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new mg os- college vaala ishq. (Page 10)

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Originally posted by hinal_maaneet


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Thank You


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Girl came n sits near to geet..

She forwards her hand.. hy.. its ruby..

Geet shook her hand.. its geet'

Ruby- so.. new admission???

Geet- hmmm'. U??

Ruby- no.. m not.. hum toh puraane hai.

Geet- vt??? Sorry.. peon??? U r peon?

Ruby- vt??? When did I said tht??

Geet- sorry.. m lil weak in hindi'

Ruby- aree vah.. india mein rehe huye u don't knw hindi.. hindi toh hmari rashtriya basha hai..(national language)

Geet- no.. its tht.. m 4m London. Jst came to india 1 mnth ago.. I knw hindi bt lil..

Ruby- its okk..

Both were chatting'

When ruby's eyes got glued on sm1' she was seeing towards the door of room'

Geet followed her eyes'

A handsome boy.. with killing features enters the classroom'. Uff he was wearing black see through shirt.. looks sexy in it.. n flaunting his  toned body.. n the sunglasses.. hayee mashallah'

He is having god gifted features'  the perfect M shaped lips' no1 hav such type of lips in whole universe'

1 word came 4m geet's mouth seeing him.. the first look' SEXY' dn she realized.. vt she said..

Ruby was drooling over him with other girls'

Ruby- haye mashallah' kaatil ho aap toh..

Geet- vt???

Ruby signals her with her eyes to look at him..

Maan enters n ruby say hi to him' maan also say hi n sits with her..

Ruby- hy maan.. hws doing??

Maan- m gud' hws u?

Ruby- khuda ki rehmat se hum bilkul ache hai..

Yee hai geet.. geet kapoor'

Geet gave him a smile' both shook their hands'

When both touches each other.. a current passes through their spines' dy feels a new thing in heir touch'

Maan when saw her sitting their, thts y he came to ruby'

Both were seeing each other 4m corner of their eyes' were stealing glances..


Days passed' n both were attracted to eachother'

Its now 2 weeks geet came to clg.. maan n geet talk vry lil.. jst say hi to each other.. both hesitates talking to each other..

Once maan came n say..

Hy geet' kya haal chaal hai???

Geet- hy.. hmm I donno where is hall.. sorry

Maan- vt??? Oppss sorry I forget u r thodi si kachi in hindi na..

Geet gave  a smile not understanding vt he said'

Maan- I asked.. hws u???

Geet- m gud.. hws' btw vt was tht word??

Maan- in hindi.. when we ask sm1 abt hw he is??? We say.. "kya haal hai?"

Geet- okk'haal.. in a British types tone.

Hy maan.. will u teach me hindi???

Maan- yaa sure' aapko mna kaise kr skta hoon mai in a low voice drooling over her innocence.. hw cute she looks' aweee'.

Geet- vt????

Maan- nothing' okk I ll teach u..

Geet got vry happy as now finally sm1 will teach her n she too can speak with all in hindi.. with excitement she hugged maan n says thankuu.. thankuuu,..

Hayee maan ke toh mann mei laddu futtings' oye hoye.. his heart was dancing 4m inner' he wanted to hold her too' bt geet moves backward.. feeling embraced' she lowers her head'

Maan to lighten the atmosphere'

Achha 4m now mn tumhara guru.. aur tum meri shishya.. okk

Geet made a cute pouty face.. its visible tht she didn't understand anything'

Maan- 4m now m ur teacher n u r my student.. okk' geet nodded..


4m tht day their classes strted' maan used to teach her hindi when dy hav free period in clg.. usually dy hav half hour free.. so dy sits in canteen n maan teaches her while gossiping'

Maan used to smile, laugh on her antiques' n geet was falling for him with passing days'

The way maan is cool, n nice towards her was attracting her..


Both used to drool over each other whn other was not seeing dm' dy saw each other 4m corner of their eyes..

Ruby n rohan were frnds.. dy also saw each other getting lost in their eyes'. Dy knew both liked each other.. bt dy were not saying this to each other with the fear of losing'

Losing their new frndshp, new bonding,' their trust..

When dy were near to each other their heart beats rises, when dy were not dy feel the world stop at tht moment' dy liked to talk with each other..

