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guys - Kunal negativ... continue??? (Page 3)

jay_bpm IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sarah_singh

Jay    -  What distinguished Kunal Chopra from the rest was that he was a man of principle who did not compromise  his  standards no matter what the cost  -- this was what he used to be ---

Well if you believe that he needs to become negative because of  what Siddhi may do ---
by the same token do you believe that richa is justified in pulling the crap she has done just because she feels hurt & its the result of her broken heart ??? that what she is doing is because of her undying love for kunal which has caused her to loose her sense of right & wrong and treat people without human compassion or any regard for they life.

Kunsl chose to spend 9 years of his life wallowing in self pity, unemployed, &  drinking instead of looking for the truth, moving on in life with his son or working ---heart breaks & setbacks are a part of life that does not mean we should become bitter,abandon our responsibilities & give up on our loved ones.

I expecting Kunal to fight  for  his wife & children after all Siddhi's message to him was come & take me home --- Its Kunals time to manup, rise from the ashes & claim what belongs to him ---
Like everyone I too want Kunal to fight for his wife and kids. Yes Siddhi sent him the message and Kunal must stop this nonsense even if Siddhi is under some compulsion. Never I want Kunal to give into any deal or sacrifice or let Siddhi go ahead and do it.
I am highly pissed since Monday. 3 months I was hoping for proper explanation as why Kunal spent 9 years like a damn wastrel. But all we got is anger and a stupid lie. Really? Nothing could stop Kunal from going for his Siddhi even for a moment. But they want me to believe stupid lie and anger stopped him for 9 years and that's why he gave up on life, sacred of court, not celebrating his B'day and so much more. No, I do not know if I can ever get over that.
Now with this crappy promo - what are they going to show again? Siddhi making some deal and Kunal standing there like a fool. Hell no. Under no condition Siddhi would've done that in first place and Kunal not giving damn. But they forced that crap on to us and we tolerated it.
This post is to express my frustration, if they can't make Kunal hero, well go for villain as something substantial. I simply came to Siddhi, other people are yet to come.

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0309anna-Hima- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Jay Clap Clap very good way to vent out ur frustration...
Go ahead...plz continue ur ff...
Ur good in writing kunals emotions...only few members can write this way

I don't know whether the marriage happens r not...hoping that it won't happen...but if she again agrees to some deal...i wanna see kunal to give left right n center...n stop the wedding...
Not going to accept this marriage...

enough is enough
Cvs r playing with our emotions... Angry Angry...

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SV_20 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Well written jay
Tired of sng drunkard depressd n guilt kunal
Enough of rona dhona want him to man up now
N give siddhi a piece of mind for her mahan gun and her lame sacrifices which indeed breaks his heart
Keep gng jay

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akrk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 11:51am | IP Logged
hi jay_bpm...

awsm piece of writing...
u made r kc a real hero...

kunal's dialogues were very well written..

do update next part asap...
hope like ekta u dnt seperate sinal...

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jay_bpm IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 5:27pm | IP Logged
Part 3 - 

Kunal storms out of Diwan mansion leaving evryone stunned, especially Siddhi who stood there like a stone with tears heavily coming out.
Thakral mansion was haunting as now only two creatures reside there. Kunal kicked the front door, the slamming of doors made loud noise. Thakral came running down to see what just happened. he saw Kunal standing there with anger in his eyes and smirk on his face. 
Thakral, 'Kunal you? what are you doing here right now? What more do you..."
Before Thakral finishes Kunal cut him, "Shut up. I am not here to let you ask me questions. You will answer my questions. Where the hell is your mistake, I mean your daughter. Hey, don't give me these expressions just get her or tell me where she is? she doesn't do anything except run behind me so where can she go."
Thakral was not sure what is happening here.
Seeing Thakral like statue Kunal just started going towards Richa's room. Thakral realized this so he too ran behind him as Kunal was walking at light speed. 
Kunal & thakral entered Richa's room where she was lying on sofa with liquor bottle in her hand and mini bar on table. 
Kunal, "This is how you look after your daughter? I thought you actually cared about your daughter and fed her stubbornness. Oh well let me help her."
Kunal took glass of water and splashed it on Richa's face. 
Thakral, "What are you doing? Why are you.."
Again Kunal cut him, "why the hell you keep interfering. I said shut up. Your mistake here is passed out. I have damn good experience with liquor so don't come in between what I am doing." Kunal again splashes water on Richa's face and she suddenly jumps out of sofa. 
Again Kunal splashes water on her face really bringing her out of alcohol induced sleep.

