started how she plotted with Rohit to frame Siddhi as she wanted Siddhi out of Kunal's life. How they were keeping an eye on Siddhi, setting up accident, getting dead body, where Rohit was hiding, how he framed Kunal, how they fooled Thakral to help them, how and where Rohit died, Siddhi singing the deal, later going to jail how she snatched away the baby and almost ready to kill and ended with she is the one who kidnapped AC2, again to compel Siddhi."
CD ran for 15 minutes covering everything. Lights were turned on and everyone were mere statue, not able to react as didn't know how to. Thakral was worse than a stone, not knowing anything, completely blank. 
Kunal again snapped his finger to bring Thakral out, "See Thakral. This is the daughter you have raised. She killed her own brother and indirectly you helped her. Good lord, what kid of people are you? Good your wife is dead or she'll regret giving birth to such beasts."
Kunal looked at RIhca who was all blue like she lost all her blood, "Love me. I must say I didn't know I am such fine thing you went to such an extent to get me."
"Your honor, before anyone claims she was under influence or compelled, it was stated clearly in there Ms. Richa Thakral said everything in her full senses, thus responsible for everything she said. "
"Now my question is what will the court do? 10 years ago she was charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. But her powerful father used his influence to get her out. Once out she again tired to kill a pregnant woman, plotted a devious conspiracy to frame that very woman, killed her own brother her obsession, tried to kill a new born baby and recently kidnapped a 9 year old. Wow, what a resume you have. To satisfy her sickness, she ruined so many lives. This very court she succeeded in her plot to send Siddhi in jail to suffer. This very court ruled against an innocent woman who spent a decade in jail fro no fault of her own. In that, all of us, me, this court and especially Thakral are responsible. My stupidity, court's blindness is responsible why an innocent spent a decade in jail, away from her family and kids. This very court. So my question to your honor, what will be the verdict. Will we again here Ms. Richa to take into custody, start the trial procedure separately for her crimes, arrange next hearing, allow a powerful attorney to again use his influence to help her lunatic daughter? Is she going to continue creating a havoc as she is blessed with a devious father who is aware of legal loopholes or finally justice will be served."

Pin-drop silence followed Kunal's vehement rhetoric. Judge was too compelled  and shameful at the same time. Thakral still stood at the same place like a stone where Chopra's were dumbstruck. Richa got as blue as character of "Avtaar" robbed of any oxygen. Twin Anands did not know what to think or do. Diwans were stunned to know what life had been like for SINAL. Siddhi was not able to stop tears heavily flowing form her eyes, simply over-whelmed. One thing for sure, no one has ever seen This KUNAL CHOPRA. Man was simply invincible, nothing could capture him today, he was simply dominating everyone and everything. 

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palzs Goldie

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 6:34am | IP Logged
loved the attitude of KUNAL CHOPRASmile
 gawd knows wen c.v's are gona show something similar to this...
 heights of butchering the characters...Angry

excellent post jay...Clap
loved itClap

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jay_bpm IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 6:54am | IP Logged
Part 7 - 

Judge had given his ruling. First time he had ever announced final verdict and sentence on first hearing. Richa was to be evaluated by psychiatric experts to determine if she should go to jail first or spend some time at lock down secured psychiatric facility to get some intense treatment. Either way, she is not going to be free before getting her her cataracts and arthritis. with that Thakral was ordered to pay retribution to Siddhi. Due to Kunal's heavy arguments, Thakral would have to pay at least half of what he had made in past 10 years, plus all the money he ever spent on Richa. 

Kunal simply stormed out of the court room, again leaving chaos behind. Media sure tried to get to him but the way Kunal was walking and the speed; no one dared to stop him. They sure took chance to humiliate Thakral and were about to attack Siddhi with their questions but Diwans, Chopra and kids helped her get out. Siddhi's eyes were still searching for only Kunal, where did he go. Her husband had cleared her name of all charges and restored her dignity. 