When they were in each other's company dy didn't knw when the time passes'

They used to talk with their eyes'

They got lost in their eyes for so long tht dy don't knw'


 When maan teaches her.. dy were lost in their eyes' n ruby used to shook them n both came to present 4m their la la land..


Not evn ruby n rohan knws tht they liked each other.. evn many other stdts of clg were also talking abt them' any1 can say seeing them together tht they r in love with eachother..

The concern dy hav for each other.. only a lover can hav it..

Bt when sm1 ask dm abt it.. dy denied' with the hope tht other will say 1 day abt it..


Maan (st) hun' bholi toh aise bnti hai dekhooo' saaf saaf likha hai ankhon mein tht she too loves me' bt bolti kyu nahi.. uff ladkian.. unko samjhna is toh nxt to impossible.. kya ladke hi har baar pehle bole.. aisa koi rule hai kya'

Geet (St)- hun.. if m not saying anything, cant he say abt his feelings' y she never tell me' vt does he want.. me to confess 1st.. hun.. girls never say 1st.. tht he must knw na.. bt this dumbo.. sitting there like he don't feel anthg.. grhhh

Maan(st)- omg!! Why geet.. why??? I wanted to be with u forever n evr' tumhare sath toh waqt ka pta hi nahi chlta' jaise sma vhi tham gya ho' tumhari ankhon mein kuch toh hai jo mje tumhari aur le jaata hai'

Geet(St)- there is mthg in ur eyes, tht I cant move.. take off my eyes 4m u..ufff u r making me crazy over u..

Okk if u r not gonna confess' its ok.. m too geet'. Geet kapoor.. I ll say abt my feelings to u'

Bt.. vt if he rejects.. vt if he says he don't like me.. he don't feel 4 me the same way in which I feel 4 him???? I ll be broken.. tht I cant bear..

No.. I cant say him abt this..

Maan(st)- now thts enough.. I'll say her.. I'll say her tht I loves her' loves her so much tht I cant evn think my life without her.. if she too loves me.. thts toh fully visible in her eyes' bt.. no worries' o hoga dekha jayega'

Apne pyaar ko chupane se achha hai,' uske inkaar ka samna krna' kya hua agr usne mje inkaar kr bhi diya.. vaise vo karegi toh nhai' thts not possible..

Chlo assume krne mein kya jaata hai.. koi baat hmesha uska frnd rahuga' hmesha uska sath duga.. zindagi k har mod pe.. agr uska meri zaroorat hogi.. mn hmesha uske sath rahuga..


Mje usse btana h chahiye

Geet- I shd tell him'


Both decided tht dy will tell each other abt vt dy feel 4 eachother'

Its Sunday n both call each other..

Maan- hy geet..

Geet- hy' hws u?

Maan- m cool' hy wanna say k.

Geet- hmm tell' I too wanna meet

Maan- okk meet me @xyz hotel @ 4pm..

Geet- done'

Call ended.. n both having a wide smile on their faces'.

Geet hurriedly took the shower n stands to her wardrobe seeing through all her dresses' checking out vt she shd wear tody.. as its an imp day  4 her..

Vt he will like.. western or Indian?????

Aftr standing an hour in front of wardrobe she choose a red clr frok suit'

She straights her hair n tie them' apply vry lil makeup.. n was ready.. tody she was getting nervous' having a different feeling.. ohh gosh she is gonna tell maan' thts really a tickling feeling..


Maan was also too excited'  he too spend a lot time in getting dressed up.. finally he wore red t-shirt with its 3 buttons open.. flaunting his body..  & black jeans'.


They headed towards the place'

Both reached their' dy sits on a table'

Both were not getting hw to strt the convo'

Geet- vo'

Maan- hmmm'

Geet- kya baat thi??

Maan- kya??

Geet- vo u was saying na u wanna talk

Maan- when I did say??? U say this

Geet- no.. it was u who tell this

Maan- jhooti kahi ki in a low voice'

Geet- vt did u say??

Maan- nthg.. so.. vo I was saying

Geet- hmm'.

Both talking bs edhar udhar ki baate wagera wagera.. didn't come to the point for which dy were here' n wanna talk'

Geet(st) geet.. get sm courage yr.. vts difficult in it.. u were jst saying him abt vt u feel for him.. nthg is wrong in it.. so go on.. she take a deep breath'

Hmm.. maan..