Richa tries to stand still and Thakral goes to help her. Richa is not able to believe it is Kunal standing before her. She gives her weird expression of huff/puffing no one really understands saying, 'Kunnaalll"
Kunal raises his hand to indicate stop, 'No need for drama. Just tell me where is my son? Before you and your father here start all the nonsense about what are you talking about and much more, just give me my younger son. You wanted Siddhi to marry Abhay, well they are doing that right now, who knows may be done. You want me to marry you, fine. Just bring my son and get over with it now."
First Richa and Thakral are not able to believe what they just heard. Thakral was confused with whole give me back my son where all Richa heard was "I will marry you". Richa was going towards Kunal but she missed her steps and Thakral again had to hold her.

Kunal, "Handle your daughter Thakral. How long will you hold her, she has to stand on her damn feet one day. Go get her black coffee, that will make her loose out soon. Put her on bed and get black coffee, for your own mistake Thakral."
Thakral now even more confused does whatever Kunal told him to do. 
Richa again tries to come near Kunal and he stops her, "Don't come near me, forget about touching. I don't get it, why can't you keep your hands to your self. And you were the one who filed for molestation case (Kunal chuckles). I will marry you, hell we can even decide the date but I need to know something before that. All you need to do is tell me every thing till my son gets here.
Just then Thakral walks in with black coffee. Kunal sees and says, "you heard Thakral. I am ready to take care of your mistake now. You can even throw a gran party after 2 days. That day you can announce our engagement and it will be biggest surprise of the year."
Both Thakral and Richa gets happy to hear this. They both agree right away. Thakral can't hold happiness, he leaves the room to start the preparation. 
Kunal, "Now Richa call your people to get my son back." Richa takes the order. 
Kunal, "Now Richa tell me. You did all this to get me, but you hurt me great deal in the process. What can you do to make me happy? I know a way you can make me happy but are you willing to do that? If yes, well better now or never."
Richa agrees to do whatever Kunal wanted.

Door bell rings after 20 minutes. It was Richa's men with AC2. Kunal comes down to receive him. He runs to hug his father and Kunal does take him into his arms and says, "Are you ok?"
AcC2 looks at Kunal with fearful eyes.
Kunal, "No need to worry now. No one can do anything to you, not this lady or her men. It is time to go home, meet your family."
Kunal walks out of there without even looking at Richa or Thakral for one last time. 

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jay_bpm IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 6:37pm | IP Logged
Part 4 - 

At Chopra house everyone was going mad thinking what is happening. Kunal has gone for quite a while and it is getting late now. Veena starts her usual nonsense and Raj tries to get hold of the situation but no difference. 

Just then Kunal walks in, alone. Everyone gets up and looks toward door. They imagined Siddhi too would walk-in after him but no such thing happened. They all looked at Kunal with questions in their eyes. Seema even asked Kunal.

Kunal, "When I reached there, Siddhi was getting married to Abhay. By now everything must have been done I guess." Everyone was shocked to hear this. Veena was about to say something and Kunal stopped her, "I am not done yet. yes Siddhi is not coming home, not today. But before all of you start your nonsense, listen to this. I have said yes to Richa. After 2 days there is a grand party at Thakral house, all of us will go. You all enjoy seeing my mockery, so here comes another circus."