Richa was sitting in her dark cell like a ghost. she did not know what is going to happen now. Just then she heard a voice, "What up darling. Having good time?"
She looked toward the voice, it was none other than Kunal.
She jumped up all huffing and puffing like always running her steps as like child she doesn't know how to walk. She tried to touch, more like snatch Kunal but he was standing too far.
Richa, "Kunnaalll. I knew it. I knew it no matter what, you will come to me. I know you still love me, all this is because of SIddhi. You can never do this to me. I know our love.."
Kunal cut her midway, "Lady stop. You just need a second and will go off your damn delusions here and there. Not just me but everyone including IF members are damn tired to hear you these days. Isn't it enough you torture us with your nonsense in show, even in FF you can't stop? Lady take a chill pill and spare me and my people." (Yes, Jay likes to settle all scores) 
"Of course I am here. Remember I told you I have a gift for you? See, this is my gift. I promised you will be left alone for rest of your life. You will rot in isolation under darkness. I fulfilled my promise, you have your gift."
Richa, "No Kunnaall. You can't do this to me. You won't leave me here, you don't do that."
Kunal, "Well don't know who you are talking about. Apparently I am the guy who left his pregnant wife in jail for a decade, even if she was innocent. I only came to pick my parcel one day and never looked back. For 9 years I was able to destroy my life but not come see her. That is the kind of man I have become now. So you, who the hell gives a damn? You are my psyhco mistake and guilty. So hold on here dear, I have make sure of it. Well but tell me how do you like my gift? May be you need to take some time before you give your opinion, don't worry. you have plenty of time in your hands and nothing much to do. For years I enjoyed your gift, now I ma returning the favor."

As soon as his sentence ended Kunal turned and stormed out, this time creating and leaving a chaos behind. Nuke

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myra_3490 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 7:03am | IP Logged
Jay i'm loving this Kunal Chopra
nice FF Clap

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Musiquelover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 7:07am | IP Logged
Jay u know what the toughness in this man kunal made me cry while reading this thanks a ton mannn for writing this

My heart became heavy n tears running down for the curt dialogues of kunal had immense pain n blood baggged in them

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SV_20 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 7:09am | IP Logged
Well written jay
Wanna see tis kunal in our show too
But i knw i m expecting much frm d idiotic cv'sAngry

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jay_bpm IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 April 2012
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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 7:26am | IP Logged
Part 8 - 

Kunal stormed out of jail only to spot Siddhi waiting for him. He took a second and stepped towards her, "I am sorry it took me 10 years to do my job properly. All I can say now is I tried to get retribution, not just money but clearing up name as well. Tomorrow court will release an apology note addressed to you, printed in all major news paper. I know it can never pay off, but still."

Finishing this sentence Kunal was about to leave and Siddhi held him tight by lift arm.
Siddhi with teary eyes, "Kunal." She tried to hug Kunal from behind but again KUnal moved away. Shocked by this gesture, "Kunal what are you doing? There you again restored my dignity as my husband but here you move away. Now everything is done, why are you moving away. Don't do this anymore. Yes you are angry but..."

Kunal turned back towards Siddhi. She witnessed red eyes with tears present. Kunal trying hard to compose himself, in low tone, 'I am moving away? Do I have that power anymore Siddhi? You are the one who moved away."
"I believed you were the only one who truly loved me and accepted me the way I was. You are not simply my happiness but life line. You provided me what was needed to live fully. And I thought you knew it. My wife was my universe and nothing else mattered. I was happiest person."
"But now I am the person who left his pregnant wife in jail for a decade. There is nothing I can do about it. For the rest of my life, I have to live with the fact that because of me, my wife spent decade in jail and all I did during the time was roamed aimlessly as drunkard wastrel. That is the reality of life, my Parichay."
"When you told me I held it in, did not react. I thought once you come back to my life, once we start our life together I will clear your name. No way you will live with this stain but what happened? Once again you made decision on your own, to go ahead perhaps suffer bit tell me."
Now Kunal was not able to hold his tears, they flow heavily and knew no stop.
"What I am suppose to think of myself now? My own wife, the person who understood me more than anyone did not believe in me. I am the guy whose wife opted to spend her good years in jail but tell me the truth. To save my sorry ass, my wife went ahead with a sacrifice. I thought I provided you with everything, but NO. I was not able to provide you with not just love but trust and sense of security as well. But of course I was wrong. You did not trust me enough or believed that I will be able to to handle things. You did not even give me one chance to show I can get things right. Not just once, twice. You were able to share it all with Diwans, but not me."
"That says of course something is wrong with me. Perhaps I am simply not worth it. I am not the kind of person anyone can depend on. After all I have only disappointed my family. So why bother? I have always been selfish to only look at myself, lived the life how I wished to see it. So why bother with me at all?"

Siddhi was not able to see Kunal in so much pain. Kunal was on verge of breaking down.
Kunal, "I am the kind of own wife" with these words Kunal did break down. He was shattered, simply burs-ted out and fell on the ground... 

IN one moment, the man who just dazzled and created chaos was on ground, crying away, exposing his pain, guilt, love, yearning, all emotions one can have just out in open... 

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Musiquelover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 November 2012 at 7:32am | IP Logged
Wonderful wonderful I want to see this Kunal in show this would justify the show a male centric show parichay

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