Maan- hmm' lgat hai ab bolegi kuch'

At time a girl came their n hugs maan 4m back'

Girl- oh maan.. hws u.. maan stood up n hugs her..

Seeing dm too close, hugging' geet got J' (hehhehe')

Maan saw this n was having a smirk on his face'

Geet thought.. hunn vt a lizard.. hw she is huggng him.. grhh.. kamini stay away 4m him.. he is mine.. cursing tht girl under her breath'

Maan- ohh darling.. m all cool .. hws u??

Girl- when u r with me m fine' without u its boring..

Maan- ohh.. cm join us na..

Geet (st) hunn join us.. in J tone.. bhukad log a gaye..

(stinna- if u r thinking tht geet only knw English dn this type of hindi words.. let me clear he gave her tuitions of hindi.. n been in India n hav frnds she learnt hindi vry gud)

Girl sits with them' maan strted talking with her.. bt with corner of eyes he was seeing geet.. her expression.. her full jalli hui shakal'

Maan- kya hua geet??? Vt happen?

Geet- nthg'

Maan- hm' so geet the thing I wanna say is'  geet's earlike grew big tht he is gonna say smthg'

He holds the girl hand'


Hmm maan kya???

Vo' tht she is..

Geet- kya???? Maan was continuously caressing her hand'

Maan(St) kb tak chup rahogi' m also msk.. kisi k samne nahi jhukta.. so here to u will confess 1st not me baby'nw hw long u will hide??

Geet got irritated n was getting furious hw maan was holding her hand.. she immediately stand up n shrug off her hand 4m maan..

Geet- leave him.. n go 4m here'  n u.. she saw maan.. her eyes were red.. vt u was doing haan??? Is she is a dog tht u was caressing her hand 4m so long.. grh' she is taking steps towards him.. n maan was going back.. she pints her finger to him..

Vt u think of urself.. u r vry cool.. haan.. haan vaise thts true in a low voice.. thts not fair na' cant u see in my eyes vt I feel for u.. I love u dammit' n this small thing u cant understand n says tht m ur frnd.. bs itna hi smjhte ho mje.. she is deadly step towards him' maan's feet got twisted with the chair tht was back to him.. n got lost his balcnce' to get help he holds geet's arm.. n both fall'

Maan was underneath geet' both's eyes came in contact.. MAHIII MAHI VE MAHII MAHII VE..

Geet- leave me' she struggle to get free 4m his holf with his tiny fist.. bt maan didn't left her..

Maan- chodne k liye hath nahi thama..

Love u too geet' yehi sunna chahti thi tum

World was like stop 4 geet' he spoke tht  3magical words 4 whch she was waiting  4 so long n tody he spoke it.. wow.. n this is to 4 her no1 else' it's a like dream cm true for geet'

Maan embrace her in a protective manner' n kissed on her cheeks tht turn red with his confession..

All the ppl around clapped 4 the cute couple'

Both stands n geet's cheeks were like crimson red.. goshh she is blushing..

Maan came near to her ears n said' vaise sharmati hui tum tomato lagti ho.. geet goes O like he calls her tomato'

Maan- n I wanna eat this tomato..

Geet again blushed with his comment'

She playfully hit on his arm..

Both spend sm quality time together'.

N both confess'.


            the end



So hws his prt??????

I hope its not tht bad' okk.. bt I'll accept all criticism.. it's a request .. plzz don't be mum.. give ur cmnts ' will be waiting 4 it..

Thanks 4 reading

Sorry 4 hindi, English& grammar mistakes..


 hav a look to my other works tooTongue

                       PART 2.
3. CHAHA HAI TUJKO-  proluge





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Amazing Update
Continue Soon
Thanks For The PM

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Originally posted by nahtani88

Amazing Update
Continue Soon
Thanks For The PM

hy dear..
it ends..
story endsLOL
divya22 IF-Dazzler

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Nce part...
Arre wah maan became hr hindi teacher... Woo gud...
N fibalky both confessed...
Well maan nw u cn tk ur guru dakshina from geet...n m sure she wont deny... Wink

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wow superb
maaneet confession n tomato lvd it
bt hawww end itni jaldi ek epilogue toh dedo

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wow great story plz update soon
it's a beautiful story story i'm really loving this story of you of your
thanks for the pm

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