Seema was about to say something but again Kunal, "Seema, I said I am not done yet. Why don't you people get that?" He calls for Anand, both Anands walk-in from outside. When Kunal came Anand was waiting for them and just then Kunal asked both of them to stay out till he calls them.
Everyone except Seema is stunned. They are not sure if there eyes are fine as they see two Anands, (God one OTT kid is enough, now two?)

Kunal, "Here are my sons. Yes I have two sons, twin boys. 9 years ago Siddhi had made deal with Richa. To get me out of jail, she agreed to Richa's condition to leave me and take all the blame. That is why she behaved the way she did and even singed he divorce papers. Later on her devilry day when I reached jail, Richa was taking away my older son to harm him, but I reached there at the right time. She didn't know Siddhi gave birth to another son. Siddhi was told her older son was born dead. So Siddhi had asked Sulekha Diwan to drop him off to us. But she over-heard talk about my marriage to Richa, (he looks toward Veena) thansk to you my mother India. So she took the baby with her. He was raised as Abhay Diwan's son - Anand Diwan. That is why when Siddhi came out of jail, she went to live with Diwans. She had come to meet me, but saw us at Thakral mansion, believed I am married so that's that."

I assume all of you people hvae answers to your questions, well enjoy. Meet two Anands, tomorrow morning I will drop them off at Diwan house to Siddhi for 2 days."
Kunal said it and went for his room just then Seema stops him, "But Kunal bhaiya if you know everything then how can you agree to Richa..."

Kunal again stopped her, "Why do I need to answer anyone here? 9 years ago when I was in jail, did I find out what was happening in this house? Was I told how Siddhi was trying to procure proofs to get me out? Did Vikram and Raveena ever tell me they too saw Rohit alive and he died right in front of them? If no one bothered to tell me what the hell happened here back then, why do I need to answer anyone right now? Again, I said what I needed to say. Now I do not care to answer anyone or do how other wish me to. Nothing is going to work anymore. NO emotional nonsense from a mother, no lectures from father, no taunts from brother, no advice from you and (he looks at Anands) defiantly not sad faces with hopeful eyes. Just do not bother me unless you absolutely must." Kunal goes to his room and slams the door behind him. 

Again room was captured by silence after bad storm. No one knew how to react. Both Anands went to Seema, she hugged them tightly as everyone was scared by what they witnessed right now.Nuke

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jay_bpm IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 8:23pm | IP Logged
Part 5 - 

Next Morning Diwan mansion:
Siddhi was not able to get proper sleep last night. She too didn't want to get married, glad mid-way Kunal stopped it. But she still has this feeling of uncertainty and was very worried. She was waiting for Kunal as he promised to be there. Door bell rang so Siddhi ran to open the doors.

It was of course Kunal with both Anands. Both Anands hugged Siddhi and she kissed both of them. Glad to see both safe and sound. She looked at Kunal, he was standing with no expression and still giving chills with his look. 
Kunal, "I fulfilled my promise. Both of your sons are here, if you had to wait, well too bad."
Both Anands too were bit scared and decided it is better to leave the room.
Once kids were gone Kunal, "You sons will be with you for at least 2 days, depending on how things turn out. Day after tomorrow there is a grand party at Thakral house. Everyone will be there, want my both sons to be there. I can only ask you to come there, can not say you must as don't have that right anymore. If you decide to come, do bring your family, Trust me, it will be worth your while."
Kunal said that and about to leave Siddhi called him from back, "Kunal. Please listen. I know it was wrong to not say anything, but marriage did not take place. The minute you said you will bring Anand back, I believed you. Can't we just talk about this?"
Kunal, "Well really doesn't matter if it took place or not. I am sorry that I came in and interrupted good occasion. Whatever, not my business."
Siddhi, "Kunal just what happened to you? Where is the Kunal Chopra I knew?"
Kunal, "That man is distant history. He once told someone you are my life. If you leave, I will die. Well that person left and so did Kunal Chopra you knew. You searching for him is your problem, not mine. Now I have to go, enough questions. Go be happy your sons are here."
Kunal finished his sentence and again stormed out of there.

Kunal directly went to police station. He met his police inspector friend, they had some intense talk for 20 minutes. From there Kunal went to Bandra court. Last time it was when Anand compelled him to come here, more like black mailed him to go in there. Many memories of this place. If Kunal goes by last few, none good at all. But those times must be left behind. Kunal stared at the building for while, took deep breath and finally walked-in the court.

Day of the grand party at Thakral mansion:
Everyone from Chopra family was there, as they love such parties. Siddhi walked-in there with Anands and Diwans. She had talked to Anands and Seema as well to know what is going on with Kunal. Everyone was simply scared of Kunal these days. Forget about asking him anything, simply talking to him seem Agneepath these days. Seema had told Siddhi reason for this party and had urged her to come hoping her presence will have an effect on Kunal as she was always able to make an impact no one else could on Kunal.
Kunal was sitting at the bar, no drink nothing, just sitting there. He was in usual black suit, pink shirt. siddhi was wearing pink saree, she approached Kunal to talk but Richa came there to inter fear. Richa was way too happy today. She wanted to show Siddhi finally she has what she wanted and was about to hold Kunal and he stopped her, "How many times I need to say stay away woman. Keep your hands to yourself and stop bugging me like this. Just because Siddhi is here and you want to rub it on her face doesn't allow you to do whatever to me. You people have treated me like damn prop for quite long time."
Both Siddhi and Richa were stunned Kunal just said that. 
Richa, shameless person she is still tried to look all bubbly says, "Kunal please don't get angry. Let's go in middle as dad is about to announce our engagement and we can exchange rings. Come on, come with me."
Kunal, "Why so much hurry? You waited what, some 14 years, little more time isn't going to kill you. So again don't nag me. Learn to stay quite as you are really annoying. Besides I have a gift coming for you. Just wait few more minutes, but till then just shut up."
Richa tries to smile after this insult in front of Siddhi. No one is able to understand what is going on. Thakral finally takes Richa to center of room and calls for everyone's attention. Just then police inspector with a lady constable walks in. He comes to Thakral and says, "Mr. Thakral sorry to bother you at this time. But we are here to take your daughter into custody for charges of murder of Rohit Thakral, conspiracy to frame and attempted murder of Anand Chopra."
Sudden shock takes over the party. Everyone starts chatting as what the just witnessed is nothing but shocker. Why is Richa being charged for something after 9 years? But before Thakral can react, police takes Richa away. 
A grand lavish party suddenly turns into some market thanks to so much noise. Thakral not caring about anything runs after Richa. Kunal too accompanies him to police station. 

Police station:
Given it is Friday and second week, Richa will not be able to get bail till Monday. 
Thakral to Richa, "Don't worry beta. I will get you out. Nothing will happen you but what are these charges? Murder, conspiracy, attempted murder; I don;t understand."
Richa, "This is all Siddhi dad. Now that she is with powerful Diwans, she is trying to get me separated from Kunal again. But I will not let her succeed. I am glad that Kunal is here with me. See I knew you will be there for me."
Kunal, "yeah whatever Richa. Now we know you are not coming out till Monday so let's juts go home. It's late, damn tired, haven't had dinner so enough of your chat. Now this whole nonsense, it is going to take some time for case hearing and media is going to have fun with this. You wanted people to know about party, well now people will sure know."
Thakral, "No. I will nto let this matter go out of hand. I will make sure I get earliest hearing and throw this case out in no time. Before people read about this, there will be news of my win."

Next part - first hearing after one week

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akrk IF-Dazzler

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hi jay_bpm...

me first...

itz diwali blast...
go on...

update asap...

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